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that’s good let me check that out that is a New Yorker well I have in my aunt everybody our today’s special which is a exclusive here at HSN it is our fire TV and what I’m doing is I’m giving a great example of the amount of content you’re going to be able to get with our today’s special it is going to take any of your high-definition televisions and virtually make it this monumental resource whether you love games whether you love television shows whether it’s Netflix you have or Hulu accounts we’re going to explain it all to you but we’ve got the best bundle in the entire country I’m Marlo Smith i’m your host let’s get started i’m going to stand up for a moment and we are going to give you a chance to be able to see really quickly before i do what you’re going to get so this is what it looks like and it’s really easy the only requirement you need is Wi-Fi and a high-definition TV we are including an hdmi cable shop it around the country no one else is including that hdmi cable this little box is your fire TV this is what it looks like we give you the remote control your remote control also has a feature called alexa that we’re going to be demonstrating so you’ll be able to speak into your remote control and then one of the unique things that we’re doing today is we’re including an app pack of games and all sorts of opportunities for you to be able to have subscriptions that no one else is offering in the country all for under hundred dollars with free shipping and on 4 flexible payments of 2499 we have Aaron Berger that’s joining us Aaron is our resident electronic expert I’ve been watching you a little bit today mr.

Aaron Berger and we’ve been having fun you’ve been pretty jazzed about this Aaron all day I can tell when you really love something so we’re showing some features Aaron let’s talk about what we’re seeing here okay so we’re seeing some of the features of the brand new fire TV so whether you’re doing taking a look at movies or whether you’re taking a look at television shows whether you’re playing games whether you’re listening to music this does it really is just elevates your television experience so much whether you if you have a smart TV already it makes your TV a whole lot smarter if you’ve got a dumb TV if you’re TV isn’t Wi-Fi or isn’t a smart it doesn’t matter it doesn’t matter i don’t care if you’ve got an old you know TV from 12 years ago in your basement or whatever as long as you can plug an hdmi cord into it it doesn’t matter the only thing you need your house is Wi-Fi and we include absolutely everything else and the other reason i am so jazzed about this is I’ve had another television streamer for a long time and I’ve loved it I mean I used to give TV stream when they first came out I gave them as wedding gifts and is correct he’s a great gamer $99 it is the best gift and that was the price I was paying for the one that I really I gave it as a gift all the time but you had to type everything in it what this has the new voice search for K streaming I can’t believe you haven’t mentioned 4k streaming let me just get into some demonstrations Jessica Lange so maybe you just want to watch the movies with Jessica Lange do you see how instant that is Jessica Lange there’s a bunch of Jessica Lange movies maybe you want to do it maybe you’re in the mood for a romantic comedy romantic comedy its instant this is a so you understand this is a quad core computer okay maybe there’s something specific you want to watch tumble leaf this is a quad core machine that’s why it’s so fat that seventy-five percent faster than previous versions of the Amazon fire which were already really fast and we’re watching this already and we’re streaming this live and this is streaming for the first time ever in 4k now I have to take it one step further yes you can do all of these things searching for movies and searching for song Zack and makeup play music right now but it’s not just that because this has the Alexa power in it when I tell you it’s like a computer you can say what’s the weather in Tampa and it’ll stop for a minute it’ll tell you what the weather is in Tampa or if you’re doing wrong fantasies you can say is there a Santa Claus I mean you can ask it wasn’t him personally but I’ve heard a lot of good things about Santa if I ever meet him out there you go so you can you can ask anything you want and here’s the thing so it’s doing all this and you’re like well what about that movie I was just watching you back right out in your movies playing again automatically why I want to do a couple of things because we’ve sold over 6, 500 of these today and we’re going to repeat what it does over and over again so that you too can be excited about it but this is marvelous we have the best configuration in the entire nation today and it is easy because there are so many different devices that are out there that give you other content but this is even beyond the content and that voice activation is just blows me away because it makes watching television a completely different experience I love that it’s not a big bulky box I like that it is just a small little box and I like that you don’t have to have a certain type of television or you’ve got to hire someone to make a connection all you do is connect it with the hdmi cable and we include that as well is it hulu that you have is it netflix that you have is it show time that you love and bottle amazon prime is it sports that you love are your big gamer you’re going to be able to do all of that more and the great thing about this guys is with free shipping today and it’s only twenty five dollars and it’s also qualifies for an extra flexpay event so if you’re looking for a great gift if you’re like me i don’t often get out to the movie theater as I used to as a matter of fact I go actually very infrequently really get there a lot either movies it seemed like come out so quickly and are so and but if you’re still a movie buff you can say something like who won the Oscar 2016 Oscar frankly there it’s not just again sort of focusing on the movie section of it one of the things I love at night when I’m cooking dinner I grab this and I go play take me to the king if you have Amazon to the king I Tamela Mann there we go loud me some Tamela Mann she amazing