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Wow! There’s as much drama on the set of ChicagoFire as in the actors real-lives! Find out what the main cast of the show hasdealt with before the show and what crises have been going on in their lives during theshow as well.

Get ready for some surprising facts! Jesse Spencer as Lieutenant Matthew Casey Matthew Casey is very discreet and aloof, but that makes us love the character even more.

We know for sure that Jesse Spencer is nothinglike his character in real-life.

Just look at his relaxed and gorgeous Australiansmile! Before Jesse became known as the Captain incharge of Truck 81, we knew him, for quite a long time, as Doctor Chase.

Yep, the indulgent henchman of Doctor House, who we saw bend over backwards for him for 8 years on screen.

Captain Casey has much more respect from hisco-workers than Chase did.

But the sweet moment when Chase gave flowersto Cameron, restored out faith in love.

Before Jesse won the hearts of an Americanaudience he made a career back in Australia playing in the sitcom The Neighbors.

Jesse portrayed Billy Kennedy, a teenagerdealing with his love triangles for 6 years.

Spencer is not just an actor, he is also amusician.

He started performing with the AustralianBoys Choir way back in 1998.

But his most famous performance that you mayhave seen was with the Band from Tv, where Jesse played the violin, right next to HughLaurie.

Just like Captain Casey, Jesse had his heartbroken.

Jesse was engaged to his co-star JenniferMorrison aka Doctor Cameron, They were a month away from their weddingwhen they unexpectedly called it quits, and the reason for it has still not been madepublic.

He later dated pro surfer Maya Gabeira, butthat didn’t work out either.

It’s believed Jesse is currently on themarket ladies! Monica Raymund as Gabriela Dawson CaseyDawson was one of the few women in Engine Company 51.

We did not see it coming when the news reportedthat she was leaving the show after six seasons.

Raymund is an avid supporter of LGBT rights, in fact after leaving the show she signed on to the new LGBT-centric drama series P-Town.

Monica learned from her parents, that thrivingcomes through hard work.

She grew up being led by the example of hersuccessful parents, as her father is a CEO and a chairman of Tech Data Corporation andher mother the co-founder of a prominent dance studio in Florida.

Her parents wanted the best for Monica, soshe went to the finest schools that the family’s money could afford.

The future TV series star, studied at Julliardfor four years.

“And after graduating from Juilliard, Monicagot some small roles in series like Law and Order.

“But in 2009 she finally got a big role on Lie to Me.

Do you still remember the hard-core Ria Torres? Monica also had a recurring role in the thirdseason of the CBS legal drama The Good Wife, as an assistant state’s attorney.

She always plays charismatic ladies, thatlook stunning both in a suit and in a fire fighting uniform.

Do you miss Gabby on Chicago Fire? Monica has also gone through the divorce, just like Gabby.

Perhaps it was more painful for her than forDawson, as her ex-husband Neil Patrick Stewart allegedly cheated on her.

In 2014 Monica came out as bisexual on herTwitter account posting a tweet with her sweetheart – Tari Segal.

The couple has been dating since 2014.

Taylor Kinney as Lieutenant Kelly Severide Kelly is nothing like Casey – he is charismaticand some kind of a ladies’ man, It looks like that’s very much what Tayloris like in real-life as well.

Can you believe that after his junior year, Taylor left school and moved to Hawaii? There, he embraced all of the delights oflife in Hawaii by learning how to surf and skydive.

And even worked on framing houses.

As you see he wasn’t planning to becomean actor at first.

A year later he moved to LA and studied businessmanagement.

But the attraction to acting turned out tobe stronger and Kinney decided to pursue an acting career.

And definitely didn’t fluff on that! Taylor first appeared in a recurring roleon The Vampire Diaries.

We still cannot believe it that just a yearlater we saw him in a fire fighting suit.

Meanwhile, trying something different, Taylorfeatured in Lady Gaga’s music video for the song You and I.

They fell in love right away on the set andgot engaged 5 years later.

But the engagement was called off in 2016.

Taylor is rumoured to have cheated on LadyGaga and her song the Diamond heart, referring to her engagement ring, is about that incident.

Taylor also appeared on the big screen inwar drama Zero Dark Thirty and in the comedy film The Other Woman.

Let us know in the comments, whom do you likemore – Casey or Severide? Lauren German as Paramedic Leslie ElizabethShay We loved Leslie for her hilarious self-deprecatingjokes about being gay.

It was heartbreaking to see Shay being killedoff the series in season 3.

Even though it’s already season 7, we stillmiss Leslie a lot.

Anyways, before Chicago Fire, Lauren had herfirst major role in teenage iconic drama – A Walk to Remember.

