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Welcome my new friends and followers! Welcome to the new tutorial Live TV Serbia youtube channel Today I will show you the one new addon Of course, isn’t so much new Has been used for a long time but there is little talk about With this addon you can open torrents The best torrent addon for Kodi With this addon you can open any torrent on Kodi You can search torrent, play torrent or open magnet link and many more features If you watch torrent, we recommend to use VPN software like IPVanish or similar Now, I will show you how to find any movie Let’s go to Search You will see how this works Let’s try to find any now movieExample Avangers Click OK button Search in progress Search finished We have a lot results and we can play ony of this You can read how many seeders or leacers have any file The first file has the most S/L the next is 2nd file, 3rd file.


Let’s try to find more movies, example Star Wars This term has certainly a lot results Yes, BluRay rip 1080p Ok, let’s open some of this files Software is prefect I’m using a long time this addon Here, that it You probably know, Kodi has many movie addons But from time to time some of this addons can stop working temporary or permanently or if you find stream with this addons sometimes stream link doesn’t workingor the movie source can’t be opened But we have Torrenter Just enter keywords and that it all Watch the movie and enjoy Very handy and very quick Ok, search finished loading seeds, loading peers Yes, this is BluRay rip Look how is all clean and sharp You can find any movie with this way Just hit the Search, and Torrenter will do all job To install Torrenter, you need to download two zip files, you can find download links in video description The first file is repository The second file is libtorrent If you downloaded this files, go to Addons and the next thing you need to click to icon box Install from zip file If you see this message, go to Settings You need to enable Unknow sources, click to Yes Now, you can go back Go to install form zip file And search for your downloaded files TV Show repository i libtorrent The first thing what we need to do, is libtorrent installation We have this file in repository, but from some reason, sometimes can be a issue and installation doesn’t go further And because, we need to install script module first After libtorrent installation Go toinstall from zip file again And now install repository After that, go to Install from repository My Show Kodi repository Video addons And here is our Torrenter addon Click and install Torrenter installed Now, let’s back to home That is our Torrenter Ok, let’s start Torrenter the first time Because torrent is very popular in Russia Russian people use torrents very often Like Acestream also work with torrent protocol .


all is on russian language! But, no worry we can change that This is not a problem Just click to OK Click to Yes button And now we can see the main torrenter windows You need to find Settings This is it Go to Open Settings And change Russian, to English And go to section P2P netwotk » Save file to folder Set file location This is torrenter download folder for your torrents Torrenter will save files in this folder Let’s set to C: disk Saving location is C: This will auto create folder named Torrenter on C disk You can set option to save download file or delete or ask every time Let’s set to save This options, isn’t that much important for us, now But anyway, you can set everything here You can limit download or upload speed You can set Proxy Enable or disable proxy Search timeout Timeout for search and many more This is advanced setting, not important Important settings is language and folder where torrent will be stored on your hard disk Click to OK After you setted all in Settings go to Install Trackers This is main thing in Torrenter settings You must set a source, for your torrents You need to add torrent websites We have the big number of torrent sites (trackers) And I suggest you, to install all souces We have installed.





Nice Go back Go back one more If you see this, click Yes And here we are on main windows Let’s go again to Settings You can see, all is checked This is all torrents websites Maybe some of this sites doesn’t work You can try Russian torrent sites, not so bad Anyway, I’m using this MagntetDL For now, this is the best torrent website Some of this sites like The PirateBay, now is shut down EZTV is up and working again You can set just working website for now Like MagnetDL, EZTV and KickAss We have 3 websites for now I’m using this 3 websites You can try some more if you want Hit the Close button And that it Now you need to close addon.

Go to X Now go to Yes, if you see this You’ve closed the addon, that is good Let’s go again It should be changed language Interface English, that is ok If you see Russian language If you see Russian.

to again to Settings And change language to English We can see, torrenter doesn’t save Tracker settings We need to check again Close And close again Let’s see again Ok, all is good.


So, when we set this Set like this Install all trackers first, and set this three Go to X, and go to Search Let see is this really working Try this Thor example And here we go, that’s it Found everything Before opening torrent files You need to check seeders and leechers You need bigger number If number is low, your donwload will be slower That’s all you need to know Enjoy with the new addon LIKE, SHARE, SUBSCRIBE And one more thing Most people will probably ask how to set up the subtitle Check out our video clip How to set up Subtitles for Kodi When you once set up subtitle for kodiYou can use for every addon .



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