yes if you have amazon prime i want to talk about this for a minute with amazon prime there are 250 a lot of people don’t realize that they think that it’s just you know today shipping whatever with amazon prime there are 250, 000 movies and television shows that you can watch for free there are over a million songs that you can listen to for a free there are tons of apt and i’ll tell you a quick story I amazon prime i also i’m a huge netflix fan i watch a netflix all the time but netflix doesn’t have a show it’s called the Americans watch the Americans can just look for it like that can’t I and so I had bought the first season of the Americans I spent about thirty dollars buying it on on tunes well and that’s how Aaron you didn’t check amazon prime i went to amazon prime they have all four seasons for free so the next so I screwed up on the first one I spent thirty bucks Russia no but the next three seasons it’ll save me one hundred dollars not buying those three seasons and you know i’m watching them and they’re on amazon prime gonna pay for itself it’s going to pay for itself so let’s start from the beginning because if you’re just tuning in we’re giving you a look at our today’s special and maybe this is the first time that you’ve even heard a fire TV well today is your lucky day because we are offering it at the best value in the country when you include everything that we representing but it also gives you an opportunity to be able to learn from our expert Aaron Berger so this is what it looks like right you get the remote control you get the hdmi cable and this is your fire TV the only requirement you need is Wi-Fi in your home that’s it and that’s by the way this is completely portable so because all you need is the hdmi cable which most of the newer tvs allow you to be able to connect to an hdmi cable you can take this with you when you check into a hotel if you’re going to be visiting a great house in another city or state it becomes completely portable which is great and if you’re wondering will do i need to have cable or do i need to have satellite or you don’t know a lot of people will cancel those subscriptions i think yeah very honest here’s the other thing there really is no monthly fee now we’ve got a netflix account you’re paying but he looks around if you’ve got a hulu account that you’re paying hulu but to use this there is no monthly fee for it guys so I that’s what I really want you to understand this because it’s pretty amazing what this is going to do we’re include so we include a couple hundred dollars of extras at HSN one of the things we include is a year subscription to feeling what is feeling feeling is an app it’s really a channel where it’s it’s feel-good movie so it’s a lot of like Hallmark Hall of Fame movies popular movies here joy of spring this is one of their categories so sentence instability the beautiful beasts though none go with me or if I help down here to hell Mark Hall of Fame some of the really popular Hallmark Hall of Fame movies let’s go to tales of love so and again these are all we’re at HSN only at HSN these are all included you have a year for all of these movies so tons just amazing content now are you ready for me to blow your mind because we’ve talked about obviously watching all your movies watching all your television listening to music I haven’t shown you playing games yet but but i will show you that and i will encourage you we have a game controller additionally available a lot of people might pick up but check out our living room ok so the living rooms right over there I you can actually control items in your house you see that light check this out turn light off yeah I just did that how about 10 the tub is not turn television off so at the end of the night when you’re getting right when you’re walking up stairs going to bed and I now get it up anything back on turn light on ok turn television on ok good you’ll see them my gosh Mark Hall all the way now let me show you how you’re gonna get that yeah if you look at the bottom of your television screen we have the item number to get that at the bar now we’ve got two choices there’s one where there’s one plug but the better value is to get the one with two plugs so that you’ll be able to do that and so please ask about that I was meeting with Aaron and his team and I was like oh my gosh I’ve got to get those that is so darn cool I can’t stand it so that item number for you for the 2-pack which is what we’re recommending plus is a better value to be honest 485 357 is the item number Aaron mentioned the app pack because we’re including 163 dollars in extras and so if you’re wondering well what makes HSN why buy from HSN versus buying from even amazon explain to you why because of all those apps that were including because of the hdmi hdmi cable because of our free shipping and our flexpay for under twenty-five dollars you get to try it so everything from free yoga to four months this is the one that I like besides for you for a year it’s a really nice program a year I like that one so if you want to get in shape from you know a one year free trial and then of course we’re going to give you a one-month offer to hulu so a lot of these are accounts and things like that that you probably heard of but they all come include it so it gives you a chance to finally experience your television and the very new and modern way and I think that’s what’s so exciting that’s why I really want you to understand this because even for me and I’ve been presenting electronics for many many years things are moving and changing so fast and although you hear people talk about hulu and netflix and a lot of you know what that is you probably already have that at home but believe it or not there is a vast part of the population they don’t know it’s their first kind of experience with it and so when you look at this type of technology it takes a minute it does because you’re like okay well i know they’re saying I our TV but it’s not a TV it’s not a TV it’s this computer that has quad core processors so same types of features that when we talk about a computer exactly but it has expandable storage which we should talk about that isn’t that amazing but having this device that I just drops nice and rug it is really it’s actually really nice weight to it was good and enhance