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one of those echoes I’ve got one in my house and in the morning I say to the lady hey what’s the news today I can’t say your name cuz then she’ll start listening to me I ask her what the news is today ask her what the weather is I ask her to play my favorite music I say play some Patsy Cline because that’s how I roll that’s my jam I love Patsy Cline I also I love all of its kind of like a personal assistant and I also love that I have a Smart TV where I pay for Netflix I love that I pay for a bunch of things like a court I have all these different kind of but they’re they’re kind of they’re separate they’re living separate lives until today till today the amazon firetv cube and when i say cube it is a little cube that we’re going to show you right here on this set there there it is look how look how the size of it you get the remote control it is voice-activated this is the coolest thing our good friend Aaron Berger is here and we’re gonna be explain it to you but we are live on Facebook so if you guys have questions and comments we’re also live here real live people we’re right here we’re working right now right but real live people this is car you can call us if you have any questions our toll-free testimonial line is this is crazy the retail value of this is a hundred and seventy four dollars if you go to Amazon this is an Amazon products right if you go to Amazon it’s one $19.

99 we’re also giving you three months of Pandora premium and three months of Gras core fitness for $44.

99 note it’s 170 for 95 for $15 on four flex pay one five shipping and handling is three dollars and fifty cents you’re getting the amazon firetv cube for 4k voice command media streamer now Aaron is gonna tell you more things about this and how fun and eat but the my favorite thing about this is he ever you know I remember in the 70s yes I watched I watched this movie where some guy came home and he said turn on the music play that we thought all science music that’s what that is so here’s what it is if you have or have used an Amazon echo yeah this is like taking an Amazon echo so you can talk to this this is the first hands-free streaming device from Amazon it’s like taking an Amazon echo and an Amazon Fire HD Plus this is the Amazon fire 4k I should say and marrying them together in one device and what you get is this device right here that plugs into your television so with this device I can do things that I would typically do an Alexa like I can say Alexa what’s the weather it’s 75 degrees Fahrenheit with clear skies today with in 84 degrees in the low of 71 degrees so all the different Alexa features that you’re used to you know asking about I’ll whisper her name every every time I said if I press that button I can say Alexa Alexa Alexa and it’s nagas you won’t actually hear me when I press it I can say Alexa what’s on my calendar your next four events are notice now you have your big screen so it’s not just it’s not just like the echo experience anymore it’s sort of turning it into a show because it’s gonna show that’s the beginning okay Alexa switch to home now you can do all of this with your voice now we can watch movies and television and all those sort of things so I could say something like Alexa play Manchester by the sea so nice to be across your room so if you don’t want to say Alexa all the time by the way if you there’s this awesome remote control that’s built-in as well or let me just give you one other quick example well Julianne Moore is one of your favorite actresses as I recall correct correct so it’s as easy as going Alexa Julianne Moore you see there are over five so you we could watch suburbicon or we could watch end of the affair we could watch wonderstruck or we could watch next or we can watch children and then all of these different you know tour or Alexa show more now I’m doing most of this using my voice we could do any of this using the remote as well I should say there are over 500, 000 movies television shows programs there’s apps there’s games there’s music there’s all of that at your fingertips as well and in just a minute I want to talk about how easy it is to set up and get started with this okay I by the way I want to let you know we are live on Facebook I want to say hi to didi and Bobbi and Martha I want to say hi to Darrell and Karen all you guys we already have a question or not does the cube make phone calls to other echo device oh that’s a great question so I believe drop in is not that something called drop in is not on the cube yet I think it is a skill that will come very very soon we have to buy a new cube to get it I believe that that will be an updated features the cube is nearly brand new it’s only been out for a couple of months and I will double check that drop in feature but I’m 99% sure that’s one that’s not on the cube yet I would anticipate that that will absolutely be honest we can talk to the cube like we talked to her echo like asking about the weather and any things on a shopping list and other stuff and I want it in something else and this is this is not true with any other Alexa device it’s one of my favorite things about the queue you can actually control your television like turn it off and turn it on as well so just before I show you how to set this up I’m just gonna say I’m Alexa turn TV off and this is a really it usually takes it just a minute Alexa turn TV off okay I love that feature because in the morning when I’m cooking when I’m doing those something I didn’t have to walk over to the television I can be at my bar you can just say this is so let me just talk about what a great day this is such a fabulous gift at the price of 59.

