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very good viejuners welcometo my channel! In this tutorial I am going to explain how to mount a consolevery cheap retro video games with a Cheap amlogic tv box from aliexpress, a raspberry pi killer.

I will go step by step so that anyone can get to do it forthe tutorial I will use the tv box more cheap found found about 15euros and by way of summary with the steps that I will explain in this video we will getthat the title and box start with a alternative operating system whichIt comes from the factory with this device called emuelec it is a linux systemfocused on the emulation of retro game consoles with the steps that youI will explain we will leave intact the original tv box system soif we want it to work as usual just turn it off, remove the cardmicrosd that we are going to prepare with the tutorial then when we go back totear it up by running with total normal to follow this tutorialwe will need a number of things first we will need a computer to docertain steps of the tutorial in my case is a pc with windows since I don’t haveno apple I can not explain how make a computer of that brandthen we will need a civivox of the that usually sell on aliexpress on mecase I have to see is the most economical that met the requirement the one whowe need to follow a tutorial is that the civivox carries brand chipamd logic and that is compatible with emelec at the moment make the video inmole that is compatible with our chips ls 905 he is 905 w the s 900 5xis the 905 of and the s 900 12 these would be the simplest at the power levelthen we have these that are more powerful are called newgeneration ls 900 5 x 2 ls 9 22 and 311 of there is another chip that is interestingwhich is the s 900 5 x 3 but that of moment is not compatible with furniturealthough it is in the process of being in as much as I will notify you of commentposted this video depending on the chip The tdi box will cost us more orless expensive I think it’s worth it spend a little more than the civivox thatbought gave it say it cost me more or less about 15 euros and already a 905w chipbut for 20 few euros you have last box with the 5×2 900 chip that moves aa little better some of the platforms more problematic also heats upmuch less than mine by the way mine I thinksomehow some modification to put a fan something so thathold the cane apart the chips that they are above mine they have thingssuch as bluetooth support by what we can use wireless controllerthe model that I bought did not carry bluetooth can only use usb controlsI will leave in the description of the video the links to some civivox recommendedthere is a topic to keep in mind with civivox this tutorial is not supportedwith the civivox my box of xiaomi having in mind apart from the typical thatwe will need a microsd card like for example this one that you see the size will godepending on the amount of games that you want to put it I think forRetro platforms with 16 32 GB would already be enough although there are people whowants to put many more rhombuses and 4 well then it goes to a 64 228 in thevideo description I will leave the link for several microsd cards well yesinterested buy some we will also need a reader ofcards to be able to read said card from our pc in caseour pc can already read cards from key reader we will need to buy thereader another one of the things that we will need is the tool ofprecision called stick we will use it so that our tv and box can startfrom the micro sd this way of special boot is activated by pressing abutton that is hidden inside the video with the stick we can pressthose in trouble this happens to my tv box in the case that our boat and boxhave a special hole for this in that case would have to use theprecision tool called clip to click through that hole the buttonwhat’s hidden finally we will need a remote to use our tv box asvideo game console I use this remote usb of x those of 60 but apart from thiscommand you can use quite a lot of it is quite compatible this system withmany more generic usb controls than They are usually used for raspberry piIt is even compatible with sticks arcade wearing these blanquitastypical usb to be bought in amazon in the case that your tv box hasbluetooth you can use bluetooth controls such as those of the manufacturer 8Victor, these controls already said many times they are a true wonderI leave you links the description of the video just in case you are interested in a shewe have a necessary you have to follow the next steps to start wewe will go to our pc and access this website and we will download thewin32 program and I have already done this we will install the program our pc asare you watching once installed we will go to this onewebsite we will download the program sd card for matter once downloaded theprogram we will install it once the installation is finishedwe will go to the emelec page and we We will download, do not download theaddon version that is the one that puts in the file name launcher godirectly to normal downloads in the moment to make the video this is theversion there and if when you follow the tutorial there is a later versiondownloading look you can download the normal version of mueller andthe normal ng is for tv box chips that use both first generation gicthat is 905 905 w 900 5x 905 of 1912 the ng is for two new generation issay the 905 x 2 922 and 311 of us we will download the one that corresponds toour tv box in my case I download the normal version a file downloadunzip we have once unpacked, check