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we have a smart deal to share we promised you a wonderful opportunity you could choose a single amazon firetv stick for $34.

99 or a twin pack for $64.

99 and save an additional $5 this is the best value we’ve ever been able to do it’s the lowest price ever and anywhere it’s the lowest price ever and anywhere in America these I’ll turn your TV into the smartest TV you plug it in you’ll get access to hundreds of thousands of entertainment options this is the upgraded one with 4k quality press the button and you’ll be able to talk to it ask it so no more typing or searching with your fingers and on the keys you ask it what you want and it delivers great gift idea I mean really anybody of any age that would make a great gift this holiday season it’s our smart deal we have 10 minutes before our very special savings opportunity mr.

Aaron Berger life is better with a fire stick life is better with a fire stick because you have an endless entertainment at your fingertips and who’s your favorite star who do you love to sit down and watch Adam Freeman let’s say Laurel and Hardy so Hardy is not a star that’s a good group of people he’ll I’ve never tried Laurel and Hardy let me try this Laurel and Hardy will see this is you take this stick boom you pop it into your television okay all you need is a television Wi-Fi and electricity in your house this goes into the HDMI port on your on the side of your TV right now we could watch the best of Laurel and Hardy we could watch o stan and Ollie that’s a newer movie that’s actually amazing I saw that the whole collection is right there I thought he was gonna say Julia Roberts because that’s what he usually says if there’s a certain style of music that you love maybe you have grandparents or loved ones who are home mountain who spend a lot of time around home maybe they love some of the older stars something how about this how about Ginger Rogers now think about it they could do it with their voice so anybody can do it you press the voice button and now we can watch top hat we could watch a documentary on discovering Ginger Rogers we could watch her mother we could watch shall we dance shall we dance shall we do you get the idea right all of this entertainment at your fingertips or should I say at the end of your voice now a couple of new things forgive me for moving quickly we have a little time on this kind of almost as an extra to the today’s special there are some brand-new things today that are on the fire stick for K first of all we now have access to Disney Plus so if you’re a Netflix member if you subscribe to who if you subscribe to Prime if you subscribe to Disney Plus it is now available on your fire stick so right now we could watch the mandalorian of it right now we could watch the lady in the Tramp me and you anybody in this place commenting on it either okay high school high school musical we can watch frozen we could watch Toy Story we could watch Avatar you get the idea right now on top of that just one more quick thing all the Alexa controls all the Alexa things are still built-in so you can ask crazy questions like how far is the moon and not only do you get an answer two hundred and thirty eight thousand miles you get a pretty picture to go along with it legs are on your TV screen in the bedroom in the living room the value is the best ever and anywhere while supplies last it is our smart deal treat yourself to a fire stick this is the best day of the year to order again while supplies last for it one or two people are doing a twin pack you see save an additional five dollars it’s 64 dollars and change to have the living room TV and the bedroom TV with all the entertainment that your heart desires with lots of free stuff there’s the premium things as well not forgetting giftable giftable giftable there’s no down t-minus seven minutes until we unveil a 50% off special Black Friday savings deal next on HSN Aaron there are many media streamers out there what I like about this one is is user friendly customer friendly it is the easiest way you it just I mean look at that Amazon Prime do you know actually of also Amazon makes a lot of their own products they make the Amazon echo they make the fire tablet that is our today’s special you know they make this is the number one selling did you know that a fire stick is their number one this isn’t just the fire stick this is the fire stick 4k right so this has all kinds of 4k content if you happen to have a really nice television people ask me all the times I’m just gonna answer this quickly I don’t really talk to price but I do want to say this is less expensive here than it is on Amazon’s website and people say well how do you do that or they these are not refurbished that’s what the first thing that any electronics person asked me these are brand new out of the box we are partners with Amazon in this they go directly from Amazon to us to you and they allow us to do this because we’re gonna sell tens of thousands of their tablets today enough and a whole lot of their I’m streamers as well so that’s how that happened I just want to answer the question because I think a lot of people think well how in the world is their price better than the people that that make it it’s because they’re our partner in it a couple other things that they do to save you money so if you’re like me or like add how many streaming services or how many subscriptions like I subscribe to Netflix Hulu and prime video and I was the same but now I’ve added Disney people you’ve added Disney Plus as well okay which cost me probably I don’t know 20 25 bucks a month something like that’s an really incredibly inexpensive when you consider how many things it makes available to you the only problem in the past there’s been if I want to watch something I don’t know if it might be free on one of those services so I kind of had to you know go from one to the other this does it for you so for example one of the number one movies of last year the Black Panther you can simply say it and because this is a good gosh it’s so fast because there’s a quad-core processor in it Black Panther comes up boom like that will go yep that’s exactly what I’m looking for Marvel’s Black Panther will look it says watch now with Netflix so it tells me right away Aaron you can watch this for free with Netflix what if I wasn’t a Netflix subscriber then it would say oh you can rent this right now from Amazon 299 standard def 399 high def no problem but what I love is that Amazon first will always take you to the least expensive way to watch whatever you want to watch I think that is so incredibly consumer-oriented of that such good corporate governance I just I love to see that and it’s one of the reasons I love to use this product let me blow your mind what mm now spoken for we’re shopping saving God we’re smiling because it’s the Black Friday extravaganza with Amazon fire products folks 2-pack for $64 and change is unheard of two of them for $64.