99 this is the lowest price anywhere if you get this as a gift for somebody they are gonna go they’re gonna love it it’s by the way very very easy to set up Aaron’s gonna show us all about the setup now when you see all the apps Netflix obviously you can’t if you Netflix as a paid service you have to pay their fee in order to have Netflix but there’s 500, 000 TV and movie programs that are available to you at any time and look at the real estate that this takes up by the way we also have a little cube holder that’s available that we have that you can have the cube if you have a TV that’s wall-mounted we have a little baby wall mount for this cube that just nests right in there to the cube so we’ll be showing you that too we also have an antenna that we’re gonna be showing you I have a bonus buy to tell you about so if you purchase the Amazon fire TV you get 10% off the how do you pronounce that Moo house which one live streaming that’s coming up in a little bit bonus Buy so let’s talk about how easy it is to hook up okay so first I’ll do it for you live and then we have a little video to show you this setup when this was so simple people are asking do I need a smart TV no this makes your TV a smart TV here’s what you need a television with an HDMI port now I’m going to show you this in just a second and you need Wi-Fi so to get started you placed a fire cube about a foot or two away from a speaker especial if you have a sound bar you connect it using the HDMI port which I’m going to show you and if you follow the on-screen prompts I want to mention this is probably I want to say they’re a does I’ve had one airing on this ever and it was way more expensive the fact that Amazon we worked very hard with Amazon today to do this at half the price that they sell cube on our own website is extraordinary at a much higher price that’s a customer pick I think they’re all perfect five stars there might be one that isn’t five-star it is the most loved product because it works so well and it is so easy to set up and this is how you set it up here’s your cube okay you take an HDMI cable this by the way is the same cable that you use for cable and you use for discs and you use for dish and all that you plug it into the teeth to the cube you got it all right and then all you need is an open like this television that I have right here this has three different HDMI ports you can plug it in any HDMI port on your TV so that’s the first thing you do and then I’m just gonna set this TV here and then you plug the cube the other thing you plug in is power so this goes into the disco this goes into the power and that’s it that’s all that’s all the setup now you might be wondering what if I have a television that’s um wall-mounted we have a wall mount then actually I’m gonna walk over to Helen and show you guys this wall mount this is cool we’re gonna show that to you by the way I want to say hi to Michael and Bobby and Mona we have all these great questions can you use this even if you have an another Alexa in the room oh yeah yeah that’s a great that’s a wonderful question you absolutely can and this is you know compatible with other Alexa so you add something to your shopping list somewhere else one in one room in this and another or even in the same room or even in the same room and all of like if you have Prime music or those kind of things you can play music have to have an Amazon echo to use this and the answer is no no no no no no you don’t have to have a single Amazon pause someone else asked if you have to have a smart TV I know you just answer you just need an HDMI TV you don’t need to have it this is like you know an Amazon fire stick is like a Roku it’s like a Roku and and a Ecco had a baby exactly what this is it’s it’s brand-new technology and we’re doing this for $15 as a today’s special on flex pay and if you’re giving it as a gift you have until January 31st 2019 to get 100% your purchase price black back by the way somebody wrote on Facebook his name is Daniel he said he bought two he’s buying a third one tonight I’d love for you to call in and tell everybody what you love about it Daniel so our toll-free testimonial line is 187 six eight two five five if anyone owns this or is buying it tonight we really want you to chat with us because we’re super excited about this this is brand brand new to me but I own an echo so I know what that is it’s easy to use you just talk you want you you know I want to know what the weather is you just say the name of the device and she has her name somebody named her al exa and if your daughter happens to be that name you can actually change it like Amazon can be the wakeboard or whatever so let me talk about some of the popular services that I’m gonna do it find more demos for I hope you guys are trying this out you know especially when you have till January 31st it is I’ve sold all of the various Amazon devices this one is a knockout so some of the different apps that you can use on some of the very popular ones Prime video Hulu Netflix HBO Food Network Fox Sports go NBC YouTube Showtime sling stars ESP and all of those kind of things so maybe you want to watch Netflix you just go Alexa open Netflix I’m doing most of this with my voice just because I want to show off because it is the first device where you can use your voice if you want to use the remote got the remote control as well so if I want to hop in to resume playing the chilling Adventures of Sabrina it’s