there are a lot of people in the country today that are looking to save money on their cable bills you hear neighbors friends family members the kind of whispering about it I got rid of the extra box in the bedroom I’m saving some money on that and I cut down the channels cuz I don’t watch all of that folks we get a lot of people that are looking for a way to save money on their monthly television bill well you’ve put together an exclusive package that I think is going to answer all those questions I just want to quickly tell you what it is this is the fire TV which is from Amazon it’s a media streamer it plugs into the back of your television and it gives you access to half a million TV shows and movies it has your remote control with voice search so let’s say you want to search for Julia Roberts movies or comedy movies or drama movies or go straight to Netflix it will do all of those things just by talking to it what this doesn’t do is answer your query about your local channels because a lot of people that are looking to reduce their cable commitments are worried about losing their local news channels their local sports channels the local weather channel folks that’s why we are going to include from on top a digital antenna this is being produced by a company whose sole goal is to solve this problem when you plug this in this will pull in all the local channels from a 50-mile radius that means when you combine this with this you just saved a fortune every single month let’s dig a little bit deeper with our very good friend electronics expert and guru mr.

Aaron Berger Aaron sir first of all good to see you I know you get these questions all the time people are looking for a solution this is it yeah I think this is a great way to do it’s a great way to bring all of the entertainment you want to your television without necessarily having subscriptions if you will so there’s two parts to this there’s the fire TV 4k and then there’s the antenna on top of the digital antenna the an top we’re gonna start with up with the fire TV I’ve got to tell you on hsn.

com this is one of the most highly reviewed electronics I’ve ever seen it’s a 4.

7 stars it’s almost a perfect five star on Amazon’s website it has 21, 000 reviews it is incredibly well up there – so how do you use this it’s so simple that’s the other key you plug this into your TV okay when I say plug it into your TV I mean into the HDMI one of the HDMI ports on the side or the back of your television you plug it in you need to have an HDMI port available and you need to have Wi-Fi in your house if you have those things this is what you get you have the world of over 500, 000 movies and television shows and all kinds of great entertainment options at your fingertips so with this streams Netflix and it will stream Hulu and it will stream if you happen to be an Amazon Prime member will stream you know all of your Amazon Prime content and I want to show you right right off the bat how easy it is so Adam favorite actor or actress please oh let’s do something different tonight what about chebychev that’s a good one okay voice control like Adam Sessler we’ve got this really easy to use remote press the microphone button and I’m just gonna say Chevy Chase you know watch it this does so now there’s tons of you know funny money and then meatballs and all these great old Chevy Chase um skits on Funny or Die vacation that’s what I think all these Chevy Chase movies at your fingertips or maybe there’s you know if Chevy Chase is what comes to mind maybe you just want to say comedies so it can sort for you by actor or actress or by subject as you can see here this would just be kulluk Robin Williams I mean tons and tons and tons of good stuff now you might be thinking and this is this is one of my favorite things what if I have some of these other services like what if I have Netflix but I don’t have Hulu or you know whatever yeah how will it know what to play in other words will it find the least expensive way for to play a show we’ll let me show you so the movie if you’re looking for a specific movie you could say something like fine troll so if you wanted to what strolls or you wonder what singing are you wondering okay so here’s trolls and when I go yeah trolls is what I want to watch one of the things that you’ll notice is it knows oops it knows that I can watch now with netflix for free so that’s the very first option that it gives me very first option that it gives you all of your entertainment at your fingertips now with streaming now that’s the streaming part of the solution shall we split a minute and talk about the antenna and guys as we do they’re telling me we are down to the wire in terms of availability there’s only 10 minutes left these bundles do very well on HSN and I think it’s because for a lot of us you know we are fed up of channel surfing we’re fed up of all the commercials advertisements but we’re fed up of searching for something to watch we want to watch what we want when we want and Fire TV is gonna deliver that experience but the reason why I believe this is selling as quickly as it is is not simply because of this is because we are going to package in something that really is hard to understand when you don’t know what you’re looking for just before we get there remember this is the new fire TV Aaron that means we’re talking 4k capabilities right 4k and HDR high dynamic range so basically that highest quality video can be streamed to your television now whether it’s playing on Netflix whether it’s playing on prime whether it’s playing on YouTube there are hundreds of thousands of free hours that are available to you streaming every day right and the key with understanding this HDR and understanding this 4k is just that as good as your team this will basically stream the highest quality content that your television is capable of playing so that’s what the 4k in the HDR are about then there’s this other side with the antenna there are also everyday dozens and dozens and dozens at least of stations in your area that are broadcasting over-the-air for free every day you don’t actually have to have a cable subscription or a disc subscription or a digital subscription this is a digital antenna so this is you remember you remember rabbit ears right this is today’s answer to rabbit ears you see how thin how sleek and compact it is this is by an top you mount this euro window and we actually include suction cups so it can be temporarily mounted yeah to a double-sided tape you can actually paint over this if you wanted to match the color of your wall there’s all kinds of great options but anyway you mount this and then oops the other end there’s a ten-foot cable on it coaxial cable this screws right into your television and now you are receiving all of the broadcasts in your area so all of your local channels your ABC and your NBC and your CBS all your sports all of your news there’s even there’s two things in this specific antenna that are different from others one is the amplifier that you see right here it’s called the speed parachute me the smart pass amplifier speed passes our local time as our local toll roads pass amplifier if you live far away from towers so maybe you’ve had trouble with an antenna in the past and you’ve been too far away from tower this actually gives you a boost sort of an electrical boost to bring the signal in so that’s what the smart past is the other thing Adam you might not have ever heard of this before this has something called 4G LTE filtering in a lot of homes the 4G or the 3G signal basically cellular and Wi-Fi signals interfere with antennas this has filtering built into it so it will bring you the clearest sharpest channel available it’s um it’s gonna it’s gonna be a real game-changer and I think as Erin talks about it it is intriguing remember if you just want to see what life is like by perhaps trying this package you’ve got that 30 days I was just looking at the box and kind of the box is self-explanatory you know you look down here and it’ll say you know cut the cord enjoy free TV what that’s referring to is simply that those local channels you will now be able to pull in you are not alone you are absolutely not alone there are so many people who are watching us right now that have heard from neighbors friends and family who have said yeah I got rid of the extra cable box in the bedroom it was a lot of extra money I didn’t really need I’m looking to I’m looking to reduce my monthly expenses well I changed my che a cable subscription two years ago now nearly and it took me a while to do it I kept on holding on and holding on because of course I would do we’ve had it forever right it’s hard to give up something or to change something that we’ve had for such a long time fear of the unknown what if I don’t like it as much what if I’m missing out on something if I can encourage you to try this if Aaron and I can convince you just to give this a go I believe you will be so so so happy I think it’s really literally just a matter of getting at home and trying it out and a lot of people are looking at this going wait a minute I don’t have to pay for all of these channels every month are actually free all I need to do is one time by the devices that receive them and they’re so easy to use look this wouldn’t be a 4.