It was followed by her work in the horrormovie The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

Lauren was going for a bigger part, like therole of Erin, but did not get it as it went to Jessica Biel.

The disappointment of not getting the majorrole wasn’t her only one.

Lauren always wanted to play in comedies.

Instead mainly received offers to play seriouscharacters, like a suicidal girl or a girl planning a murder.

German also played in another horror moviecalled Hostel Part 2 and she did all her own stunts throughout the film.

Despite being brave enough to do the stuntson her own, Lauren says she’s super accident inclined.

She is well known for falling off horses andin her high heels.

You have probably also seen Lauren in HawaiiFive-0 as well, playing the main role of Lori Weston.

Since she left Chicago Fire, German is nowplaying a detective in the FOX fantasy comedy-drama Lucifer.

But did you know that before starting heracting career, Lauren enrolled at the University of Southern California, to study anthropology? We know little about Lauren’s private life.

Before Chicago Fire, she was dating her co-starAshton Holmes, whom she met on the set of The Divide.

And that’s pretty much her entire publicdating list.

But it cannot be true that such a beauty isstill single! Eamonn Walker as Battalion Chief Wallace Boden We all admired Wallace for protecting hisworkers and even putting his career on the line to do it several times.

In real-life Eamonn is British.

Before 1997 he had a pretty good career onBritish television, playing in The Detectives and Goodnight Sweetheart.

But before starting his career as an actor, Eamon was fond of dancing.

He even joined a dancing theatre company inLondon.

Turned out he wasn’t muscular enough and wasforced to leave.

Just look at him now, can you believe that?! After that, he won a major role on the HBOdrama series – Oz, about the experimental unit of a prison, where Eamonn plays one ofthe most powerful prisoners Kareem Saïd.

He even received CableACE Award for this role.

It was a major moment in his career, and headmitted, that: “Not since “Oz” have I worked with a cast like this that’s willingto be supportive.

” The chemistry between the crew was so perfect, that Walker still misses it 20 years later.

Eamonn also appeared on big screen in Unbreakable, alongside Bruce Willis and Samuel L.

Jackson, and Once in the Life with Laurence Fishburne.

Long before Chicago fire, Walker married thelove of his life Sandra and the two have three kids.

Their relationship remains strong even after20 long years.

Kara Killmer as Sylvie Brett Sylvie joined the cast in 2014 in the thirdseason to replace Leslie.

Kara started her career off with Hulu originalreality web series If I Can Dream but the show didn’t live for long.

She had some small parts in TV shows untilshe joined Chicago fire.

Kara is married to actor Andrew Cheney, withwhom she acted in Beyond the Mask in 2015.

David Eigenberg as Lieutenant ChristopherHerrmann In the 7th season, Christopher got finallypromoted to Lieutenant for his credits after passing a test! David Eigenberg’s list of real-life actingcredits is pretty impressive as well.

You probably know him best for his role ofSteve Brady on the HBO sitcom, Sex and the City.

Yep, the one Miranda Hobbs was dating on andoff again, before they eventually got married.

David has also appeared in many episodes ofour other favourite shows, including Criminal Minds, NCIS alongside Mark Harmon, Castleand even Law and Order.

Though he generally plays serious characters, he definitely has lots of comedic potentials, as he was named “class clown” of his graduatinghigh school class.

David got kicked out of college just fiveweeks into his freshman year.

We are still wondering what was the reason.

But he still managed to find his way to success! He’s been married for 16 years and has twokids.

Joe Minoso as Firefighter Joe Cruz Finally being transferred to Squad 3 in the3rd season, Joe had his fair share of troubles.

Joe’s real life had some ups and downs too.

His first high school girlfriend, who wasa theatre performer at the time, once took him backstage to show him around.

Right at this moment, Joe realized he wantedto be an actor.

After receiving a Masters degree in Fine Arts, Joe worked hard to pursue his career.

He was given a recurring role on the Starzseries Boss and also appeared on Shameless and The Beast next to Patrick Swayze.

But in 2010, his career went down: he wasout of work, got overweight and depressed.

He was living in Chicago at this time by theway.

But when his friend advised him to try Zumba, his life changed forever.

That is why Cruz is so fond of Zumba on thescreen too.

When Joe was the first cast for Chicago Firehe moved in with his co-stars Charlie Barnett and Yuri Sardarov.

On the set of Chicago Fire Minoso met hiswife Caitlin, who is a makeup artist on the show.

It looks like Chicago Fire changed his lifemore than anyone else on the cast.

Did you find any new surprising facts aboutyour favourite actors from the show? Let us know in the comments below! Thanks for watching and check out these othergreat stories from OSSA and subscribe for new videos about your favorite stars!.



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