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continue that tradition of buy one gift one or buy one keep one if you went to the Amazon website and you know we’ll think thank you guys and maybe after we introduce the value then we could just switch to the graphic out perfect you read my mind Erin

thank you that’s Erin with an e you’ll see Erin with an A in a moment but it’s kind of that buy one gift one buy one keep one on Amazon you’re buying one of the fires for $50 the single pack is sold out but I’m gonna be honest

the two pack is actually the better deal I mean to be fair so it’s actually two of the fire sticks remember one is normally sold at Amazon for $50 so it’s two of everything and then you also are getting Yoga International your sling TV vouchers and three months

to America’s Test Kitchen I think that has my name on it let’s show you that if purchased separately I’m going to turn a Aaron loose and remember it is everything times two so one sells at Amazon right now for $50 the yoga server Yoga International that’s 30 bucks

the sling TV that’s another $10 America’s Test Kitchen that’s almost another $20 5 flexpays done after this show midnight remember our Black Friday is in full swing and so it’s not quite a buy one get one free but it’s pretty doggone close Aaron Berger no no rest for

the wicked let me show you 35 bucks can do it’s extraordinary this is the Amazon fire stick 4k so there are different versions you should know if you’re comparing this is the 4k version so it will play in the highest resolution possible this also has quad core processor

SuperDuper fast what is this little guy this is you plug this into your television and you can now stream over 500,000 movies television show all kinds of great stuff so literally you need a television with an HDMI port on it you need electricity and you need Wi-Fi and

if you have those three things then you have just created a huge entertainment on your television watch how easy it is Shannon tell me a favorite actor or actress please oh you know I mean you know you jack men no I always forget yes she’s got this thing

I here we go ready Hugh Jackman the greatest showman I think you’re probably not the only prisoners logged so all of these Hugh Jackman movies at your fingertips pretty cool right for if you were a Julia Roberts kind of gal or guy then we could watch actually that’s

one of her Amazon Prime original shows homecoming that’s pretty wonderful you can search not only for actor actress you can actually search for genre as well I think of every time I sell this product all we think of my grandparents who have not been with me for many

years but I think I think of them as they got older and spent a lot of time in front of the television and my grandfather just looking for an old Western all day long my grandmother loved movie musicals and she loved IU basketball not to be rude but

I forgive me I just assume everybody knows what what this is it turns your TV into a smart TV things down for a moment because and like I said forgive me if you haven’t seen this before I know you’d recognize the same Amazon we should probably tell you

what exactly this is doing and why you need it because and and who can use right so when you plug this into your television you can now watch just about any movie just about any television show it’s sort of like the ones we were searching for right now

if you have subscriptions to Netflix yeah are you if you have subscriptions to Hulu or to prime all of those movies will be will be on here you don’t have to have a subscription to anything but YouTube is free on YouTube will be on here there’s games and

I could do two hours literally could do two hours on just this product some new information about the stick Disney Plus nice is now on the Amazon SiC and so is AppleTV so in fact I’m gonna go into Disney Plus right now so this is a silly question

so I do not have a smart TV right now you don’t have to TV into a smart so do I just plug it into an HDMI that’s exactly right so you plug this into your HDMI so your HDMI port is just a port on the side of your

television it’s kind of like puts the square peg in the square in the square hole like something even within the last decade I think yeah I mean your television would have to be almost you know right more than 10 years old at least to not have an HDMI

port it’s important that you almost certainly use now to connect your cable price or that sort of thing and when you plug that in that you’ll then power this and we include what you need to power either plug it into the wall or you plug it into a

USB port on the side of your TV anybody can use it right so so simple actually did you know of all of the products that Amazon makes so their fire tablet their echo you know they’re number one selling product is the Amazon fire stick own ok did you

know that yeah that’s how good it is and kind of how much pardon me bang for the buck it is this is what’s in the box the stick itself there’s a power adapter the HDMI extender is just if you need any extra room for any reason depending on

other things you might have plugged into your television let me show you guys a couple more things you can do with it this airing is going by really really quickly yeah how about maybe you want to watch something you can say watch the marvelous miss Mazal that’s a

an Amazon Shannon loves this is an Amazon Prime show actually if you happen to be an Amazon Prime customer then you have access to all kinds of their great original content so that that’s how easy it is to start watching our favorite shows I started earlier to talk

about my grandparents only because I wanted to show you you can do something like classic musicals so right now if there was something you wanted to watch on TV he’s not really in the mood for classic musical you could watch The Wizard of Oz right now you could

