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With the recent launch of the highly popular SUCCESSful TV SEAMING software from Pulsevision, a new breakthrough is at hand with the introduction of IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) technology. IPTV is a revolutionary technology that makes use of digital transmission to deliver digital television services to subscribers via the Internet. This process uses digital packets of information that can be sent over long distances between satellite or cable receivers. The transmitted signal, in turn, causes the receiver to decode the IPTV packets and deliver them as IPTV channels to the subscriber.


In this way, IPTV software is used to send standard TV channels to a broad range of Internet users. The biggest advantage of IPTV technology is that it provides a huge variety of channels for a lower outlay and a flexible viewing experience. The major drawback however is that these same channels could not be viewed through the satellite dish or cable connection if the user’s area does not support streaming video through this technology.


However, this issue is soon to be addressed because Pulsevision is in talks with different Internet Service Providers or ISPs (Internet Service Provider) to expand the IPTV service. This technology is being adopted by cable operators as well, and earlier this year, they began offering IPTV services in selected cities in the United States. In addition to this, AT&T, the world’s largest AT&T provider, already offers IPTV services to some of its commercial customers. The company is expected to announce the expanded availability of its IPTV system in the second half of 2021.


What makes IPTV interesting is that it allows a subscriber to watch IPTV on his PC or mobile TV, instead of having to connect directly to his satellite dish or cable TV. He can do this because his Internet connection is faster than those provided by the satellite and cable companies, making it more feasible to view IPTV channels. Moreover, because he does not have to buy IPTV equipment, this option is also cheaper. What is more, many of the premium IPTV services provide DVR services as well, which allow the user to record his favorite shows or movies and store them for future viewing. This is a feature available only to cable and satellite providers.


The software used for IPTV is much simpler than what is needed for cable and satellite television, and it is designed to run on Linux operating systems. There are several thousand IPTV channels and a huge variety of content available through the subscription of an IPTV user. Because the software uses the Linux operating system, it is also possible to access this type of television from a number of locations, as long as there is an Internet connection.


Several websites offer IPTV software and IPTV training. These websites often offer free IPTV software and IPTV training courses. However, paid IPTV software and IPTV training courses can be obtained from various vendors on the Internet. Some of these are provided by software giants like Metro cafe and Xowii, who have been in the business of developing IPTV equipment for several years.



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