Robin I was also watching you on my Amazon Fire HD tablet which is coming up next not only are you getting one of the number one best-selling items from Amazon ever the Amazon fire HD tablet we’re including the Amazon fire sticks you can turn any TV into a smart TV so if you’re like me and you love a world of entertainment at your fingertips it could be your favorite ebooks it could be your favorite television shows your movies your surfing the web you’re going online maybe you’re playing your favorite games you can do everything and so much more with the Amazon Fire HD tablet which on its own is a $149 value we are going to include the Amazon fire TV stick that’s included with your purchase of the tablet this is like getting the Amazon fire stick for free this is how it breaks down once you pick your favorite color of the tablet you are getting that incredible tablet quad core processor 10 inch HD IPS display with a beautiful blue shade so you ever never never strain your eyes you’re getting that with the gorgeous fire stick which again turns any TV into a smart TV if you were to purchase those separately it’s been two hundred and twenty nine dollars but not today because it’s host pick day we’re gonna bring out all of our best bundles this is already a huge customer pick I have the red in my hand but we also have it in the blue we also have it in the black you’re getting everything that you need from two of our number-one top rated best selling products here at the network so what an amazing duo good thing I have Aaron Berger here our electronics expert to tell you everything you need to know morning because this is really an opportunity no one else has these two products together for the price of the tablet alone that’s exactly right it’s an exciting morning if it were just the tablet here’s the thing about this tablet I’ve sold every great tablet brand I’ve been lucky enough to sell iPads and I’ve sold Sony and Samsung I mean those are all wonderful products I will tell you that while you can pay a lot more for a tablet you can’t get a you literally cannot buy a better tablet than this tablet and some of the things that set it apart number one this has hands-free Alexa built into it so you know that Alexa technology right that from the echo and the tap and all of those different devices well that’s built in here and it’s built in the only tablet where it’s built in hands-free so I can just say something like Alexa open help hears help anything you want to do you just tell the tablet you don’t have to touch it first you don’t have to alert it and that’s not true on any of the other any of you even the Fire tablet that’s not sure you have to tap them in order to use Alexa now here’s the next thing I opened help this comes with a lifetime of help and support it’s the only tablet that I’ve ever sold that has a lifetime of help and support built in so for example maybe you want to watch some videos about your emails and your calendars in your contacts or watch a video about how do you set this up with Wi-Fi or even use Mayday you see the thing at the bottom there that says made a powered customer support with screen sharing a little representative Alexa come on your screen and show you how to use your tablet so if you’ve never had a tablet before if you’re whether this is an upgrade and this would be an upgrade for almost anyone whether this is an upgrade for you or if you’ve never had a tablet before it’s the tablet to get because it literally teaches you how to use it again just being able to use Alexa just being able to ask things so I can say Alexa open facebook you don’t really even even really have to be able to find your apps anymore you can open Facebook like I just said or you could say Alexa open Netflix so all the things that you do on your tablets are you do on your computer’s whether it’s email whether it’s video or games or shopping or apps or music incredibly easy to use quad-core in fact maybe we’ll take a quick look at the features and then I’ve got it I have to save myself some time because we have to talk about this little guy that comes along as well the Amazon fire stick which by the way is Amazon’s own number one selling product of all the things they make the echo in the show and the fires have the number one selling product of the Amazon stick which I’ll show you the fire TV stick which I’ll show you in a second quick look at the features tablet has one of the most beautiful beautiful screens and I’m gonna show you it of course I’m going to show you more it’s called a laminated and bonded screen it’s a 10.

