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are you in the market for a new chef’sknife or a new knife to use in your kitchen then maybe today’s product thatI’ll be reviewing is just for you this is the forged in fire history channel asseen on tv chef’s knife and paring knife that’s what we’re gonna be looking attoday this is jeff with jeff of use for you and my channel is dedicated toreviewing a seen on TV items consumer gadgets and other household items ifthat’s something that interests you please consider hitting that subscribebutton below clicking the bell so you’re notified every single time I release thevideo just like this one now let’s talk a little bit more about these forged infire knives and then we’ll do an unboxing all right so you have twoknives that come in this set we have this actual chef’s knife that it says itgoes for about eight inches tall okay so let’s say they’re just old then we havea paring knife that’s three and a half inches I will say looking at them itdoes have a nice hammered look and I’ll give you a close-up when I unbox them Ithink the handles look kind of cheesy they almost look plastic II I’m notsomething I would expect I bought this for 30 bucks 29.

95at Walmart so I’m gonna actually get into this and open it up I’m gonna dothat off camera because it’s got plastic and it’s got zip ties so let’s going totake me a little bit time so when I come back I’ll have these out and we’ll dosome tests with them so I unboxed the forged in fire knife set this is thechef’s knife and this is the paring knife now I do remember how I said inthe package this handle looked cheap when I took this thing out I thoughtwhoa this is heavy much heavier than my regular knife that I use this is theknife I normally use for when I cut things this is the copper chef’s knifeit’s it’s a good night but look at the difference in size between my regularknife and this one if I put this behind here it’ll probably you can just coverit that’s how big it is this is a much bigger knifeit’s sharp right out of the box so be very very careful it’s been sharpenedit’s what they say it’s very sharp the handle here it’s not me out of wood andI do believe it’s a heavy-duty plastic of sorts but it’s reallythree times four here and it feels strong and sturdy they do have thishammered design can you see the hammered look on here it’s pretty nice it’s anice look at night you know what I checked it out and it looks great in myknife block let’s look at this can you see the handle or the back here of thehandle so the History Channel had this show called Forge and fire and this wasbrought out after that and sort of like hey let’s talk about the show we had andthis is it you know it’s cool it does have a certificate of authenticity -that came with this I guess it’s a limited run and my number is 365 BH sothat’s kind of cool they’re only making them in 2019 um I am gonna say it doeshave a 50 year warranty so if under normal use on this thing chips or warpsor whatnot there’s a there’s a an address you can send it to and for 10bucks they’ll send you a new set what I want to do is I want to cut some typicalhousehold items we’re going to cut some pepperoni we’re gonna cut maybe somefruit we’re gonna cut some cheese no pun intended and then you know what I’mgonna do something that might board the warranty because in the infomercial Isaw that that this knife can actually cut another knife that’s how strong itis and so I’m gonna try that that’s gonna be the last test that we’ll do andthen we’ll do our final review let’s do some tests so first we’re going to cutjust a standard grape and the reason I’m doing that is because the forged in fireknife claims that I can cut these knifes very very thin what I want you to do iswith knifes always be very very careful so I’m going to take this slow and seehow thin I can cut this oh that’s pretty cool let’s say paper thin is what itsays well that is pretty thin oh and if you can see that it’s kinda nother pieceI don’t know why you want to cut a great paper thin but it tells you that you canyou know what I’m pretty impressed with how thin this can cut it’s pretty nicelet me see if I can cut that thin with my regularoh no nope yeah that’s us that’s just not cutting it no pun intendedalright so now I’m going to take this forged in fire knife and we’re gonna cutthrough a block of cheese now I picked up a pretty large block of cheesewhen I was at Walmart and so here this thing is now you’re having a party youwant to slice this up let’s see let’s see how this cuts this is the test forme I am putting some force on it let’s see it did okay I’m not that impressedit got a little bit of it that’s stuck to it here I’m not that impressedactually it’s about the force I would normally put down when I’m slicing it solet’s see again yeah it’s okay it’s the same force as what I would use with thisso I’m not sure if I like that any better or worse actually it was a littleeasier to cut it with this knife um so I’m not sure I think the cheese test theforged in fire knife didn’t do as hot as I thought it would be let’s try thepepperoni all right oh yeah let’s just cut through real nice it’s real smoothyou see that easy motion look at it ones like with the regular knife that’s notthe fortune I have to have to carve it almost this is a very sharp pretty niceknife so just slices through all right so what I’m going to do is I’m going toget this knife cleaned up for its final test of the day I’m actually going totry to chop another knife in half we’ll see what happensalright so now I’m going to do something that I’ve been looking forward to doingever since I bought this forged in fire now I want to chop another knife in halfso I have this knife here I’m just gonna leave right there I am wearingprotective eyewear oh my no you can’t see it on camera but I’ve been lookingforward to this cuz this knife claims that he can actually chop another knifeso let’s let’s see what happens it’s gonna be loudone two nope didn’t chop it oh and I think it might have maybe been maybe uhmessed the blade up a little oh that makes me very sad I’ve been lookingforward to doing that too bad today we’ve been testing out this sweet forgedin fire butcher knife it’s based on the History Channel show forged in fire andit’s an as seen on tv knife we cut through a great paper thin did anamazing job we cut pepperoni with without anytrouble it was a breeze slicing the cheese on the other hand was a littlemore difficult for the other two but still it does a fine job now when itcame to slicing another knife in half it just didn’t cut it that disappointed mea little I did ship the blade but I was able to use a sharpener and I polishedit right out pretty easily it’s a it’s a tough knife it’s a good knife it’s aboutthirty bucks if it’s something that you’re interested in I bought this oneat Walmart I will say part of the care and handling is this should only bewashed with warm soapy water don’t put it in the dishwasher okay that was myreview of the forged in fire knife if you have used this kind of knife orother kind of knife leave me a message down below and tell me about it what doyou think of this is there another knife out there that you think is better thisis Jeff with Jeff reviews for you as always thanks for stopping by and have agreat day when I was looking at the back of the forged in fire box I noticed someof those words are really really hard to see you know what comes in handy whenyou’re trying to read one power readers it’s a pair of glasses I did a review onnot too long ago and I’m gonna link the video right over here and so if youwouldn’t mind clicking on this video here and I’ll meet you over there at theone power reader video see you there you.



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