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I’m so conscious at the time now we have 14 minutes until our big surprise I hope we’ve enticed you to buy this it’s a small price to pay for such massive entertainment and massive fund I will tell you this if you if you even walk away to then

you don’t order the fire TV when you do go to actually buy a media streamer be very careful what you buy because not all media streamers are built the same way not all media streamers have as much content not all media streamers quite frankly are as easy to

use or as fun to use or as pleasurable to use this is the easiest and anybody out there who’s ever owned a kindle product any of the e-readers or the tablets from the Amazon company you already know how well made well thought out how easy they are I

mean they really are a top-tier brand this product award-winning newest version is the best that I’ve ever seen an atty yeah this is not the one that I have at home I ordered mine last night as soon as i got affair with Aaron he sold it to me

but the truth of the matter is your television can become this television your television becomes a smart television your TV will have hundreds of thousands of TV shows and movies and games if his kids you know you’ve got granddaughters and grandsons coming over and you want to put

on the kids shows you’ve got tons of them to choose from maybe you love news or sports or whether tons of channels individual channels with no more commercials no more commercials think about that now obviously we’re very price sensitive we all want a good deal we know that

you could buy fire TV from all the financial retailers in the United States and of course certainly from our good friends at amazon we are excited to be able to share with you we are the best value in the united states because this product is is 9995 well

we’re matching that price of course this product from amazon you get with free shipping so so the same with us but we go a step further and we include the hdmi cable you got to buy this you can’t have this without this so if you were to buy

this with that now it’s an extra ten twenty thirty forty dollars we’re including it at no extra charge so now we be come the best value anywhere so if you’re ever gonna bauer media stream aaron you’d buy this wouldn’t you buy it absolutely again we it’s not just

an hdmi cable it’s a 4k certify yes just as a 4k Ultra High Definition medias you really do have to get home and try it out I would get one for a couple of televisions I have a media streamer on my television downstairs and now I have the

fire on my television upstairs as well and really for so many reasons let’s uh let’s sort of take a look through a couple things here one of the things that I probably haven’t explained one and I mean to explain most you might be wondering what what is it

that I’m going to watch if you have amazon prime do you realize that with your amazon prime subscription you have a quarter of a million movies 250,000 movies and television shows there’s one the Americans here’s my story on this I looked for the Americans on netflix actually read

about in the paper that the fourth season was coming out how good it was etc I thought I’ll go watch it it wasn’t on Netflix so I bought a season I paid 30 bucks for it and then I went and looked there’s were four seasons i win and

looked on amazon prime and they’re all there there were available not a Netflix but on amazon prime there’s a lot on amazon prime there’s a lot of original programming there as well so now the next three seasons I’m going to save 90 bucks i’m gonna watch it I’m

amazon prime instead of buying it I know just to that put you put you said to it the Americans look what he did it blow up everything’s movie titles with the word American look that’s exactly right i mean that’s how it worked and then of course just to

sort of go off topic here for a minute i could also go what’s 3,000 / 1675 because because you just this thing won’t stop or how about how do you make a Manhattan see that’s where mites it’s six o’clock on friday it’s six o’clock on friday and this

was where my mind goes again whatever it is it comes out to your mind how about netflix oh we talked about amazon prime if you have netflix i’ll hop down here and to um i have a netflix subscription i know a lot of you guys do it’s obviously

awesome and if you want you can watch all of your netflix things here if you do HBO Go if you do show time but if you don’t have any of those you don’t do any of that there’s still tons of things available there’s lots of things you can

rent and there’s lots of things that are free there’s things that you can buy even when you get into the apps and I just noticed this actually earlier today and it went on to apps there was a section that had like the top hundred free app sure here’s

here’s top-rated recommended for you games popular lists another thing that I liked was here we go these are top free apps so YouTube of course is free playstation NBC so you can watch a lot of things for NBC HBO now that’s a free app always CBS all access

these are all free every single one of these are apps that are free these are the top ones that people download mind blowing it really it really is absolutely mind-blowing what’s available to you and how much is available to you for free you we’re looking categories are you

into business communications education business and finance you love are you a foodie like me this will get you in and show you all kinds of things about different things that you can download different types of fuel know about different types of food will go in here will go

