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with the Amazon fire cube that is coming up next not only is this exclusive to curate but I will share with you we have the lowest price anywhere and this is the best of your Amazon echo and the best of Amazon fire all-in-one Aaron Berger is gonna be with me so we have a lot to tell you about don’t go anywhere coming back with more stay tuned hey have you heard about the buzz on hsn.

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com right now [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] hi everyone thank you so much for joining me for my 35th anniversary this is sort of like the best anniversary gift for me the opportunity tonight in this airing to launch for you a totally amazing exclusive new product exclusive to curate and literally the lowest price in the market what we are talking about is the fire TV cube and it is or will be a today’s special too and what I’m the most important thing right off the bat for everyone to know not only is it exclusive we have a lot of added extras that you’re going to get to go right along with it but it does combine the best of Amazon echo and Amazon fire it’s the first hands-free streaming media player with Alexa so you literally get an all-in-one experience you can ask Alexa to turn on TV find movies you name it and today we have it available for everyone from a hundred and twenty nine ninety-five that is its price lowest price anywhere at $99.

95 free shipping and handling five flexpay and mr.

Aaron Berger this is exciting we did your 35th anniversary anniversary together we need to bring it I had to bring it 10 years thank you for having me and this electronics this is what the new Amazon fire qubit it is out of this world it basically takes the technology of an Amazon echo you guys know the Amazon echo Rhino Bobby has a lot of them in her house you can talk to this it talks back to you it plays music you can it has all the technology Alexa technology built-in this is the Amazon fire TV 4k normally you would have to buy both of these to get the technology you’re getting today in one brand new Amazon Cube 4k so let me show you what it is in fact this video really walks you through what this is and what it does media player with hands-free Alexa built-in for the first time so that hands-free means that you don’t have to have a remote in your hands all the time you can say Alexa play sneaky pete and it’s playing on your TV don’t even have 10 don’t have to find a remote don’t even have to turn the TV on it turns the TV on for you plus the fire cube it’s always getting smarter the things that you love if you like to listen to the news if you want to know about the weather you want to add things to your shopping list and bite your mom to lunch yes this will invite your mom to lunch for you remind me to show you that it’s really cool you know you can take AD Pinot Noir to my shopping list and it’ll do that as well this setup is so incredibly simple and that’s something that I’m going to show you guys I’m going to show you the setup in just a minute but I’m going to spend just a moment quickly on what is Wi-Fi streaming you know what exactly does this do so this is the Amazon cube okay so here’s the cube right here this is what you talk to in order to watch over 500 television show 500, 000 television shows 500, 000 movies Bobby how about a favorite actor or actress I want to show you how easy this is okay we know my favorite actor I’m just gonna say Alexa find hugh jackman so I don’t have a remote in my hand that him in there so we’ve got the greatest showman we’ve got Logan we’ve got scissors we’ve got the prestige we’ve got prisoners or I know something else you like how about Alexa find movie musicals no notice I’m doing this again with there is a remote and I’ll show you that in a minute but no remote in my hand so now we could watch Mamma Mia our greatest showman or we could watch Moana or we could these are all that our fingertips and now if I want to go back to the home screen I just go Alexa switch to home and we’re back to our home screen where we can watch Netflix we can watch amazon prime we can watch HBO GO we can anything those are so brilliant because Alexa to me has made my life so much easier it’s so simple easy listen I love the fire TV but this is the best of all worlds because here you just speak to Alexa and then you know you can still continue as Aronson you can ask for your menu Ari or you can use your shopping list which is the number one way I use it but the fact that you have access to again over 500, 000 movies TV episodes with its Netflix Prime video Hulu you it’s all right there for us and easy simple and at a price today and I do want to pop up the value if I can quickly because this is something that we are very proud of here at HSN first airing 199 95 check this out a hundred and 1999 for the Amazon fire cube alone then we include three months of Pandora premium at $9.

