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no with the Amazon experience truly is all about it’s an upgrade it’s a game-changer amazon is turning the whole world on its ear and they’ve done it again with their media streamer it’s not just any media streamer it is the Amazon fire TV now for those of you with 4k TVs and you don’t have a way to stream 4k content this is a 4k capable top-of-the-line smart streamer it’s also one of the only on the marketplace that you can talk to rather than having to tap & tap & tap and move through the system we are doing a one-day special it is a 270 dollar package with the top of the line cord and cable that comes with it with a ton of free streaming essentials and channels thrown in all of it today for twenty dollars a month think about what you spend on your cable subscription think about what you spend for ala carte rentals at that red thing at the grocery store and think about having on-demand best-ever content for any TV turn any TV into a smart TV upscale the content that’s coming into it and get it with one of the hottest selling smart streamers in a marketplace today now Amazon gave us about two thousand of these that’s it because we said we want all the extras thrown in and we want special flex so today you are at the right place in the right time this morning it’s a ravely reviewed customer pick across a ton of different brands of media streamers and it really is an upgraded example and Aaron’s going to show you why this is just another example of how amazon has truly upgraded and changed the way people think about the electronics they own in their life frankly they just do a better job with the with the things that they create I’ve got to tell you guys this is one of my favorite favorite product that i sell i own it my home i use it all the time the search feature on it the voice recognition on it the Alexa that is built into it you might know Alexa from Amazon tap all from Amazon echo we’re actually going to look at Amazon tap here in a minute let’s do this we have a little feature sheet or a little features roll one of the other i want to start there is a 4k streaming device the only 4k streaming device I personally have ever sold so it streams the highest quality video it is a quad-core processor that’s for brains for engines underneath like our computer you know like the five six hundred other computers we sell quad core built into it it streams in 1080p so we’ll highest of highest demands it’s a big customer pick on hsn.

com so I mentioned that stream movies and TV shows in 1080p right ultra high-definition 4k the first streaming device I personally have ever done that has that ability and the only device from amazon that you can get which means things like Amazon Prime if you have amazon prime and by the way if you don’t have amazon prime you’ll get a month of amazon prime for free they’ll do that for anyone who doesn’t have it already you get an extra two hundred thousand shows their built-in voice-activated Search built-in alexa capability over 800 games available access to your absolute favorite places like Netflix like Amazon Instant Video which actually I’m really fallen in love would they have a lot of things that Netflix that I had to buy on itunes because they didn’t have them for free on Netflix I’ve learned that recently about Amazon Instant Video Hulu as well you can stream music on pandora spotify and iheartradio again as i mentioned earlier it’s a quad-core processor that’s why it’s so fast and sort of like our big ahead of the day sort of like our sweetheart kindle tablets this excuse me fire tablets powered by kindle this is a micro SD card slot on it as well so it does have built-in memory for when you download your games this is so much fun for gaming when you download your movies when you download your television shows when you download your apps but if you ever want a little bit more memory you just pop in a little micro SD card there you can store 128 gigabytes on this as well and you know what that means all your memories all your well yes your memories because your photos going this as well your memories your television shows your movies everything when you travel you just take this with you when you go to Grandma’s house when you go to a hotel whatever you plug it in and you have your whole entertainment system with you now and remember for anybody who doesn’t have a smart TV you can make any TV a smart TV without paying a thousand dollars to buy a new TV if you have Wi-Fi in your home and you have hdmi meaning you have a high-definition television you made it a smart TV there are closed out deals on non smart high-definition TVs because most manufacturers are not only making smart this is a better way to experience smart and the reviews are absolutely across the board raves amongst a lot of different media streamers if you’re an Amazon Prime shopper this is the media streamer for you if you’ve heard about transparent and Mozart in the jungle and this british show catastrophe that is flippin hilarious a man from high town there’s so many great choices and this is your best way to experience them it’s the one of the only choices out there that does it in 4k and it’s all part of the Amazon family so you know you’re buying quality you know your fellow shoppers have loved it and it is a very limited time special buy for the day today when when Amazon gave us this today’s special they went alright well what else can we do right we want to be a centerpiece of the birthday month we want to be a central central focus