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It is a well-known fact that the United Arab Emirates is fast becoming one of the most wanted countries for IPTV. The reason for its popularity is that the UAE offers many premium IPTV service packages and there are several channels that broadcast digital TV to this part of the world. It is very clear now that IPTV is the future of television, and not only for the residents here in the UAE but also in other parts of the world. There are already more than twenty IPTV channels and more are in the pipeline, all thanks to the efforts of Dhabi.


In order to get the full benefit of IPTV in the UAE, it is important that you have a UAE-based package or a subscription with one of the leading service providers. These companies offer IPTV through different packages which include DVRs, PC-based software and pluggable modules. The packages include different services like access to digital cable, HD channels, and movies on demand. Here we will discuss the complete Dubai IPTV channel list.


This is one of the popular IPTV channels in the United Arab Emirates. Al Hajar TV offers the most popular sports channels including football, baseball, tennis, and mixed martial arts. The channel has been running for many years and continues to gain a lot of fans. The cable subscription packages offered by this IPTV station also include different HD channels and you can watch your favorite shows anytime, day or night.


This is another IPTV channel that you should check out. Al Jazeera uses high-definition cameras to film its news reports and it does that very well. The channel also broadcasts a number of documentaries throughout the year that provide insights on different topics. Like Al Jazeera, this IPTV station offers a free channel that provides content and videos of different events all around the globe. The channel also offers a number of movies and international TV shows, which you can watch on your PC or smart TV.


This is one of the newest IPTV channels available in the United Arab Emirates. Persian Gulf News and Equestrian TV are the two channels which this IPTV station provides. Both of these stations broadcast satellite feeds, which enables viewers in the United Arab Emirates to enjoy this IPTV service. You will need to pay an additional fee if you wish to add Persian Gulf News or Equestrian TV as part of your satellite TV package. The fees are minimal compared to the amount you will save on your monthly cable bill.


If you do not have IPTV yet, you should give it a shot. There are several great benefits of subscribing to IPTV through different IPTV providers. From the comfort of your home, you will be able to catch your favorite programs without missing a single episode. You can now watch movies and other programs even when you are at work or travelling, so you will always be able to keep in touch with your favorite things.



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