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Helix IPTV IPTV MEXICO IPTV Mexico is fast becoming one of the leading markets in terms of media consumption. All of this is made possible thanks to the country’s rich range of resources. As of now, Mexico is home to more than 20 MEXICO entertainment channels that include telenovelas, sports channels, and other programs. But there are more to come!


In the current scenario, MEXICO is offering more to its subscribers than just entertainment options. It is offering them access to educational resources and world-class service. The government has also made it a point to allot funds for the development and deployment of broadband infrastructure throughout the state. MEXICO has been working hard on ensuring that its subscribers have access to world-class broadcast stations, and now it has even offered IPTV through Sodi. Sodi is Mexico’s own version of what is popularly known as “DTH” or “Direct-to-Home” television service.


When it was first launched, IPTV was exclusively meant for cable customers only. However, with the latest introduction of digital cable, the same service can be availed by all who wish to have IPTV services. The telco companies offer IPTV packages that consist of all services such as VODs (viewing live television) and Video On Demand features. These are in addition to all the standard features such as video on demand, music channels, news, factual and movie trailers, kids channels, and much more.


This technology has had a big impact on the Mexican market. It can be safely said that nearly every subscriber to this service now has IPTV, most especially in major cities such as Mexico City. Most of the people who subscribe to this service do so because they want to access various sports channels. For example, soccer games, boxing matches, and many other types of sports events are being shown live on IPTV. In fact, some of these channels reach over 150 countries worldwide.


Apart from sports, IPTV is also very popular among movie buffs. One can now enjoy his favorite movies or television series without having to travel to the movie theatres. This is because most of the IPTV Mexican subscribers in Mexico City have direct access to premium movie channels. This means that one can have access to almost every film in the world without having to travel from one town to another just to watch it.


The good thing about IPTV Mexico is that it is not expensive. It is not even very expensive as compared to cable TV. This is because there are many IPTV packages offered at a very low rate in order to attract customers. This is how easy it is for any entrepreneur, from the ordinary person to the common person, to have IPTV services. All one has to do is decide which package would best serve their needs and to sign up for it.



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