thatextracted a file that has extension img is the image of emelecseen this we will insert the card microsd in the reader and then thewe will click on the pc we will look at the drive letter assigned to us by windowsthis is important to stay with this detail we will open that one of cut for matterwe will select the microsd card looking at the drive letter that we haveseen before look good because if we we are wrong we can erase anotherunit other than this one would be a mess In the volume label part we will writeemelec is not mandatory but well what I comment so that the less skilled willclarify better with the tutorial after we will click format in this messagethat will be presented to us we will click on yes when the process is finished we will click onaccept and we will close sk for matter notice that the card is now emptyand has the name of mueller we look back in the drive letter just in caseit has changed us after doing the formatting done this we will open win32 andmeiser we will select the card microsd then selecting the letterunit we just saw done this we will click on the folder icon andwe will move to the location where we have decompressed the image of emelecthe file with extension img that we have seen before once located thefile we will select it and we will do click on the open button againwe will check that the unit letter is the micro sd cautious man is worth ittwo and done this we will click on the right button the window that we arewill show click on yes and on that moment the process will startwrite the microsd card the system from molex it will take a while so bepatients once finished we will click onok and we will close win32 and measurement so right now we have todo something on the microsd card is explore the files we will go to theroot of the card and we will remove the tv point file and emerge oncedeleted we will enter the device folder trees and we’ll see this whole list offiles we will have to look for the one correspond to the amd logic chip modelthat has our tv and box and the chip is the 900 5x file will be one of thoseputs p 212 if it’s the 900 12 were one of the files that puts q 200 201 and so ondepending on the chip model it was a file or it will be another to leave the link of thispage the comment posted so that the you can consult comfortably in thein case you are using the version of emelec in axis the files that we will havethey are easier to identify make reference directly to the name of thecivivox chip in my case is that of the normal version of emelec wellhave this format look at the name of the file also indicates the gigabytes ofcivivox ram and card type network in my case I civivox has agigabyte and the empty network in therefore I will select this if we are not clearsome of the characteristics of your try with the file that corresponds toyour chip that is not so specific like othersif you have problems and testing with other files successively oncelet’s be sure the file is copied to microsd card root and renown itwe will make the new name that we will put it will be from tveimg done this we will proceed to extract the micro sd pc safely and wewe will go to civivox when alive acces connected to thecurrent we will connect it to hdmi later to connect we have the usb remote and donethis will insert the microsd card in the slot that all this has onceready we will take the stick wonderful we will introduce it in thevideo output av in the case of having a small exercise as I have alreadyexplained you will have to use a clip m a stick the stick should reach theend and notice that we have pressed a button we hold down without releasing whatwe will connect the civivox to the current and if everything went well in a few seconds inthe screen will see that emelec starts and start an automatic process in thismoment we can take out the stick and now it will not be necessary to use it again in thecase emelec has not started you have to turn it off and try another one of thefiles the ibai strike folder that we have seen in previous steps andrepeat the process until it works for you the automatic process that has beenstarted it will take a while to finish and when finished restartautomatically civivox once you have booted from the system wewill ask us to configure the command that let’s have connected that we have toindicate the addresses of the agreement buttons abxy the eye relaysecondary then analog sticks et cetera if any of the things that wethey ask you don’t have our command we press and hold any button toto skip to the configuration of said option will finally ask us for the buttonhot key if we have a special button on ourcommand we will press on that button if not press select in my case press thiswearing button once this is done we have thesystem as you see there is a menu by the command we will drive by himto enter the emulators and see the there are games we will show andthen we will enter to leave you we will give when opening if we use the start sepresents us this configuration menu that there are several things we can touchof emelec we also have the option of restart or turn off civivox whendo you want to turn it off do it from here if you pay it by removing the currentyou may spoil lee grinds have to be reinstalled oncewe have stopped at the menu and no video signal we can alreadydisconnect it from the current in moles standard comes with many emulatorsinstalled this is the list of all who have the moment to make the videoI guess you will wonder how you can be that there are so many emulators but inthe menu doesn’t come out more