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okay how many times have you yelled that that television say why is there nothing on why is there nothing on don’t you wish you could talk to your television don’t you wish you could save some money and they’ll listen I knew I’m an extreme case in a lot of different ways but I spend almost 300 dollars a month on my cable and I was yelling at my TV last night because even with 1, 800 channels I couldn’t find nothing to watch and I don’t care whether it’s the kids are home and they’re already getting bored if you’re a movie fan if you want to cut the cable you can certainly and easily do that tonight if you want to make your television smarter than you you know whether it’s managing your life telling you the weather how to dress for work in the morning or what the traffic is like Aaron Berger you have come to not only make me smarter but my TV smarter and the only time this year that we’re doing this to my knowledge yes and to my knowledge as well I will tell you it’s been since 2016 well yeah since we’ve done since we’ve done a fire TV and I’ll show you this too this is a latest version this is the third generation the last fire TV we had looked like this it’s a great device but I had to be underneath your TV so it had just sit out all that had to be in direct line-of-sight the of the remote with the new one with the third-generation it’s very interesting so never seen that before have you an interesting design all it does is you plug this right in it goes into your HDMI for it and you plug in power and once you’ve done that it connects to your Wi-Fi so you’ve got to have an HDMI for it and you’ve got to have Wi-Fi connects to your Wi-Fi and you know what that means once it’s connected to your Wi-Fi you have access to 500, 000 to half a million movies and television shows and from your absolute favorite places from HBO go and TBS and TNT and Major League Baseball HDTV CBS and NBC and on and on and on you do not have to be I’ll just tell you right away right you do not have to be a prime member no thank you if you are an Amazon Prime member you have even more continued ordinary free like here’s some some great prime video that’s free and this is all 4k Ultra because this is indeed a 4k streamer you ever imagined either 4k so two quick things now obviously this is the last hour of the day so we are raising that price at midnight so this is the last hour where you can qualify for that value it’s a little too late to show you the two different configurations but I’ll just describe them for you we do have this offer as a singular package so you could buy let’s cover up one of these little guys you could buy one in which case you’ll get a today’s special value of $60 $59 and change what most of you are doing you’re getting the 2-pack and that’s what you see the graphics on that is not for one even though that’s what I would have was ready to spend for one before Christmas because I want to buy myself this as a Christmas present they come with two different sets of the retail packaging two of the remote controls in fact will show you they have purchased separately because it’s a hundred and $40 value just for the two fires but then you’re also getting to Pandora services you’re getting to sling services and Aaron will describe that for you in detail at $40 and you’re getting two of your fitness services at almost $90 you’re getting it for this hour only with free shipping for less than a $20 bill now you’ve already heard me hang on how much I’m spending and how upset I was last night that I couldn’t find anything on my local cable provider I have 1800 channels how many channels does this have access to 17, 000 chance 17, 000 with access to over 500, 000 that freaks me out in television so Aaron to just back up and I know you did an excellent job describing this but a media streamer means you’re not married to one source of information that’s right it means you watch what you want right when you wanna watch how you want to it’s like alucard it’s like you know picking out your favorite thing from a beautiful buffet in Las Vegas for example maybe you have a certain actor or actress that you miss Shanna who do you love you know classic this time yeah you know gosh cuz Cary Grant I’m I’m also fan of Jimmy Stewart oh yeah and a Clint Eastwood okay clearly see this has built-in voice feature so you can just go Clint Eastwood I need to turn the volume up because it will you’ll hear it actually talk about okay we can watch the man we can we can watch Pale Rider we could watch everywhere you know one of it one of the just very cool things this also gives you like some music videos down here often is you a certain movie so there’s a certain movie you want to watch let’s say say we want to watch I don’t know every which way but loose it’ll also show you customers that watch that also watch these movies what will suggest other movies to you a nice function yeah absolutely it is an another really nice function is so if let’s say you’re a subscriber to Netflix yeah say you’re a subscriber to who live if you watch a movie where those are complementary with your services they awesome are Amazon will tell you first where you can get them for free we’re gonna get them for the least amount of money so for example Stan and I said they have y’all have you seen trolls have you why with the kids really I watched it with that you know my nieces Albie and Marian and Juliet the other day it’s so cute okay trolls so we’re gonna watch trolls right so again quad core processor built in it is lightning fast I’m gonna go boom let’s watch trolls can you imagine Oh cutting all of the entertainment yeah all of your favorite entertainment at your fingertips whenever you want this says watch now with Netflix because we can watch it for free on Netflix because it knows since I have the Netflix app downloaded it knows I’m in Netflix it doesn’t the first option it gives me isn’t to rent from Amazon now if you didn’t have a Netflix membership yeah you could rent this starter definition $2.

99 high definition 399 no big deal there’s tons yeah free content tons of times and then of course there’s paid well if you know this is your final presentation in fact I just saw Suzanne in the hallway she’s got a brand new run a sheer today’s special coming up at midnight I’m buying two sets I’m actually talking myself and a third set it’s adorable it’s so pretty we love Suzanne we love what Rhonda Shear does here but when you see that today’s special at midnight bye-bye to our it’s 9:00 know mathematically it’s not quite correct to say that it’s a buy one get one free but because they’re so close to that $60 price it’s it’s getting within that range and this is the only time this year that we’re going to do this now if you are someone like me trust me I could do a lot of damage with 300 extra dollars a month that I’m spending on cable a lot of fun things well maybe you are really thinking of cutting the cord we have for you I think fewer than a thousand of them Oh whoo I think I think.



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