I mean I’m shopping I’m checking things actually was looking at the fire TV stick right now in Amazon it’s a $40 buy that’s a $40 bonus I mean that’s a top-of-the-line fast media streamer I’m not digressing it comes with your purchase we’ve never done this before my good friend Marlo Smith couple hours ago she was like I bought this tablet a couple months ago I didn’t get a fire TV station I mean this is why you come and join us for host pick this is why we as hosts get kind of giddy excited about it because we get to spoil you we get to offer these values and these packages and these experiences that really don’t exist anywhere else in retail only for these two select days this is our Christmas right here right now at HSN and it’s a wonderful time to treat yourself to treat your kids to treat to treat the grandkids to something that’s educational something that’s entertaining something that’s really immersive and exciting but if you want it you got to be quick to go with over 2, 000 50 ordered it is getting down to our final supplies it’s a customer pick even before we throw in the customer pick fire TV stick to go along with your purchase all you do is choose whether you want marine blue punch red or classic black there are less than 500 left in each color you’re getting all sorts of bonuses included with your purchase today it’s over 225 dollars in value for 25 bucks a month on any major debit or credit card and this is the last presentation there is no final encore of this offer with Colleen to close our host pick event so this really is your last moment to get what we’ve selected is what we believe will be the most enjoyable in addition to the most affordable tablet you can buy from us I want to show you guys a feature that no other tablet has or none that I’ve ever seen so I’m gonna enlist Brett’s help to do this if you would just hold this tablet just like so towards our front cameras and I’m gonna hold this phone this is the right line so this has something called hands-free calling built-in I’m gonna say Alexa call host so it’s calling the host right now so what you’ll notice is that that’s going to come up not only on Brett’s tablet but also you’ll see in just a minute here there’s a phone call from Aaron that’s me coming through I’m actually going to answer this for Brett I’m just gonna turn the sound off so we don’t have any reverb in in Brett you can just you and I can have a little conversation here yes I want y’all to see so it’s cool what I just did with call hi just I simply told the tablet to call the host this would ring this would call any light or if I said call Brett or whatever it would call your home phone it would call your your cell phone it would call your tablet call all of your devices one of there’s a really nice safety feature built in there if you know if this is what the grandparent or someone who yeah that’s you know movement issues or whatever it’s nice that if they can’t get to a device they can just say Alexa call it’ll do what about teaching it to your kids I mean I’m not gonna make me I’m not even my kids a cell phone yeah I agree so we’re gonna pay in that bill yeah this is a free way for them to call finger too long ease their on Wi-Fi so and it will call not only will it call other tablets not just Amazon tablets it it could be iPad it can be Android they just have to download the Amazon application but it will also call again home phones and cell phones that is really cool so that is a bonus that’s built into this model I mean that could save you money that could be personal safety that could be a way for you to have a call for somebody who does not necessarily have a cell phone and yet it’s still a super fast super lightweight super long lasting battery like I think a lot of you you bought a tablet when they first came out it was kind of slow on a 7-inch screen and the screen is now cracked and the battery life is kind of gone and it’s kind of relegated its way to the bottom of the drawer and you’ve gone well I guess you know tablet really wasn’t all that exciting wasn’t for me try this one try this one when you travel try this one on the road trip tried this one on the plane give this one a go because I really believe it’s easier to run it’s faster it’s longer-lasting it’s more durable you will find yourself using it more than your cell phone you will find yourself watching movies again on a tablet and taking it with you when you travel it won’t become a last minute well I guess I need a boredom Buster kind of whatever product it will become something you truly love and cherish it will keep you better connected to friends and family members it will allow you to hear about a great book and go books downloads start to read will allow you to hear about a TV show and go TV shows downloads start to play it will keep you from yes being bored and the kids being ancing in the backseat of the car and the kids actually doing something educational for themselves and you put a game in their hands but it really will like see the expectations of other tablets you’ve had whether you’ve spent $100 $500 up to $1, 000 this is really the most loyal trusted beloved brand of tablets that exists today I would put it up against