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in protection plus AT&T is a great brand but you certainly always want to have peace of mind and so that HSN protection plus would be a wonderful opportunity for you to be able to tie that in bill it’s gonna be here in just a little bit as we talk about other products and stick with us because we will give you another look at our today’s special coming up at the top of the next hour we in fact are going to give everyone a chance to shop with us now for amazon firetv this is our 4k Ultra High Definition HDR media streamer streamer Moe whoo TV antenna say that five times that is a mouthful what is all of that mean in a nutshell it means that if you have cable or satellite you’ll now have a device that you can connect to your television that will essentially allow you to be able to watch televisions on your terms or on demand it also means for the person who is looking at their monthly bill every month because you do have some of those services and you’re looking at that monthly bill with sticker shock and you’re thinking I gotta get rid of this monthly bill I like to watch all my movies and my television shows but this monthly bill is way too expensive well this device will give you an opportunity to be able to have tons and tons of content and there is no monthly bill so this is a really really smart device I want you to see what we are including for you this is what you’re going to get so it’s called our amazon firetv and it is it’s a small little device it doesn’t look like very much you do need to have an HDMI port in the back to plug it in but this is what it looks like and you just really essentially plug it into your HDMI port you of course get a remote control you also on this end oh there we go you can visually see it and thank you that’s the hand of Aaron Berger who is gonna take us through all of this you are actually going to get an antenna this is the first time that we’re including an antenna and we’re gonna talk about this this is a huge customer pick you might have to fire TV stick which is Amazon’s number one best-selling product this is actually 40% faster step out this is a huge customer pick it’s only available today and Aaron Berger who is one of our electronic experts it’s going to take us through it yeah so we met a little bit earlier this is really neat all right I’m gonna hold this up for everybody um because this is the first time I presented this and I said well Aaron who is this for you know I that question because I said to Aaron well I have cable TV so why would I want a product like that great question Dan there’s two answers that if you want to cut the cord if you’re tired of paying for cable every single month you don’t have to pay for cable every single month we’ve got a total solution here one with the fire TV and two with the MOE who leave high-definition antenna which means free high-definition video into your house or if you want to have more on-demand entertainment in any television your house the best way I can explain it is to show it to you you need two things you need Wi-Fi in your house and you need a television that has an HDMI port on it what you nearly every television does so you plug this into the HDMI port in the back of your TV okay and this just kind of dangles down this is the fire TV I’m going to set this down for a minute this is our this day only and this is what it looks like once you’ve plugged it in to your television again all you need is Wi-Fi and oh yeah you guys were just seeing a picture what it looks like on the back of the TV all you need is Wi-Fi and and a plug to plug it into on your television and this is what comes up on your screen so now let me start by just giving you an example this is a LexA built into it so if I ask Marlo Marlo what is your favorite what’s one of your favorite actors or actresses I love Viola Davis who doesn’t she’s wonderful lass ioi call me okay so how about we do something like this we just go Viola Davis because now not only does this play 4k not only does it have HDR high dynamic range not only does it have full Dolby Atmos sound in it but it’s totally voiced control so I go Viola Davis now we could watch fences now we could watch the help now we could watch a movie Davis was in doubt did you know that I did not I loved that movie too okay so that’s an example or maybe you love to watch romantic comedies so you can go romantic comedies and you’ll see we’re gonna go yeah let’s look at you see how quick this is this is quad-core its 40% faster than even the Amazon fire stick which is a similar one you know wonderful product but this is as quick as it comes so you have instant access to your favorite shows now a few things about this that are different this is 4k capable so when you’re watching your favorite maybe you’re an Amazon Prime member and you’re watching all that great Amazon Prime content and Mozart in the jungle or man from the high castle or whatever it is watch it in 4k or if you watch Netflix you can watch Netflix on here or you can watch Hulu you stream up to 4k Ultra High Definition content as high as your television can handle so if you’ve got a 1080p content you’re watching 1080p if you got 720 or 720 high dynamic range support for the first time ever and any device we’ve done from Amazon you know the number one streaming group high dynamic range Alexa voice support you saw I was just talking to alexa you can see how quick and home its that it is stream 4k Ultra High Definition content 3d dolby atmos built in this is a quad-core processor has internal storage built in over 500, 000 movies and television episodes at your fingertips Netflix Prime video Hulu and more and I’ve got to talk about that for a minute because they have done something so smart Amazon has and so fair I think this is so fair because many you know what I’m about to talk about I think it’s just so so good on the part of the company many of us watch things across all different platforms right maybe you have Netflix maybe you have Amazon maybe have Amazon Prime maybe of Hulu you know we have lots and there’s lots of different free services there’s the ones we pay for as well well maybe I want to watch the movie sing let’s just say for example so I’m gonna just take press the little button I mean talk about dummy proof I’m gonna go sing and it’s gonna bring up sing for me now or I could do how about trolls okay so we’re gonna pick out trolls here so we’re gonna go to the movie trolls here’s trolls now this is what’s interesting I have Netflix probably many of you have Netflix if you want to watch trolls it’s free on Netflix and it tells you right here watch with Netflix notice it doesn’t try to sell it to you from Amazon do you know so if you don’t have Netflix you could it would bring up ways to watch and you could rent this for $2.

