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our decisions decisions which TV show should i watch which reality show should i watch which movie should i watch hang on a minute maybe i should play a game i love playing games what do you want to watch what do you want to play folks welcome to our today’s special my name’s Adam we are launching customer appreciation month because we love you we do today we have for the first time ever the fire TV folks it’s a media streamer we’re going to take your TV and we’re going to give it hundreds of thousands of the best TV shows hundreds of thousands of movies hundreds of thousands of options for fun for you the kids and the entire family I was here last night while this morning at midnight i launched this with the amazing Aaron Berger so many of you have jumped in and I want to explain why for ninety nine dollars it is the smallest purchase electronic you’ll ever buy probably from HSN and the irony is it will probably give you the most enjoyment ever here’s why we are on fire literally no pun intended today you can go to amazon.

com right now of course it’s an Amazon product and you can get this product from them for ninety-nine dollars we today are going to beat their value I know it sounds nuts but we’re gonna beat amazon’s value on the amazon fire TV media streamer and here’s how we’re going to do it we’re going to match the price at $99 we’re going to match the free shipping we’re going to actually add on flexpay which of course nobody else has then we’re going to go a step further when you buy a media streamer you have to have an hdmi cable this can be ten dollars twenty dollars thirty dollars we’re going to send you a high quality hdmi cable at no additional cost so that’s how we’re going to offer the best value in the united states of america on top of that we’re going to send you a year a 12 month subscription to feeling what’s feeling it’s a funny name what it is it’s an app on your media streamer movies the best movies hallmark movies true life movies true story movies it all adds up to a total value of nearly three hundred dollars I could talk about it till I’m blue in the face but somebody else could easily do that job as well if it’s aaron berger so i’m going to head over there while we showcase some of the amazing features of this not only 4k media streamer but a quad-core processor super powerful super fast with a personal assistant built-in mr.