any tablet at any price in terms of its durability in terms of its speed its performance its screen quality especially and that’s where a lot of tablets get you this is the highest screen quality I’ve ever sold and you know I’ve been here at 12 12 12 years I’ve sold just about every tablet we’ve ever had this is your new tablet this is a really nice tablet this tablet is a couple years is probably two years old down with a 199 when we sold it for just the tablet this is a high-definition screen but look at the difference your screen is high-definition in-plane switching and it’s also something called laminated and bonded which makes it so much more responsive compare that to a 7-inch screen by the way just a quick comparison this is about three times the size of a seven-inch screen and when you look at it from the side they come to your cheap television for just a minute if you’re just sort of listening with one ear we all do that I do that too all the time when I’ve got the TV on you have to come watch for a minute this is your new Fire HD 10 tablet when you look at it from the side notice the other tablet which is a high-definition tablet it disappears so if someone was trying to watch a movie with you you’re trying to play a game with your kids or whatever it’s it’s gone it’s no good from the side your tablet you can see from like 167 degrees so the experience of using the tablet particularly with someone else or when you’re on planes trains and automobiles they can’t necessarily get that perfect ideal angle Brett you always still have a great view because of the quality of the screen now I think some people think oh I have to be an Amazon user or I have to have Alexa devices I have done a prime account to get this tablet to use it to its best now there’s a ton of content and bonuses and access to Amazon’s stuff but you do not need an echo you do not need other Alexa devices to use the Alexa features that are on here you do not need an Amazon Prime account to enjoy using an Amazon fire tablet they just built something better I mean they want you to happen to have an Amazon experience but they built it so that you can get access to ebooks in an easier way so that you can watch TV shows in a better way so that you can but a tablet in the hands of the kids so becoming a tablet in the bottom of the beach bag so that it can live its life with you instead of spending hundreds of dollars on you know fixing a screen because you just wanted it to go with you to the to the beach because you just wanted to be in the hands of the grandkids on the road trip and they were clumsy or they dropped it or you know it just is a better longer-lasting easier more enjoyable experience and our price I just have to remind you all for anybody that’s looking to gift a tablet for anybody that knows that they need one for going back to school in the fall for anybody that just feels like they’ve not been as accessible before today with a firetv stick thrown in free of charge in its own separate box this is a steal of a deal for a tablet that will exceed your expectations regardless of price we are starting to get limited here black is our most limited now there are now less than 400 remaining in black marine blue is our most popular and there’s no less than 500 remaining there over 2200 of you have ordered this tablet have taken advantage of getting a free $40 fire sticks to go along with your purchase getting a higher memory larger screen model that’s still expandable there’s no sacrificing here we are just giving you what we believe will give you the best results the ease of use and the longest lasting experience you’ll have because of how durable the tablet is oh by the way why is Aaron standing by the TV not because he’s demoing the tablet anymore well because we’re giving a free customer pick top-selling media streamer to go along with your purchase this is the other device that you get I mean we could spend you know an hour probably on each of these items but I have about five minutes left so I want to at least come over and talk about this for a minute this is called the fire stick so this is your fire stick you pop this into your television all you need is an HDMI port on the side of your TV this goes in the HDMI port and as long as you have Wi-Fi you’ve now turned your TV into the smartest TV you’ve ever seen you have instant access to about five hundred thousand five hundred thousand movies and television shows about 17, 000 channels a lot of people are cutting the cable they’re getting rid of their kit monthly cable and this is one of the way that they’re doing them you have all of your shows all of your favorite programs at your fingertips now are not even necessarily at your fingertips you do have this point anywhere remote to use but even at the end of your voice oh I’m gonna ask Bret I know the answer already unless he might throw me a curveball who’s your favorite actor or actress well I did just go see the new Incredibles movies so let’s say samuel l.

jackson okay here we go that’s good one that’s what we haven’t done before so this is voice-activated all the searching on it and it’s instant so I’m gonna press this little button right here and go samuel l.