1 inch full high-definition display screen nice big battery life 10 hour battery life 32 gigs of built-in memory and you know what else it has an expandable memory card slot where it’s expandable up to 256 gigabytes the largest expansion capability I’ve seen last thing I’ll show you here in my sort of great wonderful this live program right now on this tablet right um that’s how good that HD screen is Alexa play tumble leaf and that was exactly one of the things that I was just about to show you guys I’m gonna go into a movie here it this is a kids movie but look at the color look at the quality of the color for just a minute I mean you can spend on ha our money on tablets and not get that kind of quality it’s because this is something that’s called laminated and bonded it’s the only tablet I’ve ever sold with this sort of screen where it takes out the extra layer of air between the screen and the components behind it then make the screen more responsive more reactive and just give it a more beautiful look it’s also in-plane switching so every single angle at which you can look at this tablet you’ve got a great view if you’re watching movies with your kids if you’re playing games with your husband whatever it is you might be doing on the tablet not only is it easier to use not only is it the only tablet with built-in hands-free Alexa and have hands-free calling which I’m going to show you in a minute but it also has this fabulous laminated and bonded screen and I’ll remind you another big big thing a lifetime of support so any question you have forever you know you’re you’re seeing these great demonstrations that we’re doing work and you’re gonna see more in a minute we’re gonna make I’m actually going to call make phone calls with this just using my voice and if you get this home and you think well I’m not exactly sure how he did that you’ve always got a place to go to find out how and to do that for free and it really is such a great tablet I mean this is a beautiful tablet and in its own right it’s worth $149.

95 if that’s all you want today go ahead you can buy the tablet on its own your choice of colors in the red that beautiful marine blue or we have it in the black it’s worth a hundred and $49.

95 just for the tablet on its own but here and only for today only for host pick are we including the amazon firetv stick that is this little magic wand that turns any TV into a smart TV it also cops at the alexa voice search remote which is another amazing find that again is not something you usually get when you buy a tablet off of amazon that’s the number one best-selling product on Amazon today the fire TV stick let’s talk about that briefly okay and explain what you’re getting because there’s nothing I love more than watching my favorite shows and when I want to watch them I want to watch them now the what you can do pretty much any show over 500, 000 shows at your fingertips you plug this into your TV the samuel on fire stick it’s a media streamer what’s a media streamer it’s a device that brings over 500, 000 movies over 17, 000 channels to your television you simply plug it into the side of your top of your TV it’s built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and you can stream over 500, 000 movies and TV shows including access to Netflix to Amazon video to Hulu to HBO GO all of that high-definition content on the 1080p and it’s all done by voice search as well so it’s so simple to use it’s a point anywhere remote really simple setup I am gonna show you guys that in just a minute I really am because it’s one of my favorite things to show I wish I had 25 minutes to talk about this and 35 minutes to talk about this but I don’t I’ve got about 10 minutes left to talk about both of them and my pick because I can talk fast that’s why I’m number one let’s talk about here I want to show you something you’ve never seen another tablet do and you probably never will it’s a brand new feature that was just introduced only one other time have I shown it so I’m gonna have to ask you to help me my god here Sarah you’re gonna hold the tablet like this you guys see what this is mmm this is a phone this is just a phone and this is the tablet that I’ve been using and I’m gonna use it to say alexxa call host so you see just you’ll see here in just second okay so it’s calling host and you see what’s happening on this phone at the same time a phone call is incoming from Aaron Berger from my other tablet so I’m gonna actually answer this for you I’m gonna just answer this and I’m gonna then I’m gonna turn down the volume so we don’t have like a crazy volume and then you can just point that towards yourself there I just talked to me yeah and we’ll get it okay so what did I just do what’s going on I just use this tablet to make a phone call so oh yeah I’m perfect great we can see Sarah perfectly I just use this tablet too that might be my saw you can do it that we do okay so chase each other I used this tablet to make a phone call using my voice I could have said call mom or called a dork also and the tablet actually calls it well it’s not just that it will call other tablets it actually makes a phone call you notice that this was calling that cell phone right so this will call a landline this will call a cell line this will call any phone line Wow