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IPTV Ireland is a joint venture between IBS Global and Neotel, who are the two leading suppliers of digital cable television in Ireland. The IRELAND entertainment channels include HD stations from Euterpe, RTU, and Medix. IRELAND movies are also provided by IBS Global. The IRELAND Channels is fully operated by their own dedicated television stations.


IBS Global offers a large number of channels in over 150 countries across Europe, Asia, Africa, and Latin America. The company’s main markets are UK, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Canada, Japan, and Australia. The IRELAND pay-per-view movie channels offer a wide range of premium movie titles as well as a great variety of ILS channels. ILS channels are designed to provide the best ILS television experience by providing an unmatchable variety of pay-per-view film selection, ILS cinemas, and ILS TV Guides.


IBS Global also provides its ILS subscribers access to digital cable TV services from any location. Digital cable TV service from IBS allows subscribers to watch their favorite ILS channels via their home computer or portable device. IBS digital cable TV service is also available in more than 200 countries across Europe, Asia, and Africa. IBS digital cable TV subscription service offers free ILS subscriptions in various markets across Europe, Asia, and Africa.


IBS Global uses a special Digital Video Recorder (DVR) hardware that records entire showings on a hard drive. The ILS subscriber can then watch ILS programs recorded on their PC or ILS DVR cards stored in optical drives or flash memory cards. ILS recorders can be configured to record one program at a time or to record multiple programs. ILS recorders can also be set to broadcast a wide variety of audio and video programs simultaneously. ILS Ipodods allow the ILS subscriber to enjoy music and movies on their ILS TV. ILS TV cards can also be connected to the Internet, allowing the ILS subscriber to surf the Internet and download educational and non-educational channels.


Global offers several ILS packages including Global ILS Premier, World-Class ILS Extreme Packages. All ILS packages include a standard digital cable TV package as well as access to a large array of ILS digital cable channels. The ILS digital cable television service has revolutionized how people view the world around them. ILS is rapidly expanding its footprint in the rapidly changing digital cable TV market. ILS is quickly becoming one of the best ways for families and professionals to enhance their quality of life by offering affordable high-speed access to world-class sports, news, and information.


As part of its expanded service, ILS will soon offer television services that include ILS Asia, which is based in Singapore. ILS Asia is designed to provide ILS subscribers with access to a diverse range of Asian broadcast and entertainment channels while enhancing the television viewing experience with ILS’s state-of-the-art digital cable technology. ILS is continually looking to expand its service offerings and ILS Premier subscribers can look forward to more ILS digital cable television choices. ILS satellite television has set the standard in the television industry and has become an integral part of homes across the United States and the world.




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