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so the fire TV cube is the most popular media streamer out there because it’s everything you could want in one device you can control your TV turn it on turn it off ask it questions about the Great Barrier Reef tell it to play duck tales for the kids or baby shark in my kids world or tumble leaf which I’m happy about that one you can have a control lights in your home and do all sorts of crazy wonderful great things and it’s got an all-new voice controlled Alexa remote built into it in addition it’s your media streamer it makes a not Smart TV a smart TV or one that’s got some restrictive smart features that much easier that much more comprehensive and that much more complete it truly does enhance the experience that is your television and gives you instant and immediate access to Netflix and Hulu and Amazon Prime video and all sorts of great wonderful experiences and this is our number one bestseller it’s Amazon’s number one bestseller and today and only today it’s 50% off of our price today and only today you get the best selling media streamer the customer pick here at HSN and a smart plug to start having smart home controlled devices all of it plus some great content for $75 listen if you go directly to Amazon themselves the fire TV cube is 120 bucks and listen it’s worth every single penny we spend 120 bucks to go to the movies right one night to see a movie you don’t love to have people talking and texting through it we’ll spend that at the movies 120 dollars for the fire TV cube at Amazon and it’s their bestseller we’re throwing in a $25 smart plug and we’re throwing in a ton of great content it’s a two hundred and fifteen dollar value and you get it all today for $15 for literally 50 cents a day less than you spend for one rental from your cable provider less than you spend for one disk from that red thing at the grocery store you get plug and play access all you need is Wi-Fi and a high-definition television you do not have to have a smart TV you can plug it into an out smart TV you can plug it into a smart TV and make it better it sink and share and play nicely with all of your other Alexa devices that you have in your home and today we’re not limiting quantities so if it’s an upstairs TV and a downstairs TV if it’s one for you and it’s one to gift as a housewarming gift if it’s one for the students setting up their first home that doesn’t have a cable a subscription and does not want to have that bill today and only today it is 50% off the number one best-selling media streamer and smart speaker here at HSN at 50% off the price for $15 get it home plug it in try it out see what it’s all about talk to it ask it to play your favorite artists your favorite actor your favorite song beg it never to play baby shark again so you’ll keep your stands in sanity ask about news weather and traffic and get visual support on your TV rather than just the spoken controls that you’ve gotten right now it really is exceptional technology it really is like this futuristic experience that we all thought we’d be at by 2020 if you own it call us – if you own it we want the rest of the world to hear how much you love your Amazon fire TV cube and everything that it does for you now my good friend Aaron Berger is joining us to talk you through some of the features some of the technology quite frankly Aaron you and I could talk about the fire TV cube for literally 24 hours straight yeah and they made Minister has scratched the surface of what successes are like 30% there’s so much you can do so let’s sort of just start here what is it this is the world’s only comprehensive media streamer that’s hands-free and has the power of LexA built into it I whisper her name because when you say her name out loud she wants to hear a command she wants she wants to change the channel or find a movie or tell you the weather tell you a joke or navigate for you or do whatever one way to think of it if you’re familiar with other devices it’s kind of like the Amazon echo which is its own speaker this the cube has its own speaker built into it so even if the televisions off you have times you want to the TV off if you want to ask a question or you want to listen to music or you do whatever this still has hands-free has the speaker built into it so it’s sort of like if the Amazon echo and the fire TV 4k had a baby why the 4k fire TV does what this does in that it streams this device streams over 500, 000 movies and television shows new series old series music there’s a whole section here I’ll show you available for apps as well so if you want to download apps in all of these categories business communications health and fitness games magazines medicals movies TV you name it if you want to download the HSN app if you want to download Netflix and Hulu and all of those kind of things they’re all at your fingers and the nice thing is the ones you think you already have through maybe your cable subscription they’re all better when they’re on-demand streamed real link I love what’s on HBO now but none of it’s as good as Sex in the City six feet under The Sopranos I can go back and watch those through the free HBO app you can’t necessarily do that just by turning HBO on you know HSN on your TV is great but you can’t turn to your TV and say I’d like to buy that please I mean you can but