Aaron Berger last night you were saying things about a media streamer that had never been said before good making up some of it no I wasn’t making I’ve got to tell you guys we have never been able to say for our today’s special media streamer it’s 4k this streams in 4k we include a 4k certified hdmi cable we’ve never been it will say oh and if you want to ask your media streamer with the weather’s like or what the temperature is or who won the ballgame you can do all that what am I talking about the future of TV it’s here yes it is here I mean you spent you spend good money buying a great television but then your media streamer all fen can’t stream in as high-quality as your television is will come on back let me show you guys what we can do here we can do all with the sound of our voice maybe you’re in the mood to check out a certain actor or certain actress or whatever it is that comes to mind how about Bernadette Peters one of my favorite Broadway legend and also a screen legend Bernadette Peters there we go all the things if we’re net Peters in we can be playing them right away maybe you want to look for certain genre so you say romantic comedies it’s gonna be one of those kind of nights tonight so romantic comedies everybody’s going to feel nice and warm here’s a hundred movies and television they’re all romantic comedies maybe you want to go right into watch something for the kids how about doing this how about going tumble leaf have you noticed by the way how fast this is this is a deus and now i’m going to play back some tumble leaf right now and i want you to see it doesn’t take you know any time streaming that’s your 4k by the way yeah the most beautiful the most vivid the most gorgeous color and sound and did you notice did you notice at the bottom you press up on the remote I’ll show you the remote in a minute it brings up information it’s called x-ray technology it brings up information about what’s going on these are these are the eyes and gals the kiddos that do the voices and tumble leaf then if you want to learn a little bit more about them you can do it Christopher as an actor he’s known for tumble leaf some other information about them and then if randomly you want to know what’s the weather in Tampa currently you can do that to you can do any and any crazy thing like how about um how many calories are in a banana I mean whatever bananas comes to your mind because this is a little computer to this basically you know can Wikipedia anything that comes your minds it’s an incredible thing to be able to you and will do will do a lot more of this throughout the presentation but I wanted to show you now watch I can hop out of that sort of computer mode if you will that that is Alexa that you’re digital’s isn’t hop out of the x-ray and we’re watching a movie again instantly couple quick things amazon prime yes Amazon Prime member did you know you have a quarter of a million movies I’m going to tell my quick story there’s a show called the Americans the Americans I just started watching it’s been on for four seasons it’s not on netflix you can also watch netflix on here it’s not on netflix so i bought the first season on tunes and i spent thirty bucks on the first season and then i thought because honestly I sort of was forgetting about all of the amazon prime stuff i went to Amazon Prime all of the seasons are there so there’s three more seasons I’m not going to buy that’s going to pay for my Amazon fire which I’m really excited about great show by the way you guys need to check it out you can watch netflix amazon prime we’re including a free month of hulu if you have movies and music and all of those things on your computer don’t worry you don’t have to give those up all of a sudden there is an app called plex okay you by adam on i may learn this since last night I don’t know I’ve learned a lot of things to me remember if I mentioned this with Plex everything that’s on your computer moves over so all of your television all of your movies all of your music all those things that you have that maybe you bought through all kinds of other sources those are now on your Amazon will me as well okay we’re just scratching the surface I just got an update we’re now sixty percent sold out so thank you to everybody we’re launching in a big way for a customer appreciation month hands up at home who loves watching TV hands up at home who is fed up and tired of all the commercials two hands who had to i’m gonna say commercials absolutely folks time is too precious whether you’re coming home from a hard day at work you’d be running after the kids all day when you sit down to watch TV you want to watch what you want to watch when you want to watch it without all the interruptions fire TV is going to do that for you they say this with such confidence because I know when Aaron showcases all this a lot of people say I don’t understand it yet you’re telling me I can access all these TV shows all of these kids shows all of these sports shows all of these movies all of these games on my TV yeah that old TV that you’ve got in the lounge in the bedroom you plug this in you’ve got all this everything that Aaron showing you will be on your television the minute you buy this that’s what’s extraordinary about it I just want to reiterate because it’s it is really worth being said many many times over folks we are doing the impossible today on the award winning most advanced media streamer the fire TV the newest one we are beating amazon’s price if you compare your fine the amazonas selling their fire TV by 9995 and of course so are we they’ll ship it to you free so will we we have flexpay sore a little bit ahead now because now it’s only twenty four dollars and change if you use your HSN card it’s a fifth flex pay but then we’ll go a step further if you were to buy fire TV from them you’d have to buy an hdmi cable because this is what connects this to your TV we’re going to send this to you now you can pay ten twenty thirty dollars this is actually a 4k upgraded 4k capable hdmi cable it’s an important thing to say because this is not a cheapy one we’re including this at no extra charge so let’s put it this way if you were ever going to bar I a media streamer you’d buy this one and you’d buy it today we’re close right now to 500 people ordering we are rocketing now towards seventy percent completely sold out Erin it’s one of those things that kind of burst on the scenes about three years ago and slowly but surely is everybody saying okay I need one of it you’re exactly right so media streamers is what out of means kind of burst on the scene and I’ll tell you I started they were ninety nine dollars then to not nearly the vent it became for me the go-to gift for weddings for anniversaries for birthdays for people who have everything because when you give this as a gift you know you’re spending less than a hundred dollars but it feels like a huge gift and everybody loves that my parents have a media streamer in their television everybody I know I’m you think of a new gift to give a given everybody one this is a great upgrade and here’s the thing for in my house now I now have the am blonde fire TV in by television that’s upstairs so I I now have a media streamer on both of the tvs in my house now I want to show you something else I want to show you the homeowner me I’m gonna blow your mind here we go we’re going to take a look at our living room you’re going to see a lamp over there that turned out our light to turn on you’re gonna see a television that’s turned on you’re ready to see something cool turn light off keep your eye on that light over there there it went see that television over there turn television off see that television going on right now this is alexa technology watch the lamp turn light on okay okay and how about turn television on so alexa technology is built into this which means not only can you um you know ask whatever comes to mind for example maybe kids are doing a little school report what is the Pyramid of Giza the Great Pyramid of Giza is the oldest Allah and then maybe you want to go in deep so you’re thinking okay well maybe it was just a little bit about the Pyramid of Giza how big is the Pyramid of Giza so now getting pretty specific right kisa blank check it out then it goes into here and how about this how about me tell me a joke why was the same wet I was the saying what I will says the seaweed oh that’s a little off-color there it’s a family show okay so you get the idea not only can elect to do those sort of things are the electric technology i should say it’s on fire but you saw it turning on and off the lamp atoms and explain how there’s one thing you need there there is an issue with this folks i don’t want anybody to be disappointed we’re going to show it I know that lying to be now or in the next hour we are basically sold out it’s called the tp-link it’s a.



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