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oh man it was kind of heavy too and here we have the amazon firetv queueand whether you know it or not i’m a big fan of tech I love technology I lovesmart phones I love DVD blu-ray DVD players I love streaming apparatuses anddongles and devices so on and so forth so you’re gonna be seeing me pretty muchunbox and review a lot of a lot of different things so I mean like you knowI pretty much you know not only do I do action figures but I always love actionfigures I love technology you come into my house you would think like you’re inthe World of Tomorrow anything that’s dealing in the realm oftech I absolutely love so when I heard that they were gonna read from releasethe Amazon fire TV cube I had to jump and get it I’m a prime member sotherefore not bragging or anything but I’m a Prime member so therefore I waitedto it went on sale because I know what the prime deals with the prime day thatjust recently passed that they would have some of these on sale I called inand accidentally was everything like that so no you know just to verify thisto clarify this I am NOT being endorsed or supported by Amazon in any kind ofway it’s just that I do approve of their products because they’re very open inthey let you do what they what you want with them would let you let you installwhat you want onto them so with that being said let’s get with this unboxingso right here you see I got the amazon firetv cube I’m absolutely very happythat I have it and I’m gonna rip the plastic off it here and let’s see what’sgoing on we got that box right here in the box says amazon firetv cube have twodifferent arm channels and and different apps that you can install on side of itand it says right here it says Alexa turn on TV played this play this is uson NBC swimming that ESPN Amazon it shows a 4k HDR Benefiel voice controland these are the features right here you get a likes of Fairfield voicecontrol 4k Ultra HD high dynamic range IR blasterDolby audio quad core Bluetooth and Wi-Fi so I mean you know these are theseare some of the features that it has right here and right here on the back ofthe box it says from across the room just just at the less cover a littlefrom across the room just as Alexa turn on TV and play what you want towatch you can also control your TV soundbar receiver and more with justyour voice just say Alexa watch CNN and turn up the volume yep so I mean likeyou know you got a lot of different features here if you want to pause itand read the rest of this let me let me there we go you want to bother to readthe rest of this you can but we’re gonna continue and I mean it comes in a prettysolid box right here you got the barcode on the bottom beautiful image beautifulglossy image of the Amazon fire cube right here fire TV cube right thereagain you see all the apps you can install right here more apps right thereand again if you you don’t know it’s a lot of free TV apps that you can installif you’re trying to cut the cord or cut the cord as I did I mean like you knowit’s a lot of it’s a lot of good quality TV apps that offer data that alegitimate and legal like Sony crackle here I stay on Sony crackle I mean likethey have a ton of like different content up there you know that you caninstall oh yeah the box is pretty decent I mean you got you know your otherchannels right here that you can download or apps you can download ontothis thing so you know pretty decent box knots are nice and are and you knowtypical Amazon of typical Amazon colors so on and so forth right here so can youpeel this off or you know looks a little difficult to peel off oh no there we gograb the tab right there and boom oh wow it’s already sliding now yeah I love buying new stuff I lovebuying new tell them get yourself away open that up at the nice little Amazonsmile and you know what this box is nice man and honestly before I even open thisI don’t know if it’s because of the components inside but um this box ispretty heavy so we’ll find out so let’s bust this baby open oh okay so we gottacut this right here well well and there wow look at thisyeah this thing is pretty heavy I’m not even gonna liethis thing is actually pretty heavy it has a nice little weight to it wow it’s beautiful too and you know these buttons if you’re notif you’ve ever had in that home Amazon Alexa these buttons are very familiar toyou because I do have one in my house that actually gotten one for my mothertoo and she absolutely loved it I have our acid questions asked you knowthey think you for mind alert nice to mention it’s nice to mention she got theHDMI port this thing is a little bit closer right herehe had the sticking everywhere there we go and yougot the UH what’s that yeah big HDMI port right here your infrared port rightthere oh and you know some people want toleave this on but I want to be able to show you guys the full Full Monty ofthis cube that plastic a pretty tough to get on so be carefulthe court is a pretty sharp too so be careful got the nice Amazon logo oh mygod it’s done in a nice glossy finish and again this thing is pretty heavy itis pretty heavy I mean like it has some decent weight to it you got the rubberstoppers on the bottom got the speaker on the bottom as well and it’s rubberalong the bottom like the the the mat that they are pretty much like the placethe placement that they have on the bottom is rubber you know it’s nice benice and beautiful all the way around has like a matte finish on the top righthere but it’s glossy all the way around and you also have what is this you havea USB right here as well to the usb right here infrared that’s if you havelike IR but you don’t like the infrared