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I do this one because I think it is the easiest one to use I think it is the most comprehensive to use when you go to search something you can use your voice and it hears you and it stands you Alexis speaks my language and I love that she is so simple and so comprehensive in the way that she searches and finds something for you it’s a simple system you take this you plug it in your TV this will walk you through the process and educate you I’m telling you it is an incredible easy-to-use simple system and then you look at the affordability I don’t even know how technology like this can be this affordable but it is $39.

99 for a fire sick that opens up not a world a universe of content you and good content I mean amazing content we were watching some stuff last night absolutely incredible so this is gonna be your fire TV stick 4k media streamer at 39.

99 3 flex payment payments everything’s not free shipping and handling 2 day so please take advantage of that only today free shipping and handling but we’re also going to include for you some extras as well and I don’t have the extras rate in front of me but I bet mr.

Aaron Berger okay so you’re gonna get panned or premium sling TV and broker and you’re going to get I don’t know how long each one but you’ll get some samples of all of those as well so that is exclusive to us so is mr.

Aaron Berger because he presents only for us right here at HSN this system it’s just whoever really came up with this Jean you and I are so on and we’ve talked about this before first of all whoever came up with it genius it blows mama if you’re gonna spend $40 on electronics today yes right here you will get more bang for your buck than anything I’ll sell probably all year I mean I but I believe that much I love and I almost never get to sell it we almost never have it in stock you know the last thing we had this last year December we sold out of every single one we had the customer pick on hsn.

com this is why I think you get so much bang for your buck you turn any television in your house if it’s a good TV that the bad TV puts an old TV it’s a new TV when you plug this into your television you give yourself access to over 400, 000 movies television shows incredible streaming incredible music you basically make your television into a computer because you have alexa built in as well a lot of you know what Alexa is those of you who don’t I’m gonna show you in a minute it’s your voice assistant that lets you talk to your TV you can ask your television questions you can do all kinds of really cool things you’re seeing right now experience beautiful true to life pictures this is 4k for pete’s sake so that means it has four times as many pixels as long as you have a 4k TV is a regular high-definition television this is the Amazon fire stick 4k two quick things what do you need to put to use this you need electricity in your house you need a television that has an HDMI port every television probably in the last 15 years has an HDMI port this goes right into the HDMI port on the side of your TV and you need Wi-Fi and with those things everything streams to your television can you use it with cable yes do you have to have cable no Jeff Deborah let me get that do you have to have discs do you have to have a dish do you have to have anything you don’t have to have anything this will provide all of your subscription free television for you I only have a couple minutes so let me show you how easy it is to use this is the remote that comes along with it the remote is voice-activated so we’re sitting around at night and Alice and I are saying okay Alice just alice is a great cook so she made the pop probably like truffle popcorn or something and I’m like okay we’re gonna watch some Gene Kelly movies we’re gonna just kick it back a little so I’m gonna press this button and say Gene Kelly and right now we could watch an American in Paris we could watch oh this looks like a documentary discovering Gene Kelly singing in the rain on the town I could rig it one of my favorite shows I’ve ever done Brigadoon what beautiful music now maybe you’re a little bit more of a contemporary person so we could do something like Julia Roberts now right now I’m specifically asking for actors and actresses we could there we go there’s homecoming then is back wonder we could go an old school Erin Brockovich Eat Pray Love maybe you’re just in the mood for a genre so maybe I could say something like horror movies cuz you know we start we start Halloween early now right it’s such a big holiday 30 miles from nowhere us the hole in the ground a quiet place hereditary now you might be thinking well how am I going to watch these well if you have Netflix if you have YouTube TV this is the first time I’ve sold this device where YouTube is available now you can watch anything on YouTube for free from the device if you have Netflix Hulu or Prime video subscriptions you’re gonna have a ton of free content through those included content if you don’t it’s really easy to rent things so something might cost about 99 or $2.