nothing’s gonna happen you can do it when you’re watching the HSN smart app through an amazon firetv cube so everything becomes easier everything becomes more comprehensive more on-demand more at your fingertips and it’s both what’s current and what’s past go back and stream friends go back and watch Gilligan’s Island if you want and do it instantly and immediately without ever hunting and pecking with an old remote by simply just talking to it asking for what your favorite actor is doing asking for your favorite song to be played yelling at the top of your lungs when the kids start asking for baby shark so that she doesn’t can you tell this is an issue in my house right now okay it’s fun with kids oh right oh it’s the cutest thing ever might my son my five-year-old son Jack he likes this show called the lion garden we can get it through Amazon and you hear him go Alexa can you please play the lion guard because I love it thank you the amazing thing is she’s so smart she pulls it off even though he said all these please say thank you and you know my heart bursts aright she knows I’ll show you how to do that so yeah maybe you don’t want to watch the lion guard right now who is it give me favorite actor or actors come on Meryl Streep no she saw have you been watching pretty little big little while we screwed that up big little lies she’s amazing she’ll at my shame play Alexa find Meryl Streep here’s what I found so you notice the little blue light came on there which means she’s hearing you and and doing what you asked so we could watch still of the night or we could watch Sophie’s Choice Wow go really going into some classics that I loved the post I thought Florence Foster Jenkins was hilarious The Devil Wears Prada everyone’s favorite Bridges of Madison County Julianne joy you know the thing is she doesn’t mean she made some really funny cheesy ones like I’m a weird fan of death becomes her that’s kind of a that’s the thing it’s like if you went in here to go oh maybe there’s a new Meryl Streep and you find like seven that you love that you haven’t watched in years it sort of reimagines absolutely everything for you and it’s all by your voice control your home by your voice control the TV by your voice play music even when the TV is off it really is exceptional technology and come over here that’s why it is the number one selling media streamer here at HSN and today we’ve gone to the nth degree to make it so exciting so compelling and so affordable listen to fire cube directly from Amazon and these are brand spanking new boxes we’re not selling you refurbished or returns or last year’s know this same cube if you bought it from Amazon directly would be a hundred and twenty dollars it’s only 75 here you get the smart remote and you get a smart plug to start using those Alexa voice commands to turn on and off lights or coffee machines or fans or whatever have you you get all of this today plus your content it’s a two hundred and fifteen dollar value for 15 bucks on any major debit or credit card interest in finance free ships instantly and immediately we charge tax and shipping on the first flexible payment but you get it immediately right now there’s a reason we’ve sold already over 4, 000 fire TV cubes today it’s our most beloved model here at HSN it’s our best seller and it is the lowest price we’ve ever offered the best deal we have ever offered and I think truly the price where you start to go well now I can afford to have it plugged into every TV in my home maybe get rid of a DVR or two or now I can buy one as a gift for my sister for my son who’s setting up his first home it really does enhance any TV whether it’s a super smart new one or an older model that you’re not really ready to get rid of just for Smart feature yeah I know I think you think that’s a great idea that when I first started selling fire TVs they were about 150 dollars right and frankly it felt like a great price to have a full-powered media streamer to be able to do it all with your voice one of the things that you can do with this and you can’t do it with any other media streamer I’ve seen you can turn the television on and off you can turn the television up and down so we’re just totally hands-free it means when you walk down stairs in the morning you know I’ll just show you over here Alexa turn TV up TV doesn’t support that well it does so you see that there we go and they did the the numbers right over here to control the volume and you can turn it on and off as well using your voice another thing now that you have the new remote this is something that’s brand new because remember this is the latest version of the fire TV there’s a power button and there’s a volume button so you don’t need it used to be that you would also want to have your TV remote available to turn it on and to turn it off or to turn the volume up and down now it’s all at your fingertips now in fact there’s just a quick look at it so there’s the microphone built-in which is great so you don’t have to say Alexa every time you want to do something you can just press that microphone and ask there’s an easy navigation easy back easy home menu I want to show you guys two other things real quick and then we’ll get into some things other than watching movies or watching TV because it does so much beyond that one is and this is brand new one is the IMDB TV