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hey guys welcome back in this video I’mgonna be showing you an amazing application which will allow you to castvideos from your phone it will allow you to search for videos online on all ofthe popular streaming sites and cost them to your streaming device or allowyou to install apks

directly from your mobile phone onto your device on top ofthat you can even use this as a virtual mouse so it literally is an all-in-oneapk with tons of features and I’m sure there will be something in here foreverybody on top of that what makes it particularly special is

it’s 100% freeand it works on all of your Android devices including forest stakes andnormal Android devices even the Nvidia shield can benefit from this apk so withall of that being said let’s get started so I’m doing my demonstration on thesecond-generation fire stick with Alexa as previously mentioned this

apk worksperfectly fine on all of your Android devices now in terms of installationwhen you first start the application on to your cell phone this is what you’llsee now the first thing we need to do is we need to pair this with our fire stakenow the process for pairing

of the fire stick is a bit easier than on Androidboxes or Nvidia shields because on those devices you need to go to yourapplication store or your App Store and install the see display receiver firstwhereas on fire stick this can actually be pushed automatically onto your deviceso let’s do

that now so on your application we click on the hamburgermenu in the top left and where it says here no device is found if you click onthe manage connection and this will now scan your wireless network and show youall of the devices that this can be installed onto

now I know my fire stickIP address ends in one seven eight so let’s click on that now that should nowmake a connection to my fire stake and remotely install the receiver for melet’s just give that a second now we can see that spinning right now okay we cansee

the screens now gone black is that a bad sign that essentially a very goodsign because it says now see display has connected to your TV and we’ve nowestablished a connection for my fire stake using application onto my fire TVor fight TV stake so let’s see exactly now what

this application can do or atthe very basic level we have a fully functional rumor control which other canbe as a d-pad or as a virtual mouse so we can see now for example press theHOME key here or you can see that simulates me pressing the HOME key underofficial

remote control and as we can see me just pressing left or rightsends those commands onto the TV and weeks it’s working absolutely fine nowif you press this button on the top right here we can see over a couple ofdifferent modes we’ve got the d-pad mode which is what

I’m currently on you’vealso got the touch pad mode Mouse mode numeric mode and also the gamepad modelet me show you the touch pad mode so we can see now we have a large touchpad andnow with me swiping to the left we can see that this simulates me pressing

lefton the remote and of course I can press down as well and just go through thelist and if I want to click on something I just click here let’s open this up now here for example we know thisapplication does require virtual mouse and I know some of you

were strugglinginstalling the standard master toggle but with this application this doesactually come with the virtual mouse built-in let’s try that now so let’spress the four squares in the top right let’s now enable Mouse mode and we canjust see now with me swiping the fingers here we can see

we now have a virtualmouse on the screen if one selects something I can do that now so I meanthat in itself because I know lots of people on certain five devices I thinkthe latest 3rd or 4th Gen 5 devices do have some issues installing a virtualmouse so this

application you can do that and just use the mouse without anyproblems whatsoever first back out of that ok let’s go tothe hamburger menu so after the standard remote control you got play on TV thiswill now allow you to cost any kind of video any kind of picture on

yoursoftware directly on to streaming device so let’s try video for a second let’stry this 4k video and we can see goes literally as soon as I press play itstarts costing onto my device without any kind of lag or any kind of bufferingone click and we’re now watching this

4k video and it’s working flawlessly that’slooking good ok let’s back off that similarly if you want cost a picturelet’s click on picture let’s try these pictures here let’s click on that andthere we can see that’s now costing us pictures onto my device and that’sworking great let’s go back

to the hamburger menu and then you’ve got theabsent ago so this has to be probably the biggest feature of this applicationso let’s go into that now so just imagine having an application center onyour cell phone that you could then beam those applications directly onto yourdevice so we can

see we go some of the featured applications over here you gotthe training applications then you go categories and let’s go into VOD andmovies and let’s say for example I want to install Xing TVs let’s click oninstall so you can see it as soon as I press install guys

that beams the apkfrom my cell phone onto the device and it starts installing it automaticallywell that’s a really nice and slick feature guys because not only is allwith one click you really have a ton of applications in all the categories thatyou could possibly want and they’re all available

to installlet’s press down a few times and click on install and that’s now installing soI think that’s a really sleek feature guys that we can install all theseapplications with one click and we have a massive library of applications fromall sorts of categories from TV to news to utilities

all these applications areavailable and they can all be pushed onto your device let’s click on open Ihave no idea what this application is and there’s the application they’re allworking fine but I have no idea what this application is I mean so that wasjust inside VOD and movies guys

but if I press back here again we can see we haveutilities so we can store everything from a Chrome browser to securitycameras we go to how launcher there is all our previously reviewed Dropbox solots and lots of applications that can all be installed onto our device andthey can

all be pushed out with one click let’s let’s try one more so yougot this FPT play which is TV online platform with thousands of TV content100% legal let’s click on install again we can seewe get the prompt on the screen saying FPT is now installing so really slickguys

