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alright guys so here we go it’s not thebest quality I’m waiting on my video capture car that’s gonna call mr.

4k elgato but in the meantime this is the firestick 4k it is heavier it feelsheavier which is good the remote it’s a little different it’s got the thebottoms you have the power option which is I guess is great you know and thenI’m gonna show you now how well and and if at all I plays well dark media onthis fire stick alright so I’m gonna go to settings real quickit does feel way faster than the regular fire stick that’s so that’s a huge plusalright so I guess you got equipment control live sees live TV what’s thischannel management live TV sources check this out recasts so that a recast that they’re sellingnow right all right so I guess we can’t Excel itthat way all right sir and I says my fire TV this is not a fire TV there’s afire stick this right here you can’t see it but that’s the remote developeroptions just go there apps from unknown sources let’s turn it on I must say thatit does feel like this is on roids it’s very fast and it’s not a fire TV keepsaying fire to me strike like a fire TV stick 4k there you go so it’s got fivepoint twenty eight gigabytes available and not a lot for point seventy eightit’s available to us fire TV home version 6.

1 I guess that’s the thecurrent one story storage here we go so there we go is six gigabytes so it’s nota big difference from the old one alright so let’s go ahead and type I puta home real quick and then go to search and we’re going to look for downloadingall right give me one second looking for a downloader not Downton Abbey W there we go download it down here andselect it yes let’s start downloading this and Iown it alright you got an app that’s fine butlet’s open it allow guys you have to allow if you click on deny it will notwork for you when you try to download something so let’s say allow that’sgreat once you get this popup just click okeverything should be good to go and we’re gonna type this address here weare gonna use up Toit so let’s go ahead and type and I messed up already I’mgonna type in dark media that org forge last up toy all right once you have that typed in itsays dark mediu that all forces aptoide just go ahead and click on gojavascript they say will please read that it’s fine you do not need JavaScript enable for this alright so you can see here is this op toy TV 5.


2 youyou can always upgrade later from within the app itself once you get this popupjust come down here and click where it says install there you go up installed scored your lunch pressthose three little lines all right it’s running again guys this is runningpretty fast actually impressed by this stick so that is awesome so far againallow let’s allow that for a second great now once you get this over here ifyou want to sign in you can do that but not we’re not going to do that right nowwe’re just gonna go to search and I allow up toy to record audio let’s sayWow and I’m gonna go ahead I’m Pierre and I’m gonna say I’m toy dark mini and that’s not what we want that isinteresting that’s my fault actually maybe all rightso we’re gonna go to search again this time you started there right click onsearch and type in dark mediu it didn’t work when I said when I set it to themicrophone so dark it says mix it’s gonna say no resultsfor dark mediu but it’s down here so that’s what your install 5.

0 not 5.

0it’s one point two point six it’s got 5.

0 reviews which is great i think häôsalready a thousand downloads which is awesomeclick install it’s a very fast download guys there’s only 11 megabytes and thenit gets bigger big real life alright so I should run dark bean has beeninstalled so let’s go ahead and click on the three little arrows and theylaunches dark mediu right away that was super fast which is that’s what we wantso far it’s I’m very very impressed keep saying it again and again so far theyhave done a great job with the stick so let’s see how it behaves app I’ll beRebecca alright perfect you once you put your posture to click on login let’s seethat but I was fast very nice let’s go to a couple seconds to load nowthis is where we can actually see if it’s fast or notso far no complains is great but I have a live TV that was pretty coolall right I’m gonna go test another Charles Wow that’s pretty good all right let’sgo ahead and try something okay now it’s actually pretty damn goodlet’s try something else guys I think we have a winner herethis is behaving amazing and it’s the latest fire TV stick yes that you’rehurting right the fire TV stick 4k so so far it’s getting a thumbs up from mealright let’s try this again no issues there I’m trying something else just tryketchup the UK real quick and then Dave while this is Wow oh my god this isthink we have a winner here it’s awesome this check account one point two pointsix that’s yeah that’s the latest the APD catch up sports replays that’s Billyreal quick images are loading super fast and clean let’s go there alright guys this is actually it’s gotmy seal of approval this is the one more – one more check come on man I have to Ican’t believe this is the varsity 4k is actually pretty goodone more Walker let’s destroy this district Wow it’s all I can say let me try to goto settings real quick she forgot all the players there yes we do it defaultis checked that’s fine all right guys I mean again Wow very nice job from Amazonthe fire sticks actually the fire stick 4k it’s actually pretty dumb good itruns the app perfect no books no lags not freezing and I’m just in shock I gotit yesterday I was really not wanting to do the review and try the server’s testit with the service I’m sorry because I thought it was gonna be crap but holycrap it is actually pretty damn good so I will be recommending the fire TV stick4k the latest one and I go ahead and get it I’m gonna put the description whereyou can get it from Amazon and if you live in the state so that guide thoughmost of us do of course USA they have Amazon Prime and it getsdelivered to you in two hours or or four or something like that so I completelyrecommend the fine you heard me right cuz I’m a pro Nvidia shield advocate Ithink that’s all I use and videos left on right put the fire stick for Kaneactually kicks us so far it is heavier so maybe they put more RAM or somethingI’m gonna look up the specs later on but I just didn’t have time let’s take alook here this is the Box the fire stick sorrythis the fire stick 4k and I’m gonna take a look real quick on the box andsay what are the specs on this that’s what poor that’s pretty goodand it’s getting prisoners got more stuff in it when I go ahead and read upon it later on update you guys but this pretty well awesome great job but Amazonperfect that’s about it alright guys go ahead and like it and subscribe to mychannel.



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