99 three months of grow car fitness at 44 97 we have slim TV voucher at 25 you’re getting all of it today $100 off plus the free shipping and the 5 flexpay payments as well so I’m gonna jump on over here oh I wrong walked right in front of I want to show you how easy it is gonna say because that’s the thing to me it needs to be easy I don’t have to hire somebody it’s great I can watch half a million shows they’re suppose I can turn my TV on and off it you never you know how you look at your three or four remotes and you go good lord what am I gonna do with these but but how easy is it to set up that’s the key right well here’s the cube okay here actually I’ll set it down here so you guys can see this is included this is power this is included this is an HDMI cable which is the cable that you use to plug in your cable box and your satellite and your DVD and your blu-ray player and everything I mean they’re ubiquitous PI this is not included so you have to have you have to have three things a TV right an HDMI port okay basically every TV does any you need to have an HDMI cable and you need to have high speed internet in your house it doesn’t have to be Wi-Fi necessarily we’ll talk more about that in a minute so you plug in the HDMI cable right and it says HDMI cable there’s only one place you can plug it in okay and then on the television I’m just gonna turn this to the side for y’all a little bit there HDMI ports here on the side of the television you plug this in to the HDMI port on the side of the television you’re more than half done already you know what this is this is just your power cord so again on the back where it says power it says power right here you plug that in and then you plug this into the wall to an outlet that’s it that’s literally all there is to it then you would take your cube and move it around to the front of your TV and I’ll show you from here how it goes so I have to have an Amazon Prime no no that’s a great question and I want you to ask me a million questions you sort we do not if you have an Amazon Prime account then you have access to all the great Amazon programming like Goliath and mocha in the jungling you know many of us have a prime account already here are the other popular channels that you’ll have access to so prime video if you’re a member of Hulu or Netflix or HBO or the Food Channel Fox go Showtime YouTube YouTube is free NBC sling stars ESPN and of course our personal favorite another free one that you can watch here and I’ll just do it hands-free I’ll just say Alexa open HSN yeah okay so it’s gonna open up HSN for us and one of the really cool things about this because we downloaded the HSN ask which is free to download you see there’s us area right now you can order right from here as well you’ve got shot by remote here now a couple things I want to show you guys while we have this open there’s a lot of really cool things to do so we’re we’re obviously streaming using Wi-Fi right now right what if you wanted to watch your cable right so because a lot of us have cable right and you’re like well how am I gonna use my remote and what am I gonna press well you know what you’re gonna do you’re gonna say Alexa switch to cable okay and this is gonna switch now we actually have HSN so this is HSN to cable channel that’s how easy it is to go to your cable things that you’ve never seen done on a fire before I could say Alexa turn the volume down did you see it turned it on and I just turned it down for me I could even mute it or I can turn it so everyone I’m accustomed to doing with Alexa already I can now do p.


my voice and then some and then some and then some so for example I could go Alexa turn the TV off okay so the TV can actually just okay goodnight so like it’s nighttime everybody’s ready to go to bed right now if you still want to ask question see the TV doesn’t have to be on right so I can still ask out the weather that’s exactly right or I could yeah that’s it Alexa what’s the weather that’s a good night see because there’s a built-in speaker he as well 78 degrees another thing you do you know right before you go to bed you might say Alexa set alarm for 6:00 a.


alarm set for 6:00 a.


tomorrow one more quick one ready so all right you go to bed everybody goes to bed goodnight the kids wake up in the morning what do they want to do right away they want to watch a cartoon right away so you just say Alexa play tumble leaf here’s tumble leaf now notice the television wasn’t even on the TV wasn’t on she turned the TV on and now she’s tuning it’s humbly for us right away so your kids don’t have to know how to work the remote they can go downstairs in the morning and they can say turn tumble leaf on and but you can’t lose your remote also we can use really glad you said that so I’m gonna use the remote here for a second I want to I mean nobody else has it else is huge to have this here oh yeah I want to show you all two more really really cool things okay so the first one is this always finds the least expensive way for you to watch whatever so like if you a Netflix account I’m gonna find a show here I’m gonna say I’m gonna go find sing and it’s going to find sing for me okay actually I need to go Alexa turn volume up there we go so now we’ll have volume again see I did that over there I’m gonna go into sing and what’s gonna be interesting here is it’s gonna tell me it knows that I have Netflix so it says watch now for free with Netflix it’s not going to try to sell it to me on Amazon if I didn’t have Netflix I could rent it for $2.

99 but the folks at Amazon are so fair and so decent with this graphic user interface that they can they make it so that it always gives you the least expensive way to watch whatever it is you want to watch me it’s pretty cool right because otherwise you would never know well I do this all the time used to do this all the time I’d think of a show and I think don’t watch said her name was I’m primed or watching on Hulu explained do I just buy it I buy it on iTunes like no do I right because it just finds the cheaper the least expensive way based on your subscriptions is that just for that I mean that information there you know I was thinking this I am I am a mess with remotes so when you just said forget about remotes [Music] this is the course demo but the last demo that I’m gonna be able to show you the remotes great you.



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