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hey techdoctor which free VPN which youpersonally recommend well actually I wouldn’t recommend any free VPN justbecause you have to appreciate that you’ll connect into free servers using afree service then who knows what’s happening with your dataare they logging your data are they selling your data there has to

be areason why a VPN service is totally free now at the same time I do appreciatethat some of you will not have the money to pay for cable and you will not havemoney to pay for a VPN but at the same time you still want to access georestricted

content and at the same time you don’t on your ISP to see what you’redoing so in this video today I’ll be showing you a 100% free VPN whichdoesn’t require any kind of login and it works on all your devices including firestick and unlike the last free VPN that

reviewed this one does not need themouse toggle so it all of that being said let’s get started so I’m doing my demonstration on thesecond-generation fire stick with Alexa as previously mentioned this VPN workedperfectly fine on your Android TV boxes Android phones Android tablets it’s allgood I’ve Ashley installs

VPN / thermal firestick and also on Tamiko Pro box just to show you how the interface is differentbetween the two platforms fire stick versus the official Android TV OS so oneof the main reasons for actually using a VPN is to access Geo research content sofor that Raschi happened

we have to get a new IP address so before we test thisfree VPN let’s see my current IP address so let’s open up a browser let’s nownavigate this website which is called IP location net that’s good to that now andhere we can you see the my IP address

ends in dot 59 and we can see just atthe bottom a that that IP address is a UK IP address let’s now minimize thislet’s fire up the VPN so the VPN I’m reviewing this video is called turbo VPNnow this VPN actually has over 10 million downloads on the

Google PlayStore so just with that kind of volume of those kind of numbers I’m hoping it’sgoing to be very good another benefit of this compared to a 10 VPN which is notthe free VPN that I reviewed it’s this VPN you can use without installing themouse toggle and people

would have various issues using the mouse talk ordepending on what fire device they have so with this VPN no mask toggle isneeded you can literally install it and you’re good to golet’s open that up ok so this is what the interface looks like so we can seeon the

top left I’ve got the hamburger menu highlighted so as I just mentionedthis doesn’t need the mouse toggle but we just have to be a bit clever on howwe never get around this apk so if I just press the right on the remote wecan see this takes me to

the globe icon on the top right let’s click on that nowso we can see it says here select the foster server now if I want to connectto a free VPN server in Germany I just press down in the remote once so that wecan’t see it basically now Germany

is selected so let’s press the selectbutton now I we can see there I just popped up and we can see we’ve nowestablished a connection to the German VPN server and we should now have a newIP address let’s go back to our silk browser let’s now refresh this page

and there we can see up a completelydifferent IP address now and further now we can see this IP address belongs toGermany so so if you’re trying to get around your restrictions you candefinitely use this VPN and spoof your location let’s say for example our Tronaccess to be TV

so let me go into that now let’s access that page to be TV comnow currently I’m using a VPN server in Europe as we can see here it’s nottelling me that to be TV is not available for me because I’m connectingfrom Europe to be TV is only available

in the United States so can we use ourfree VPN and go around this restriction let’s try that now so let’s go back intoour VPN and this time let’s select a USA server let’s go across to the globe iconokay because USA is one two three four places down let’s

press down four timesa 1 2 3 4 let’s press select and this should nowestablish a connection to a free VPN server based in the United Statesok that’s now connected let’s go back to to be TV and let’s see if that’s nowworking let’s open up silk and there we

have it guys we can see that previousmessage is now gone we can now go to the hamburger menu up here and let’s go formost popular and we can now access all of this free streaming content 100% freelet’s click on play and the movie starts playing pretty much straight

away andit’s working absolutely fine with our new free VPN let’s back out off there oklet me show you how you can now install this on all your devices ok so to getthis free VPN on your fire stick or fire TV use an application like downloaderand navigate this URL

which is HTTP colon four slash four slash bit ly fordslash turbo VPN now if you’re doing this on a standard Android box or an Androidphone or Android tablet just use a browser like Chrome or Firefox type thisaddress in and this will take you to the download page ok

let’s click on go andnow when you get to this page you click on the green download button this willcommence the download of the apk onto your device and guys can I just say ifyou are enjoying this content then please do take a moment to likeshare and subscribe because

that really does help me outthanks and when you see this screen press down a few times and then pressright to install okay when you see this messages click on done this will takeyou back into the downloader screen you can then delete the apk let’s stop theVPN and here

is the VPN all working fine that’s all for this video guys manythanks for watching do leave me a comment below let me know if this workedfor you so many if you ask you for more free alternatives so I do hope you likethis one let me know and I’ll

hopefully catch up with you guys real soonthanks thanks again for watching guys oh and if you’re interested in a VPN if youclick on that link on the bottom left you’ll get a great 46 percent discountif you are worried about your privacy and you want to stay safe online

I dorecommend you check out VPN thanks again guys see you on the next one



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