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what’s up everybody this is Mari forMari’s review Channel today I’m gonna do an unboxing of the Amazon fire TVstay tuned hey we just got the new Amazon fire TV stick with Alexa voiceremote so we’re gonna go ahead and open it up as you can see the standard Amazonbox okay and here is the fire TV stick box okay we’re gonna go ahead and open it up and they on the back it’s got someinformations and you can watch over five thousand channels apps and games there’salways something on enjoy content from Netflix YouTube NBC HBO Fox ESPN saygoodbye to buffering from the fire stick TV okay let’s go ahead and open it upand we’ll go ahead and show you what’s all in the package okay this is what thelovely box looks like very nicely packaged okay let’s go ahead and open itup okay and in the package you have yourmanual your fire stick this tells you about the remotes the content that ithas okay and on the back of this if you choose to get sling you get 20 pluschannels for $20 a month here is your manual it tells youeverything that is included in this fire stick and this one actually does comewith an extender not a very long one but for those like myself don’t like to plugit in the back of the TV you do have that extender as an option and as youcan see here is the USB you plug into the fire stick and into the outlet hereis your standard 110 us USB plug outlet okay and here is your Alexa remote lookspretty much like the shield really nice very light let’s go ahead and unpackageit okay as you can see you have the voicecommand at the top very nice back here is where you put your batteries just goahead and slide this down you just insert your batteries here the standardbatteries are the Amazon batteries not really sure how good these are we’ll trythem out and see actually how good they are as you can see these are thestandard Amazon batteries okay let’s go ahead and take out the fire stick as youcan see it’s very thin very light okay looks good and unpackage it and as youcan see it says amazon right here is your standard HDMI right here’s whereyour USB plug for the power supply very light in the hand so what we’re gonna dois we’re gonna go ahead and we’ll set it up and then we will come right back butoverall this is a very nice design very light very nice looking so we’ll beright back as soon as we install it okay now we got it installed into our TV it’ssaying it’s searching for our remote we’re gonna go ahead and pair up ourremote sorry for the quality I’m taking this onmy my webcam and it doesn’t catch the bright lights on my TV okay we’re goingto go ahead and set it up to us okay it says unsupported US port whichis fine we’re just going to go ahead and set it up now it’s scanning for mynetwork I’ll be back as soon as I input my network okay now it’s connectingchecking for updates now it’s downloading the software it’s gonna turnoff the fire stick it’s gonna restart and you’ll get the Amazon logo now it’sinstalling the latest software it says it can take up to 10 minutes so justgonna go ahead and let this install now you’ll get this fire TV stick logofor those don’t have a significant power I would suggest plugging it into yourpower plug and right here it’s gonna tell you to go ahead and sign in withyour account so you’re just gonna go ahead and sign in and it’s gonna ask ifyou want to save your Wi-Fi password to Amazon you’re gonna go ahead and clickyes and then it’s gonna ask you if you want this kid-friendly I’m gonna put nocuz that’s for me then it will take you with the online set up to show you allyour movies and your options which I’m gonna go ahead and show you there andright here will just show you all the content that you can get with other appsbut the purpose of getting this is to install apks so we’re just gonna goahead and let this fast-forward a bit and then it’s gonna ask to install anapp we’re gonna go ahead and install crackle okay this is your home screen asyou can see it’s not very good quality because I’m recording from my webcam butyou have all these movies I believe once you sign up you will get a 30-day trialof the Amazon Prime I have done that so I get all these movies and TV shows forfree for the first 30 days if you continue their service instead of beingI think it was $7.

99 or 1099 it’s now $12.

99 to continue with Amazon Prime ifyou’re like me like apks you will go ahead and downloadyes Explorer to get your content that will be another video so overall I’d saythis fire TV stick is pretty good I still use my Nvidia shield for everydaytasks this is just something to do a review on for all those who are on thefire stick so I would say a lot of you guys this is a really nice device it’ssomething spare like you go to the hotels or you go vacationing this issomething to pick up and take with you so this has been the review of theAmazon fire TV stick thanks for watching don’t forget to Like and subscribe don’tforget to hit the little Bell button so you get notified every time I upload anew content thanks for watching.



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