99 one for you one for your best friend one for you one for uncle Doug one for the living room one for the bedroom if we just look at the value of a single fire stick you get some idea of how much better we are than anywhere else there’s no store in America no retail store in an online store anywhere that is beating our price we’ll even throw in extra bonuses and extra goodies that you’ll enjoy when you get it on home but make it tonight that you shop you know Christmas is not many days away at this stage it’s too too close for comfort tonight we’re gonna make it easy for you let me just show you something as well folks as you’re placing your orders don’t forget to order the 2-pack of our fire tablets everybody’s gone gaga for it there’s two boxes I just wanted to show you it but the fire tablets with the two fire sticks would be a wonderful way to go ultimately Aaron what I like about this is that this is going you know into the TV I don’t have anything else down here that’s it no extra mess no you just power it so you can either plug it into the wall or you can plug it into the USB on your television and we and in fact I think we have a little still that shows what comes in the box I’ll talk to through that for you guys right here real quickly just so you can see so you get the the stick itself which is at the bottom and then if you need to extend that HDMI for any reason if you need a little extra wiggle room we include an HDMI extender there’s a power adapter and there’s also two double-a batteries which go into your remote which curiously isn’t on there but your remote is in the Box I assure you your remote is in the box too I’m going to show you how something else that’s really neat so we talked mostly about the movies Oh real quickly I’ll show you this too we want to watch something you can just say like the marvelous Miss Mazal it’s as easy to just saying whatever it is you want to watch it’ll find it for you there it is it’s right there and we can actually play it I want you to see cuz I don’t think we’ve actually played anything I want you to see how good things look when you play them they’re beautiful and again if you have a 4k TV this is all the way up to 4k in terms of quality but one other thing aside from video which we could watch more of that because it’s so funny there’s there’s tons of other things frankly but apps there’s some great apps on here I’m focusing on games in a year because after Thanksgiving dinner after Christmas dinner what do you do you want to sit around and play games if you’re fat so my family does right there’s all these great games for you there’s um you could download hangman or fib egde or cross the road is one of my favorite certainly orc whiplash action games adventure games arcade games I’ll show you one other thing if you don’t want to do games if you want to do other kinds of apps you can actually go into categories there’s some great things for kids and there’s some great worth the education here we go some great educational things in here as well some learn to spell some flashcards some babies first there’s you know what this is a great one TED Talks for free over 3, 000 TED Talks amazing at your fingertips for 35 bucks Adam but what else can you buy that brings this kind of thing to your home’s the teeniest tiniest priced electronic but it will bring you the most amount of joy because it’s unlimited no more surfing and searching and commercials and adverts now you choose what you want to watch when you want to watch it it’s on your time thank you for your or to stay right there we are counting you in for a single pack of 2 pack I was gonna have a quick drink of water in 10 minutes when we do our next presentation about today’s special everybody’s gone gaga for not one but two of these you’ll get.



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