IR blaster you have the power supplyright here the HDMI right there and this is for like you know if you got like asound bar or something like that I mean it’s it’s so far I just like to designit but so far so let’s see what accessories came with this thing we’llpush this to the back right here bring this box over here back to some a little bit for you guysand inside the box we have power adapter with a type know within power damagepower death row right there that to the sidewe got you got the IR blaster right here and you can just hook this into the backof this right here it will go in this hole right herethat’s just if you got like a sound bar and all that other stuffof course of which I do but I mean you know I haven’t and this right here isactually pretty cool because they give you like a they give you like anEthernet adapter just in case you want to uh go straight Ethernet versus doingwireless or you only have Ethernet you know don’t have Y this which is likedesign and you have a little arm looks like the yeah like a power supply if youdon’t get it cut everything will be not not to mention for your SD card it’s aton of different options they give you this dongle right here and this is likethe mini USB kind right here nothing in that box nothing in that boxover here you got the instruction manuals right here this right here givesyou a little destruction manual right there and this is right here is your anotherinstruction manual I guess that’s the greeting manual one I just do over thereand this right here says fire TV cube and um and I said it’s pretty much likeall the littlest stuff that goes wrong what else is in this box and this box isimma keep this box so he just box you got the nice little remote right heretake the plastic off right here there’s a plastic and anything that’s here ohokay on the wrapper just pretty much show you how to put the batteries in allright what else does it come with it comes with okay some batteries and Ithink that’s it that’s it that’s all that’s inside the boxyep that’s it so don’t put that box over here we’re gonna put these inside ofhere and then after this we’re gonna go upstairs and we’re gonna install thisthing or pretty much I already have one installed because I wanted to be able tolike streamline this for you put these batteries in here that’s so yeah I love technology I love technologyso yeah when the Skynet finally takes over I’m gonna be one of the firstpeople to go but my house is littered with technology I love it I love it Ilove and not to mention another get off topic but um I love the fact that youcan streamline stuff now I don’t like a lot of clutter in my house I don’t liketo see a lot of different stuff stacked up or so on and so forth I’d even reducemy video game collection down to more downloadable content so I mean like justthat’s just me but I liked small things too pretty much like you know what we’regonna do we’re gonna go upstairs no you know what let me give you the dimensionson this thing so the size of this the size of this cube right here is aboutlet’s see it’s three by three by four by three by four no three point four bythree point four by three point zero and the weight is sixteen point four ouncesit feels a little bit more heavier than that now if you I don’t want to say ithas a quad-core 1.

5 gigahertz a RM 4 by C 853 processor a Mallee 450 mp3 GPU 16gigabytes of internal storage 2 gigs of memory Wi-Fi connectivity Bluetoothconnectivity with the likes of voice remote included and all that other stuffvoice support voice control capability cloud storage ports HDMI power micro USBwired infrared support I mean this thing is packed is packed to the Kindlebuilt-in audio 1.

6 40 millimeter speaker for interaction with Alexa plus 8 Corpit pumps out pretty much like that which would be on the bottom right here did itsupports a ton a ton of video formats like HDR 10 HD no H for H point-to-point265 h.

264 audio is it’s over the roof and it has holes up to 10 you know asfar as resolution supporting I think it’s 1080p 720 64 second 21 6121 60s frames per second everything he just has it all it’s worth it2160p I mean but I mean it’s worth it so let’s go upstairs real quickand we’re going to see how this thing operates okay all right okay and we’re back so I’m finallyupstairs I don’t know how well the lighting is in here because I wanted toget like a good view of the television and I want to see you I want you to seeall the features that it has to offer so I hooked it up into in my spare room andessentially I want to show you as well how easy it is for this uh despite youbecause I’m trying not to say the name because this thing is very very alert Imean like you can tell it’s learning as it goes along but once you initiallystart talking to it and it becomes familiar with your voice and you’reconstantly calling its name it um it responds you can even have a TV it gotto the point we like even a TV commercial mentioned the the the name ofthe product and it just lit up and started doing things because it waslisten to the other TV in the living room so you have to be very carefullike where you place this thing so we’re gonna start it up right now Alexa turnon TV and as you can see both my hands are it takes a little bit of time for it towarm up but it definitely comes on in there you can see it turned on the TV soon and so forth now there’s a plethora of things you can do right here I meanlike you know um let me see oh let’s see Alexa tell me tomorrow’s weather there’sa ton of things you can do she’s very responsive I have had no problems withher arm initiating anything that I pretty much asked her that’s withinreason perfect example um let me