essentially instant now you don’t have to have subscription we have a subscription to Netflix so we’re watching this you don’t have to have a subscription to anything one of my favorite things about this I’m just gonna hop out and go to home is it will always show you say maybe you have a subscription to Netflix maybe you have a subscription to Hulu whatever and you want to watch a movie so I’m gonna use another way you can talk to it is just by using a little remote I’m gonna say um fine trolls so it’s just certain you know it’s not quick this is right because it’s quad-core so here’s the movie trolls right so we’re gonna sit here we’re gonna watch trust there’s over 500, 000 things we could watch notice the first thing it does isn’t safe okay you can you know pay Amazon three or four dollars to purchase the first thing it does is say you can watch this now on Netflix for free because it knows we have a Netflix subscription and it’s always gonna lead us to the least expensive way to watch any program it is we want to watch and that’s one of my favorite favorite things about this because in the past I’d have to go to Netflix it’s Netflix site and then Hulu site and then prime site and you know all these different things I have you know seven eight dollar subscription to a lot of sites this always leads us to the least expensive way to watch anything at all there’s so many great questions it has a fantastic question she wants to know do you have to have cable to use it oh absolutely not now I do want to mention one thing if you do have cable again for the first time you can control your cable so I’m gonna show y’all something real fast I need Wi-Fi you need to have Wi-Fi you do not need cable maybe what and actually if you don’t have Wi-Fi you actually can plug this in with a t1 line so if you have cable in your house and you don’t have a Wi-Fi set up it wouldn’t be the uncommon for people that have internet to not have Wi-Fi but if you don’t you could plug this in there is an Ethernet port on the back if you have cable you can actually just using your voice switch between your cable and but you can switch inputs between your Kate and you can actually even change the cable channel using your voice you’ve got I’m sorry I said rapid-fire but I’ve never liked is jumping in and answering questions for us and there’s like I have the echo in the same room if I asked for weather will they both talk so what’s now what usually it’s going that you’re closest to will talk but they can’t sleep they won’t talk over each other so as soon as one answers the other won’t answer and they have this this intelligent algorithm built into them to understand you know if you’re facing one way and speak because they have something called far-field recognition so you can be far away and talk to them but they’ll still understand which one you’re talking to and for example if you ask this to play something you know to play a movie it’s gonna understand that it says the devices are smart enough it’ll know that you’re talking to your fire cube when you ask it to play a movie you’re not talking to your echo so basically you can sit on the couch you can say you know Alexa I want to watch Netflix I could be sitting on the couch eating my burger I don’t have to get up I don’t have to have you know 15 remotes all I have to do is say it out loud I can also do all the things I love with up I can ask for what the weather is today I can put things on my calendar my calendar can pop up on the TV just by asking it’s the coolest thing and it’s $59.

99 now here’s the big deal that’s all it is so there’s no fees right Aaron is there any annual fee or monthly fee or any fees zero I want to be really really clear about this you do not have to pay a penny to do it and to do things like I’m Alexa open Facebook so maybe you want to do Facebook on your television or maybe you want to go to HSN HSN is another free app now if you have Netflix if you have Hulu if you have Amazon Prime those are paid those are paid but my point is there’s you know all the more content that’s available to you so like this is the version of a Facebook that’s built in it will show you suggested things and videos and watch lists and live it’s a little bit different than your typical version of Facebook if you want to say Alexa open HSN okay everything I’m showing you right now is free you don’t have to have a subscription to do any of this we are live streaming you can go live stream you could buy this item right now you could go to our today’s special you could see what’s recently aired you can go to on-demand these are just some of the free services and when it can I show one other do we just say yeah yeah well of the time Alexa open help mm-hm I just want to point out that I mean I’ve probably asked 20 things in the past ten minutes this is something that nobody does and it’s understood every single thing we’ve asked it to do so now if you want to go to help videos for example or you need quick tips or you need to contact them maybe you need help I love there’s a set up video for example we were you guys were asking earlier some people were asking how do you set up by the way I just plotted the remote allows you to pause allows you to start allows you to fast-forward allows you to rewind by the way I just want to talk about the value one more time I know this we’re just launching this brand-new today’s special here at midnight so we’re super excited about it the price is 59.

