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hey guys welcome back so in the last fewweeks I’ve just received so many messages from all of the new firestickowners and the common thing they keep asking is which applications do Irecommend that they install on their brand new device so in this video todaylet me show five applications

that I would recommend all of the new firestickowners installed onto the device and if you guys have any recommendations infact why don’t you guys leave me a comment below with your top three Phistick applications and hopefully I can use some of them for the next video soit’s all

of that being said let’s jump right into it if you’re new to thechannel and you want to stay up to date with the latest tech tutorials thelatest firestick Android and Android TV tips and tricks then please do subscribeto the notification barrel it’s a small click from you but

it makes a bigdifference to me thank you okay so if you have just recently bought a brandnew device the very first thing you need to do is just go over to your settingsgo to my TV and in here where you have developer options just make sure boththese options

are set to on which means your device is now ready for sideloading applications once you’ve done that let’s press the HOME key now beforewe install any of my recommended applications the first thing I recommendyou install is download or if you don’t have the on your device just press

lefton the remote and just search for download oh and it should be the firstone in the list once you’ve typed in down there is there just click on thatand just install that onto your device so the first application I recommend iscalled app list manager now to get app

list manager we’re going to installanother application called the developer tools menu and we can then get up hismanager from the application so just go over to the search let’s now search fordeveloper here we can see developer tools let’s click on that click on thefirst one and let’s now

click on install so this is actually a suite ofapplications there’s couple of good utilities in here but the one that we’reinterested in is called app list manager so let’s open that uplet’s press back on the remote click on OK or got here let’s go to the rightand what

we looking for here is the app list manager let’s click on that andlet’s click on install let’s open it up now as you start installing more moreapplications on Sharma’s and device one of the key things you’ll notice is youdon’t have much storage at all and one of the

big benefits of the app listmanager is first you get an overall summary of exactly we have installed onyour device but you also have this button at the top which is sort so now Ican say for example I want to sort my applications by size let’s click on thisnow

and let’s click on size 100 to 0 which means that show me the largestapplications first let’s click on that and we can see that air screen is thelargest application I have installed on my device but you can also do isactually change this view so if you click on

this icon on the top left whereit says switch to the mosaic layout let’s click on that and we can see nowwe get a lot more detail a lot more information about each of theapplications installed on my device for example here we can see that s screen istaking up

45 Meg you can see Netflix is taking up 36 and so and so forth so I doyou think this is a great application because it gives you that overallsummary and you can see exactly where the big hitters are which applicationare taking up more space and then you have

one-click access allowing you tomanage the application so for example phone to manage a screen let’s click onthat here we get some more information about what permissions application needswhen it was installed and at the top here we have the option of manageapplication so let’s click on that now we

can see we’re back in the familiarAmazon menu and now for example locking you know clear the cache phone to clearthe cache and if you want uninstall it I can click on this and then uninstall theapplication so that’s the first application I recommend which is appinfo manager the next

application I recommend is called Explorer for managerthis has to be one of the best for managers I’ve ever used on any device onany Android device but all these applications I mentioned will be linkedon to my website in the tutorial section so if you go into my website click

onthe hamburger menu go down to tutorials and you’ll see in the tutorials pagethere will be a link to the top five five stick applications for the month ofDecember that’s basically you can find all of the content I mentioned in thisvideo so once you get there and here we

can see the link for Xlaw and let’s click on the green download button this is now basicallydownloading an application onto our device and then we should then see aprompt to install it ok let’s click on install ok let’s nowclick on open now this application really does have a

ton of great featureseverything from looking at your local file system onto your fire stick forexample here I can see what’s in my downloaded folderhis with the application of previously downloaded and I want to deletesomething I can for example just press and hold and I get the option to

deleteso very easy to manage and manipulate your files on your fire stick that’s oneof the first things you can do you can also highlight multiple files I can goover to mark falls over here and now I want to remove this TeamViewer and alsothis one and this one so

now have three files selected and go to the right clickon delete and I’ve now instantly deleted those three files to really guys this isa fantastic for manager but as a previously mentioned it also has somegreat other features one of the other great features is we can access a

DLNAcontent directly from this application so if you have maybe a Plex server inyour house or in my case I’ve got a NAS drive because that nas drive is actuallya DLNA server that allows me to stream content to any device in my houseincluding this application so for going to

that now we can see I can now browseall of the content I’ve previously purchased I’m sharing on my home networkso if I just try one of these here click on this file within one second guysliterally that starts playing straight away so it is a great way for you

toaccess content that you have already on your network but you can access itdirectly from this application now the last cool thing we can do thisapplication is access web storage now what that means is if you have access toa Google Drive or Dropbox or box talk or any of

the popular providers you canactually link that to this application so what that means is if there’s anyapplication or any apk that I’ve saved in my Dropbox or I mean for exampleGoogle Drive is totally free so you can get up to I think five gigs of storagenow if you

link that to this application you can now copy apks dirt into yourGoogle Drive and you can access them from here let’s go on to the web storageclick on add server and here we can see guys if you had a Google Drive orDropbox or onedrive any of the popular