channel this is new Amazon owns Internet Movie Database and only very recently has this come about there’s tons of free content available anyway but they’ve just added this channel you don’t have to be a prime subscriber you don’t just subscribe to Netflix right you know you plug this in and everything you see right now is available to you and they’re constantly putting in new movies and they’re constantly putting in new television shows so right now they’ve just added Madeline they’ve just added genius that was actually a really good movie just came out a few years ago or the way we were which came out a couple years before I was born the last boy Danny deckchair opens season searching for sugar man that was a host that I had last night Sarah Anderson said that’s a great by the way um free free yeah that’s three free Sandra Bullock is free Brad Pitt is free dang that’s right you just heard Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise are free you interpret that however you want one of the cool things is it also puts these in categories so recently added movies popular movies popular TV if you prefer I actually probably prefer I’m serial television I like Alf where else are you’re gonna be able to watch al for free anytime that you want or would you even find out that’s just it it’s amazing how much is and again these change all the time which is nice you know maybe every couple of weeks there’s new things drama TV recently added one of the things I’m actually looking for something free only on imb IMDB TV so you won’t find these on any other streaming services for free there’s also a whole section of 4k movies that might have passed it now go back and look this is a 4k streaming device and a lot of us know obviously have 4k TVs no it’s sometimes difficult to find a lot of 4k content but there’s all kinds of 4k content that’s available to you as well but you don’t have to have a 4k device certainly not that’s a great question and in fact people asked what do you need to get access to this device you need to have a television and you need to have Wi-Fi and that’s all you need to have you don’t have to have any so you do not have to be a member of Amazon Prime people often ask that now if you are a member of M Prime that’s great that means you give all of the Amazon Prime original programming which is really wonderful programming tons of music so you know lots of things Netflix in fact let’s talk about some other big streaming services like Netflix Hulu HBO GO one of my favorite things about this is if you ask to see a particular show it will find it for you if you have any of those services it will find the free place for you to watch it so here’s an example super popular movie one of those popular groundbreaking movies of last year the Black Panther I’d actually might I might have messed it up by saying that no I didn’t it knew what I meant so Marvel’s Black Panther right you see it right there so we’re great we’re gonna have a night in the families gonna gather around we’re gonna watch a killer movie what’s really cool is you see what this says down here the first thing it says I mean tells you about the movie judge its IMDB rating all that cool stuff watch now with Netflix so if since we have Netflix and since we have Netflix on your blog right now we have logged into arc now right and I can show you all that in a minute if you wanna see it the very first thing it says is watch now with Netflix which of course is is free with the SIRT with the subscription to Netflix now if you didn’t have Netflix the first thing that would show you is what you can do is you can rent this from Amazon no problem $2.

99 standard-definition 399 high-def or you can buy it but what’s so cool it says watch now with the Netflix app is it always takes you to the place where you can watch it for free first let’s just be clear this is an Amazon device Amazon makes money when you buy or rent from them yeah and they’re going no no no no don’t spend your money with us you’ve got it for free on Netflix you’re not being pushed into amazon only you’re not being forced to spend your money with Amazon they’re still making it fair game democratic you know it’s accessible the best way possible and I think some people ask to like a we do you mean what do you mean by when you buy something through like a digital streamer you can access it on any devices by logging into that account you kind of own it you’ve got a video library play where you can go back and watch it over and over it’s like owning a DVD or blu-ray we just don’t have the physical device anymore so once you buy it you own it you can watch it over and over again and you can access it on tablets and on smartphones but I you know downloading the Amazon any devices mm-hmm well and iPad you can do it download the free I love ya video app so you own it and now it’s digitally owned so it kind of goes everywhere I mean this really is it is the future of web streaming this is the future of media streaming because it is a voice assistant it does let your TV give you traffic information and weather for a whole week it does give you visual support for the questions that you ask and play music and by the way when you play music it’ll tell you the lyrics so you can see the awful things you’ve been saying wrong it’s quite fun and embarrassing when you realize yeah monkey