99 from Amazon but what I love is they take a look at all whatever you have if you have Hulu if you have Netflix if you have a subscription to Amazon Prime they find the least expensive way for you to watch whatever you want to watch rather than just always selling you something to watch so there’s tons of free stuff available but it also calls on any subscriptions you might have before it suggests a way that you would have to pay for it I think that kind of technology is something that makes me proud to sell this device well I will tell you it’s an incredible customer pick on our website if you are curious about what people have to say about it you can go on to our website and you can read those reviews we are offering this bundle and I say bundle because obviously you’re gonna get the fire TV but you’re also getting into the in these together so when you look at this bundle it truly is a tremendous value typically you would pay about a hundred and fifty dollars if you were purchasing them separately and we’re just a little over a hundred dollars with free shipping and handling and five flexible payments so we are gonna talk about the antenna now the antenna is something that we’ve never offered before why don’t we show the master absolutely because when I saw this antenna I said this certainly doesn’t look like the antenna I grew up with not the bunny this brings you the best picture you can imagine it has a 60 mile range on it did you know many of us pay for cable right now of course and we do it because we want High Definition signals and we want a lot of you know we want ABC and we want NBC we want a lot of those main channels right did you know all of those just about all of those are broadcast for free in your area in fact it’s the law they have to be in an emergency situation you have to be able to get the news and those sort of things what you do with this antenna without paying a service fee so again unlike cable where I don’t know maybe you’re paying $200 a month or maybe you’re paying 300 or whatever you get full 1080p high-definition television access to live shows local news sports in a 60 mile range at my house everybody will get it a little bit differently depending on the channels in your area I get 40 channels for free and high-definition not just in high-definition in uncompressed high-definition which is better than what you get through your cable box it’s easy to install multi-directional and reversible you see this it’s flat you pin it on your wall there’s a white side and a black side you can also paint over it if you want go ahead my dear questions I asked Aaron before the show because we met I said to him well do I need to have the antenna in order to use of course the fire TV and he said no that is there there are two different things you don’t need it in order to use this the only thing that you need is an HDMI port on the back the other question that I asked Aaron because I saw the 4k and I’m thinking well I don’t own a 4k TV and maybe you own a 4k TV or maybe you don’t do I need to have a 4k TV for this to work and you said absolutely not you don’t no no no no whatever so this will go to the highest quality that you have if you have a 720 television then you’ll watch things in 720 if you have 1080 you’ll watch things in 1080 you know depending on how it is broadcast and the highest level that your television is able to accept what we have going on right now we are watching so here’s HSN right that’s marlo and we’re not this isn’t plugged into cable right now this isn’t a satellite this is doing it using this antenna did you know that all of these channels many many many channels dozens of them and every area are broadcast in high-definition and for free so for example I’m gonna go to my list right now just open up my list these are all the channels that we’re getting right now from the high definition from that it’s called the mo who leave we’re getting all of these and we’re not paying for these every month these are all the channels that you want to be able to watch you’re gonna see this is wonderful because one of the people who this will appeal to is for someone who is every month looking at their bill and they’re thinking I want comment I want choice I don’t want to be tied to that monthly bill you simply want to cut the cord this is the type of device that you will love and aaron revealed to me and all transparency you didn’t give me permission to tell everybody but you said to me that this is really your favorite i love to say I’ve never sold a leaf before I just put it in my house this week again I’m getting 40 channels for free now so that for real banjo I’m tired of spending 200 bucks a month a cable this device the Amazon fire TV I have it’s like a streaming device this is a streaming device a lot of people with Roku mmm it’s it’s similar to that but it’s it’s own thing but it’s if you’re familiar with the Roku this is its own device it operates very differently but it’s similar that it offers you an opportunity to be able to get content so who is this for who would like to buy this someone who doesn’t want to pay a monthly bill but still wants to be able to have tons and tons of content without getting a monthly bill because there’s no bill that comes along with this truly if you have a Netflix or Hulu subscription you’ll get you know you’ll have to pay those monthly fees through that but through this device there is no monthly bill or the person like me I don’t want to cut my cable or if you have satellite you still want your satellite but you simply want to be able to watch television on your own terms and maybe you don’t want to pay for a box in your guest room yeah we’re in the basement or in your workout room or for an extra TV so that’s one of the things with cables the more boxes you have the more you have to pay right maybe you want to keep cable in your main room and maybe you want to have the Amazon fire in your main room so that you can watch what you want to watch on demand which is a really big thing but maybe you’re going to put your high-definition antenna in your guest room or in the basement in another room so you don’t have to pay for multiple boxes this is a total solution absolutely well it is what we call a this date only so today is going to be the only day that you’ll be able to shop with us for this tremendous value at this price tonight at midnight this price does go away and it goes back up about $40 so if you’ve been thinking about maybe cutting the cord or you’re looking for a more content or to be able to watch television on your terms then you’ll want to order we have limited quantities so don’t wait six zero seven zero three six is the item number and that’s only $21.

99 believe it or not Aaron is gonna stick around you’ve got to see what we have coming up next I’m leavin.



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