to chinese food and this going to say Chinese food by ITV and there’s something you can watch I mean it is talk about you will never ever ever say there’s nothing on TV that’s something you can never ever say again let me show you one more thing well

one of the things that the ambulances bootiful e with all of it with every single product they have is they do a really good job at making sure they’re easy to use and that people have great help in using them so there’s a help menu built into here

as you can see there are help videos and I love so there’s a welcome video basic troubleshooting or how to remove the cover about movies and TV about games and apps I mean it’s all there but just a welcome video I love this dude this dude is so

smart I’m he just like you could have my job is what I’m a little afraid that he might take my job but seriously we’ll just watch this for 10 or 15 seconds you stream a huge amount of entertained because it tells you what you can do with your

fire TV it tells you how to do it shows you how to use your remote as well as the game controller which we have additionally available tells you about boy search really if you watch this for three minutes you become a pro on fire TV it’s what you

would expect though again from the Amazon company so where are you going to put it is it in the lounge is it going to be in your bedroom can you imagine laying in bed not only you’ve got access to all this you could have your wire free wireless

game controller playing all of the awesome games that you want to play for ninety nine dollars with free shipping and flex we are some rating customer appreciation month but I’m well aware that even in the course of today out of 10,000 orders we are welcoming in over 3,000

new customers we want to say welcome to the family you know one of the reasons why we sell so many electronics is because of this great wondrous thing called flags we take a price already the best value anywhere and we split it up in this case you split

it into four so four $25 we send this direct to your home you know life is about getting the most enjoyment out of it for our free time I love TV I want to say enough is enough of all the commercials I want to be able to watch

what I want to watch and this makes your TV smart this makes your TV interactive this makes your TV your true entertainment center with everything and even in the first even and you know in the 15 minutes that Aaron’s been on this we’ve we’ve covered so little of

what there is it would be impossible to click on every channel to click on every app to click on every game and showcase the wondrous things that our way the other thing to remember about this particular model because there is a lot of upgrades you know the first

is as Aaron said the voice search you talk to this in it responds you saw how quick it is the other thing that I’ve not mentioned is this bluetooth if you’ve got bluetooth headphones bluetooth earphones you could be in bed or sat on the sofa listening to the

content not disturbing anybody else so when we say that it’s the most advanced media streamer it is at any price Aaron we’ve never offered a better product no you’re you’re absolutely right Adam one of the things that we haven’t really talked about much is music and also about

all the music all the video that you have on your computer right now haven’t mentioned that either there’s an app that you can buy called plex yes I’m going to show it to you right now it is there is plex what this does is it it allows all

of them all the movies all the television shows and all the music that are on your computer right now to stream over to the fire TV so you have all the stuff that’s on your computer now it’s instantly available on your Amazon TV as well another thing we

include this is something that we included your subscription to this is app called feelin and what feeling is is feel good good feeling movie so it’s like let’s see the homework Hallmark Hall of Fame movies are on here just lots of sort of make you feel good tearjerker

kind of fun movies tales of love true stories whatever you want to look at that’s something we include we talk about you know the things that we include that even amazon doesn’t this is this is a great example there’s tons of movies here this is like a $24

value so you can’t overlook this for for so many of us this is so much good stuff for no extra charge so you know that’s I think why we’re so excited and why the response is so huge now closing in on about 75% completely sold out folks they

did get a question just come true so we’ll just answer it can you have multiples of these in your home hour and of course the anteroom yes absolutely you could have one in the lounge you have one in the bedroom correct exactly you can’t do I started to

talk about music I guess sorry it’s also known it’s my there’s so much to tell you about this play take me to the king oh I hit the wrong with you know what I did I hit the circle instead of the microphone play take me to the king