hatchet never made it was i singing monkey hatchet at the top of my lungs that’s an Ellen DeGeneres joke but I can’t take credit back but it’s all here for you it’s plug in play simple it’s super easy and wonderful it’s enjoyable by the entire family and only today it’s at HSN for $75 and only today at $75 and you get your first smart plug to start controlling devices in your life and talk to your cube and have it command them for you only today at HSN and remember a moment ago when I said we’d have over 4, 000 already sold well now we have over 5, 600 sold this is there it is an unbelievable deal that you have available for you today and I want you to start to think maybe through the holiday season maybe through to those who are heading off to college or back to apartments in the fall as something that lets them maybe lower their bills get rid of a DVR rental or maybe those that you know don’t want to or can’t afford a cable bill to be able to get access to tons of content to be able to get a high-powered speaker voice assistant and media streamer all in one at a better value than Amazon themselves are offering you know Amazon doesn’t do full tours we do so they give us these flash sales special deals that we’re able to offer exclusively to you as an HSN customer we have a great HSN app so we’re thrilled in lighted to do it because it’ll make it easier for you to shop with us as well as shop with Amazon but only today it’s $15 only today on any major debit or credit card not an HSN card nothing fancy schmancy here any major debit or credit card even PayPal we will ship you a brand spankin new 4k Ultra HD fire cube that is your smart speaker is your media streamer and we even give you your first smart plug included and all you give us is $15 plus tax and shipping you get a 30 day money back guarantee and you get far and away the best value in America I don’t know of any home in America that will not see this as a huge improvement from a more expensive media streamer from the smart features on their TV or as a way to take a not so smart TV with nothing real plugged into it and turn it into the future of the way we view and consume our content I tell everybody frankly I don’t know an electron a $75 electronic that does more that just has more features like you look at this guy and I think of the first streamer that I bought which was you know probably 10 years ago at this point there was $400 and how limited it was I had to pay for every single thing I saw it couldn’t do apps I couldn’t talk to it I had to type everything individually didn’t have voice recognition didn’t have our friend Alexa built into it which makes all the difference because it’s all hands-free now you know whether you’re turning your television off turning your television on turning your volume up turning your volume down something we haven’t shown you yet is the whole smart plug interface so let’s spend a minute doing that you get a smart plug and what that mean did you just plug it into any outlet and it will turn anything yeah let’s show the video and then I’ll do a lot of demonstration you could turn anything on or off so if you want to plug this into I think lights or something that a lot of people do I think a fan in the morning if you want to say turn on the coffee maker before you ever get out of bed that’s a really easy thing to do um we include one of these which is really cool and by the way it’s super super simple to set up I have used other smart plugs that are kind of challenging to set up so so easy to set this up and later down the road if you want to add you can add more as well so here’s an example you see we’ve got a light over here I can just say turn light off and I’m just using you know I’m using my remote and I press the voice button instead of saying the key word every time just to kind of move the demonstrations along but now I could just say Alexa turn light on you see boom there it is so again you do the same thing with fan you can do the same thing with coffeemaker anything that turns on or off it’s as simple as using your voice some other things we could do music is a huge thing so we could say I’m Alexa play thunder by imagine dragons thunder by imagine dragons this is exactly what Brett was talking about a minute ago it is really fun because on most of the songs you get the lyrics as well they look easy so we can sing along if we want if you got KITT it’s really fun for me the kids all the time we’ve got only about four minutes left in this presentation we are at almost 6000 sold today we’ve got callers and customers buying two three four at a time because it’s 50% off our price it’s two for the price of one when you buy from us now we’re gonna run out to the phones and we’re gonna talk to Michelle Joe who’s calling us from up in Michigan this morning good morning Michelle how are you doing today good good morning no do you have Alexa devices in your home already we do we have echo and we have a fire stick and I thought this morning when I got up this was a perfect time to upgrade it is isn’t it’s so many great cool features and it’s nice to feel like all your devices sort of come together isn’t it it is and my children love it my five-year-old loves to play with that I go and it’s hilarious to hear him trying to give her commands yep mine too I made my heart burst when my five year old says