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newest products newest innovations we got them how about now the future of TV that’s not just me saying it that’s what the experts have said welcome to the fire TV this is the media streamer you’ve been waiting for thousands and I mean thousands of channels and apps and games and movies and TV shows I’m talking about 4k Ultra High Definition compatibility and voice search this is a media streamer that we’re going to plug into your TV and we’re going to turn your TV into a smart TV not just a smart TV the smartest TV mr.

Aaron Berger and I love doing this we actually launches a little while ago and already of course is a customer rated customer pick crazy about it tonight for you week well if that may be a producer can share with you and show you as we’re looking at all these amazing features we only have 3, 600 we are at a retail value of 271 dollars our price is 99 we’re on five flex pay and free shipping and handling if you fancy turning the TV in your living room or the bedroom into a smart TV this is a way to do it mr.

Aaron Berger is here and iron the reality is a lot of us are fed up of the commercials we want to watch what we want to watch what we want to I am so tired of paying 130 dollars a month for cable their ass can I say that yes i can say that and the thing with this is a our brand new fire stream in fact i don’t have one over here to hold up so maybe i’ll just i’m going to just walk over here for a second grab adams do you guys realize this streams in 4k so if you have a 1080p TV great if you have a 4k TV we actually it actually streams 4k video and you’re probably thinking well how good is that what does that look like Lily we just show you of course it will depend on what television you’re watching on right now you talk to this as well this was all built in this has the Alexa voice technology just like that awesome amazon tappa know tons of your ordering that we finally have a little less of a hold how about this how about I say something like tumble leaf and it’s going to bring up the television chilton unbelief and I’m going to say yes fast what you see how fast this is because this is live streaming yeah i’m going to go let’s watch tumble leaf look at this color look at this quote look at this video and by the way do you know what this is down here this is something called x-ray it’s something that only amazon has so this is telling you all of the voice actors in it and it up now so I’m watching a movie right now right and I’m going to jump around a little bit i know it’s street as i told you already streams 4k its quad-core it is just the most extraordinary media streamer on top of so many other things you can play over 800 games if you have amazon prime there’s 250, 000 videos available to you you can watch Netflix you can watch hulu plus you can do Pandora unit here we’re going to show you this real fast and then i’m going to show you how i can multitask with this like nothing you’ve ever seen so i mentioned netflix i mentioned you know get making watch list it will make watch list for you it will actually intelligently suggest new things to watch and amazon is coming out with extraordinary video i’ve just watched four seasons of the Americans on it amazing weather info sports so the alexa technology even while you’re watching a movie even while you’re watching a movie maybe you want to ask alexis something in alexa is that built-in voice assistant that you can ask whatever so i could ask for example something Cully random like what is the Pyramid of Giza there we go you know what let me turn the volume on the TV up a little bit so not only is it sort of right in the middle of the movie multitask you remember its quad-core it’s a powerful or more powerful in a computer now I might even just going a little bit more and say something like what is the length of the Pyramid of Giza yes that’s the kind of detail that’s the kind of smarty pants that we’re talking about here now at any time I’ll go okay that was fun maybe the kids had a question but I’m gonna back out and we’re just gonna keep watching our movie it’s really that simple maybe your favorite actresses and I mean how can you not be she darling Julia Roberts so maybe you want to do something like I just go to the home screen here and go Julia Roberts how about a night at home obsessing over every Julia Roberts movie that’s available on all the different services you use and how about not paying for cable every month if you don’t want to if you’re an Amazon Prime member like so many of us are want to tell you again there are 250, 000 movies television show I mean great like i said the Americans i watch one season on netflix and it didn’t have the next three seasons i bought one season on Apple TV and then I found out oh my god I could have just watch it for free because I’m a prime member so just among a million other things this is the beginning I’m touching the iceberg we’ve got an update already we don’t have very many of these tonight it’s just a great product and the thing with with this is we can turn any TV into a smart TV so your TV everything Aaron shows you we can put on your television all you need to do is plug in the fire TV media streamer with everyone dialing in i have about 2, 400 now before the completely sold out again please compare compare what amazon is selling fire TV for and compare it to what we’re selling it for we’re the exact same price but we’re gonna send you a whole load of bonuses we’re gonna send you the hdmi ethernet cable we’re going to send you all of these great apps we’re also gonna send you it with our 5 flexpay so now four hundred twenty dollars it’s yours I love TV I mean I’m a TV a hero to ya I love TV he watches a lot of shopping I really you know porcus know you and Shannon is good not too much it’s hilarious no but the reality is is that I your chances are you love TV also so what do you want to watch when do you want to watch it maybe it’s all the commercials that just drive you nuts all the time they don’t have to be there with fire TV you can access truly hundreds of thousands of your favorite TV shows your movies doing voice search you search Julia Roberts movies George Clooney movies you know you name it’s there but this is also a very different media streamer this is a media streamer that is incredibly smart so you know we were showcasing all the smart things turning on and off light Erin you you took a little diversion because you can with fire TV yeah i went from searching and watching movies and TV shows and playing games to ask you to do other things i was showing off you a lot of trouble grades go for that what I wanted to do i want to show you that quad core power right away i wanted to remind you of the 4k right away i want to back up now because i want to explain to you and maybe you don’t have a media streamer you don’t know the first thing about fine this plugs into your television it uses the Wi-Fi in your home to stream all kinds of things to your house movies in television of the beginning you certainly do not have to be an Amazon Prime member it’s great if you are there’s a lot of extra you know content I know frankly a lot of people are it’s obviously a huge company and a huge partner of ours but Netflix Hulu pinned or I mean there’s 10 there’s tons of free content as well I wanted to show you as we go down the left here so you can always do a search you can do a text search I don’t know why you ever would because you can always just hold that voice button and ask it anything with your voice here’s home so it shows you at home it shows you the recent things you watch featured apps and games you heard me right apps and games we have at their apps and games available over 800 games that you can play on here as well as I go over these are the videos that I’ve watched these are some TV shows some movies here’s some of the really fun game so like okay my favorite I love to play it crossing roads really simple really classic now it has become I think I’ll take full credit for that here’s lots of other apps music of course is out of this world so I could do something like play take me to the king mr.

