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so we live in a time where people withno programming no coding no development experience can actually make their ownapplications or the apks in this video today let me show you how you can turnyour favorite websites that you regularly watch content on into an apknow this apk you can

use on your Android box or your Android phone even yourAmazon fire stick can now use this apk that you’ve made and then you can thenaccess the stuff that you normally watch through a browser directly inside an apkso it all of that being said lets get started let me

just give a quick shoutout to James rocks because he was the first person to get the question rightfor my last video so do keep an eye out for a question in this video and ifyou’re the first person to get it right you’ll get a shout out in my

next videook so the way we’re going to do this is we’re going to break this video downinto two parts the first time I’m going to show you the website which will allowyou to take any other website that you regularly use and make that into an apkin fact you

can actually add multiple websites into the same apk that you makegiving you easy access to the stuff that you regularly watch now for a test wecan use three different websites and see if we can add them all into the new apkthat we’re going to create for the first

website let’s use Marvin over here forthe second one we can use this one over here and for the third example we canuse this one over here but but as you can imagine guys any website that you donormally access through a browser on your fire stake or your Android

box youcan now make that into an apk which is what we’re going to do now so now theway to do that is we’re going to firstly browse to a website called HTTP colonforward slash forward slash bit dot ly ford slash app a P P the number two andthen

a PK and let’s press Enter okay we can see we get to the app against ourwebsite and we can see here that you can now build your own applications withoutany coding and it is 100% free now just for clarification we’re goingto be using the free version which probably

means we are going to see someadverts but if you wanted to you can always pay a bit of money and then youcan make your own applications 100% ad free now when we get to the website thefirst thing I’m going to do is click on loginI will now begin

to sign up with email let’s click on that now let’s justchoose a password and let’s click on sign up ok so you can see I’ve just signin for the very first time and it says you have no apps let’s now create ourfirst application so let’s click on create

now ok it’s a good thing aboutthis website is you do get some templates you can use to start yourapplication so for example if you want to create a messaging application we canclick on this thing here if you want to create a security videomessaging application we can click on

this here so the website does come withlots of free templates that you can use when our example we’re gonna select awebsite because we’re basically going to make a website into an application or anapk so let’s click on that now ok so the first thing is asking us straight

awayis what is the website URL so we’re going to take my website URL from overhere let’s copy that out and let’s paste that into here now the other option youhave here is what kind of theme do you want for your app so let’s go for redtheme you can

also click on this window here to show you a live preview of whatyour application is going to look like so let’s click there now and this shouldin theory show my website loading because and here we can see Gus so wecan now see my website so if I was

to now make this into an application thisis what I’ll see let’s uh scroll down a bit more and he can customize some ofthe colors if you want to but I’m gonna leave that as is let’s now click on nextit’s now asking us for an app name because this

is just a test we can callit test app 0 1 let’s click on next description so testing a website to apkdemo test blah blah obviously can write wave you like guys but I’m just tryingto show you but you can put in a description if you want is let’s

clickon next I guess as you can see it’s now created as an icon with the test app inthere now if you do want to customize this you can click on custom icon thenI’ll ask you to upload a picture with these parameters here so let’s look foran icon icon

much less I searched for icons 512 by 512I mean don’t going to be flagged for copyright but let’s just pick one ofthese let’s go for this red one here so if I click on that and if I now savethis picture I have just saved it to my desktop

let’s go back to our applicationwebsite let’s now click on upload and let’s now select that for a downloadedhere it is you can also crop it if you want to but that’s the right size andthen we have guys we’ve now customized our icon and we can now click on

nextand there we have because we’re now more or less ready to create our applicationwith that single website we’ve added of course we can add any other two websitesbut just to show you how easy it is if you didn’t want to create an applicationjust with a single website you

can now click on create and there’ll be more orless ready for you to go so let’s see what happens now okay it’s asking for aname and phone number we can cancel that just click on the cross up here and wecan now also click on the cross up here

and up here we can see we have a box fordownload apk so if I click on this now this will actually download that oneapplication with the one website in there we can see it’s now compiling theapk let’s give that a second but of course we don’t want just

one website inthis apk we’re going to add in the two custom websites I showed you before solet’s us that you just download this anyway just to show you so since I clickon download we can see it’s now downloading the apk for us let’s go backto the page let’s

now click on edit let’s close this down let’s now click onedit now the way we can add in multiple websites into our custom application iswe can add in what’s known as tabs so up here we can see we have a tabs buttonlet’s click on that now ok so

let’s add in a new tab now withinthat tab you can add in you know another website you can add in you know somepages a PDF you can add in a calculator but in our example we’re going to add inanother website so let’s click on website and again it’s

going to ask youwhat is the URL for this new website so let’s just add this one over herelet’s paste that in and we’ll just call this test website- let’s click on submit and we can see now we have the default page which is atthe top and next slide

is going to be the test website – now the way we cannavigate between the two custom tabs is either we can have tabs at the top oryou can have a slider so for example if you’re going to be using your customapplication on your phone or something with a

touchscreen you can then use theslider option which means you can swipe left or right and you can navigatebetween the two tabs but because we’re going to do this on a fire stake or anAndroid box lets us leave the default option which is the tabs and let’s clickon save

I get that’s not enough two tabs let’s add in one last tab for the lastwebsite so again let’s click on add tab again let’s click on website let’s pastethat in and let us call this test website three and let’s click on submitI guess again we can’t leave the

tabs as the d4 person so in theory once thewebsite is created we should have three tabs in fact let’s do one more tab justfor a test and this one is do something a bit different so let’s go for let’s gofor a basic calculator because let’s say we need

to calculate things on ourcustom application so let’s put a calc later in we can leave the default and wecan click on it to see the preview I guess it’s a nice blue calculator thereso we can leave it as is as I say use this to count your money

let’s click onsubmit okay so we now have four tabs we have the top-level tab which will be mywebsite then we have two extra tabs for those two custom websites then lastlywe’re going to have a calculator tab and that’s it guys we can now scroll downclick on save let’s

go back to dashboard and we cannow download the updated apk so let’s do that now okay let the apk compile itselfand let’s see what happens when I try and install it okay that’s now ready todownload let’s download that now okay because if it’s not downloaded okayso who downloaded

our custom apk that we’ve created ourselveslet’s now install it onto an Android device okay so just a very the apk to mywebsite let’s see fucking now install that on to my firestick so this is brass for that now let’s download the apk click on installand there can you

see guys it does have the correct icon that we used that forpac-man icon let’s click on install let’s see if we can install this testapplication on 12 fire stake okay that’s now all done lets us open that up andthere you have it guys we now have our custom-made

application now we createdourselves we can see at the top here we have a tab for the first custom websitewhich is my website then we have the two tabs for those two other websites thatwe added then lastly we have let’s click on that now let’s click on that let’sclick

on the last tab and there we have our custom calculator so I let’s do atest three times three let’s click on equals nine so we have a fully workingcalculator inside our custom application though we really want to see is thesecustom websites so let’s click on that now and

let’s just try the first linkover here let’s see if that works and there we have it guys we now have aneasy application which we can then use to share on to all of our devices and wecan access all of the stuff that we’re accessing through a browser beforedirectly

inside our own custom apk and it’s working flawlessly that’s all forthis video guys many thanks for watching if you did find this video useful thendo give it a thumbs up if you want to see more stuff like this then dosubscribe hit the notification bell the febri competition has

come to an end soI will be drawing a winner soon please leave me a comment below let me knowwhat websites you’ll be adding into your own custom apk and I’ll hopefully catchup with you guys real soon thanks



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