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so this company called UFOVPN reachedout to me and they said hey tech doctor can you please review our brand-new VPNservice now this service will be officially launched sometime in Novemberand it will be a premium service costing about $9 per month and forthat you’ll get access to over 200 VPN servers all over the world now inexchange for me doing this review they promised me that they will give me 1500premium accounts for my loyal subscribers that’s you guys so in thisvideo today I’ll be doing a review of this VPN how to install it we’lldouble-check the privacy policy we’ll go with some of the settings what else youdo a speed test we’ll make sure that we do get a brand new IP address when usinga service and most importantly I’ll show you exactly what you need to do to get afull premium account on this service one hundred percent free so with all of thatbeing said let’s get started so I’m doing a demonstration on thesecond-generation fire stick with Alexa but this application has dedicated appsfor iPhones and also normal Android devices now if your device like aforester cannot access the Play Store we need to get the apk a different way andthe way we do that is if you use an application like downloader and let’snavigate to this URL which is HTTP colon slash four slash bit to ly four slashUFO VPN 2019 let’s type that in and click on go when you get to this pageclick on the green download button now if you get any kind of message tellingyou that you need to disable your pop-up blocker all you need to do is press thecontacts key on your remote the one with the three lines and just select theoption to disable JavaScript because in certain scenarios you make it the errortelling you to disable your pop-up blocker but if we just disable yourJavaScript and reload the page you build access to start button without anyproblems let’s click on that and this will beginthe download of the apk key when you see this message press down a few times andthen press write to install lucky when you see this message let’s click on donethis will take us back in to download down we can now delete here BK just heresome of that space back so let’s click on delete and click on delete again nowlet’s press the HOME key and let’s now start up this new VPN now on five sixand five TV devices you will have to use the mouse toggle just to make theconnection to the VPN but as soon as you’re connected you can minimize at theapplication and Karen with your normal stuff so the mouse talk is just neededfor the initial connection so let’s now bring up the virtual mouseby double pressing the play button there’s a virtual mouse there now I’vealready logged into this and the way you know you have a premium account is ifyou could hamburger menu in the top left ok so I should have logged in slimmieslogins that now so click on sign in ok so I’ve just typed in my credentialsthere’s now click on sign in now we can seen on the top left that this isactually a full premium account on this VPN service and and once again goes atthe end of this I’ll show you how you can also get your own premium accountwith this VPN service ok so now that we’ve logged in let’s goback to the main screen now one great thing about privacy hey guys is is whenyou do get your premium account just like when I got mine the onlyinformation that they ask from you is just your email address and you create apassword so in terms of getting your personal details like your name or youraddress or your you know your bank details your card details knowing thatinformation is actually required all they require is just an email addressand a password so in that way because you’re not really giving out yourpersonal details and in fact you could actually create a brand new emailaddress just to register for this VPN so in that way you could feel a bit saferbecause you’re not really passing out your personal details to anybody okay solet’s now click on choose location and let us see how many servers we have toconnect to okay so we’ve got servers in United States and actually you click onthat we’ll see there are multiple servers in the United States for us toconnect to let’s go further down then you go Canada Germany UK NetherlandsRussia Ireland France Japan Australia India Singapore Hong Kong South Koreaand then finally Israel so so you do have quite a few different countries ordifferent areas for you to connect to and most of these do actually have acouple of options in them let me just scroll back up I justremember to scroll down or scroll back up using the mouse toggle you press theFord key to scroll down and you press the options key or the contacts he’d oneof the three lines to scroll back up okay so protests let me now connect to aUK VPN server we can then see what my IP addresses and then we can then connectto another server in another country and now IP address should then change okaywe can see that’s now connected we can now press the HOME key on the remotelet’s now open up a browser like silk let’s check our IP address so thewebsite a normally used for IP checking is IP location dotnet which I shouldhave saved over here okay here we go okay we can see my IP address herebegins with 139 and ends in 69 and scrolling further down this confirmsthat this IP address is an IP address based in the UK actually just to confirmso if you were to use a website that requires connectivity from a USA basedIP address like Zuma TV or to B TV in theory they shouldn’t work so let us trythose now let’s try yet-to-be tv.