Tamela Mann song it’s absolutely gorgeous and by the way i’m going to show you this in a minute all of this technology i know a ton of your ordering our today’s special our tap today’s special you have home automation with this technology in the same way and i’m going to show you that in just a minute I wanted you to see all of your music all of your playlist oh and by the way if you want to stop this of course you can always go stop and then you want to know something like what’s the weather in Tampa currently 77 degrees there’s a hour maybe you’re traveling to New York do you see that every question I asked and its immediate doin another question of somewhat urgent me the weather of somewhere you’re traveling or that sort of thing i want to show you can we take a look what do we look at ali we look at our light or are light over there one of the things you might not know if you didn’t catch our presentation just a minute ago Alexa which is the technology that allows me to ask all these questions also automate your home okay so you see that light over there I can do this I can go turn off light and there goes my life or I can go turn on light and here comes my light you can actually control all kinds of things in your home you just plug in this little outlet so maybe in the morning if it’s cold in your shower or in your bathroom and you don’t want to go in there while it’s still cold you can turn on the space heater before you ever get out of bed and it will control things all over your house look at that pfanner I’m a hot box man the people in the studio know Adam will attend I mean something you’d see in a coat how about turn on fan oh I’m sorry I have the fan on already turn off fan well now that’s something I would never do I would always just turn on a fan because I’m off wait I did I stop the fan okay that makes me nervous so I’m going to turn on fan thank you very much I’m we’re comfortable again pretty cool stuff excite you know why it’s there are a few present I’ve been doing this for 10 years Adams as well gonna be celebrating your 10-year anniversary soon there are very very few products that excite me more than tap our today’s special tonight and more than fire TV they’re just some of the best built product and some of the most affordable products that really make a difference I think in our lives well and that’s the irony to your point cuz it’s it’s means $99 the ironies is probably the least expensive electronic you bought from HSN in a long time and it gives you inevitably the most joy I mean Aaron showcasing all the wonderful content that is then it’s not just TV’s and movies it’s games as well maybe like which showcasing Crossy Road one thing erin was able to turn on and off the light and turn on and off the fan because he had them plugged in to a smart thing we have them available tonight we have a single pack for thirty nine dollars we have the twin pact which is the better value for fifty nine dollars with free shipping and handling and flexpay to ask about smart things all this is it’s a plug that you plug everything into so he’d have plugged the fan into a smart thing and plug that into the socket genius really genius that’s what’s working in harmony with your fire TV now there are many different media streamers that you can buy very few if any are as good as this because of the quad core technology because of the voice search because of the extra X Factor and it is an X Factor it’s an X Factor that only a company like Amazon who are all embracing could deliver because Aaron there is so much to them that’s why this gives you so many more options a couple of things that i want to show you that i haven’t mentioned maybe you’ve bought a media streamer before I’ve had media streamers before one of the extraordinary things about this media streamer it has an expandable memory card slot I’ve never I personally never sold another media streamer that streams 4k video out of this world that has quad core out of this world that means there’s four brains or engines in here you you guys see how fast this is questions your media loading video is immediate in fact I’m going to do this right now newsroom I just won’t show you guys again how quick it is to load a video as I as I continued my thought here sorry just I want to show you everything at once because they’re so dag on many things you can do on this and you can do so immediately this has an expandable memory card slot up to 128 megabytes I’ll show it to you right now so right here with a lot of other media streamers they have a very limited memory and you can’t expand them so you can store a ton of movies you can sort ton of games you are ton of things on these and have them immediately available to you even if you unplug this and take it somewhere else they’re still immediately available to you final 1500 available with everybody dialing in thank you for your calls and joy.



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