it changes the way that you experience television because it becomes the portal of sort yeah to allow you to be able to stream all of these things that you want well oh no more commercials Simon again no more commercials that is the thing for me oh my god it’s live television three percent of the time that I have nothing about my screen well yeah I mean you know i don’t i watch netflix all the time i watch amazon prime all the time so so any of these like Amazon Prime in like Netflix are creating their own series now like actually alpha house is one that amazon has created John Goodman’s in it I mean it’s amazing like we’re talking about ailis actors and this is the way we enjoy the series now there’s also a really cool feature you see actually this is an Amazon original there’s a really really cool feature called x-ray and x-ray i want to show you how your remote here for a minute there’s your little voice search okay you’re a little ring here to navigate up down and to the side there’s your home button back menu really really easy to use x-ray if you if you press the top of the ring it tells you who is in what you’re about to watch so the actors that are in the movie it’ll sometimes tell you if there’s a song playing what song is playing and things like that and then maybe if you want to know more about John Goodman you go right there it gives you some imbd information on him some of the other movies that he’s in some there’s some did you know trivia down here about him and then you can always back out and look this is what school you’re right back in the movie and at any time at any time during any of this I can say how many calories are in a banana and I just do that isn’t it okay so because remember you got your computer still but that doesn’t stop anything so when you’re done with that boom your movies playing again I want us to stop for a moment because if you’re watching this you’re go wait a minute what just happened he just has about a banana well no no it’s true but I want to explain to everyone you guys have seen that commercial because amazon has this product it’s called an account it’s called an echo and they’ve got who is the actor now that is doing a lot of commercials I don’t know what is his name television I’ll see commercials I can’t think of his name right now but anyway his name just escapes me but anyway there are a lot of good commercials that are on right now but you guys have seen echo this is that type of technology built into your remote control and by the way you don’t pay for it did you hear me you’re not paying anything extra for that so I want you to see this because it’s a lot to take in but this thing is so cool I’m telling you get it at home see what it is about you will not regret it we have the best price in the nation with our exclusive configuration of 163 dollars of apps and other services today’s the only day to buy it almost 7, 000 people have ordered it you guys know what’s up I mean this thing is it really is that is why I almost wish we had more time because it seems like the presentation needs a few more minutes so we can continue to just explain it to you but I was saying and I know that aaron has been showing this it has a microphone at the very top so the fact that Aaron was able to go from that movie and then ask just by pressing the microphone how many calories are in a banana you can do that it really could be anything random whatever comes to me the point is your CV almost into like a complete computer personal assistant right thing but you might do when you are using your smartphone some of you who have apple no siree and now that I haven’t even got into this but it will actually like if I told to put something on my shopping list it will talk to my smartphone and puts me like myself I know I’d be on wasn’t even going to get into the I don’t my biggest fears to give you guys too much information about it there is one thing I haven’t said that’s really important though so not just not just new content maybe you have a lot of content on your computer already a lot of movies a lot of television shows a lot of music there’s an app called Plex that you can buy inexpensive and what Plex allows you to do is all of those things that are on your computer they now will show up in your fire TV as well so it’s not like like if you’ve been using another service or buying movie somewhere else where it’s not like you say goodbye to those and can’t watch those because it just take kind of takes it all together and controls all of the media let’s start again so the requirements to use this in your home or what so what do you need to have Wi-Fi in your house or you really don’t even need Wi-Fi because you need an internet connection though you can plug this in with an ethernet cable if you want if you don’t have Wi-Fi and I know a lot of people you know they don’t think they have a good Wi-Fi signal or whatever you can plug directly in here no problem you plug into your television we include a fork a certified hdmi cable that’s a big deal those are expensive remember this is a 4k streamer the first today’s special we’ve ever done on a 4k streamer so and if you have 1080p or 720p will stream as high as your TV can take no get confused about a saying 4k streamer because maybe you don’t have a smart TV doesn’t matter don’t worry what it ultimately means is that you’re going to have access to that type of content right and so it’s a good thing so but i know because i know because even people here 4k they’re like well I don’t have a I don’t have a you know a high-end TV like that you don’t have it if you’re plugging your cable or yourself if you’re plugging anything in your TV right now you’re doing it with an hdmi cable that’s what you’re going to get here that’s all you can able plug the other thing is uh it’s electric you plug it into the wall that’s it so there’s your power source and then your HDMI this is this has an expandable memory card slot could you download apps to this so when you like tons of games and all that kind of tough and if you want to download more you pretty much never run out of room you can put another 128 gigs in it this is and again I don’t time to get into all of it but this is a USB Drive you can plug a flash drive in here and all of your photos and that sort of thing will top you again