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so this is simply one of the mostpowerful boxes I’ve ever reviewed on my channel this is the B link GT King nowthis has the s922X Hexa-core CPU we’re talking about full gigs of DDR fourmemory five gigahertz Wi-Fi Gigabit EthernetUSB 3 Android nine this box really does have it all nowat the same time I have seen some reviews online and there have been somereports where people have me some issues mainly regarding the UI the userinterface with this box now it’ll be interesting to see if my box has thesame problems and if this can actually be fixed by a firmware update so let’sgo through a quick unboxing I take it a setup process and let’s see if this isnow the real king of the Android box market coming up right after thisif you need to the channel and you want to stay up to date with the latest techtutorials the latest for stick Android and Android TV tips and tricks thenplease do subscribe to the notification barrel it’s a small click from you butit makes a big difference to me thank you okay let’s open that upokay so first up we go back to your box here we can see it’s got a really niceskull looking logo do you believe these actually light up when you turn it onit’s got a very nice graph I like finish here you’ve got the B link logo at thefront here you have nothing on this side you have nothing on the back here we cansee we have one USB 2 port we have the HDMI out we do have Gigabit Ethernet andyou also have an optical out for you audio purists here you’ve got the AV outport on this side we have two USB 3 ports and a memory card slot so in totalwe have three USB ports two USB 3 and a single USB 2 port underneath you gotsome rubber feed and I can see there’s actually no Evan so it’d be interestingto see this box actually heats up a lot during use ok we have the standard UKpower brick we have HDMI cable we have the standard cardio gear are youdepressed are you happy you get the small user manual but as we know whatall of these boxes guys it’s always just a case of plug an HDMI cable plug in thepower cable and you’re pretty much good to goand here we can you see the remote control guys it’s quite interestingshaped I can see we have a button here which must be for a virtual mousepointer your virtual master go and over here we can see this does come with thebuilt-in a voice search so I will be testing that out so this is everythinginside the box let me now plug this in and I’ll take itthe setup process okay so two quick points firstly this remote control as wecan see is actually a built-in air mouse which is actually quite interestingbecause I’ve know she had that with another Android box so this shouldprovide a easy way to navigate around apks etc and also this is not actually aBluetooth remote this actually came with a small USB receiver so I’ve justplugged that into the USB 2 port as an upwind wasting USB 3 ports on a remotecontrol so that’s all plugged in let’s quickly go through the setup process okso this is the default launcher you get with the GT King I mean it does look abit dated now I think the first beam link books are reviewed a few years backactually had the same launcher so they haven’t really made much in terms ofchanges or improvements now of course we know what the Android box is you couldalways install a custom launcher but it would be nice with such a new box such apowerful box that they should have really put some improvements into thislet’s go into settings now before we do that actually so as I mentioned aboutthe virtual mouse now the good thing is you can actually turn it off so thisbutton is actually to turn the virtual Mouse on and off let me press that nowhere we can see the mass is on but I think for normal navigation around theUI using the directional pad and the Enter key I think it’s more than enoughso it’s good that we can actually turn that Mouse off so let me do that now okthat’s gone off let’s go over to settings okay we can just confirm thisis running Android version 9 and this is the GT King if I scroll down and we cansee that the build number is 902 p0 so I will be checking to see if there’s a newfirmware out for this particular box and we can see this is a 64 gig device andwe have about 52 or 53 gigs of space we can use on the device out of the box soI off the books we can see we do get a couple of applications built in we’vegot the native building file explorer the music application you got thestandard browser the App Store one of the other things I noticed theyinstalled was this app market now this is very similar to aptoide so this wouldlike to access some other applications are not normally available understandard Play Store so for going to that now so you can see the guy applicationslike the K application and some other things down there and some otherapplications there so let’s say for example to install Netflix let’s clickon that click on download and we just now downloading Netflix directly ontothis device so just having this custom Play Store is another way between yourapplications onto this device now in this box because I don’t believe it hasthe official certification from Netflix you’re not going to be able to playdefinition or 4k playback or Netflix there must be able to see is a 480plet’s click on done let’s try some 4k video but really guys a box thispowerful I’m not expecting any kind of issues with any kind of 4k type playbackeven 60 frames per second won’t be any issue for this book okay let’s just turnthe volume down to make sure I don’t get any copyright warnings and let’s go overto settings and because he’s already said to 4k and just to confirm we can’tsee set to 4k there let’s see what kind of quality we go and we can see looksrazor sharp really clear and let’s Ford that bit because that’s really butterysmooth no structuring no lag and that is actually playing over my 5 gigahertzWi-Fi network but we can see guys that is super smooth let’s try a differentone and we can see guys super smooth playback no stuttering no lag thisbook’s gonna easily handle any kind of and lastest guys I mean I don’t thinkthere’s any doubt anywhere but we can see this box can handle super smooth 4kplayback it looks really good I’m not seeing any kind of drop framesor anything like that it really is a fantastic picture so 4k streaming fromYouTube or any other application we can see this box handles it no problem butwhat about 4k streaming from a USB sticks so just plugged in my USB 3 stickinto the USB 3 port let’s try some 4k video from a USB Drive and let’s see howthis box handles are let’s open up this application ok let’s go to my USB sticklet’s try some of this 4k content okay so this is a 4k HDR a clip we can seeit’s running very very smoothly no kind of like Legos structuring againvery very smooth in fact I’m just turn the volume down it’s want to make sure Idon’t get any copyright warnings but we can see guys ice working very verysmoothly ok this is a samsung 4k demo again we can see no she’s playing thatlets Ford