com now we cansee that this is not gonna work for me because it requires you to have an IPaddress from the USA and I’m currently using an IP address from UK so that’salso not gonna work so it’s now minimize out of this let’s go back to our VPN andlet’s now choose a server in United States so once again let’s bring up thevirtual mouse and we can now click on this to disconnect let’s go back tochoose location and it’s time let’s choose a server in let’s go for New York no because that’s connected pretty muchstraight away let’s now press the HOME key and let’s go back to our browserlet’s now refresh this page and there we have it guys we can now confirm thatbecause our VPN has allocated us an IP address based in United States or NewYork we can now access his website without any problems in fact let’sdouble check my IP address let’s go back to I P location tour now and we can seeI have a brand new IP address beginning with 104 and ending in 197 and thelocation is in fact New Jersey so in terms of the VPN giving us new IPaddresses we can definitely confirm that’s working correctly and now becauseof the new IP address we can now access geo restricted sites like to be TV orlike zoom I don’t know and access content I would have normally beenblocked for us so when I run the speed test with the VPN running I consistentlygo around about 18 or 19 Meg which I thought was actually quite slow becausenormally my normal speed without a VPN is about 70 Meg now reached out to thecompany asking them that you know why the speeds are slow is this normal andfunny enough that she said to me yes so what they’ve done is because they’re anew company and they’re still building out the infrastructure instead of justgiving everybody a limited bandwidth which is gonna cause problems becausethey just don’t have the capacity to handle that many users with unlimitedbandwidth the Russia / cap of 20 Meg on all accounts now 20 mega solve is morethan enough for you know video streaming I mean a specifically HD streaming tostreaming HD movie as long as you have about 10 mega so that’s more than enoughso giving every 20 Meg means that they can do all the streaming that they wantwith the privacy with the protection and allows thecompany to scale up their infrastructure and network without affecting everybodyelse so that way I can understand the logic behind there and they promise thatwithin a month or so they’ll be increasing I cap to a teammate whichwould be more than enough everybody and I’m really looking forward to thosechanges let’s just do one more speed test now we can see once again that thespeed is consistent so downstream on getting around about 18 Meg enoughstreams around about 15 to 20 Meg’s so we can see that we are just under thecap of 20 Meg that they’ve said now I did take a quick look at their privacypolicy and we can see it says that a UFO VPN does not and will not collect orstore traffic data DNS queries browsing history or VPN connection destinationbut to be honest guys because we know actually entering in any personaldetails other than the email address and once again if you want to you can createa brand new email address that you can use to register for the premium accountso really you know giving up any personal information anyway but still wecan’t just see that they say that they’re not going to collect or storeyour traffic data definitely not your DNS queries or your browser history andeven your VPN connection destination is not going to be stored so and that wayyou can’t feel a bit more confidence when using a service because a didn’thave any information of the new email address about you anyway and secondly ina privacy policy they’re saying they’re not gonna store or log any data soreally it is positive on both fronts so in summary guys I said this VPN doeshave a lot of potential I like the fact that we do have the native choice bothfor iOS and for Android it would have been nice if there was a native clientfor fire sticks but that is something that the development teams can work on Ilike the fact that with the premium account of course you have northwards ontop of that you get access to all the servers globally and I believe that oncethe service does go fully live there will be over 200 servers 200 VPN serversall over the world for you to connect to now with the speed thing as mentionedyou are capped at 20 Meg just while they’re building out the infrastructurebut again 20 Meg is more than enough to do HD streaming and if you’ve never useda VPN before you can now use this VPN and get the privacy get the protectionand still have enough bandwidth to stream HD content so in that way guysit really is a win-win situation but the question is how do you actually get apremium account on this service so the 1, 500 account score is off of mysubscribers only so if you’re not subscribe our click on link in thedescription and to this page here here you can see youan option to click on subscribe’ let’s click on that now this will then takeyou to YouTube where you can click on subscribe again and this will now makeyour subscriber now when you go back to the same page again we can see that thisis greater which means it knows that you’re a subscriber then all we need todo then is just wait for 10 seconds as soon as it detects that you’re asubscriber you will then get you a special code that you can use to get afull premium account on this VPN service and everything you see here is thespecial link here let’s click on that now and here we have it guys we can nowenter in our email address and password this will then send you an activationlink and your VPN account will then become fully activated and fully premiumso enter in your email enter in your password click on the activation linkand you’re all good to go and that’s all for this video guys many thanks forwatching I know lots of you don’t have a VPN because you don’t want to spend anymoney on it so this could be a great way to get a premium VPN and for the peoplethat already have a VPN like ipvanish renaud VPN this could be a great backupthat you could use 100% freeze so do let me know you like it leave me a commentbelow and i’ll hopefully catch up with you guys real soon thanks.



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