watch Shirley Temple the little princess right now or some like it hot or the royal wedding or Fiddler on the Roof one of my favorite can I just tell you this means never say it kind of like love means never having to say you’re sorry this means never

saying oh there’s nothing on TV yeah there’s 500,000 things on TV and I’m not being disrespectful I mean I’m not even saying that you have to get rid of your cable but I’ll give you an example my cable company I can only search what they have okay so

if a movie isn’t available on there then I’m not luck sure this searches the world and you have to understand it you don’t so it searches more than just you know Amazon in and it’s gonna help you find you know okay well you already pay for this or

you don’t pay an example of that yes so and I know you love this movies here ready the Black Panther yeah she loved it she’s you know she liked all that sci-fi oh i’m disney plus you can watch Mandalorian as well you know when we’re talking about subscribing

to those services like 6 bucks a month right but you know it’s just not not expensive okay the Black Panther so you’ll see that it pulls it up for us right away it’s really fast because it’s quad-core we open the Black Panther I’m just doing this with the

remote the remote which also has volume and power on it so you don’t have to use your big remote anymore you have this one which is really nice here’s what I want to show you about the Black Panther you see the first thing that tells us down here

Watch now with Netflix because we have a Netflix subscription already done right now what if you what if you didn’t have a Netflix subscription well then it would have popped up that you can rent this from Amazon or you can buy the movie from Amazon as well but

what I want to point out is this did the searching for us because we have the Netflix app on here it know and it knows that we subscribe to Netflix we have the Hulu app on here as well knows we subscribe it shows us where we can watch

it for free right first it didn’t take us right to Amazon and say oh you can pay us three dollars to watch this right now it’s such good corporate governance and such good customer relations I think to make sure Amazon does the searching for you so that you

can save money by the way it is like the site it’s a little bit bigger than a box of matches yeah so you can travel with it get to that hotel take it to the you know the world take it to I mean like I’m doing a remote

in Las Vegas in a few weeks and I’ll tell you how that Hotel where I’m yeah you can access movies to the tune of 1 25 dollars options I mean that’s actually no joke so yeah you can make the argument you’re buying one and you’re keeping one so

just to be clear at Amazon one of these right now sells for $50 we include a bunch of extras remember everything is times two you get the 2 boxes by the way so you could you know travel with one I mean that I’m serious you could take that

to the hotel you could take it you know you know RVs planes trains and automobiles I mean you are getting two of everything and this was a late-breaking edition so to just back up for a moment this turns your TV into a smart TV now a good example

the TV that I have downstairs it’s kind of coulda woulda shoulda it’s not 4k but it does have an HDMI input these are 4k now it’s not going to turn that TV into a 4k TV but it will give me the best available content so even on my

TV that’s not quite an upgrade these actually give you your best available content and image even if your TV is a couple of years old whole point is though you’re getting two of them and this is really a great gift I mean no kidding if you’ve got somebody

you know they’ve got the second TV most of us have the one TV that we we put a lot of money into but then where did you put the other one did it go in the guest room did it go in the kids room did it go you

know the master bedroom did it go in the basement I mean wherever it went now suddenly it’s almost like getting a new Smart TV from would it like $35 split him up when I was growing up the basement was where TV’s went to not in the house but

now it does if it’s an old TV you go in and you just plug your HDMI in I want to show you one other thing here you can actually download apps on this as well you can download apps and games so I think of like what are you

gonna do after Thanksgiving dinner what’s everybody gonna do how about everybody gathers around the TV and plays fib äj– or everybody gathers around the TV and plays quip flash I mean there’s all these great family games gathers around the TV and plays hangman these are all apps and

games that you can download so so streaming video is really sort of just the beginning that’s the starting point that’s a jumping-off point whether you’re streaming YouTube or if you have an HBO subscription Amazon music by the way you have full access to the Internet on here as

well so it has a web browser absolutely so it’s kind of like you know super sizing your amazon’s huge tablet I mean it really is and best value anywhere lowest price we’ve ever offered this is easily as good as any today’s special we’ve ever offered so we call

it a smart deal that’s a first come first serve remember that price just like our today’s special the price goes away at midnight so we have so many people who are still joining us in the various forms of ordering Aaron has agreed to do like a really abbreviated

reminder of our today’s special coming up in a couple of moments so we’re we see you we’ve got one if you’re calling us right now



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