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well this has been a pretty incredible show filled with great electronics but this one is going to stop the show this is brand new this is fire TV and this isn’t just the fire TV this is the media gaming bundle so if you’ve seen fire TV this is the one that they talk about that they say if you get in the fire TV you got to get the gaming bundle because it really is amazing this is everything in one place this is your media streaming this is your gaming bundle all-in-one you don’t have to buy a big giant gaming system big giant console for hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of dollars this is the first time you’re seeing it’s 149 we’re shipping it to you for free and just for this hour I warned you we had a lotta just for this hour flex just for this hour its twenty nine dollars to get it home it’s all about how it really functions how it turns your TV into that smart TV all of the incredible content you’ve got movies and TV shows and games and as someone who’s got kids who game and husband they’re like 60 bucks of gang a month and the clutter tables and the controllers orbit is built in this is still Duggan by the way is going into your fire TV this is that new amazing television that new quad-core processor that gaming and controller it’s all right here with your fire TV you want to get a brand-new television make it a smart TV stream multimedia have a gaming system instead of going out and shopping for a new TV this is what you’re going to get home this puck gives you so much multi tasking multimedia capability you’re going to love hooking it up to your TV it’s a simple device does not take up a lot of room you will notice the ports in the back it’s an hdmi port and it is a plug and you plug it into the wall and also you’ll notice another little thing in here there’s an expandable memory port or giving you thirty two gigabytes to add on to this so you can have more movies more games more TV shows stored on here yet you can even expand it up to 128 gigabytes expandable memory so if you’re traveling around this holiday season go into a hotel room going to Grandma’s house there’s nothing on TV at Grandma’s aren’t going to Grandma’s house 30 bucks get it home see how simple it is to hook it up see how it just opens up the world of content to you because right up here we have fire TV pulled up fire TV is the number one multi media streamer out there in the marketplace and that’s what you’re getting so you’re getting netflix already built in you’re getting you know all this different types of content whether it’s exclusive content it’s specifically for the Amazon customers that are out there or may need stuff for the kids which is great but it is from videos to TV shows which is great because we want to be able to not wait till thursday night it is not must-see TV just one night a week it’s must see TV night any night that you want movies that you want to watch games that you want different apps that you know are normally just on your tablet and smartphone now they can be up on the TV your music library that’s in your phone now can be up on the TV same with your photos there’s a lot of surround sound and sometimes our TVs got much better sound than you know just our and you and I talked about this there’s even free time built-in what free time is it limits the amount of time that your kids can maybe be on the TV or on gaming systems you said it for a half hour a day you said it for an hour a day so you know the kids aren’t just constantly in front of the TV I sent it from my husband you should your husband too but that’s just it whether it’s TV shows because you know kids are gonna be home for Spring Break summer vacation with mom there’s nothing on TV it’s a rainy day there’s always something on TV when you have a smart TV you see every time you show something I’m like yes that yeah yeah that yeah yeah and you don’t have to wait right there when you want it and more importantly it’s simple installation so you have to remember fire TV is the number one media streaming device out there in the marketplace today when you look at all the options in terms of fire TV guess which one gives you the most options voice command check you get that with fire TV the gaming controller because you know you see other gaming options out there but you know might be like use your volumes use your button use the one button use a four button you look at the controller it looks just like what the kids love another thing that’s great you have all that the joystick features there’s even a way to plug in headphones Oh to your device or actually have bluetooth capability to your streaming device so you want your wireless headphones because maybe that TV doesn’t have bluetooth capability now with fire TV you have bluetooth there are so many options just by getting this home that’s why take advantage of the flex pay take advantage of knowing that you can get it home for thirty bucks and start playing with it and see how easy it is to use alexa but only way today only for this hour though oh really in st.

