for the first time ever it is here the award-winning fire TV 4k media streamer this is not only 4k compatible so it’s basically future prove it has a quad-core processor that powers truly hundreds of thousands of TV shows movies news weather sports games you’ve got an amazing control of the even has voice search and you can truly have access to all of your favorites on demand when you want them no commercials you know so many of us love TV but we’re fed up and tired of having to make do I’ve having to channel surf and flip the channel again and again and again with a fire TV you have access to all the great so much of it is free of course you’ve got access to lots of premium things like Netflix as well I think it’s fair to say that with nearly double sold compared to what we expected it is it’s on fire if you will let me share with you why if you go to amazon right now they’re selling their own product of course it’s 9995 so we’re going to match their price but then we’re going to go a step further we’re going to offer a better deal than amazon is we’re going to include the hdmi cable now when you buy this you have to buy this so this is another ten twenty thirty dollars we’re including it at no extra charge and then we’ll go another step further we’re going to include a whole year of a channel called feelin it’s a funny name but just me it’s great bugs this is you know like these hallmark movies it’s hand-picked Hollywood favorites it’s feel-good movies true story movies it’s normally it’s a per month subscription we’ve paid for it for one whole year you get it included then you get a month of Lulu then you get a whole year access to live exercise on your computer it’s bonuses it’s fun stuff stick around even for the first 10 minutes we’re going to really wow you with what this can do I’m going to head over to showcase the latest and greatest mr.

Aaron Berger I’m going to leave that there I’m gonna head over you know if you have a TV at home I want you to bear one thing in mind everything that you’re about to see everything that this man is going to show you we can make happen on your television it sounds incredible but Aaron the TV in the lounge in the bedroom everything you’re gonna showcase can be on that team and you said really you’ll probably want to have one of these for every single TV this makes your dumb TV smart yes it makes your Smart TV a heck of a lot smarter this brings so many things to your television because you’re going to be able to watch all your movies you’re gonna watch all your music you’re going to be able to not watch your music listen to all of your music play games there’s wonderful apps on here you name it I’m gonna start off with some demonstrations right away I’ll talk to you about the fact that this is quad core seventy-five percent faster you’re going to see how immediate this is I’ll talk to you about the fact that you don’t need to buy anything everybody’s asking what do I need for this to work as long as you have Wi-Fi we include the hdmi cable we include the power cable you plug in power you plug in your hdmi and connect to the television that’s it but right away I want to show you this has technology and it the best voice technology I’ve ever seen so let’s start with like the movie part of it right so maybe you want to go no movies with Julia Roberts do you see how instant that is this that’s because remember this has a computer brain in it this is a quad-core brain or if there’s something specific that you want to watch maybe you want to watch tumble leaf so it’s going to pull up tumble leaf and now I’m gonna go okay I want to watch tumble leaf so I’m gonna say yeah let’s play some tumble leaf and it is essentially instant you know it’s gonna stir there it is there’s tumble leaf and we haven’t said yet 4k yep the tumble leaf is actually one of the shows that streams in 4k anything there’s 4k content what does this mean some of us some of us have upgraded to this awesome 4k experience if you have a 4k TV now you’re streaming content any content that’s made in 4k will stream from this for the first time this has alexa technology and 4k built into it if you have a 1080p or 720p it will stream to the highest quality your television can possibly handle and what’s truly amazing about this is that you’ve got better visual quality you’ve got a better computer brain in it i want to show you how easy it is to use you see the remote here just take a little look I just I’m going to press the home button so the home button obviously just took me back home if I want to ask it anything like well maybe you want to play some music look you just you press and hold this button and say play take me to the king take me to the king by Tamela Mann and it’s going to go ahead and play that for me now so it’s playing the music right now now if i want it to fast-forward i could fast forward here yeah think about this compared to your cable remote which gives me a jetta just thinking about it you can fast forward you can rewind if i want to stop the song i can stop the song if i want if you want to go back if you want a menu I mean these things are so incredibly simple to use and that’s one of the things that’s key the movies and the music and the television shows at the beginning this does something you’ve never seen any other streamer does do excuse me yeah this is a computer so what do I mean by that anything you want to ask this this has alexa technology built-in it from amazon so what’s the weather in tampa right now in tampa florida nigga there’s the weather you want to know something maybe let’s see um I don’t partly i don’t think the Cubs are playing right now the with let’s try anyway what’s the score of the cubs game the cubs are not playing right but but yesterday they played and here’s the score that’s how smart she is she knows there’s not a game right now but there’s their most recent so sports scores you want to ask about news you want to ask about random facts um this is cool so first what is the Pyramid of Giza it’s gonna tell me so I was thinking this lesson is like hey let’s really challenge it like let’s see if it will delve deep into the information how big is the Pyramid of Giza so a really specific question like seven hundred and fifty sixty have you ever have you ever seen a streamer what is the streamer do it turns your television in a way into a computer all of your apps all of your tablet things please you’re you’re doing things we’ve never seen before if you literally never seen and I’m just getting started okay so this this is a much shorter presentation the last time so I’m just gonna squeeze it a couple of all things media streamers I said it the minute they came out maybe three years ago four years ago it’s the smallest and least expensive electronic you’ll buy and the irony is it’ll give you the most pleasure I’m a TV addict I put my hand up and say I love TV and I’m sure you do too this gives you so much pleasure and joy whatever you want to watch when you want to watch it and it’s Amazon’s you expect a certain quality they have created one of the most user-friendly media streamers in the world the benefit to this one is that it’s more powerful and that it has something called alexa built-in alexa is what doing all the things that aaron’s asking when Aaron uses the voice search he can search for movies with his favorite actor and actress in it he can ask the weather he can ask the pyramids you can ask anything so that’s the bonus of this there’s so much extra stuff that this does now a lot of you are asking some great questions and we are here to answer our value is unrivaled that’s why we are so proud of this today everybody is so competitive everybody wants the best deal I want to share with you because we only have what 12 or 13 minutes left we are net offering the Amazon fire TV at a better price than Amazon we are a better value than amazon so if you go to the website at amazon they’re selling this at 9995 right where the same price there okay they do it with free shipping and so do we we’re actually going to go a step further and do it on flexpay now that’s good in fact not only will we do it on 4 flex will do it five flex if you’ve got an HSN card but then we’ll go a step further when you buy this from them or anywhere else you have to buy an hdmi cable we’re going to include it this can be one ten dollars $20 thirty dollars will include it at no extra cost so that’s and there’s all the bonuses of course as well but that’s how we get the best value out there one last thing from me because this also offers some of the best games out there most folks will want to pick up the games controller from amazon we are now in sellout quantities Rick just tell me how many of these are left ha ok if you’re tuning in the morning they’ll be none of these left this will officially sell out by about five a.


this morning is 5995 it comes of the eight gig micro SD card as well so I highly recommend you pick up that Aaron sir I know you’re about to show off in the best possible way go for it’s it’s something that you’re not going to believe so we’ve shown you that you can obviously you know search for any movie search for comedy search for certain genre a certain search and search for certain actors and actresses or by name or what have you but did you know you can also control you can basically automate your house you see that light behind me turn light on did you see that I just turned the light on I’ve got to tell every now now maybe it’s bedtime and so I’m just going to say turn light off and you guys see the television over there as well you can see that right turn television off okay night night okay so the thing is now here’s what you need you need it’s called tp-link they’re these little um.



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