99 it’s a hundred and nineteen dollars and ninety nine cents everywhere else including Amazon we’re doing a couple other bonuses there’s a fitness program of a service broker yeah we’re doing three months of that and Pandora that’s just bonuses but it’s for phix Cuse me for flex pay of just fifteen dollars there’s never a monthly fee there’s no monthly fee I all you need is a television set with an HDMI port or uni and you need Wi-Fi that’s the main thing you need is Wi-Fi but we do have a question from Facebook someone wants to know suppose I don’t know can you set on a TV monitor like what computer monitor absolutely if it has an HDMI input and you have Wi-Fi you’re good to go so you can use it on a computer monitor absolutely as long as it’s all in one desktop absolutely as long as it has an HDMI in because it provides all of the information that is to the television and of course if you have cable if you can use with or without cable the same thing and what we’ll talk in a minute if you want to you don’t have an antenna you can have this on the same television that you have an antenna you certainly don’t need to but you can if you want certain does the remote control come with it the remote control comes with it let me talk about this remote control for me it’s so great so I’ve been obviously talking to it a lot cuz it’s so easy I want to show you guys again leichter you can turn the TV on off check this out you can go I’m Alexa turn volume up you see that right here that it’s just turned the volume up on the television so you don’t ever have to search for any other but you can turn the TV on and I’ll turn the volume up and down here you’ve got a home button if you want to go home if you want to go back if you want to get into settings basically fast-forward rewind it’s the easiest remote you’ve ever seen in your life this moves you up and down so some of the other things you can do Amazon music hulu sling photos i love HBO now and you know Game of Thrones is about to come back out so if you’re in we didn’t pre so any presale airings we didn’t do a taping we didn’t do any of those really I thought that cuz that’s good it’s on fire half price the people that made it right okay so some other things people are asking does this have smart home capabilities every Alexa capability you’ve ever seen this has built into it so you guys are gonna see our what they call Christmas tree over there a minimum say Alexa turn tree off do you see that okay and I’m gonna explain this adjustment Alexa turn tree on see this is your smart home hub now in order to do that we have actually a four pack of these plugs in any Alexa I’m compatible plug so you might own some already oh I said her name these are the DG plugs these are great you get four of the Helens gonna say you guys the price in ninety five yeah and that’s a 4-pack so you have to own these special plugs in order for that that’s just turning on lights and things like that I mean your lamps on if you want to turn your curling iron on if you want to turn your fan on or your heater you know you wake up in the morning and you want to turn my heater on in the bath you know before I go into the master bathroom cuz it’s getting cold outside right Alexa is your home base for everything in your entire smart home so not only is this your and we feel like we haven’t even talked about it that much your entertainment hub for television over five thousand of your favorite movies and your television chosen all of those great things but this is your entire home hub for your smart home as well because it’s Alexa technology I do have a question I actually want to know the answering of us can you get a corn oh that’s a great quote you know I haven’t looked so actually it’s a corn and I personally love that and somebody asked it on Facebook so what do you do you search the app into apps right here categories let me see music audio let’s see what happens when I say um acorn app I’ve never tried this so I don’t know if acorn is gonna be on here or not oh there’s over 500, 000 movies and television shows this somebody asked this on here I should actually remember everybody’s names who’s asked I mean it good evening Aaron I can’t wait to get this item okay Carol hi – Carol hi – Roz I have a question what somebody says if they have a TV upstairs will it work that if you have a TV upstairs and one downstairs will it work on the both TVs you can take it back and forth between televisions if you want only works on the TV it’s plugged in one TV at a time it’s half price relative dams on tonight I would buy two we just buy one for each division honestly okay – let’s run through the features real fast Helen’s gonna go check it from the other question yeah it’s a media player this is a great overview with Alexa built in it’s easy to do things like turn the TV on and off you don’t even need to pick up your remote to do that the cube can hear you across the room we’re sitting close but I do it all the time from behind my counter you know while I’m washing my vegetables that kind of thing you can tell the T you can tell it to rewind you can tell it to move to the next episode it’s always getting smarter oh you can ask it to show your flash briefing that’s cool so that kind of gives you a little heads up on what’s going on in the news of the day every day slash briefing is one of my favorites I don’t always do it on air because you know sometimes do the weather because what the weather is because the weather is you know very change II this time of year yeah I do it I asked the weather every day and I’m into it’s interesting that you can just ask instead of like searching all over the place for that app that I just asked about you just said that into the voice and it’s battery-operated even comes with the batteries and the big deal is this is a huge amount of Technology for a tiny little price 60 bucks what I mean that’s like that’s like a skin cream for a month I mean really honestly I keep thinking that cuz I’m Elysee coming up next which I love it’s coming up next but the value is just out of this world because really you’re getting it for Half Price cuz just just the fire TV cube by itself is one 1999 and I’d love for you to search all the major electronics stores and Amazon and see you see what the prices we’re giving you some bonus like Pandora and rocker broker how do you pronounce that I’m sorry the grower fitness such broker fitness broker Fitness one seventy four ninety five and you know you get this home for $15 my advice I’m gonna tell you right now by two because you can keep keep one and then give one as a gift and the price is gonna be up tomorrow and it’s gonna be up everywhere through the holidays that’s right you know we’re gonna start again we’re gonna start top to bottom what this is that’s called the amazon firetv cube so it’s basically like the echo a mystery of making your TV a smart TV all-in-one it’s marrying those two technologies like a fire stick in a Roku and then an echo it’s putting those two technologies together in one little cube and there’s no annual fee there’s no fees ever you don’t have to have cable all you need is a TV or computer monitor somebody asked that with an HDMI HDMI port and Wi-Fi so you can start with your voice you know right now it’s which I love I love that there’s questions coming in there answering them and I think it’s people see this they go it’s so easy to use with your voice or with remote I can just say Alexa turn TV on okay okay so this is how we start our day right just by turning the TV on now you can get if you wanted a briefing if you went at a news briefing you could ask for that normally the first thing I ask for in the morning I say Alexa what’s the weather currently in st.