Petersburg it’s 50 degrees with clear skies son Alexa is built in oh and she high 73 and a look she’s very thorough she is but she just wants going and going what’s the traffic like today in the morning you don’t have time to drop takes about one hour 13 minutes Oh CA 116 and US 101 quick responsive have you ever been there in the morning where it’s like oh yeah we give you weather traffic on the 8th and it’s like I can’t wait six minutes I’m not six minutes Alexa what movie won best picture spotlight won the academy award for best picture of 2016 she’s fast to spotlight boom we’re watching spotlight did you see how quick and responsive and immediate that was I mean it’s gonna please a husband it’s going to please the grandkids that’s just movies remember it’s TV shows its movies I’m going to take a picture of us it’s going to get up on the TV before we can even know it because that’s why the Amazon fire TV it’s so user-friendly and intuitive we love being able to watch TV and content where we want to but like Shannon was saying she’s got kids you know they’re gonna be home and they want to play their games so I’m gonna but jump into game playing so it’s right over here boom we can pull up our favorite games it’s going to be interactive and it’s also the big name games we’ve talked to are saying that I was like okay bill games but like are they the good games because the kids really want the good games they want Lego they want you know the games that cost an arm and a leg for 149 actually for thirty dollars you’re getting top shelf games home and you’ve got access to hundreds and hundreds of war games it’s like your own library of games set turn up the volume Bob I can’t stop dancing with stuff tales but this is Disney you’ve got dizzy you’ve got Lego you’ve got access to all of those and that perfect controller as well unless you said we’re talking one of the guys backstage is like I like the controller just the controller alone is a reason to get it because it’s the one the kids know they know where all the buttons are it has all the levers that we get to it that we like and think it’s sure we can start playing disney ducktales fun exciting interactive i hit my button right over here and the thing is I can also back out and you’re going to notice all the different options that is going to give us in terms of different gaming because you know i mean the age range of your kids start being down to a tee time I mean so there’s something here for everyone because what we do is like okay they’re best friends coming over what’s appropriate for them so let’s go over to our game library let’s go to see what you know different categories top free ones this is going to look at we got Tetris classic classic you’re talking about Lego I mean there’s something here for everyone the ball or the kids the solitaire games all great names I mean asphalt 8 huge game in terms of playing that on your tablet and smartphone it’s interactive but it takes a lot of memory you’re getting fire TV which can accommodate a lot of memory a lot of action but what I really find that’s fun is how simple it is to use because if it’s not simple that is why the fire TV is number one it’s simple the ecosystem is easy to navigate I want to play music I can use voice command right on here just hold down my voice button plate play Lady Gaga and it’s going to find different content it’s quick its responsive we all love that I can load content up for my phone boom Lady Gaga play Sam Smith as our tastes change as we want a different song title it’s going to be able to find it so you see we’re getting win contemporary but maybe now we want to go old school play Doris Day songs could you know grandma’s coming over my mom she loves a little Kenny G when she’s sitting down you know making dinner I can pull up Kenny G songs do you see how quick this was how it down and amazing that huge music library you don’t have to have a stack of cds and dvds or a stack of games it’s all built in to this one device and member roadtrip seasons coming up this is something I find very interesting too with a lot of the other pucks and devices that you can use to plug into a TV to make it a smart TV they won’t work with certain Wi-Fi systems such as a hotel room like if you have to put in your last name in hotel room number because you’re a registered guest you can do that with fire TV so you take it to your hotel rooms you’re not paying an arm and a leg for content and movies and games could you bring it with you go to Grandma’s house there’s nothing on TV grandma doesn’t have a gaming since summer she doesn’t have you know smart TV she will with this and the cool part it is play take me to the king I wanted to play that certain song and it’s gonna be able to find it next you know it’s doing the hunting and you know how it’s all working it’s doing it via voice command which is great because that’s the convenience of this you have to type it in that’s amazing street if you can search through your menu that would’ve taken you forever and ever well its twenty nine dollars to get this home a lot of you on the phone to get this you know what an amazing value this is this is what you’ve been looking for this is that solution this is that smart TV you’re streaming device over 200, 000 movies and TV shows and on this device games as well so this can go with you this can be that gaming system maybe you were like oh my grandkids are coming over they want to be able to have games this is your solution without paying hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of dollars and then an extra fifty sixty dollars per game they’ve got a library of games it’s going to grow with them and with you as well so thirty dollars is all it takes to get this home that’s a dollar a day we are shipping it to you for free but you got to go to hsn.

com you got to use your HSN app if you were if you were on your on your fire TV right now you could probably be shopping by remote but you can get yours a lot of you on the phone right now you’re welcome to wait on the phone but if you want you can use Express ordering and get yours right now look at that what do you do it just pull up some pictures that would be trapped but thats just say we want to have fun this summer season you want to get pictures from the family vacation my little nephew on his way to school pictures i took in the studio this morning are already up on the TV because it communicates with those devices i just took that well channel was talking to you all and the thing is look member we were playing take me to the king I took it it’s up on the TV already it’s interactive it’s fast and that’s really what you want you want quad-core processing you want the number one media streaming device out there in the marketplace that is fire TV and what going to jump in and playing a little TV show here because I wanted to show you one how quick and simple it is to upload it we’re going to resume and play right here so few features i want to show you real quick so you’re watching this by the way 4k quality too which is really important if you have that newer TV it’s going to be crisp and great you’ve been watching a TV show like wait I know actor how do I know this actor what else was he in or how old is Julie Andrews I mean how long she been in this movie there’s a thing called x-ray you hit the x-ray button on here and what you’re going to notice it pulls up people that are in the scene so all of a sudden all these different peoples like oh wait that’s John Goodman I knew he would what’s John Goodman benin so immediately because it’s Wi-Fi enabled it’s smart I can now pull up all this information on John dog exactly for the talking IMDb profile I could pull up different content than movies oh that’s right he was the husband in Roseanne I love this guy okay I want to watch this movie because why fire TV gives us all that extra content at our disposal another cool thing they have is this thing called em ASAP which we all know is you know quick response right what it does is when you’re watching a movie it knows what you like to watch so it starts to queue up other content so you’re not waiting for that little hourglass and that buffering what it does it actually when that episodes over it already has the next episode queued up downloaded ready to go so there’s no downtime if you’re a binge watcher fire TVs the way to do it yes absolutely and if you missed some of your TV shows you know there have been a couple TV shows where I was like oh I want my kids to be able to see that I really see yes absolutely and you’ve got that twenty nine dollars but that’s just for this hour so in just about 20 more minutes that flex disappears and the free shipping and handling goes bye-bye so be sure you get yours right now there’s a reason that this is number one and you get it for twenty nine dollars thanks Bill your number one you’re good I want to see what that dogs been in I wanted a look at my god in the doc more than me hey are you love it well if you’re on the phone and you’re willing to stay there or go straight to hsn.

com skip the line all together we’re going to go to a quick spotlight and we’ll be right back with an HP laptop tablet.



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