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can also be hung on the wall if you want it can even go on your roof this is indoor/outdoor but you can see how beautiful it is and how easy it is to set up and we’ll spend some more time on though who a little bit later on if there’s somebody out there that’s saying I do want to cut the cord we have that solution for you with Moe who with the fire stick alone I think you’re gonna have a wonderful wonderful range of new options I think too many of us sit down and we get fed up of all the commercials we get better put the channel surfing we get better but never having anything on to watch with fire you’ve always got what you want when you want so we’re already nearly halfway through the presentation I just want to let you know again you could choose a single pack for $59 or the better value is the twin pack one for the living room one for the bedroom one for the bedroom one for the kids room you name it it’s a great way to bring the fire TV experience throughout the house $99 for the 2-pack is the best price anywhere nobody can beat us on pricing and the reason is because HSN sold over a hundred thousand of these in recent memory in recent history if you are a fire TV fan Aaron and I really would love to talk to you one 866 376 8255 so Aaron you’ve helped us establish that any home that has Wi-Fi we’re gonna be able to plug this in and get access to this entertainment entertainment entertainment access to over 500, 000 different great things let me just let me show you kind of how the interface looks and how it works so I’m using just so you know that you know what I have in my hand here is the remote that comes along with it this is a voice remote this is Alexa enabled you can ask it any question in fact you know what let me just let me just stop from it and show you you know the power of Alexa that’s in like the echo and this show and all that if I wanted to say something like what’s the weather this is amazing your computer except sorry your television basically becomes it becomes your computer it becomes your smart device this is indeed a quad-core computer as well as an entertainment system so it’s Alexis mom it’s Alexis smart it has all the Alexa technology built into it I could say lots of different things let me show you let me just hop back to the entertainment for a minute here though things that we can get into you can get into your silk browser if that’s what you want to do oh we’ve got a video up and playing right now great thank you there’s a watch list if you want to watch movies or if you want to do voice search if you want to do any of those kind of things at your fingertips the weather I just asked the weather or information or sports or music you want the day’s latest news you can you imagine that you can actually ask your media streamer all of those questions now there are some things in this that I haven’t seen in others did I really like one of my things is because I am I’m a Netflix subscriber Hulu subscribe and I’m an Amazon Prime subscriber so different sources have different movies and shows and that available to you how do you know which one is the least expensive to use all the time this figures it out for you I think it is one of the fairest things I have ever seen a business do in other words Amazon could always just try to sell you or rent you a movie when you wanted to watch a movie but they know if for example you’re a Netflix subscriber well let me show you maybe you want to watch the movie trolls so I’m just gonna press the little voice button and I’m gonna go trolls so it’s gonna find Cho so there we go it’s immediate now what this is gonna let me do right away I’m gonna just go yeah let’s watch trolls and it’s gonna say watch now with Netflix cuz it knows it knows I happen to subscribe to Netflix I’ve have Netflix on my system here right what’s interesting is what it didn’t do is say oh with Amazon you can rent this for $2.

99 or for 399 that wasn’t the first thing it did the first thing it did was find the least expensive way for me to watch whatever it is I want to watch so it has this intelligent user interface that makes things so much more simple now maybe you just want to browse Netflix a little bit while I’m just gonna go open Netflix and you know what it’s gonna do of course it’s gonna say here’s now flicks it’s gonna take me in the Netflix and there’s tons of you know all my Netflix programming there well I appreciate those I’m not having to navigate my way around a remote control typing or tapping away ah to a you know a keyboard I just talked to it I tell Alexa what I want to do and she helps find me the type of genre of movie the TV show name of an actor or an actress that I’d like to see in that movie so there’s all to get to if you’re thinking oh my gosh dad would love this for Father’s Day I have great news right now for this evening we’re offering express delivery for just $5 upgrade to guarantee delivery in time for Father’s Day so Father’s Day gifting is still on your mind this absolutely can get there for the remainder of the majority of this presentation now it looks like we are going to focus in on the 2 pack so the 2 pack is outselling the single pack 3 or 4 to 1 most folks seeing the incredible opportunity to get two for under $100 again best price anywhere in the country it really brings you and I suppose that overall better fire experience throughout the house so as I mentioned Father’s Day is guaranteed for just $5 extra ask your representative about that when it comes to being user friendly a lot of us know that Amazon create user friendly products we had a lovely comment here from let me see Carol Needham Carroll said Aaron is it old people friendly oh very easy you know you plug it into the back of your television set up is so incredibly simple and then you can see how easy you know you can see for yourself there’s a home button you press the button that looks like a home and that’s gonna take you to your home button across the top here you’ll see your videos movies TV shows if you want to download apps I mean all these things are at your fingertips and even easier maybe maybe you’re like my mother yeah old people friendly I think of my mama and I think well what movie would she want to watch she’d probably want to watch anything with Cary Grant that’s just what comes to mind because you know mom likes Cary Grant so you know what we’re gonna watch some Cary Grant movies their outlook The Pajama game is right there that touch of mink is Girl Friday cheers for Miss Bishop they’re all at your fingertips I think that’s not just old people friendly I think that’s everyone frankly it’s such a joy to use this and I’ll tell you it’s ironic how one of the lowest price electronic gadgets you’ll ever buy will bring you will bring you the most enjoyment now even though we’re focusing on the 2-pack remember the single pack is available for $59 clearly the valley between the single and the two is just dramatic and I do want to take a few moments out as well just to answer a few more questions because Moe who is that if you’ll I don’t want anybody to be confused if you want more out of your television a fire stick is gonna get you there with no commercials no hassles finding what you want to watch when you want to watch it if you’re looking others and you’re saying yeah but I want to cut down on my cable bill I’d like to even cut the cord completely we have a solution for you people that buy the fire stick often say but what about my local channels what about my local news what about my local sports and whether we can solve that with a product called mo whoo mo who is the industry leader in America today because mo who have said hang on a minute all these folks want a way to get their local channels for free you can do it tonight it’s this right here it’s a bonus Buy it’s actually $69 normal price is 79 but if you buy this with.



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