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One of the biggest IPTV platforms launched this week is IPTV Indonesia. This innovative digital platform offers users in Indonesia to enjoy their favorite IPTV services at home. As more people embrace digital communication, IPTV has gained huge popularity in the market and over wireless broadband. The growth and demand of IPTV solutions is expected to continue growing in the coming year.


Cable television operators in Indonesia offering different packages and bundles to select and pick the best ones for personal needs. These IPTV packages and bundles are similar to other cable TV packages in terms of features, pricing, quality, channel numbers, etc. But what sets it apart from other IPTV operators is that it supports digital transmission technology like SIP, VoIP, etc. This makes it a must for those who are looking for an easy-to-use gateway to transmit digital audio and video signals, all through a single cable connection. To provide convenience to its customers, IPTV Indonesia also offers its subscribers SFP-enabled devices.


There are two types of IPTV service plans offered by Indonesian cable operators. The first one is the standard package which covers local content like the popular Indonesian soap opera Reikura and the popular action movie Ridiculous 3. The second plan is the sports package which includes football (soccer) and basketball (b Basketball Asia) games and pay-per-view events like UFC knockouts and boxing matches. The standard package also allows customers to choose from an extensive list of channels like National Geographic, CCTV, Stars, Animal Planet, Cooking Extreme, Destination Vietnam, History, MTV, Alarmed, oped, Fuel TV, and others.


The second option of this IPTV operator is the multi-room IPTV service wherein there are separate rooms for video streams in different areas. In this case, customers can easily move from one room to another without having any disruptions. Moreover, it gives complete control over the video streams. Multi-room IPTV services include libraries and recordings of up to three hundred channels each.


If you want to enjoy the best IPTV service in Indonesia, subscribe to its multi-room IPTV packages now! Or, for more interesting IPTV services, try SFP-enabled IPTV packages. These IPTV service providers offer SFP-enabled IPTVs with HD quality. Moreover, they also offer free installation and a limited warranty of one year.


All these features and benefits have made IPTV Indonesia a hit in the Indonesian market. It has become a household name in the entertainment world. For sure, it will be a big player in the global IPTV industry as well. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your IPTV today!



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