please to her I mean it’s really like the cutest thing in the world my three year old she’s even starting to understand her so yeah for families it becomes like a really nice kind of bonding experience watching them interact isn’t it right and it’s lovely to be able to shame a lot of money yeah yeah always and what would you say to anybody that goes there’s so much technology here it’s gonna be complicated it’s gonna be difficult I just I don’t want to get involved with all that no no no my 12 year old hooks up all of my electronics for me and this was perfect I mean it’s so user friendly and my five-year-old can talk to Alexa understands how to work it well I’m listen if a five-year-old can then we assume the 85 year olds can too so anybody who’s afraid of the technology they don’t have to worry about it Michelle listen as a fellow parent who’s got a five year old chatting with my Alexa devices at home I’m always always loved hearing those stories it really it’s amazing to think about how we grew up and how they’re growing up and the way technology actually becomes an enhancing wholesome wonderful part of the way they’re growing up so thank you for your call thanks for shopping with us oh it’s been awesome speaking with you thank you so much thanks Michelle have a wonderful day so we’ve got just a couple moments left and you wanted to show everybody how easy this set up yeah you mentioned that her 12-year old does their setup for you don’t need a 12 year old you can be smarter you can be less smarter than well you’re smarter either one it doesn’t matter it’s this is a very quick demonstration this is the cube this is how you get it you take your own HDMI cable it’s the same cable that you would use for for your cable or for your satellite or for anything like that there’s one place in the back it’s you know the whole kind of round peg round hole thing you can only put at one place boom that’s where that goes and then the other thing you do is you plug it into power and then when you turn your television on it walks you through steps it’ll ask you your Wi-Fi password to last you a couple other things you need two things you need a television that has an HDMI port and you need Wi-Fi and if you’ve got those two things you’re good to go pretty much every home in America these days those are the two things that you’ll have $15 is all you spend to get it home and to try it out $15 is all you spend if you’re like Michelle and you’d like to upgrade if you’d like to add a device to your home if you’d like to control your TV without touching a button know this when this is plugged into your TV even when your TV is off you can still use it for its Alexa controls to ask it questions you can use it to turn your TV on you can use it to play music it’s a great powerful speaker built-in and it’s only at HSN if you are at all curious interested excited about all this technology and just how easy it’s gotten and how much money you heard Michelle how much money you can save today is the day to do it and we have sold hundreds of thousands of fire cubes here at HSN almost 6, 000 of you though are getting it at the best value that we have ever offered it’s truly 50% off I mean it truly can feel like two for the price of one if you want one for two different televisions in your home and most of us have two or three TVs in our home that’s why we see callers and customers buying two three four at a time listen if you go directly to Amazon you’ll spend 120 dollars you won’t get flexpay and you won’t get a smart plug so it really is the most affordable the best way in to our most popular model and to really the best of all worlds coming together in media streaming and smart speaker technology get that for one really quick demo Alexa show me the living room what are we talking about show me the look that’s our studio let me show you what we’re doing you see that ring that’s above us there the ring security camera that’s up there but this is we turn the volume down so we don’t have a feedback feedback it is really cool so we’re using our Alexa to show us what’s going I see you’ve had Lori Leland and this the a lot of the crews over there waving you can use this for many different things so we use it for the ring but if you have an are low or if you have any Alexa if you know a canary or simply smart there’s so many in fact I think a lot of electronics do well because they’re Alexa Connecticut right in the box the hub of the home and that’s one of the things with the new fire TV cube is it becomes not only the hub of your team at home but the hub of your smart home so today is the day join 6, 000 of your fellow customers actually it’s probably more like 3, 000 customers all buying two at a time Wow and upgrade every TV in your home whether it’s a sort of Smart TV that’s really limited in this out or if it’s a TV that is not smart at all and now you jump it to the front of the line of Technology it’s all available for you at the lowest price in America better than Amazon better than the store that says there buys are the best the best value ever on our number one best-selling media streamer it’s a lot of bests the deal is yours to take advantage of my friend we’ll see you back in the next style you know out there not a lot more great electronics so stick around [Music].



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