than these few options this is normal they will come out inthe menu the logos of the emulators of all platforms until notwe have put the active games old friends in the is beforecontinue with the other steps let’s change the grinding language like thiswe will better understand what we are doing will press the start button ofcommand we move the system settings you we will now move to languageWe will select the Spanish language with the crosshead moving from left toright once selected spanish we we will move to bach we will hit the in thescreen that will present us we will set it to be marked yes and youwe will give Álava once the menu we will have changed the languagethat said we continue to put games we can do itfrom a pendrive by clicking on the civivox or we can put thegames inside the microsd card that we have put him to copy a micro sdwe have to do it by accessing the tv box by cable or wifi network although youI recommend doing it by cable so that go faster to copy the gamesvia wired network we will have to have the civivox started with a network cableconnected to our internet router from home done this we will go to menu ofbolek we will start and leave up to this menu option whichwill indicate the ip address you have given us assigned the router done this we will leaveto our pc and we will press the keys windows and rr at the same time then here isthat we will see against bar against bar and the number of the ip address that we haveseen before in emelec once we have written we will click on accept in aboutseconds these folders will appear this is the tv box some folders that issharing the tv box so we can copy things from all the folders thatyou see this is the most important the key is roms we can copy thegames we want to use our windows we will have to copy them in the respectivefolder of each platform as you see Each game console has its own supernes mega drive once copied gameswe will restart the civivox and already we will have available in the menu in theIn case you don’t want to copy the games by cable and what you want to do forwifi we will have to configure the wifi in our tivo then to do it hewe will be in command we will move to network settingshere we will do the wifi from this section pressing the command and then it would beput the name of our wifi and the password once you indicate theWi-Fi enabled system we can go to our pc and copy thegames the same way I just to explain if on the contrary we wantload games is the pendrive format we have a pendrive with ntfs and onceready we will create a folder called roms within that folder we will create aempty file this way called mueller roms later we will create thefolders on the platforms to which we want to copy games to know theexact name of the folder os I recommend that you look at this page in thewhich details in this column the name exact folder of each platformonce created the folders we put the games insideand well I have done this we will extract the pendrive with windows security and reWe will start the civivox with the pendrive connected at that time we can seethe platforms to which we have put games this way we will beloading games from the pendrive although there are some platforms thatrequire something else to function me I mean the bios files saidvideo files we will have to copy them to the bios subfolder thereinside the roms folder either by network in the micro sd as we have seenbefore or on the pendrive depending on what that we are using to store thegames and load them not extend to explain how each emulator worksbecause there would be a video extremely long but by way ofsummary platforms such as game boy in boy color some games ofgame boy advance nes super nes megadrive master system do not require bios withoutembargo for other platforms as per example arcade neo geo pisen ying sedoes dreamcast or playstation 1 like this we will need to have these filescopied to work correctly on the platform doinggoogle searches i’m sure you will easily find video packswith the necessary I take this opportunity to tell you that sincechannel are not provided nor links from download videos or download linksof roms by private either last to leave nickelit’s cheap game console let’s go to escape the roms is to say getlet the covers and the inscriptions of the games in the menusfor this it is mandatory to have the civivox connected to the internet either bycable or by wifi once we have it connected we will press start on the remotewe will move to get covers we will move to the origin ofthe box with the crosshead moving directed right we will leave the3d boxes option we will move to get covers now we will give thewe will move to systems we will give the to select the ones we want toapply the process that we are going to do in My case will leave us all markedwe will make the bird in command we will move to this start and we will record it inthis moment will begin the process of escape the roms what isdoing is download the covers of eggs and descriptions frominternet once finished I recommend restarting civivox afterof the restart we already have everything ready look at what a spectacular lookhas our ‘low cost’ console that said we already have the system readyto be able to play and if I see that there are interest is it possible that sometutorial than another to expand the possibilities of this system as perexample how to connect to a TV tube or how to refrigerate certain modelsof tv box that get very hot like the mine see you next video untilthen lucas.



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