I have to show you guys something on the screen real quickly that one of the things that Amazon does beautifully in all of their products whether it’s their tablets whether it’s Amazon echo or and Glen dot or this is they make the most user-friendly and intuitive help menus I’ve ever seen so if you go to help here you could go right to the help videos we’re going to actually watch this for just a minute this welcome at last three minutes will watch it for two or three minutes because I want you guys to see sure this is going show you media please everything it’s gonna show you how to plug it in its gonna show you more than that it’s gonna show you what you can do it’s gonna remind you what you can do how you taught you know you press and hold the button to talk to your excessive how you rewind oyster you saw just a minute ago he’s talking about voice search right now so we have additionally available I know we don’t have many left but we have the game controller and we have a video that we’re going to show you guys on there is it shows some of the video games or some really great high quality video games so we’ll good we’re going to show you the gaming video right now actually so yeah look at this gaming you can do this kind of gaming to do this really advanced gaming though you’ll need the game controller but the game controller still controls the normal screen as well so you can use them both again I don’t mean to give you too much information but there’s also an app you can download on your iPhone or your Android phone you can actually control this as well you can control your your entire fire TV with your phone as well so you see that I’m moving around right now you see that I’m moving down here I’ll move over here Wow don’t even have like if you lose the remote or what you say you can do so much with this there’s so much I wish I really wish our today I’m suggesting that you get it at home you will love it I when we when I first learned we’re going to do fire TV I didn’t fully understand all that it did I really didn’t so I know it may take a minute to to understand it but once you do you’re like that is so cool you can watch the shows that you always watch but you can watch them commercial free if you do have accounts to some of the things we’re going to give you I think a one month or a one-month trial to hulu but whether it’s netflix or Showtime or HBO on the go any of these things if you’ve got subscriptions to them already they’re going to work it’s going to allow you to be able to stream television so the beauty of it is that you watch television when you want to win on your terms which is really the new modern way to do it but beyond that what I’m most excited about is that you’ve got tons and tons of content and it’s so much easier because now you have to do is use the microphone I remember the first versions of these remember you have a type on your remote control and hits a button like 60 type it in yes so much easier to press that microphone and say hey I want to watch Denzel Washington movies or I want to watch something with Viola Davis or whatever it is that you love to watch Viola Davis it is so easy to look at here Viola Davis I’m on the other side of the room right now you guys can’t even see me but I’m still contribs the matter isn’t that awesome look at what you can do or watch the help so you see I mean it just you’re going to experience television in such a beautiful way and that’s why I want you to have it especially because all you need is Wi-Fi most of you have Wi-Fi in your homes already and then you just need to be able to connect the HDMI cable that we’re including it’s an over 200 something dollar value and yes other people have fire TV but nobody has our exclusive configuration and nobody’s gonna let you get this at home for under twenty-five dollars with free shipping and handling so you might as well come on in it is our value of the day I’m going to go over and toss things over to aarons you got to see them you’re talking about living large Erin show everybody how you live in your heart how well you know I I enjoy watching my fire TV all night and then when I get real tired I don’t even have to get up off the couch I just go turn off television good night television turn off light good night world and I’m out that’s it it’s really that easy turn light on turn television on and I’ll remind you guys as we bring the lights back up the way that you’re able to do this is when we still have them available I can’t believe we have any left we were able to load a few extra is with the tp-link smart plug so Alexa the technology inside the voice technology and a lot of the brain technology inside your fire TV is called alexa alexa talks to your tp-link smart plug and turns it off and on so like in the morning have you ever been laying in bed oh I wish my space heater would turn on in the bathroom oh my gosh don’t be so slowly bathroom you could just go turn my space heater on or turn my coffee pot on or whatever alright let me mention this to you because we only have 300 of these remaining for the day I wanted to buy them going to buy this Jamie who works with air and I was saying to her oh my gosh this thing is so crazy if you’re interested in getting this at home and that is going to give you the luxury of being able to do exactly what Aaron did go ahead and buy it only 300 remaining for the rest of the day and we’re providing you with that item number at the bottom of the television screen Aaron mentioned that part of what you’re going to be able to do with your fire TV is it’s got hundreds and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of games and so we do have that game controller if you’re a big if people are big gamers in your life I would definitely pick up that gamer control that’s available for him that comes with a micro SD card too because remember I was talking about you can expand the memory which is great you’re going to be doing a lot of gaming you’ll want to do that so we include them yeah be sure to get the fire TV I really think that you’re going to love that I’m telling you you will enjoy it and we’ve got the best value in the country with the exclusive bundle great job thank you we’ve got a lot i was going to fit together coming up.



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