say what’sanother command uh Alexa tell me a joke see there’s tons of functions with thisthing there’s tons of functions you can do I mean I’m pretty much notremembering everything you can do but uh I think I haven’t tried it with openingmy Netflix but I’m gonna try right now Alexa show more Alexa show me IndianaJones oh wow and look I can pretty much watch all the Indiana Jones shows causeI love Indiana Jones love them I can watch pretty much watch all theIndiana Jones shows so if you wanted to scroll you can have it scroll Alexascroll left okay Alexa scroll right Alexa show me all the films I can hitthat are free with Amazon Prime oh no no well I mean I messed up on that onebecause I stuttered in between alexxa show me all the movies withAmazon Prime there we go Wowand look I absolutely love it Alexa show me more Alexa scroll right now to playthese films I think let hold on let me seeAlexa scroll left Alexa scroll left again Alexa play Teenage Mutant NinjaTurtles Alexa stop okay and as you can seeeverything is voice-control hands on hands off I can even have her turn atall she can play music so on and so forthAlexa how old is George Clooney and see there’s a plethora of things you can doyou can even have it add stuff to your card in your Amazon um in your Amazonaccount I mean like it’s tons of stuff I absolutely love it so I mean like Idon’t think there’s anything else didn’t need to cover I wanted to play music foryou but last time I had um one of my I did a review and it played some musicand they took it down Alexa go back to home screen there youhave it there you have it and I mean like you can still side lows you canseal sideload movies side load shows whatever like pretty not so much sideload movies but you can sideload apps you can do what you usually do with umwith uh with with with like the Amazon fire stick because I have been an Amazonsupporter in terms of like buying their products because unlike what otherpeople say I mean like I haven’t had any issues with them and they’ve donenothing but bought me joy and their quality products I mean I have a firestick that I’ve had since um I said since they first debuted them and itstill runs perfectly but we’re not like I told you before when I heard aboutthis I was just I was just all for it and I had the Nvidia shield as well soon and so forth but anything at a lower price point that’s pretty muchdelivering the same experience I’m all for so um we’re gonna try something elseAlexa go to settings see and it will do whatever you ask it to Alexa and this isall hands-free oh wow it quit that alexxa open my Netflix see there you goeverything’s within reach so I mean like you know we’re gonna head back down andI’m gonna give you guys my final thoughts on this so far I am happy withit I pretty much played with for like a day or two before I reviewed it becauseI think crime day was like 2 or 3 days ago I don’t know I’m gonna upload thisvideo towards the weekend but I absolutely love it so with that beingsaid I’m gonna head back downstairs I don’t let me see that I cover everythingtrying to think of I covered everything Alexa go home Oh Alexa scroll down yeah it’s allhands-free all hands-free and if you know I’m going to give you another voicecommand so that you guys can see that my hands are nowhere on the remote as amatter of fact the remote is right here if you can see it Alexaah open up Pluto TV okay Alexa play me a song nothing alexxa open sneaky pete for me and see there’s a ton of things you cando with um with the elects I mean like you can have it play music for somereason I hate playing music Alexa Alexa stop so but I mean like this thing iswonderful I absolutely love it I love playing boy playing with voice commandscuz I also had the Google Chrome I also have the Amazon Alexa but I had tounplug that because it would have picked up the voice of me a constantlyhollering Alexa and you know reactivating it in the living room orwhatever the case may be so um I don’t have anything too bad to say about thisthing I absolutely love it I think it’s wonderful it’s easy to use I mean it’sgreat it’s great and you can also have it attached to your other items that areWi-Fi or the other um accessories or your home theater system that you havein here it’s well worth it and I have a sound bar right here but I didn’t wantit to come through too loud so I didn’t pretty much like you know have you guyshear that but it can control all of that it gives you the options upon setup -pretty much like you know install everything loaded up sync everythingit’s just great so we’re gonna head back downstairs and I think I coveredeverything if I didn’t put it leave it down in the comments below but we’regonna head back downstairs and imma give you my final thoughts on it as a whole I am I have nothing but goodto say about this a lot of people are upset about it I’ve been seeing a lot ofbad reviews even before it was released this one guy which I will not mentionhis name he didn’t even have the item in his hand and was already saying oh it’sgonna be bad it’s bad it’s bad I mean for what you’re doing and if you’re astreamer like I am I think it has boarded enough computing power it’ssmooth I haven’t seen any hiccups I mean like you can still side load it or usyou know sigh yeah like sideload apps or whatever the case may be it’s open it’spretty much like open is open to anything you want to do with it it’sjust like the fire stick here and I mean I just think it’s a better upgrade Imean and not to mention me and most of all the main reason that sold me on thiswas affected it was hands-free so by being hands-free not all of my TVs in myhouse are 4k or anything like that my bedroom