Hey Guys, So in this video I’m going to show you howto stream your PC’s Desktop video and audio using ANY version of windows to ANY Fire TVusing VLC.

You will need: The VLC FireTV App VLCThe Screen Capturer Recorder software I’m using an older version 0.



and IF Stereo Mix is not already installedon your PC.

the Realtek High Definition Audio Codecs **Stereo Mix was already installed on my windows10 desktop it just needed to be enabled but I did have to install these codecs on my windows7 PC.

The reason I installed the stereo mix codecsis for better sound quality compared to the virtual-audio-capturer that installs withthe Screen Capturer Recorder software.




The secret to getting the VLC desktopstream setup to work is (drum roll please) you need two versions of VLC.

You need a current version and an older versionwhich still allows audio and video desktop streaming that’s the secret guys.

Two versions.

I will link in the description box below allthe mentioned softwares.

I will also link the older vlc.

exe versionthat I’m using which currently allows VLC desktop streaming.

You can use any current version of VLC foryour day-to-day usage.

Please note you can only have one versionof VLC installed on your PC but the second older version of vlc will be sharing the samepreference settings so any update to preferences willbe reflected on the old vlc.

exe and your currently installed version of vlc.

You can copy the older vlc folders onto yourPC drive, NAS or Flashdrive.

I have placed the older vlc version on a flashdriveand NAS to allow me to easily stream any PC on my network by sharingthat older vlc.

exe file.

So once you have the Screen Capturer Recordersoftware installed you will be able to access it from VLC.

The Steps are: First Create a shortcut pointing to the oldervlc.

exe file and Open it.

Click on Help Then About and check that theversion is 2.



NEXT 1)Select Media >>> Stream >>>The Capture DeviceTab >> Capture Mode should be Direct Show 2)Select Video Device Name as screen-capture-recorder3)Select Audio Device Name as Stereo Mix 4)Select The Stream Button5)Select New Destination HTTP 6)Select The ADD Button7)The default port is 8080 but you can change it if this port is already in use on yourPC 8)You can name the path anything you wishbut The source and target stream information needs match.

I’ve named my path forward slash /TheGeez0019)Select NEXT 10)For Profile Select Video H.

264 + MP311)And Finally Select STREAM Please Note: To save time going forward you can save theselected details from the “Generated stream output String” box into a file on your desktopand the next time you want to stream your desktop you just need to select Media � Stream � Capture Device � Screen-Captureand Stereo Mix then Stream Then Press Next � Next � Next � Nextand Cut then Paste your Desktop Details into the “Generated stream output String” box ThenSelect Stream or you can use the batch file I’ve linkedin description box below.

You just need to update the pathlocation of your older vlc.

exe and your selected port and path details.

This batch file will use the default virtualaudio vs stereo mix so the audio quality may not be as good but it is a quicker setup.

Check that the bottom left counter is incrementing.

Now minimize VLC and Go to the VLC App onyour phone to verify the stream.

1)Select Network Stream2)Enter http://your pc’s ipaddress:Your selected PortNumber/Your selected PathNameforward slash 3)Press Open Network Stream Since I’m recording on this same pc you willsee the mirroring effect.

I’m going to demo streaming with a differentPC’s desktop.

If you are having issues connecting checkthat you don’t have multiple VLC.

exe’s running from Task Manager at this time.

If you do kill them all and re-do the streamor you may have some other application using port 8080.

You can run netstat -a -n -o | find “8080”to check and if it is.

Select a different port if necessary One great thing about this setup is you canconnect to the same PC stream from multiple streaming devices at the same time from anywherein your home.

Now let’s go the FireTV VLC App to connectto the stream.

Navigate to Browsing then Stream.

Input http://your IP Address , Colon and thePort and Path Name you entered previously then press Next.

So once you are done streaming you can closethe Old Vlc.

exe version.

I differentiate between the two VLC versionsby giving them different DeskTop Shortcut names.

For example you can call the old vlc.

exe shortcutsomething like “FOR DESKTOP STREAMING ONLY”.



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