that a bit now we can see that the seek time is very very fast for thatbit more I mean to be fair a books off this power with this kind of CPU and GPUI didn’t really think there’ll be any problems playing this kind of contentanyway but again it’s always nice just to confirm that if you were to buy thisbox you’ll have no issue playing 4k content from your streams andalso 4k content from a local hard drive or a USB stake Eric that’s workingabsolutely fine now before we just try some games let mejust do a quick demo with the voice search so let’s press and hold thiswhat’s the weather in London Alex it’s working absolutely fine let’s trysomething else what’s the weather in Washington so youcan also want the normal questions you can ask to a Google device and get theanswers like that we can also ask you to open up applications so for example if Isay open YouTube now exactly then launches the application so non leakingactually ask your questions you can also get it to control your Android box aswell okay let’s try a bit of gaming we’ll do a bit of Android gaming willtry bit of emulation with the Dreamcast emulator I would also do bit of happycheck for some retro gaming so let’s see how this box handles gaming it’s thefirst time we’ve got asphalt 8 and I’m using my trusty games g4s controllersays gamepad has been detected let’s click on play so this box is supposed tohave one the latest generation GPUs so I’m hoping we should see some goodperformance all right let’s see if TD UK can actually drive ah our eyes at theend ok okay I’ll do a boost is it this onenice break there you go ok built for boost there straight into the wall okalright let’s try that again oh you can see guys very very smoothgraphics all right bill skidding there make that jump ah all right after classbut we can see this beam link gt1 has no problems playing this game okay let’stry some Dreamcast emulation semester using the Dreamcast emulator calledredream which is completely free and available on the Play Store the thing iswith the free version the graphics do look a bit pixelated to get the HDquality graphics you have to pay are things like five six dollars which Ihaven’t done but either way we can see the performance of this guys it’s stillactually a very very good very smooth that you go take that done and of courseas we can see here guys this box has no issues emulating any of the n64 classicgames and kindly say Mario Kart was one of my favourite games of all time Ishould do leave me a comment below and let me know which classic game from theold Nintendo or Sega days did you spend most of your time playing okay let’s tryice ball there you go okay to take that right in the sensitivearea sub-zero wins cadets try quick speedtest so we know my negative speed is run about 70 72 Meg so you can see on thiswireless connection because this does have both 5 gigahertz and 2.

4 gigahertzWi-Fi I’m getting more or less my native speed so that’s a very good speed testresult there let’s try one more time yep so more or less my maximum speed canbe achieved using the 5 gigahertz Wi-Fi oh now for your advanced users we cansee that the be link GT King does come routed out of the box and once again wecan just confirm it is running Android 9 now in terms of pure benchmarks when Iran the antutu 7 benchmark on this box absolutely blown away with the score andas we can just see here guys this box gets over 109 thousand marks that’sdefinitely a first on the TD UK channel so this is definitely by far the mostpowerful box our ever reviewed on my channel now of course before you guyssay I’ve never tried the Nvidia shield and fair play I haven’t but in terms ofthe boxes I have reviewed this box is definitely top of the listnow guys in starting this video last week there’s actually been threeover-the-air updates for the B link GT King box now as we can see hey guys lotsof updates lots of optimizations and lots of minorbug fixes one of the fixes that I did notice was there was an issue withNetflix weight inertia play with sound and I can see that she fixed her withthis particular release so I highly recommend if you do go out and buy thisbox do check for OTA updates because some of the earlier teething problemshave with this box have been fixed it looks like billing have been veryvery busy I mean releasing three updates after releasing this box it just showsto me that be linked all very serious about making this box work so once againguys if you’re going to get this box definitely check for OTA updates andhere we can you see well done on my GT King boxes I’ve installed a customlauncher with some custom widgets and we can see it just looks so much nicer Imean this particular launcher is called the ATV launcher and you can get it frommy downloads page so you can see just navigating around here clicking onthings is just a lot more smoother than the default launcher you get on this andI would say overall probably the biggest issue with this box is the fact thatit’s let down by some poor software I mean with the default launcher one ofthe issues I did notice with the default launcher is if some application asks youto allow permission as soon as you set the permission although the permissiondoes go through the launcher she resets back to the home screen so theredefinitely is some bugs with the default software on this but right now I’vemanaged to get around monsters bugs by just using a custom launcher which arepassing things weren’t the nicest launches out there anyway which onceagain is called the atv launcher and you can get this directly from our websiteseveral guys I do have mixed feelings about this box and on the positive sideit has a very very strong hardware the quad core actually is not quad core isit it’s the hexa core s9 22 X CPU it really is one of the most powerful CPUsyou can get on any under box right now this has ddr4 memory has USB 3 hasGigabit Ethernet it really does have a lot going for it has an MS built-in wesee here we can use that so lots of great features guys but I really dothink it is let down by the software so the default launcher on these beeningdevices really does need an upgrade now because it really has been the same forjust too long now and really does need the upgrade on top of the older this boxcan easy handle 4k content that we saw from YouTube or for my USB stickunfortunately both Netflix and Amazon Prime will only playback in 480p so ifthat’s a showstopper for you it is worth mentioning that so the overall summaryis fantastic hardware really great specs let down by some poor software now againthe software issues can be addressed by either a firmware update or if you don’twait for that you can also install a custom launcher like I’ve done now ifyou guys are interested in this box I do actually have a special discount code soto have a look in the video description also leave me a comment guys let me knowyou think about this box and I’ll hopefully catch up with you guys realsoon thanks.



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