I think that was the first today I love the music feature on this I’ll tell you what when I’m you know cooking dinner or having dinner eating takeout order pizza whatever it’s so nice to just sit and tell it to play a lift I can say playing classical

music and it will actually this is another thing that’s part of Alexa it will go in and find a classical playlist and just play that for me there’s there’s so much technology in this alexa brain that’s built into this that we can just sort of barely touch on

but but the music and the music list do you know that you can actually like tell this to add bananas to your shopping list no I’m serious and it will show up on your phone it will show up at your google notes it’ll show up on your list

like you think of it there are so many like little things that I don’t even get into but you’ll learn a lot about that when you watch again when you watch a lot of the help settings and aunt Alexa is only getting better as i said amazon made

a hundred million dollars bet available to developers to develop more and more really cool things I’m going to walk over to the living room to show you guys again if you missed it a really cool thing that Alexa allows you to do well all good things must come

to an end erin has wowed us all with the beauty of fire TV I know in our final three minutes just a reminder we have a massive customer appreciation surprise on one of our big selling products at a crazy lowest price with six flexpay there’s only a limited

number of our belief 400 we’re going to do it next I’m not allowed to reveal it in case it sells happy before we even get there you can tell we’re sold on this completely I will forever say the lowest priced electronic with the biggest bang for your buck

the most pleasure the most enjoyment I’m wowed by what Amazon have created with this not only is it easy and simple Doug Ghana its font I mean this is technology built into it that no other streamers it has could even think about having you talk to this and

it answers questions you ask it to tell you a joke it tells you a joke what’s the weather what’s the news what’s what’s the latest sports scores it does all of these bonuses and all of these extras like any product that we sell if you just want to

try it for yourself if you’re thinking I don’t know we’ll send it to you for $25 plug it into your TV if this does not become your new best friend within 30 days return it for a full refund don’t be scared of restocking fees or penalties there’s none

of that on HSN Aaron for anybody out there who is watching TV and chances are those of f you it’s a must-have it really is it you know you spent a lot of money on your television this takes your television and like makes it twice as good at

least because there’s so much more available to you such as the television anymore it’s for movies and it’s for television shows of course but it’s for music and it’s for games and it’s sort of like a small computer and that you can ask it questions and those sort

of things it also can automate your home you see the light behind me right turn light off yeah there it went see the television over there turn television off yep there it went and that’s because of the TP we’ve got this set up with the tp-link smart plugs

and I’ll turn them back turn lamp on so let me do that again turn light on so we got the light on and then turn television on it really it’s extraordinary but the home automation that this allows it’s a very very smart device sort of well I think

playing movies and playing television is probably primary particularly the fact that you can do it in 4k now that’s really only the very very beginning of what this device does Adam for your home there’s so many gadgets and gizmos that come on the market and and I’m the

same you look at you go yeah I’d kind of like that I saw a great product yesterday Aaron it was a new dog collar Oh two hundred and twenty dollars Oh five dollars a month more than your dog you know you see a lot of new gadgets you

got kind of like that but this is one of those it’s like yeah I’m gonna get that I’m going to get that it’s ninety-nine dollars gazillions of free content games it’s going to change my life but and that’s a big statement but boy is it true for ninety-nine

dollars this will change your life for the better this is a must-have gadget if I may be so bold if you only buy one item today without question I am endorsing the fire TV and I approve this message this truly and honestly is a groundbreaking product that I

think every family every person every mom and dad and grandma grandpa son and daughter is going to appreciate your TV shows your movies your games it’s all in this little orange box as we wrap this up a final reminder well by the way this is the only chance

this year that we’re doing it the reason why we sold so many were beating amazon’s price only while supplies last same price as amazon yes but when you buy this from them you gotta buy the hdmi cable twenty dollars thirty dollars forty dollars ten dollars we’re including this

at no extra charge so now you’re better than amazon pricing we’re also going to include another twenty four dollar value one whole year a 12 month subscription to a great channel called feeling it’s all about true movies hallmark these lifetime movies it’s included at no extra cost siren

when you add this to that and then the flexpay and the extra flex it’s a must-have yeah you can’t miss out on it really it’s a one-day it’s a one-day only we’ve never done it before I don’t know if or when will ever be able to do it

again so I’m excited for all of you guys who are picking up on it our last show the very last opportunity to get it we at nine o’clock tonight thank you my friend thank you my friend thanks for having me time to sign later hopefully we’ll do this

again at some stage and when you do get it home let me know what you think I know you’re gonna be thrilled okay you ready for the surprise no no no no yet we’re going to take a quick break have you



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