Petersburg it’s 75 degrees Fahrenheit with clear skies today you can expect lots of Sun with a high of 84 degrees and a low of 71 degrees Alexa switch to home so then we just can drill home training something off and on its go saying Alexa what’s on my calendar your goods for events are Halloween is in progress and lastly all day these are all of the various I’m just gonna hop out of that because there’s a lot I want to show you now when it gets into entertainment remember there’s 500, 000 movies and television show all of your favorite programs so maybe you wanted to get into the holiday spirit so I want to say Christmas movies now at your fingertips is more cheer than you could ever watch home alone and Nightmare Before Christmas and frozen and I love it the Christmas table I know what that is and falling for Christmas maybe you want to watch some classics maybe you have a favorite actor/actress I could eat free so some of these are free let’s just choose one at random let’s just say the holiday okay so we’re gonna go to the holiday so right now we could rent this we could watch the trailer now if it had been something that was on Netflix or Hulu or if we were subscribed liked we for example we subscribed to prime video so if I wanted to just watch a movie I could say um Alexa play Brad status getting Brad status from prime video so a lot of us have these seven and eight dollar you know subscriptions these pretty inexpensive subscriptions and that we’re not paying to watch that because we well I should say we have a subscription and that’s using our subscription to to watch it one of the things I wanted to show you guys name we have a favorite actor/actress I could say um Fred Astaire maybe want to do a little classic movie watching or maybe you know you love westerns or whatever it look look at this the lady says no Ginger Rogers in a movie with them second chorus his girl Friday these are all instantly available to us maybe you want to turn the TV off Alexa turn TV off and you want to just listen to me it’s a night time maybe you just don’t want to have the TV on and you just want to listen to music you can do something like I’m Alexa play Christmas in Barcelona don’t let me try that one more time Alexa play Christmas in Barcelona my last night connection on that for a minute my point is though or we might have lost our prime music connection you can play music you can ask questions and you can do these things when the cube is on or when the cubes off I could say Alexa what’s my commute at the moment traffic on your commute looks good the fastest route takes about 26 minutes via SR 688 and at 275 so it knows how far I am from work it knows where I am in relation to work and it can tell me that when I’m walking out the door in the morning even if I don’t have the television on you you know I we’re just talking about the antenna but I have like a lot of questions I want to ask this one what about parental controls because several people are talking about having kids with really good question so if we go into presentation so we’re gonna we’re gonna be finding some of these out as we because I think that there probably is some sort of principles because I think I’m far too and it’s not let’s see here we go controls the very first thing okay restricting access to videos restricting access to um being able to purchase so we’re going into parental controls right so yes the answer is yes there are parental controls and then you can customize it you know however you want to do that because you’re right if there’s kids and they figure that you get to read the name and and a lots of things you know yeah right now we have them off but if we wanted to turn the parental controls on and actually we have a tablet if your parental controls are on your mind we have a tablet coming up in a few minutes the fire seven of four kids like the kids version of that and it has great parental controls built in as well well the cube control DirecTV oh that’s great question basically any input it will I’m not saying that it will mess it it may or may not control the channels of DirecTV it definitely will be able to switch your input let me show you guys something Alexa switch to blu-ray so we have blu-ray built in right now or we have a blu-ray device and it will switch from your cable to your blu-ray to your Alexa it will go basically from input to input to input on the different HDMI inputs that you have right now somebody asks you if you get local channels okay so let’s talk about our antenna for a minute so with this let me just tell you that the antenna if you buy the today’s special you get to have 10% off of this antenna the antenna is $79.

99 but you get 10% off if you’re buying our today’s special this antenna is out of this was last time I had a presentation on this in 8 minutes about a thousand of them were out the door so here’s the deal with this antenna so you can watch some things live but this is this is primarily for streaming video not for live television this antenna if you’re tired of paying monthly fees but you want to.



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