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Hey guys, what’s going on? This is [phi] coupon and in today’s video.

I’m going to show you how you can install kodi version 17.

3 on Your Amazon FireTv or Amazon FireTv stick So let’s begin [so] well from here.

Let’s go to settings, and then you want to go to devices so just press ok from here hit the right arrow until you get to device and then choose developer options press ok over here, and we’re going to enable both of these options, so press ok and as you can see UsB debugging came up here, so [it’s] going to press ok as well especially this one apps from unknown sources Let’s go ahead and press ok and then it’ll give you this notification Just go ahead and press ok again, and you should be good now.

Let’s go ahead and press the home button and Then from here hit the left arrow [to] search and go out and press ok and We’ll type in here the word downloader All right, so once you type that in just go ahead and scroll down Twice and until you highlight the downloader option over here just go ahead and press ok and As you can see by default it will automatically find the app that we’re looking for This code and simply press ok now [I’ve] already installed this.

I just actually uninstalled it for the for this tutorial So you might see a different option there like get it or something like then or install This simply going press ok on that and also you want to make sure you already set up your Amazon account like the address as well as the Your card [information] because it may not allow you to install any other apps [because] of that so just go [ahead] and press ok over here Alright Let’s go ahead and press ok again to [open] you will see this notification to simply press ok and then the cursor has a blinking the boondi cursor is [at] the hTTP just simply go ahead and press ok here and then type in Kodi dot TV I can go Press okay here, and there we go, so [you] can see you have a little cursor [that] little red circle, so you want to scroll [down] and choose [the] Android icon scroll down again find that Android icon again here press ok and then under this page So you can see it’s only Version Seventeen point three Krypton, so you want to choose? the 32-bit version No matter what you’re using, if it’s [fire] TV or fire stick always choose the 32-bit one go ahead and press ok So we’re downloading it and after downloading it.

We’re going to install it Um so it’s almost finished Okay, you’re going to see this notification.

Just go ahead and scroll down twice Hit the right arrow to [highlight] install and then press, [okay]? All right so now [that] we got cody installed on your fire TV of our stick is pressed down hit the right arrow to [open] and Then press [okay]? So we are now officially using version Seventeen point three court on now keep in mind that if you already have cody installed on your fire device and You’re just simply upgrading Remember that it’ll erase any favorites or any add-ons that you already installed Because you’re getting rid of that Particular app completely, and then you’re installing a new one, and there’s just no other way around it because keep in mind also that The Cody app is a third party app That is not publicly available on the Amazon App store so from this page hit the up Key and Then how let the little gear over here.

Let’s hit the right arrow press ok and Then you want to scroll down and highlight file manager over here hit [ok] press down and Click on add Source You’re going to see this little Blue Tab over here Press ok and it’ll open up your on-screen keyboard, so you got to do is type in the source type in HtTp colon double slash fusion dot TV add-ons dot ag be sure to type this in all lowercase No extra spaces in between the characters because otherwise you’re [going] to have a problem If you’ve done that and everything is correct.

Let’s go ahead and hit the Ok button here on the top, right? Now scroll down to press the down key press ok and we’re going to name it We’re going to name this repository.

[so] any name that you want will Work doesn’t matter and then press down Once it has okay.

Just simply hit ok hit the back button twice and Then you want to scroll [down] to add-ons and then press ok now [hit] the up key [and] then click on this little box scroll down to install from zip file You’ll see the security Notification here at the left error to settings press ok and then just simply press ok on Unknown sources It will give you this warning just go and hit the left arrow click on yes [and] then hit the back button from your remote control again, and then from [here] all you got to do is press ok and It’ll give you this notification Scroll down to TV press ok scroll down click on begin here scroll down click on Plugins program Indigo So right now.

It’s trying to download the Indigo app so hit the back button once and Then we’ll just wait here So depending [on] your internet speed it may take a little while But other than that it shouldn’t take more than [5] minutes And since I’m using a fire TV The second generation so the processing power is a little bit It will work faster versus the previous ones as well as if you’re using a fire TV stick it may take a little while, but It’ll come up eventually like this [it] the right arrow to highlight Indigo press, okay? All right, and then scroll down to config Wizard, and then hit okay hit the left arrow, so how I’d install and then press [ok] [alright].

Let’s just finishing up and then in a few seconds it will prompt you to restart cody, and we’ll just have to simply press ok All right now there is the notification so the installation has been completed, so go ahead and press ok [it’ll] go back to fire dar – downloader now.

All you got to do is highlight, delete Since we’re done with this particular software Let’s click on delete then press the home button so right now cody will not appear [here] on the reasons as well as the your apps and games, [it’ll] be not prioritized so to do [that] just go in and hit the right arrow and I’ll let see all press [ok] scroll all the way to the bottom and then once you see the Kodi app over here or Kodi icon hit the little bashes.

You know three [dashes] on your remote control and Then if you can see here on the on the right hand side It will give you these options [all] you got to do is select move to front Ok let’s go ahead and press ok now and open up the kodi app Alright, so here.

We go, [so] [what] we’re going to do now is we’re going to test it out and we’re going to check out the apps that are pre-installed with TV add-ons so if you see this notification Hit the left arrow to Dismiss and then press ok now right now um the apps or [the] video add-ons are updating so it takes a little while it may it may lag on you, or May not respond very quickly or instantly, but that’s totally fine.

Just give it about maybe two minutes or so alright, so going to going to [Add-ons] and from video Add-ons just hit the right arrow that way you see the big icons over here instead of if you press [ok] From video Add-ons, [then] it will just give [you] a list So whichever you’re much comfortable with look front to me personally I? want to see the icon so and a bigger one, [so] Here it is.

There are the basic? video add-ons that you actually need if you’re into [two] live TV sports and movies So these are your options? So for instance this is her movies Supreme wire Exodus Phoenix and salts We those options are video add-ons are great source of movies [if] in case exodus is down like I’ve been noticing [that] it’s a little bit down or Doesn’t function properly For the in your initial setup so a singular alternative if you want to use Phoenix, so let me give you an [example], and this is going to be the this will be the conclusion of this video Let’s go ahead and press ok Let’s scroll down to as you can see if those ass TV Sports So um and you know just play around with it find your sweet spot or You know check out all the apps that are installed and You will find a lot of sources of fun Entertainment there like whatever you prefer like if you’re into Sports, or live TV [to] me personally, I’m just into movies so That’s why this is the only thing that I’m showing you guys in most of my videos so let’s go ahead and go to Phoenix movies and then go to new releases or Phoenix new releases Okay, we’re just going to play a video.

See if this is work.

Just working or not so link one so compared to exodus actually this has plenty of sources that you can choose from but takes a little while to [load] okay, [so] there we go I suppose to phenix it Actually is going to give you it’s kind of like already filtered so you don’t have to select multiple, or it gives you plenty of it doesn’t give you plenty of options to choose [from] but I Guarantee that it will be the the most clear picture or Copy or version on the internet that you can stream from so that concludes our tutorial today, so I hope you guys enjoyed watching this video, and I hope you find it very helpful, [so] [please] do like share comment and subscribe to the channel and Thanks so much for watching guys.

Have a great day.



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