anybody that has a phone number it will call any tablet it will call again a landline or a cell phone line so I think there’s a really cool safety thing there if this is a tablet the kids have or it’s a tablet fit maybe someone in an assisted living facility or an elderly loved one has you can have that sort of peace of mind of knowing if they ever simply say out loud call Erin it’s gonna call you on all of your devices and get in touch with you like that I don’t know another tablet that can make a phone call that’s not a service that you pay for that’s not something additional you just have to be on Wi-Fi in order to do it that’s a brand new feature and it’s only on the fire 10 that is really amazing and you don’t have to like plug this in right what don’t charge it no no what you’re 10 it’s free 10 hour battery life yeah it’s Wi-Fi and bluetooth compatible both I think one of the things and again as you’re watching you’re thinking but but what how would I know how to do that when I get home like how do I set up that call you know first of all it’s so simple I mean the reason that the fire tablets are some of the top-selling tablets in America is because their operating system is ridiculously simple look look look how easy this is across the top if I want to be in my for you section which is actually where it recommends new things for me I just slide to it or go to my home area or books you know Amazon originally was really known as a book company price is still one of the best readers out there or video or games or shopping or apps but watch this Alexa open help any time you’ve got a question any time you need help whether you want to watch the help videos there’s a dozen different help videos that are built in that’s an easy thing to do or go to tutorials or if you want phone and email help or even help but it’s something called Mayday where someone will come on your screen and God they can see your screen and guide you through what you’re doing I think that’s one of the biggest keys with this tablet is it helps you with a lifetime of help and support in a way that no other tablet I’ve ever seen does so just kind of break it down what can you use a tablet for sure in case you haven’t had a tablet before is it similar to like us right so for example Alexa open email well it’s funny this this is more similar to a smartphone than any tablet I’ve ever sold cuz this can actually make a phone call as well you know it does make phone calls for you anything if you want to open email if you want to do your email if you want to be on Facebook Alexa open Facebook if you want to watch movies you know you’ve got your Netflix on here and you’ve got your Hulu on here if you’re an Amazon Prime member or are they already there great question so you go right to this it is so so so easy to use you see across the top here it says books and games and all that if you go to apps that’s where you can download any of your apps this has the Amazon App Store which has hundreds of thousands of apps that are designed specifically for fire tablets so frankly they run more smoothly could be news it could be sports it could be the weather app entertainment entertainment games it could be things for the kids yeah it could be in fact my little nephew George was I got to hang out with him yesterday and he said can you download games for three-year-olds so it could be games for three-year-olds whether it’s yours whether it’s entertainment your music okay I mean there are could you put your music on photos apps absolutely you can and you can sync all of those things very very simply you just download the photo app or the music app or if you have Amazon Prime music all that music stream see automatically now what if you already have a Kindle because one of the reasons I pick this is because I’m a I’m a huge book lover I’m always reading like a couple books at once I have a Kindle but it doesn’t have access to the web yeah so a great question you can transfer everything from your Kindle account really easily and there’s even when you go to the help area there’s a whole help area on how to do that we include a cable you could plug into your computer or plug into your Kindle or you just go to your Amazon account and then you just or you download directly your everything you already have on yours on your Kindle on your new Amazon fire tablet which is powered by Kindle so they they work hand-in-hand sync if you don’t have a great tablet if you’ve been looking for a great tablet or the kids fighting over computer time this summer you know they’re finally out of school they want to play their games they want to go online they want to do their social media they want to surf the web this is everything that you need it is one of the best tablets in the business and it’s on its own a hundred and forty nine dollar value try to add up these features if you’re comparing doesn’t have a 10-inch screen doesn’t have a ten-hour battery life does it have front and rear facing cameras does that have a 32 gig hard drive which by the way is expandable up to 256 gigs does it have this beautiful gorgeous HD display does it have that Alexa hands-free assistant does it have that phone calling option if it doesn’t then you probably don’t have the Amazon fire tablet again it’s worth every penny for one 49.