99 can I give you a quick example of that sure one of the biggest movies of last year the Black Panther actually it’s not the Black Panther I think it’s called Black Panther oh it still came up it’s so smart good not the movie is so good or the device both right good now check this out oh this is so smart this will save you a lot of money I’m just gonna hit enter we’re gonna go right into the Black Panther this knows that I have Netflix because I’ve already just really simply loaded the Netflix app and it says what’s now for free with Netflix so it’s never gonna take you to a place where you have to pay when it’s available to you for free what if you didn’t have not everybody most of us have Netflix but not everybody does right no problem you go to more ways to watch if you weren’t a Netflix subscriber you could rinse this right now for $2.

99 no big deal cost that’s what about 10% of going to the movies for two people you know what I mean and it is just and there’s so much thousands and thousands and thousands you know if you get into YouTube watching free content you’ll go down the rabbit hole we’ll see you in three years I mean there’s so much free content you want to go here this is a tremendous value that we’re giving you today this is the real deal when it comes to the fire stick the fire stick is just so easy and for those of us who have the TV’s mounted on the wall that’s the other reason I love this because some of the other ones are bigger and they’re bigger like a hockey puck size and then you got to figure out how to get that suspended somehow this just plugs right in so it’s really it’s like a put a USB Drive in it’s so so simple but this is the other simple part being able to use your voice and find absolutely anything you can play music through this the value of what we’re giving you today just the groper that we’re giving you forty four dollars and ninety seven cents in addition to that you’re going to get three months of Pandora premium that means no commercials such a treat it’s so fun sling TV we’re giving you a twenty five dollar promo for sling TV so look at what you’re getting okay the fire TV stick normally sells for almost $50 we’re taking $10 off of that and then look at all the other things we’re including almost $45 that you’re getting just as an added value here three flex payments and then you get the free shipping and handling on top of this if you want to get a couple of these I highly recommend it these make the most fabulous gifts I’ve given them to my my friends I’ve given it to my dad this is just the system that works look at what I have in my hand don’t get those bigger ones don’t do it this is 4k this is easy to use and I’m telling you it’s so simple to install show us the installation I wanted it’s gonna take you but don’t blink because this is like an a toaster totally yeah I kind of turn this around so y’all can see even better you see this is an HDMI port on your television this goes right into the HDMI port and then all you have to do is power we actually even include there’s a little USB connection here so if you have a usb on your television this will power the device if you don’t have a USB on your television never fear you can also plug it into the wall and we include a little cube for you to do that as well that’s it you’ll never see that that’s behind your television right and now you connect to your Wi-Fi and it leads you through I can’t tell you my mom can set this up you know my mom is a smart smart gal she’s 77 years old too and grow up with electronics in her hand my mother would have I would not get a phone call setting this up I mean that is how easy it is a couple other just really quick things I want to show you because this has Alexa built in it is it really is a computer what do I mean by that I could say something like how far is the moon you can ask Alexa just by pressing this you can ask anything take a picture you can do really convenient things of course that one that I do literally almost every day what’s the weather oh I love selling HP and Amazon because their products that I use every single day I mean personally so it’s I have so many things to show you all you can check on flights flights is the great one it is my personal assistant and I like her because she understands she some of the others can be very frustrating if you’ve ever celexa voice techno movies that just really mock some of the other artificial intelligence it’s not Alexa yeah it’s just really smart easy to use fun things like add watermelon to my shopping list you can have a shopping list you can have a to-do list and if you have the Alexa app on your phone or your tablet it’ll show up there you can do things like play thunder by imagine dragons you were talking about music there is a ton of music that’s built in here I play I’ve got a new little son we play lullabies and children’s songs one of the cool things about playing music on this well it gives you the lyrics so it’s fun especially if you’re doing it with kids it makes it easy to us sing-along absolutely listen a lot of you are ordering multiples of these check our value I’m telling you this really is a tremendous value go and and shop anywhere you would like to with our free shipping and handling today this is the day to stock up like I said the holidays are gonna be here in the blink of an eye and then you’re gonna go cash I wish I’d picked up a couple of those things these are fabulous I put them on every single one of my tvs and the one on my boat you’re not going anywhere though you’re sleeping around with Amazon your tablet the Amazon fire tablet is coming up next and you’re also going to love the value we have.



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