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Parris: Hi it’s Parris from EpicReviewGuys.

And last month Amazon had on sale their latest piece of technology for just twenty dollars, the Fire TV Stick.

So I couldn’t resist and ordered 1.

But now that it’s arrived, I’m thinking “How am I going to use this?” We already have a Roku box hooked up to our TV, but when we travel what we really miss are all our streaming services.

We basically are limited to whatever is on the cable channels they give us, and I thought this might actually allow us to bring all of our streaming services with us when we’re staying in a hotel, staying with family, even going over to your friends house to visit.

If you have some shows on your Amazon account you can bring this along, plug it into their TV, and have access to all of that there.

Or if you haven’t yet joined the world of streaming video, you don’t have a Roku box or a Google Chromecast device, Amazon would be happy to introduce you to that world, either with their larger Fire TV device or this brand new Fire TV Stick.

It gives you access to both the Amazon Prime movies and TV shows, as well as Netflix or other services you might have signed up with.

Now I got it for twenty dollars on a pre-release sale.

Currently it goes for about forty.

They may have it on sale again before Christmas, I’m not sure.

Keep an eye out if you’re interested in it, and I’ll put a link to it down below this video.

Now all you need for the Fire TV Stick to work is a newer television, 1 that has HDMI ports, and WiFi that you can get access to.

And if you want to watch the Amazon Prime shows or the Netflix shows, you do have to have already subscribed to that service.

Amazon really likes this orange, but I love that color too.

The larger device in here is actually the remote control.

This is the piece that does all the work, the dongle that plugs into the HDMI port of the TV.

It basically is the brains of the whole thing.

It has WiFi built in so it can connect to your network and stream in those shows.

If you’re using a TV that doesn’t have WiFi or doesn’t have the built in apps for Netflix and so forth, this will allow your TV to become a Smart TV.

Here’s the Fire TV Stick.

It looks just like a USB flash drive, but 1 main difference is it’s going to plug into an HDMI port so it’s not going to be able to draw power from that.

So on the side, right here, is where you have to plug in the power cable and that goes to an adaptor that they include and you plug that into the wall.

Other than that, it’s pretty simple.

And here’s the included remote.

Again, very simple.

Up, down, right, left and a few buttons.

It takes a couple batteries, which they do include in the box.

Also included in the box is an HDMI, short little extender cord.

This is basically if you don’t have room because of other things plugged in, or the way your TV is shaped you can’t get this to plug into an HDMI port, because it is kind of fat around there.

You can plug it in here, and then use this more standard size plug to plug directly into your TV.

Also the power cable that you’re going to use to plug 1 end, let’s say about 3 feet, 1 end into the Fire TV Stick, and the other 1 goes to the adaptor that they give you which plugs into the wall.

Instructions are pretty simple.

If you’ve set up a streaming box to your TV before it should be no problem.

Let’s go take this and plug it into my TV right now.

To plug in the Fire TV Stick on the back or side of your TV, you need to find where you have available HDMI ports.

Slides right in.

Then you take the provided power cord, plug 1 end into transformer and into the wall, the other end goes in here.

Choose the HDMI port on the input of your remote for your TV and once it comes up and says “Fire TV Stick” and here “Searching for remote, ” I’m going to hit a couple buttons, see if it will find it.

There we go.

So the Fire TV Stick only works with WiFi.

If you are still a hold out with only a wired router and you want to plug that wire in directly, you’ll have to get the Fire TV, which goes for somewhere between eighty and a hundred dollars.

That actually has the plug where you can plug an Ethernet cable into it.

And if you think the full sized Amazon Fire, little box that fits next to your TV might be a better choice for you, I have reviewed that and I’ll put a link to that up here in the corner of the screen and down below the video while this downloads a software update.

TV Announcer: Hello, and welcome to your new Amazon Fire TV Stick.

Parris: The introduction video was about 5 minutes long, can’t skip it.

And here we’re at the screen where you can choose to enable parental controls just like you can do on the Kindle Fire HD, and other devices where you can watch the Amazon content to restrict letting kids see it, and also letting them buy stuff.

But you do have other services you can access like Netflix.

And you can go and download additional apps both for watching video content and for the games.

And the music ties into your Amazon Music library, so if you have purchased CD’s and have given you credit for those so that you can stream them online, you’ll be able to listen to them here too.

As you can see, I got Hill Climb Racing, downloaded that.

Works pretty much the same as on my phone.

They sell a separate control if you’re really into gaming on your TV, and it has the little thumb joy sticks and various buttons, sort of like an Xbox controller.

And they also have a YouTube app.

Now the limitation of this Fire TV Stick is it will only do 1080, it won’t do 4k video.

And we’ve tried to put up most of our content when we can in 4k.

So let’s see how a 4k one looks like in 1080.

I don’t think that’s playing in full 1080.

After it’s played here for thirty seconds it cleared up a little.

And I found on the remote you can jump ahead and this even works in YouTube.

You want to jump ahead a minute or 2, skip the boring parts.

Of course, you won’t find any of those in our videos.

So that’s the Amazon Fire TV Stick.

If you haven’t started streaming your content yet, it’s a good way to start out.

Relatively inexpensive.

Roku has a device that’s about the same.

The Roku Stick, the Google Chromecast, and now the Amazon Fire TV Stick.

All in the same price range, around forty dollars.

And I don’t know if Apple has a stick version of their Apple TV.

The nice thing with Amazon is that if you’re already signed up for Amazon Prime, which I think now is up to ninety-nine dollars a year, but it gets you the free 2-day shipping on most items, it includes access to a whole ton of movies and TV shows.

And if you’re an Amazon person, you got your photos uploaded to their cloud storage, you do the Amazon cloud music, you can basically access just about all of your digital stuff through this little device.

And because it’s small and portable, you can take this with you easily when you travel, plug it into the TV whatever room you’re staying in, and still have access to all of that stuff, so long as you have WiFi.

It’s still a question at the hotels about that login page that you have to go to in a browser in order to get on their network.

It’s not a simply a matter of putting in the WiFi network name and password sometimes.

So when we travel over the holidays, I’ll take this along and we’ll see in the hotel we’re staying at whether or not we’re able to access all of our streaming stuff from our countries in the world.

So I’ll report back after the first of the year and after some actual travel.

I think we’ll be staying in like 3 different hotel, so it would be a good test of this.

But if you’re thinking to get 1 now, it is a nice Christmas present.

Relatively inexpensive, about forty dollars.

So I’ll put a link to this down below this video, also to the full featured and much larger Amazon Fire TV.

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