7 star customer pick on hsn.

com if people weren’t absolutely crazy about it if it weren’t so simple to use all you do is plug these into your TV you need to know your Wi-Fi password and that’s it there are so many entertainment options that are free there are actually a higher and better quality and this is easier to use so you see the remote right now we’re sort of showing you still this is the remote that comes along with the fire TV 4k the microphone the voice button it’s really all very very simple to navigate and it’s very very small as well so let me show you something I’ll come back here live and I’ll show you for example if you wanted to watch a show that I’ve actually spent all day today watching I’ve watched the first four episodes of this show that I’m about to show you I’m just gonna press the voice button and I’m gonna say play Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan let me try that one one more time play tom clancy’s Jack Ryan there go this available to stream now on Amazon Prime video I have literally spent four hours today watching the first half of this good it’s really really good as you can well imagine it’s so good and that’s how easy it is to start now I asked for that so you can ask it to play any of your favorite shows boom at your fingertips people are asking do I have to be a member of M on prime know you don’t but if you are you have tons of Amazon Prime video available to you like the video we were just watching do I have to have Netflix no you certainly don’t but if you do have Netflix then you have the world of Netflix available to you here as well you can use YouTube you can use lots of different free services you can watch you know PBS and lots of public television and some of those things for free and again the important thing here is this is all great video that we’re streaming to our television since we’re including the antenna as well all of your local your sports your news television a lot of people think you have to pay to get that into your home either at their desk or through dish or through cable or whatever it’s not true it’s actually federally mandated that those things be broadcast over the airwaves in case of emergency so they’re always being broadcasts you just need the right receiver but we don’t always know what to buy which is why it’s so valuable having Aaron here with this product from on top because this is the solution to your local channels for free combined with the power of fire TV you’ve just got endless entertainment with no commercials remember you can pay for subscriptions like Netflix or Hulu and obviously if you’re a Prime member you’re gonna get great access to Amazon Prime but there’s also so many free channels as well so much free stuff with great great things on there as we bring this to a close only 90 seconds left hundreds of folks ordering our special labor day steel on this I believe we’re nearly at a thousand people in and secured we are doing the $89 value but we’re including that $30 hand top antenna so it’s a really great deal when you combine the two together you also get some great other bonuses as well Aaron when I get it home in terms of setup for the fire simply incident you plug it in you put in your Wi-Fi password and you’re good to go in terms of setup for the an top it’s actually about the same you put the antenna on the wall and we include suction cups with which to do that or double-sided tape and then you screw the antenna into your television it’s the same cable that you would use for for cable it’s called a coaxial cable and it’s attached to the antenna mr.

Aaron Berger is staying with us we will not let him leave he’s here with our big finale item for this Electronics Show for this Labor Day if you’re looking for a new laptop we have a huge special from HP it’s coming up in about 60 seconds from now [Music].



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