95 today you’re getting in the fire TV stick included and I can’t imagine going home and watching regular television without access to my Netflix to my Hulu to my HBO or my Amazon video whether it’s ESPN or NBC News that is a little magic wand that turns any TV into a smart TV so you’re getting you’re getting both you can keep one and you can give one you can give your tablet to your nephew and you can keep the fire stick for you but really the opportunities are endless and it’s only one day with the free shipping the extra flex pays all you do is choose blue red or black and we’re giving you everything you need are two of our customer picks two of our number one best sellers here at the network so I can’t imagine a better duo but when we were saying I dare you to compare Aaron has done just that you’re comparing this tablet to another yeah I want to do that quickly and then I’m gonna run over and show you guys some some amazing things from the Amazon stick which we’re including which is Amazon’s number one selling product this is your screen you know I told you guys earlier I’ve sold Sony and Samsung an iPad and I would put this screen up against any screen at any price and really literally tablets that are three or four times the price this is not just high-definition its high-definition in-plane switching it’s something called laminated and bonded so it responds better to your touch there’s less air between the screen itself and the components behind it this is a high-definition tablet next to it as well you can see I mean right away it’s obvious just the clarity the brightness etc but this is where and I wish I could spend more time on this come to your TV’s though guys you’ve got to come look at your television to really get this this is your new tablet when you look from the side this is another high-definition tablet it’s gone you you can’t see anything your tablet you can see from about a hundred and sixty seven degrees so when you’re playing games with your kids or watching a movie with your honey or sure you know how you always show things and you come look at my tablet come look at this and people take it out of your hand it’s because they don’t have the perfect angle you always have the perfect angle serán are gonna run over to the TV to show you a little something cool over here I’m grabbing fair and mooner all over the studio because this is this is a kind of a twofer so that we’ve been talking about the tablet I have to spend just a minute talking about the Amazon fire stick when you plug this into the side of your TV your TV becomes the smartest TV in the world it’s really at it becomes a TV and a computer so let me show you what I mean by that I’m gonna start by asking miss Anderson who’s one of your favorite actors or actresses Little Miss thespian over there no pressure let’s see okay Julia Roberts I’m gonna go Julia Roberts this is a voice-activated remote point anywhere remote that comes along with it I said the word Julia Roberts and now we could watch Mona Lisa smile or something to talk about or breathe or sleeping with the enemy or my best friend’s wedding or Notting Hill or duplicity you get the idea right so I’m just thinking maybe since we’re in this category maybe we don’t only love Julia Roberts maybe we love romantic comedies you can ask for any actor any actress you can ask for any style there we go the broken hearts club a romantic comedy this is a prime original if you happen to be an Amazon Prime member Mozart in the jungle and on and on and on and on if you love holiday movies then this is the last demo I do in this vein you want to watch holiday movies all the time you want to have your own little Christmas in July there’s the holiday and there’s all kinds of different movies about the holidays I think you get the idea moving back for a minute just to the interface so you have Netflix on here if you want to if you want to just start a movie whatever movie comes your mind I would say play Manchester by the sea this has a quad-core processor inside it streams in beautiful 1080p high-definition you saw that literally in seconds we’re watching a movie and if while I’m watching me and Chester by the sea I decide I want to ask a question like what’s the weather remember this has Alexa technology built in it so if I want to ask what’s the weather I can actually you know stop and it will tell me what’s the weather I could ask what’s the traffic like I could ask any question that you would ask any computer or any Alexa enabled device I have a remote at home I can’t talk to it I have to type in everything and I have to scroll through the entire alphabet for every single letter to get the name of the show or the name of the movie or the name of the actor so I love that you can talk to this remote and then tell us again how it works if you don’t have a smart TV you just now you do all you do is you plug this into the you need you need to have an HDMI port on your television which pretty much every TV in the past 10 or 12 years has one and you need to have Wi-Fi in your house period so all you need is an HDMI port and you need Wi-Fi that’s right voice search and Alexa come along with it this point anywhere remote allows you to talk to and it’s a voice-activated remote allows you to stream and to use the the media stick compatible with fire Android and iOS it’s really easy setup I want to do one other quick demonstration over here and then we’ll just run back to wrap it up at the tablet and that is one of the things I love is if you’re in Netflix a subscriber like I am or who subscriber or whatever this always finds the least expensive way for you to watch whatever you want often free so and I said there are over a half a million over 500, 000 movies and television shows available so I’m gonna say find trolls maybe you want to watch the movie trolls with.



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