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What’s up guys Chigz here from ChigzTech Reviews.

Well today I’ve got my hands on the brand new H96 mini.

Now this is a new compact full Android TV box with a very funky design.

It does say 6K Ultra HD box.

Now inside the box you will find a user manual an HDMI cable a UK power socket and I’ll give you thevoltage it’s 5 volts to a you also get a standard remote control this box ispowered by the very familiar allwinner h6 quad-core CPU with the Mali T 7 xxwill for kicks of ddr3 RAM 32 gigs of internal storage dual band Wi-Fi AC youhave a hundred megabyte LAN port on Bluetooth version 4 this is running fullAndroid version 9 PI supports 4k HDR at 60 frames per second with HDMI version2.

0 a and your 5.

1 surround sound now the box itself has a colorful shinyfinish on the front we have nothing on the side we have a standard USB 2 and aUSB 3 port if we keep going you’ve got an AV port 100 megabyte LAN HDMI out andyour power socket and if we keep going we’ve got nothing on this side and thatbrings us back to the front of the box and this is what the bottom of the boxlooks like so without further ado let’s get this hooked up to my TV and capturecard and find out exactly how good this TV box really is I’ll be right back sofirst of all I ran a boot up speed test and this TV box took 21 seconds to fullyload the home screen from a cold start and here is the home screen for this boxwe have full Android version lined with a brand new H 96 skin on top so in thetop right hand corner you have your connection information for Wi-FiBluetooth USB etc thereafter all the large icons you see are fixed and cannotbe changed but you do have a row of small icons at the bottom which can becustomized by hitting the plus sign and selecting your favorite apps now let’squickly go over to the main settings and check out the systemstorage info now this box has 32 gigs of internal storage from which you have 25gigs for you to use and if we have a quick looking about you will see that weare running android version 9 pi now let’s take a look at the app drawer hereare all the apps available on this box our standard I have not installedanything yet and you do have quite a few apps to get you started includingNetflix Amazon Prime YouTube and of course the full version of the GooglePlay Store and this box also comes with miracast and air pin Pro which means youcan screen mirror both iOS and Android devices and I have tested this out withmy p30 pro and as you can see it works absolutely fine so now I’m going to playsome 4k video samples from a USB Drive and I will be doing this with theincluded kt media player which is basically just like Kodi Media Playerbut if you want the official version of Kodi just uninstall this version go tothe Play Store and go ahead and download the official Kodi version so first offwe are testing the 4k high bitrate jellyfish demo and this one is actuallythe 160 megabits per second file and the playback is actually quite laggy andslow so moving on to a 4k at 60 frames per second h.

265 test and both videosthat you’re about to see are also struggling to play smoothly you’ve got avery laggy and slow experience so moving on now to the YouTube test you canstream a maximum of 4k but unfortunately when you do try to play 4k it basicallyfreezes so it seems like at this stage that 4k video is not supported on thisbox this box is actually not capable or not powerful enough to stream in 4k sonow we are going to drop it down to 1080p streaming and we will see whathappens you say you’re what like allergic to theworld’s right I guess you could say that as we discussed 500 for the hardware andthe five-man crew the other one mill will be delivered upon receipt of thecase so who are they furthermore Netflix does seem to be working absolutely finebut you are limited to a maximum resolution of 480 P and I also testedour Amazon Prime video and again the maximum resolution is 480p moving on nowto the gaming test so most asphalt 8 does appear to playfine we’ve got an audio glitch here so you’ve ever hear constant clicks ordrive again so for you advanced users DRM info shows Google Widevine level 3and here is cpu-z where you can check out the clock speedsand GPU information and this box does come routed as standard in the Wi-Fispeed test we’ve got download speeds of 67 and upload speeds of 17 megabits persecond and the top speeds we are currently getting in our office isbetween 67 to 70 megabits per second so that brings us to our benchmarksbeginning with Geekbench multi score of 14 51 now the latest version of an 2 2 7was not available at all to download from the Play Store so I went ahead andside loaded version 6 of an T 2 which did work and we achieved a total scoreof 35 K so let’s see how this compares with the others and here is my topandroid TV box chart of 2019 showing you the latest TV boxes and seeing how theycompare with each other and as you can see the H 96 Mini has taken position 42on this chart with a rating of 4 out of 10 now you can view the full versions ofall my charts online at chick’s tech comm and read them at your leisure sothere you have it guys that was the new H 96 Mini now I’ve not reviewed a cheapTV box in a while so I thought I’d give this one a shotwell this TV box claims to be a 6k Ultra HD box but unfortunately it cannot evenplay 4k video properly now you can see the long list of cons so I’m just goingto jump straight into the conclusion bottom line this box costs around 36dollars and for the price you’re getting a 1080p YouTube streamer with 480p onNetflix and prime you have the added benefit ofof airplay and miracast and USB 3 along with decent Wi-Fi speeds now if you cando with those cons than fair enough it could be the right budget box for youbut personally I would spend a little bit more money and get something with atleast the s90 5 X 2 CPU and with that being said I’ll leave the links in thedescription so you guys can check this product out meanwhile thank you so muchfor watching and I hope you all have a brilliant day I see you guys in the nextone.



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