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hey guys a fire suit blessed man my last video for the day and what I want to do is I wanted to show you guys if you got here your system a shmup wizard you can get the repo from here if you can’t find it if this for

some reason doesn’t work I do have the repo for covenant added to the fire state plus me and Cody comm URL doing so what we’re gonna do is covenant is the one we’re actually going to download and if you click here it says it says that if you

click this you click github and it will let you get it but obviously you can’t click that inside of cody and get it so this is more like you click here it takes you to get hub you’ve downloaded it and then you open it and you save it

to your hard drive it’s a lot harder so we’re not gonna do that I’m gonna show you guys the easy way of how to do this and so these are way is let’s go ahead and open up Cody right now and what we’re gonna do is we’re going

to click on the the gear here and click on the system settings and we’re gonna go to add-ons and we’re gonna pick show and unknown source system or click guest to this and go ahead and hit advanced here as you get to advanced and so that way it

shows manage in the dependencies and so the reason why this is important is because the URL resolver that is a universal resolver for most adults inside of Cody and so you can you can add your realtor Brit account or your paid link account information in there and then

I’ll actually work for all of the add-ons instead of having to do it by individual add-on so that’s why I’m telling you guys to do that go back one and then click here under file manager and click Add source and click on the none box and then click

that and if you need a moment go ahead and pause the video right now so you can go ahead and type that out and we’re gonna clip that and we’re just click OK to this and we’re gonna go back back and we hit the main screen and then

we’re gonna go to add-ons and then we’re gonna click on the little box and then we’re gonna go from install from zip file and then we’re gonna go to Cody stuff and what you want to download is the repo Colossus zip this is the one you want okay

guys now if you what smashmouth I miss Mouse repo download this and it has this repo inside of it okay and this will give you like exodus and one channel and Ice Ice movies so some of the TV add-ons that you’re used to it the old ones if

you want them along with covenant go ahead and click this okay but if you’re just looking to just get covenant then just click this one right here okay and that’s what we’re gonna do cuz this is the video that we’re doing so we’re gonna quit that I’m gonna

give it a second and it’s gonna pop up that’s installed and then we’re gonna go to install from repo and then we’re gonna click on Colossus and then we’re gonna click on a video and then what we’re gonna look for is Covenant there it is now covenant is

a fourth version of Exodus so in which I think axis is of port version of Genesis so two guys together we’re doing Genesis they want to surf away when the aspecto one day excellence right and so the guy who did Nexus left the Cote community period TV add-ons

kept updating at TV add-ons to be assumed so they went away and so now people are trying to struggle to keep it going these developers said hey we’ll take it but we’re going to fork it into our own and now to get covered it so Kamiya is X

this fort and be honest with you it works just as good and the great thing about this is is that this one over access that this one’s getting updated regularly Exodus is kind of up in the air if it’s getting updated regularly or not so for me I

would just rather get rid of Exodus and just replace it with look Kevin it that way you don’t have to worry about if it’s getting effects is getting updated a lot now my current builds both have have both just because if I freed the amount of messages I

would get if for some reason Exodus wasn’t in my build so I leave it in there but my suggestion is just use cabinet okay so we’re gonna put the inner button and we’re gonna click install and it’s still loading when it gets done you’ll get the little chip

box the little check mark all right so you see the check mark is done we can click over click open and if you guys notice it’s gonna lose a lot like Exodus I mean the artwork it looks really saying that even the background artwork looks really similar and

I think it’s different movies but I think it’s the same and I think it’s a dollar color um but the imaging is the same all this stuff is the same and it works just like Exodus really I mean if there’s no click on it oh no maybe just

doing movies sorry I’m gonna spend a lot of time on this a lot of people know about coming in so there’s no reason to go too much into it we’ll just do Wonder Woman here and click it and then you’ll see it will populate now for me I

always use a real debride account on my personal and I set this time lapse to about 15 to 10 to 15 seconds and a lot of times I mean I have I’ll place it up sometimes I’ll turn it off because there’s a couple of shows i watch and

even though usually we love red it buffers some but this although only found one TV show so there you go I’m gonna pick upload cuz it’s always a it’s always always click here and sign in can do but look at that I mean look how fast that is

I literally picked it and it was up and gone ready to go so I you guys got it you you’ve been using it for a while Exodus for a while you know exactly how this works and so we’re not gonna go into that much more I just want

to show you guys how to install it again it’s an all my build so if you guys liked the video please give it a thumbs up if you have any questions leave me a comment below or hit me up on Facebook at fire state plus man or on

Twitter and you can tweet me or threat message me on there and again that’s fire state plus man and thanks for watching I said please give the video a thumbs up if you liked it if you liked it if you liked what you saw you want to watch

more of this stuff hit the subscribe button and if you want notifications so with me every time I put the video up hit the Bell button next to the scribe button and i’m delia notifications thank you guys for watching the hubby I have a great evening thanks



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