I’m really impressed at how easy is it install applications directly ontoour box ok let’s open her up again I’ve no idea what this application is andhere we can just see the application working for and although I’ve no ideawhy I’m clicking on that’s the application there anyway let’s back

outoff that so that application Center go is really impressive lots ofapplications lots of different categories there should definitely besomething in here for everybody Colette’s backup that let’s go back tothe hamburger menu ok we can see we got some options here let’s try the firstone my apps this will

basically now show me all of the applications I’ve gotinstalled my first take and we could use his not to manage this application solet’s say for example I’m not using this application of a hair anymore I can holdthat down and I can click on uninstall click on uninstall again

because sobasically now allow us to manage applications installed on our device orfrom our cell phone let’s just click on OK and that’s now being uninstalledso that’s my apps which gives us the ability to manage applications installedon our device we can also click on applications and we can see

thatinstantly launches our application I clicked on ok let’s back out off thatokay next up we go clean more star so this will basically scan your device andtell you if you do have temporary files if youyou have cash that you could delete or anything else that could be potentiallyclogging

up your system with this application with this feature you canactually remotely clear that stuff with one click next up we’ve got the screencapture features so not really for everybody but if you didn’t want tocapture what’s exactly on your fire stick right now or in your device andhere we

can just see the screen capture so if you didn’t want to take a pictureof the screen without using your normal camera you can do with this feature andwe can see the quality is a lot better okay so then you go search the cost thishas to be one of

the big features of this application so let’s click on thatnow so this now allows you to search for any content on the Internet if there’sany kind of movie I mean legal or TV show that you want to search fordocumentary you can search that in here and then anything

that you find and withone click you can cost directly onto your TV without any kind of downloadingso for example with searching for some documentariesok so let’s find a BBC documentary for a testok let’s destroy this link here which is some BBC news click on that so the unitcost

is to your devices click on OK and there we have it guys with one click weare now costing this video directly on to our devices or any kind ofinstallation that’s working great ok let’s back off that it’s obvious you canbe searching for any kind of like you know

movie or any kind of TV showanything you find one click and you’re now costing that to your TV let’s goback to the hamburger menu click options for YouTube so if you do want to costYouTube to your TV you can do that so let’s say for example what the

cost isvideo here let’s click on that now and click on the cost on TV button at thebottom and there with the one-click we are now costing this video on to ourdevice the let’s back it off that you didn’t have live channels so this isbasically if you do have

an m3u playlist for something that you previouslypurchased you can add another URL or like m3u foil and this will now allowyou to cost those IP TV channels onto your device as wellso in summary guys I think this is a fantastic application I’m reallyimpressed with the features some the

Harless include we got the App Center soand here we just got a ton of applications in all different categoriesfrom streaming to utilities to news and all these applications can be installeddirectly onto your device with one click then you go to search the cost featureago I said pretty much

anything you can find on the Internet any kind of movieor TV show you can search for that and with the one-click you are now watchingout on your big screen with no installation with no downand that works flawlessly you also have the my apps features have you in a

realapplication with your currently on your device you can do that that plus thefact you got the virtual mouse just so many features in here and it’s 100% freeand it works on all your devices guys so this definitely gets a double thumbs upfrom me and that’s all for this

video guys many thanks for watching do leaveme a comment below let me know anything about this application I mean the factthat it’s 100% free you can check it out you can give it a go I mean there’s areso many features in here I’m sure there’ll be something in

there for youlet me know what you think and I’ll hopefully catch up with you guys realsoon thanks that’s it guys I hope you find that video useful give me a thumbsup if you did comment below let me know if this worked for you and pleasesubscribe for more content

thanks again for watching guys oh and if you’reinterested in a VPN if you click on that link on the bottom left you’ll get agreat 46 percent discount if you are worried about your privacy and you wantto stay safe online I do recommend you check out VPN thanks again

guys see youon the next one



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