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now one of the biggest disappointmentswith the 4k firestick when I first received there was when I noticed thatAmazon decided to remove the mirrorcast feature now previously when I had thesecond generation first day I could pick up my Android phoneselect the cost option see my first akin the list and anything that would be onmy android screen I could now see it on the big screen so if wanted to do somegaming on the big screen or going to cost a video that was playing on myphone to the big screen I could easily do that before ever reason Amazondecided to remove that from the 4k fire stake so how do we get it back well inthis video today let me show you exactly what you need to do to bring thescreaming feature back onto your 4k fire stick so not only can you cost from yourAndroid phone but you can also cause things from your computer so if you havea laptop for example you can press a single button on that and anything fromyour laptop screen will now be beamed onto your TV so with all of that okay soto get this feature working back on your 4k firestick you need to ensure thatyour device is running the latest 6.

2 dot sixth or three firmware so how do wedo that well if you go to your settings go intoyour MiFi TV going to about and here we can see where it says check for updateswe can confirm that I’m actually running version 6 2.

6 dot 3 now if your deviceis not running that version click on check for updates this should then dothe update onto your device and should then get the latest version once youhave the latest version there’s two different methods of bringing up thescreen mirroring the first one just like before is if you hold on the home buttonon your remote we can see we get the meringue option there if you don’t wantto do like that you can also go over to your settings go into your display insounds and we can see we have now the option here enable display mirroring solet’s see that in action so let’s click on that again here we can see that theAmazon 4 K 4 stick is now ready to accept any request from an Android phoneor even from a Windows a computer so let’s try the Android phone firstso my Android phone for going to my settings then go into more we can see Ihave option for wireless display let’s click on that now let’s turn this optionon and there we can see that the five TVhas now come up so let’s click on that now and then within five four three twotwo one is that going to there we go so we can see now we are now mirroring myscreen directly on to the fight TV that’s working absolutely fine so rightnow do anything on my phone we can see that’s now instantly reflected on thereso we can definitely see that the mirror cost is working on the big screen infact let’s try a quick game just to show you what the performance is like I meanobviously there is going to be a little bit of lag because it is doing this overthe air but you know for general browsing or if you wanna cost yourphotos or view photos or view videos it works very very well in fact let me justquickly try recording games on here let’s try this golf game is click onclassic do the first one okay so I wanna play against five other players let’ssee if this works okay we got the five competitors andlet’s let’s do this okay okay that’s not enough power a bit more power watts toomuch power but we can see guys in terms of lag it’s not too bad in its it’sdefinitely playable let me skip this in and the last one there you go hole infive and we see us working absolutely fine guys so let’s close this down sothis was the thing we could easily do before which was how you can easy costyour Android device onto your fire TV but what if I told you you can also dothis on a laptop so let’s say for example you have a Windows 10 laptop oreven if you have a Windows 10 desktop you can also use the costing feature thewireless display feature built into windows 2 again cost onto your 4kfirestick so let’s try that now okay so here we can see my Windows 10 a laptopso now let’s again select enable display mirroring I guess again the 4k firestickis now waiting for something to connect so what are we doing windows so if Ijust bring up the windows display settings so if you just do a right-clickon the desktop and SEC display settings this shows you your current resolutionand your brightness if you scroll down we can see we have an option here forconnect to wireless displays let’s click on that now and we can seehere that the four k5 stick is now popped up so let me click on that nowand again within five four three two one zero now it does take like maybe eight ornine seconds to connect but I’m pretty confident this is going to work so andthere we have it guys we’ve now connected to our fire stick over-the-airfrom my laptop now what does this give mewell for example now I can start dragging windows onto my fire stick soyou know if you don’t have an extra monitor when you’re working or of courseif I want to open up a tab like for example in my browser I can open up thetab here then drag it to my secondary screen now so effectively I have asecond screen to work with so let’s see if I’m doing some work and I want tostart watching some YouTube videos I can launch YouTube over herenow can I just drag this window onto my fire sticks just to give you that extrascreen real estate or just to give you like an actual monitor to work with youcan now cost your Windows 10 desktop onto your fire stake and do all thestuff you want you to do before now you could be watching some YouTube videos oryou can be watching the latest movie trailers you could be reading the newsand all this stuff is happening on my computer on wirelessly beaming it ontomy 4k fire stake using the now fixed or now returned miracles feature so let mequickly just interrupt this presentation and let’s pick the winner for the MarchTD UK giveaway which as we know was for the amazing t95 Q Android streaming boxand once again this box actually replaced my long-running be link GT oneultima box to become my main andhra streaming box of choice so I’mdefinitely a big fan of fair and I’m sure the lucky winner will appreciatethat as well so as we can see hey guys we had eighty three thousand six hundredninety-five entries let’s go over to winners we’re gonna pick one winner andlet’s click on draw winner in fact let’s do that really horribledrum roll drum roll please yep that’s tool the worst chrome rollever let’s click on draw winners okay we can have one winner good luck everybodyI hope the right person wins oh wow how amazing is that so just when I say Ihope the right person wins well I’m very very happy to say our winner is our verylong time supporting very hopeful and very very nice personAlicia Greg so she wins the t95 q Android streaming box and I can saywholeheartedly she definitely deserves it so so please do send me an email andI’ll get this box shipped out to you and just once again guys as we can see shewanted by doing the daily bonus entry so I know keep on hopping on about it butevery time there’s a competition it’s highly advisable to come back and do thedaily bonus entry as you can really maximize your chances and when that’sall for this video guys many thanks for watching if you did find this videouseful then do give me a thumbs up if you want to see more stuff like thisthen please please subscribe hit the notification barrel well done again tothe t95 Q winner and I will be starting a brand new competition in the next fewdays so do check that out leave me a comment below and I’ll hopefully catchup with you guys real soon thanks.



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