jackson and this is searching through those do you see how quick that was you see that name that’s what we’re going for right searching through those five hundred thousand movies and now we can watch big game or the Sunset Limited or twisted or 51st state or on you get the ID instant just like that just see a show code everything is Samuel Jackson’s fault I guess so so if okay so something grabs your eye that’s just it you can watch it right away that’s one of the keys maybe you do not have to have an Amazon Prime subscription for this but maybe you have an Amazon Prime subscription maybe you have a Netflix or Hulu subscription this is compatible with all those so as I go back to my um main screen here you see here’s Netflix and in fact this will even show you the least expensive way to watch whatever it is you want to watch so maybe you want to watch the movie trolls okay so I’m gonna go find trolls notice I didn’t have to type in anything I didn’t have to sort of manipulate there any difficult keyboard there’s trolls again it’s a media this is a quad-core processor inside this little fire TV stick that makes it so fast so I’m gonna go alright let’s watch trolls and the first thing it’s gonna tell me is that you can watch see right down here watch now with Netflix because I have Netflix loaded it knows that I have a Netflix subscription and that’s cool so I didn’t I could rent it now I do want to let everybody know the hundred and fifty dollars you’re spending today is not on the media streamer that you just saw demonstrated with voice controls that’s free that’s included with your purchase that is a bonus that we are throwing in when you buy your brand-new 10 inch high-definition tumble test drop test quad-core processing dual camera best-in-class America’s Sweetheart tablet that demo that Aaron just did is on the bonus product that’s included with your purchase over 2300 have been sold with everybody on the phone there are a thousand left that’s it it is officially our last call and more importantly than the value in the bonus and the flex pay for only $25 with free shipping and handling is this the tablet that will keep your kids entertained that won’t break and then you make you feel like you wasted your money it is the tablet that will get you really gain and connecting with the digital world it is the tablet that you will actually take with you on the plane and on the road trip and use instead of the little tiny rinky-dink screen that the airline gives you it’s the one that the kids will have on the train and will take to school in the fall it’s the one you’ll feel comfortable putting in their hands because it didn’t cost you $800 and because it’s not delicate it’s meant to be lived in that’s why Amazon built this tablet the way they did and that’s why it’s a customer pick it’s a smart way to invest your money in electronic that’s built to live your life the way a tablets meant to be lived in the bag on the go always there for yeah you don’t have to baby it yeah and another great thing about it is it grows with you so many of us have purchased really nice pads and really nice tablets that have fixed memory this has expandable memory so there’s 32 gigs of built-in memory but you see on the side here you see what this is this is an expandable memory card slot so you can put up to a 256 gigabyte card in here so when you want to download more movies and more games and more music and all that kind of stuff and if you want to have it instantly available on a card all you do is pop a little micro SD card in there um it makes your tablet longer-lasting it makes your tablet um you know less likely to get filled if you’re sharing it among family and that sort of thing again I want to remind you this is the only tablet that has hands-free Alexa the 7-inch version the fire doesn’t the 8 inch version the fire doesn’t this has Alexa calling as well so for calling and messaging that’s really great and then finally the lifetime of support we have a support still we might even be able to show you guys if you have any questions you can just go Alexa open help you have access to videos to frequently asked questions you can email you can even go to Mayday and have instant contact with a support person who will be able to see your screen and can help you navigate so we are in our final few seconds on our presentation it is last presentation of the day on this amazing deal that we’ve put together with our friends at Amazon remember you’re getting a fire streaming stick that can you take with you to the hotel room that you can take with you to your mother-in-law’s and plug it in and enjoy your accounts and your shows wherever you go it’s the most portable of its kind and it’s free and included today if you want the black model there are only about 250 remaining if you want marine blue there are less than 400 remaining listen with over 2400 sold its last airing because it’s basically final quantity it’s a great deal today and most importantly it’s a wonderful long lasting tablet Aaron thank you so much thanks man thanks for giving me a glimpse of tumble leave because I don’t see it enough thank you so much now I do want to remind everybody while you’re shopping during those pic there is free shipping and four more flex pay on absolutely everything so don’t miss that and then we’ve got up to $100 off and free shipping on select computers and tablets in fact we even have a brand-new Dell laptop today’s special that’s launching tonight at midnight now summer host pick is far from over my favorite piece of fitness equipment and our best ever value comes up next I’m going to change stay with us did you know you can stream both HSN and HSN 2.



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