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today fire TV at Black Friday prices five I’m the YouTube deal guy Matt granite welcome your one-stop shop for savings hi I’m Savannah I’m Casey they’re lovely they’re my job shadows for the next few weeks they’re gonna be helping with freebies and giveaways and last week I did

a fire TV stick deal and the number one request I had from you find that at half price I am pointing to the product not to the young lady they’re gonna be helping with the giveaways which will be announced for right at the end of this video screen

Amazon is not paying us to talk about them and one of their deals today includes one of the most amazing bundles if you are not yet subscribed Click the SUBSCRIBE button you see on your screen you’ll be signed up for all of my huge daily deal alerts and

eligible for freebies now for the price points first price fire TV Black Friday pricing eighty four ninety nine this is a limited time deal drop til Friday or Thursday of this week the second is my favorite cord-cutting Amazon fire TV bundle complete with HD and 10 a 36

box down from 131 what does this include an HD antenna package add-on the brand new bundle that I found includes the Amazon fire TV with 4k capabilities if your TV is up to that standard a voice-activated remote control a top-rated HD TV antenna and an HDMI cable plus

of course you can pay to add your favorite premium services on their own like HBO without the need to pay for a full cable or satellite package let’s head into my home where even with a smart TV I will tell you that despite its interface amazon firetv is

still the fastest most crisp and again the buffering speeds absolutely phenomenal when it comes to loading video and I know that I don’t work for Fox I work for various other TV stations but let’s just showcase that on x-files it’s low time it’s video quality on the spot

with an average internet connection amazing and then if I wanted to add on Showtime or any la carte options this is a great way to save in the Amazon HDTV antenna delivering over-the-air great video quality as good as the top antennas I’ve tested in the past so now

for the unboxing of fire TV you get the batteries you get the voice-activated the actual unit which we are giving away free to subscribers is this size so very small it comes with the HDMI cables and then the $50 valued antenna which is the 50 mile version one

that comes here from Amazon basics now speaking of fire let’s congratulate our most recent subscribers the first when it comes to emojis no one is better than Mary Ann she won our most recent fire TV and last week on the fire TV set Congrats to Jeffrey for today’s

draw whether or not you comment you are still eligible hi guys his floor director Rosalyn and I will be back to shoot more great deals with Matt granite and be sure to continue to comment me because I will comment back thanks guys for free stuff Click the SUBSCRIBE

button you see on your screen right now you’ll be signed up for that and all of my biggest daily deals to turn on your alerts you’re gonna see a wheel beside the subscribe button on a mobile device it looks like this click the Box turn on your channel

alerts that will ensure you’re emailed every time I upload a huge deal and remember you wanna buy any item I feature there’s a link right under this video window click the show more tab and every link I have for every deal is right there there you go you

are awesome thank you so much for watching



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