cloud providers you canthat inherent access all of your cloud storage direct from your plastic so thisis really a fantastic application guys and actually surprise it’s totally freethe next application we have is up to a TV now if you have put a brand-new facetake off ITV and you’re wondering

what’s the easiest way for me to side loadapplications onto my device then this guy’s has to be it because firstly theapplication has been around for a very long time let’s install that now andsecondly just the sheer amount of content we can get with this applicationis phenomenal so everything

from your applications to utilities to your gamesto your emulators all of that is actually inside this application and youcan install all of it with one click let’s open that up and this is theapplication here guys so we have a discover section you can see some of thetop applications

here lots of stuff let’s go back then you have a newarrival section so some of the things have been updated recently or addedrecently will be listed here you got a gaming section and honest youwant to say pretty much any application you can think of you’ll be able to

findit in here I’m not exaggerating you can see guys there’s just so much greatcontent and if you want to install something let’s click on that now theother key benefit this application is is that green shoulder because one of theissues when you download is something online is how do

you know who I’mdownloading is what it’s supposed to be how can actually trust the source willhear all of the things that you see with the green shoot application they are100% verified and you can fully trust this application and to install it wecan click on install and literally guys

it’s as easy as that so no messing aboutwith different web URLs no messing about with differentdownloader codes or anything like that just find your application in the listone click and you’re pretty much good to gothe next application I recommend is particularly useful for people that liketo sidled applications

onto the device applications are not really designed forAndroid TV and these applications typically need a virtual mouse to workso how do we get a virtual Mouse working with just the standard four stick remotecontrol so again if I go back to my tutorials page you’ll see there’s a linkfor

mouse toggles let’s install that now now there’s a couple of key things youhave to do to make sure this actually works properly which I’ll show you justa second but let’s install that let’s click on install okay let’s open that upand a lots of you having issues before this

application workproperly but let me show you the easiest way we can fix that now if you notice inthe bottom left it says it’s starting now ideally they should change to starthead but I’ve noticed on the fork a fire stick particularly sometimes it juststays in that state how have

you press the home button goover to your settings go back to my fire TV go to developer tools let’s now turnoff ADB debugging give that a second let’s now turn it back on and there isguys so as soon as we turn that back on we get the prompt

saying you want toallow the USB debugging because the mouse toggle actually uses ADB to makethe connection and you have to say I allow it click on ok it has now allowedlet’s now go back to the master goal let’s now turn off the mouse servicegive that a second ok

we can see now that the mouse service is stopped let’snow enable that again ok so now even though it says it’s starting watch whathappens when I double press the play button we now get a virtual mouse coy sowe can now move around I can click on things so

basically we can ignore thatthe fact they says it’s starting because the mouse table is actually working fineand if you wanna turn off the mouse toggle press the play button once thenpress the d-pad and that disappears now for the last one let me show you anamazing application called Sita’s

play now this application is also availableon my downloads page and I’ll describe it as a Swiss Army knife or not becauseyou really can’t just do so much with their so I’m 100 when we start theapplication now when you start this application for the first time it willbasically show

you all of the devices on your home network that’s able to connectto then the case for firestick of ITV you don’t need to install anything inadvance this will actually push out a receiver onto your device for you usingadb s now in my case my first take the IP

address ends in 188 so let me find onthe list here here is sort of now click on that it says installing Sita’s playonto your device so this is now pushing that client on to my 4k forest egg and Inormally take just a couple of seconds before they then

connect so let’s see ifit does that ok we get the message that this has now been successfully connectedon to your device so we can click on OK for this message the real good stuff isin the hamburger menu on the top left let’s click on that now so the

firstthing we can do now is we have the option to playon TV or in our case play on our stick so let’s click play on TV we can nowbasically cost videos pictures and even files so let’s do a quick picture testlet’s try this one over here as soon

as I click on the picture we can see ourpictures now instantly beamed onto our TV let’s go back out of this the nextcool thing we can do is we actually have a built-in app center so open that up wenow have full access to a complete library of applications

that we can beaminstantly from our device straight on to our fire stick so for example if I wantto install this am player let’s click on install now within one second we get themessage that the am player is now installing so it really is an amazingapplication guys let me

show you one last thing but we can see this is nowinstalling properly guys so it is a very easy way or very convenient way toinstall applications onto your device and the last cool thing we can do onthis application guys is we can go to the search to cause

feature and thiswill now basically allow us to search Google for any kind of content any kindof video content that you may be searching for you can find the contentand beam it directly you want your device so let’s say for example we’relooking for some blue color which is a

great documentary we can click on thatand let’s say for example you want try one of these links of you try the firstone here it’s a generosity or fire stick let’s click on ok now within a fewseconds guys that’s now beaming that full 1080p content dirty Android deviceguys and

we can see that’s working absolutely fine and that’s working greatso let’s back out of that very quickly so guys I hope you found at least someof these tips or some of these applications useful if you did pleasegive it a like and also do think about subscribing please do

leave me a commentbelow and let me know which one of these applications you actually like the mostalternatively let me know if there’s any other applications I should be checkingout and I’ll hopefully catch up with you guys real soon thanks



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