while you wait for host pick when you want to buy your giftable electronics when you want to buy the things that you want to use and enjoy in the summer months this right now is one of the number one top selling tablets here at HSN and really the

world over the Amazon fire brand of tablets is known as America’s Sweetheart because for kids it’s virtually indestructible for parents and grandparents it’s incredibly easy to use for Amazon users the access to content is absolutely unbelievable and today we’re doing something we’ve never done before today you buy

the ravely reviewed customer pick top-quality tumble test drop test virtually indestructible top-of-the-line HD 10 inch expandable memory tablet and we will throw in the top-selling customer pick amazon firetv stick so today you’re getting a free in a separate box giftable or capable media streamer that’s a bonus value

included with your number one top-selling tablet because you’re buying it from us here at HSN now your tablet comes in three colors and this is the last chance to shop for it at host pick pricing it comes in solid black it comes in this punch red and it

comes in our best-selling marine blue now over 2000 have been sold and we are down to about 500 in each color that’s it now Aaron Berger is joining us and he’ll show you on this tablet why it’s America’s Sweetheart why people have never used tablets before find this

one easier to navigate why parents of young children buy this tablet is their first one because not only price it’s reasonable and affordable but also because you know it actually takes the licking that a four or five six years up with it and you don’t find yourself Reeb

eyeing and fixing broken screens e it really is the universal most beloved tablet in the industry and today I’ll just throw in a media streamer because it’s so stick and we love you yeah we’re gonna do that too so if you’ve thought about buying a tablet Brett and

I have both sold iPad which sold Sony we sold Samsung I’m Louise sold every major brand and I’m in there and those are the names I just mentioned are certainly wonderful tablets that people love but I’ve got to tell you for the money he Amazon came into the

market with the fire 10 about a and they really said look we’re gonna do as good of a tablet or better and than anyone else but we’re gonna do it at half the price that everybody else does and that’s exactly what they’ve done and they’re gonna put in

features that only Amazon could do like Alexa you know they see I said her name would not even ready to talk to her yet she’s already ready to take a mate come and let me show you what I mean I can say I’m Alexa open help tears help

so with the LexA built-in you don’t even have to navigate to things anymore you just tell her what you want for example I just said open help because that’s another thing that I want to point out that’s different on this tablet than any other I’ve ever sold this

comes with a lifetime of help of made a powered support as well so any question you have about your tablet when you get your tablet home and maybe you want to learn tune that just navigate or learn about the settings or the soap browser you have all these

videos ready to go you can get live help for the life of the tablet free live help is included powered by Mayday so and again another thing that sets it apart I’m going to show you in a few minutes you can actually make a phone call with this

I was something called I’m Alexa hands-free calling calling and messaging you can call landline you can call cell phone you can call tablets so I’m going to show you some things you’ve probably never seen before what may be a good idea now actually I want to show you

one more one more thing with Alexa here’s it’s just how easy it is to get two things you don’t even have to him for example fuel an open Facebook you want to open your mail or anything like that you can just say Alexa open Facebook and you see

how fast it is that’s because it’s a quad-core processor which leads me to my next thing here and I’d love to show you guys the feature stills on this if you’ve been looking for a tablet with a set of features like a quad-core processor like a 2 gigabyte

memory built in expandable memory so it has 32 gigs of memory with a 256 gigabyte slot so you can Popolo micro sd so you’re never buying another one because you want to get more memory you can just add it in that’s right and the thing you don’t see

on you know like the list of features like a 10-hour battery like front and rear-facing cameras like dual speakers the reason we’ve sold over 2000 is that yes you’re getting a free firestick TV media streamer to go along with it but the reason I think it’s a customer

pick and the people love it and I’ve always pointed to this because to me it’s where this becomes super easy for everybody to use is that their operating system it’s just laid out better you don’t get lost and where your apps are how do you want your books

there’s books we want to find a new book just go to books you you want to shop go to shop you you want to download apps because somebody told you about a cool app go to apps I mean it just the way they lay this out it makes

it easier to use than any other that’s out there which is why for kids it’s a better choice why for people who are using their first tablet it’s a better choice why it’s worth the investment today to get back into the world of tablets you know most airlines

they’re doing away with their screens they’re tired of fixing the volume buttons and they’re saying you bring your own screen we’ll give you the content this is one that can be in the bottom of your bag this is the one that can be in the bottom of the

handbag be sitting shoved under the seat in front of you and not come out cracked and broken this is the one that you can take with you to the beach that you can take with you to the part that the kids can take with them to school and

you’re not constantly having to rebuy or pay for a broken screen and it’s not a seven eight hundred dollar purchase if you’ve at all considered a new tablet for a bigger screen for a longer battery or just to get kids or grandkids entertain during the summer months this

is our best buy this is our hand-selected best tablet deal we offering you for our host pick offer you have your choice of colors we have over 2000 sold in only 15



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