TV is actually the oldest one Ithink I have in there and that one right there pretty much this box now makes iteasy and more I mean breathe new life into my television so no I’m not gonnahave to get rid of it not saying I got money like that I don’t I mean like butI was really thinking about getting um how can I say a voice controlledtelevision in my bedroom but uh yeah this is this thing here is well worthits weight in gold and it’s coming at a price point of uh 119 maybe a little bitmore and I’ve seen another one which was like a bundle deal where it was um 149and it came with different accessories and peripherals and everything like thatbut you this right here I would say get this no it’s not on par with the Nvidiashield or anything like that but for what you’re doing and the pricepoint that is that I absolutely think it’s amazing also too with me being aprime member I got this pretty much close to dirt-cheap up for what I paidfor two of them for what I paid for two of them for what the price was for oneof them I pretty much got two of them for the price of one so I mean like itwas well worth it because I happen to purchase it on prime day I was on thelookout for it and everything like that I was going to purchase it evil way butthen Prime Day rolled up I was like up got it and I’m very happy that Ipurchased two it’s worth it it’s worth it Ihaven’t seen any hiccups I haven’t seen any stutters it doesn’t lag or anythinglike that it opens video immediately the voice controls um well one thing I haveto say is that well upon me and upon me installing it I had to pretty much letit update but the update wasn’t that long it’s a typical update for any newproduct that you buy um other than that I think it’s a well-rounded well it’swell worth your purchase it’s well worth the purchase it’s well worth its weightin gold and yes it has a nice weight to it and everything like that III love itI don’t have anything about to say about it now as far as like as you can seeright here it’s picking up fingerprints and everything like that but that’s justa simple wipe or whatever the case may be you know just wipe it on your shirtnot saying you should but you know the dry cloths that come with your uh yoursmartphones and stuff you can just take that awayit’s pick it picks up fingerprints right here but I mean like you’re not gonna betouching it anything like that and since I’ve been using it I have not had to usemy remote whatsoever whatsoever so I’m like this video give it a like if youdon’t like this video give it a dislike but so far I am very very happy withthis item I mean I it is it is pretty much like changed my whole aspect of howI stream now this one little cube right here and I thought this right here wasvery innovative at the time and yes I had the Amazon fire TV as you can see Iam I’m a big I’m a big Amazon fan I mean like I love it for everything i order myaction figures from Amazon and no I am not endorsed nor am I being supported ordid they give me this for free no I paid for this out of my pocket but it doesn’tI mean like I don’t feel like I purchased something that I’m just likeoh and I got this now I gotta try to resell it or get rid of it no I’mactually looking to put one in my arm a put one in my living room cuz I have onein my spare Roman now this one is going to go on my bedroomI usually experiment with myself first and then I just pretty much like pushthe lock so if you are undecided about getting the Amazon fire cube I would sayget it versus it I’m not saying the Nvidiashield is bad but I mean like it’s at a lower price point then it’svoice-activated it links up with all your stuff it’s just so many things andit controls everything in your household the Nvidia shield doesn’tyou don’t need the logitech universal remote to use with this thing waysthough with the Nvidia shield you kind of like need that a little bit so I meanleave comments down below let me know what you think let me know what youthought of this review or this unboxing this setup is pretty much easy so Ididn’t rather I didn’t you know do the setup but everything else was prettymuch like you know I just wanted to show you the voice controls the differentoptions and yes you can have a control your stereo system whatever you can syncor whatever sit on your network you can sync it or like you can manage it tomanage to sync it to this beautiful wonderful little device this little cuberight here so I mean I don’t have anything bad to say about it I would sayyou know they’ll pick it up if you’re looking at upgrade it a lot of peoplesaying is it worth the upgrade yes coming from the fire stick and the fireTV cube and I mean the fire TV it’s a definite upgrade I love it absolutelylove it because not only that it’s like having an Alexa as well and like me Ilove my Alexa acid different questions or you know like if I need to make ashopping list so on and so forth I actually order stuff from shop right ohI’ll fill up my um Amazon cart with items or action figures or things thatI’m looking at like I’ll be like so that you know Alexa so on and so forth Alexathis is that any other so I mean like you know pick it up I had nothing bad tosay about it so with that being said that brings thisreview to a close please be sure to comment like and subscribe here onYouTube and share this video also follow us on Facebook Twitter Instagram andfinally twitch for more in Italy dialogue news reviews and gameplay I’mopal nerd thanks for tuning in and don’t forget if you buy a toy and now if youbuy an electronic device busted open Alexa find me a girlfriend okay Alexa can we date yep pretty muchmy life story.



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