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ChaCha’s father had a box.

It was full of tools.

The tools could fix anything.

And so ChaCha called it Daddy’s magic box.

That’s Daddy’s magic box! One day, Grandpa’s glasses broke.

Uh Oh! Don’t worry, Grandpa! Daddy will fix them with his magic box.

ChaCha’s father opened his box and pulled out a tool called a ‘Screwdriver’.

Using it he quickly fixed the glasses.

Aah! Hooray for Daddy! Hooray for Daddy’s magic box.

A little while later, the kitchen sink started leaking.

Oh dear! The sink is leaking and we’re wasting water.

Don’t worry, Mom! I’ll call Daddy.

He’ll get his magic box.

ChaCha’s father opened his box.

He took out a tool called a ‘Wrench’.

And in no time, he fixed the sink leak.

Hooray! Daddy fixed the sink leak with his magic box! ChuChu had made a pretty picture And she wanted to hang it on the wall.

ChaCha, I want to hang this picture.

Daddy will help you, ChuChu, with his magic box.

So ChuChu and ChaCha’s father came to help.

He brought his box.

He picked up a tool called a ‘Drill’ And he used it to make a hole in the wall.

He then hammered a nail into the wall.

You can now hang your picture, ChuChu! Thank you, Daddy! Hooray for Daddy! I want to be like him! And do things with the magic box.

ChaCha felt very proud of his father.

He wished he could be like him.

And one day, he had the chance to be just like him.

ChaCha’s grandmother was sewing Suddenly, she dropped her needle.

Oh dear! My needle has fallen down.

I can’t spot it anywhere.

Don’t worry, Grandma.

I’ll help you.

ChaCha ran to his father.

Daddy, may I borrow your magic box? I want to find Grandma’s needle.

Sure, ChaCha.

ChaCha opened the box.

He pulled out a flashlight and shined it on the floor.

And in no time, he spotted the needle.

Ah! There it is! ChaCha then pulled out a tool called a ‘Magnet’.

He used it to pick the needle up Here is your needle, Grandma.

Thank you, ChaCha! I’m very proud of you.

You’re just like your Daddy today.

ChaCha felt very proud of himself.

He finally had the chance to use the magic box.

And be just like his father.

ChaCha was a naughty little boy.

He liked to roam around on his own A habit that worried his mother very much.

ChaCha I wish you wouldn’t wander around on your own.

You could get lost.

I need you to stay close to me Okay? Oh Mom! You worry too much! ChaCha’s mother only wanted to keep him safe But, ChaCha regularly forgot what she said and would wander about on his own.

ChaCha Please come back! One day Miss Dorothy ChaCha’s teacher, assigned homework to all of the children.

Children, your assignment when you go home today is to learn your parents’ phone numbers.

That way if you ever get lost You will be able to call them and tell them where you are.

All the children went home and learned their parents’ phone numbers.

4, 1, 5, 3.



! ChaCha however didn’t bother learning his parents’ phone number.

Instead he played with his new toy car A few days later, ChuChu and chacha were playing in the park.

As they were walking in, ChaCha noticed a balloon floating by.

He immediately started running after it.

Oh, look! A balloon! I’m going to catch it.

Come back, ChaCha! But ChaCha didn’t listen to ChuChu.

He ran after the balloon And didn’t even pay attention to where he was going.

I’m going to get that balloon! After some time, ChaCha realized that he was lost.

Where am I? This street looks very strange.

I don’t think I’ve been here before.

ChaCha was afraid.

He sat beneath a tree and began to cry.

I wish I could call my Mom But I don’t even know her phone number.

ChuChu looked and looked But couldn’t find ChaCha anywhere.

Fortunately she was very close to her aunt’s house and was able to call her mother from there.

Hello? Mom? It’s ChuChu.

ChuChu’s mother rushed out When she heard what had happened.

When she arrived at the park, ChuChu got into the car and told her where she had last seen ChaCha.

ChaCha ran down that street.

Then let’s go look for him there.

The car slowly rolled down the street honking.

ChaCha recognized the sounds of his car’s horn.

That sounds like my car! Mom must be close by.

ChaCha stood up and called out to the car Mom! ChuChu! I’m here! Luckily for ChaCha, His mother and ChuChu found him very quickly.

Mom, Look! There he is! Thank goodness! ChaCha was very happy to see ChuChu and his mother.

He hugged them both very tightly.

I’m so glad to see you both.

I was really scared.

We are happy to see you too ChaCha.

ChaCha promised That he would never go away on his own again.

He also learned his mother’s phone number So he could call her if he ever got lost again.



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