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what’s up guys Chigz here from ChigzTech Reviews, so today for my hands on the view Yugos am 6 now this is a fullandroid TV box powered by the new s9 22 hexa core cpu with the Mallee g5 2you’ve got 2 gigs of DDR 4 ram and 16 gigs of internal storage you have dualband Wi-Fi AC with dual antennas a Gigabit LAN port Bluetooth version 5 andthis is running full Android version 9 pi this supports 4k HDR at 60 frames persecond along with HDMI version 2.

1 surround sound and inside the boxyou will find user manual you’ve got to external high gain Wi-Fiantennas HDMI cable a standard infrared remote control powered by two triple Abatteries now the TV box itself feels very premium it’s made from a completemetal case and it’s got a nice black finish with a u ghost logo on the frontnow on the front we have nothing on the side you go an AV out auxilary in microSD card slot USB 3 USB 2 and if we keep going we’ve got a Gigabit LAN to morestandard USB ports an HDMI out an s/pdif optical in port and your power socket ifwe keep going we’ve got dual antennas over here for your Wi-Fi and a physicalpower button so quickly screwing the antennas so this TV box has dual bandWi-Fi along with do 2 times 2 MIMO so we have dual antenna support so I amexpecting the Wi-Fi connection to be amazing so that brings us back to thefront and this is what the bottom of the box looks like now we’ve got plenty ofvents at the bottom and also you’ve got two holes one says mask ROM and theother one says recovery so that could be useful for some of you out there now togive you a quick idea of the size of this box I will bring in the Miku m8 smax so this is how they fare side-by-side you can see the hugo’s isslightly bigger all the around and in thicknessthe hugo’s is slightly thicker so without further ado I’m going to getthis little beast all hooked up to my TV and capture card and we are going tofind out exactly how good this new box performs I’ll be right backso first of all I’ve ran a boot up speed test and this TV box took exactly oneminute to fully load the home screen from a cold start and here is the homescreen for this box we have a full Android version 9 desktop setup as youwould find on a tablet and the first good thing to mention is you do haveyour drop down status menu which a lot of people including myself find veryuseful now let’s quickly head over to the main settings and check out thesystem storage info now this box has 16 gigs of internal storage from which youhave 11 gigs free to use and if we have a quick looking about you will see thatthis is running Android version 9 PI and we do have some brand new features thatneed to be discussed now just like your mobile phones you’llbe able to change your USB mode how useful is that now if you go into themain Ugo’s settings you’ll be amazed with more brand new features and thefirst one is root so you can install an uninstalled root as required and if youclick on show root state you will see the status of root in the top right handcorner so next up we have file server client options with Samba NFS and CIFS we have playback settings so you canclick on automatic framerate and here are your options you can switch it offswitch framerate only and switch frame rate and resolution hardware monitor nowthis is pretty cool so you can click on any of these hardware monitors and itwill show you the status in the top right hand corner again some very usefulfeatures so next up we have wireless assistant which will help you downloadthe yukos remote app which in effect will allow you to control this TV boxwith your smart phone now if we keep going you’ve got system bars so you canactually disable the status bar and navigation baryou can keep one enabled and one disabled I think that is a fantasticfeature so those were the main new features now let’s check out the systemapps here are all the apps installed on this box as standard now I’ve onlyinstalled antutu benchmark everything else comes standard so you do getYouTube file manager and of course the full version of the Google Play Store sonow I’m going to play some 4k video samples from a USB Drive and I diddownload Kodi from the Play Store so let’s go ahead and play the first video they’re moving on now to the youtubestests and you can stream a maximum of 4k on YouTube remembering stories about witches tillone day we found ourselves noblemen but that nobility so Netflix was not available in the PlayStore so I had to sideload an older version and it does work butunfortunately maximum resolution is 480p a Snow Leopard the rarest of Himalayananimals on the plus-side Amazon Prime video works but unfortunately maximumresolution 480p so moving on now to the gaming test so for you advanced users DRM info showsgoogle-wide wined level 3 and here is cpu-zwhere you can check out the clock speeds and as you can see we have the Malleeg52 and this box has a route switch in settings so you can’t decide whetheryour box is routed or not and then the Wi-Fi speed test we’ve got downloadspeeds of 71 and upload speeds of 18 megabits per second and the top speedswe currently achieve in our office is between 67 to 71 megabits per second sothat brings us to our benchmarks beginning with Geekbench multi score offour one nine eight now I did try to run an anti do benchmark test with thelatest version seven and unfortunately it wouldn’t work and it would keepcrashing so therefore I had to install an older version of an t-to version sixand in that test we achieved 97 K so let’s see how that compares with theothers so here is my top performing android TV box chart of 2019 showing youthe latest TV boxes and seeing how they compare with each other and as you cansee the brand new Yukos am-6 has taken position two on this chart with a ratingof nine out of ten now you can view the full versions of all my charts online atchics techcom and read them at your leisure so there you have it guys thatwas the new yugos am-6 now this box offers an all-round powerful performancewith the new S 922 X CPU you have a full tablet desktop version of Android 9piwhich is very smooth in operation along with a super fast Wi-Fi Gigabit LAN USB3 and Bluetooth gaming is great you can play more or less any game you likeincluding emulators like n64 PSP etc now streaming wise 4k on YouTube and 480p onNetflix and prime and after listening to what the people have to say Netflix andAmazon Prime video 480p resolution is not acceptable for 2019 and will beconsidered a con from now on now the other drawbacks there is no screenmirroring option but you can download a screen from the PlayStore furthermore there is only one USB 3 port and 16 gigs of storage is littleon the low side bottom line this box is powerful it offers great Wi-Fi speedsand lots of new customization options such as root switch hardware statusmonitor and lots more I absolutely love the dual antenna performance and the s922x CPU combined with the Mallee g5 2 offers plenty of power and performanceto undertake any task you like from movies games and even emulators yesthere are some drawbacks and the only one that I can see as a deal-breaker isthe storage size and if you can get around that then you have yourself abeast of a TV box and even with those drawbacks this box ranks number 2 on mychart and I have to say that you ghost team have done a very nice job on thesoftware side to support that new SOC and with that being said I will leavethe links in the description so you guys can check this product out meanwhilethank you so much for watching and I hope you all have a brilliant day seeyou in the next one bye.



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