for the day they’re giving us their biggest and best at better prices than you’ll find anywhere else its twenty dollars a month for non-stop access for not paying rental fees for getting access to stuff for free to never not having anything to watch there’s so much available to you and once you get at home you go my goodness one on earth to my TV do before I have this thing absolutely you know one of the things I’m gonna sort of just back up if you’re gonna go on never used one of those before we got to look what did I do with that this plugs into your television with an HDMI cable that’s easy and then you plug it into the wall you’re done this works on Wi-Fi so whatever your wireless internet you have in your house it will connect to that or if you want to plug it into the internet you can do that as well there’s a a network cable on it and ethernet cable on it and then this is what you get on your television now let me go back to our home screen here’s our home screen your videos your television shows your movies your games your app so let me you just how smart it is maybe Meryl Streep is your favorite actress maybe she should be she’s out of this world it’s as easy as pressing this little voice button if you want to watch movies about Meryl Streep you say Meryl Streep then what will happen is it will say Meryl Streep press select to view results now it’s going to tell you Meryl Streep there’s 91 movies on here from Meryl Streep that we can watch we can go in we can choose any of these movies we can watch any of these movies this one’s on amazon prime so if you have Amazon you don’t even pay for that when you don’t even and there’s other ones on netflix etc etc these are you don’t have from my favorite one they literally touch defending your life I don’t haven’t watched thank you are ever so that’s an old yeah it’s funny it can be yeah sorry Goodwin forgot about it it’s hard that you’re not old enough to have seen they’re all so good this one pretty amazing too oh yeah pretty amazing a burger thing what an Oscar for that oh yeah and look at that experience and again for amazon prime users free free free free free free free free 200, 000 movies free here’s another one and you gotta do that with the fire TV model because it’s the one that you just simply say who you want to see or what show you’re interested in it’s the one that’s instantly synced to your Amazon Prime majority Roberts it’s the one that you asked for a certain person and all they’ve ever done pops up just like our today’s special it is one of the easiest customer user experiences out there and it’s the best way to turn any TV into a smart TV without taking it off the wall without spending a thousand dollars you know it’s just a better way in so I have to put up with three minute clock on this presentation we are very very limited in our quantities today and we have so many amazing deals to offer to you today the five flex the free shipping to try it risk-free all done at midnight tonight and with less than 2000 available to offer to you today I don’t believe there will be enough quantity to get through the day try it risk-free on us you spend twenty dollars today we ship it to your door and you get a 30-day risk-free trial it’s just one of the most upgraded easy to use streaming experiences that exists out in the marketplace today so this is by the the only scheduled airing of the day your only chance to get it here at seven ago I wish we had in the afternoon we don’t have another airing of its scheduled as I was talking about earlier with our big star of the day with our fire tablets are 2-pack of fire tablets much in a similar way the ease of use is extraordinary and there is in fact they get started with Amazon fire TV because we’ve had 12 or 13 minutes to talk to you we want to make sure you get the most out of your news from this video I mean know you’ve got more hair and it’s not gray on the side so you can make my kids not even as big of a forehead anyway this shows you exactly how easy it is to use everything oh you see that game troller that’s something that you can pick up as well if you use a mobile game troller there’s even more games that you can play and those sort of things gosh i feel like i’ve barely shown you all anything what else do we have going on here I’ll move over to home to your videos oh the alexa technology so far I’ve only talked to this to show you things about television or movies I’ve only asked for actors and actresses but I could ask something like what’s the Pyramid of Giza the Great Pyramid of Giza is the oldest and largest of the three pyramids you can ask this anything it’s like having a good remember this is a quad core computer this has a quad core processor in it so anything you want to know at any time and in fact I’m going to get even a little fancier than that so we’re going to go back to our things that we have recently watched here we go we’re gonna go into tumble leaf which is so much fun to watch so tumble leave this great kid show right we’re watching it you can see remember 1080p and this is in 4k so the visuals honor absolutely out of this world now maybe you have a question that comes up in the course of this so maybe you want to know something like what’s the score of the cubs game but this was their most recent score now you’re like well how do you wait but he was watching a television show surely you can do both of those at the same time I’m going to go back and we are watching tumble leaf again that’s how smart it is this multi my point is this multi tasks like a very expensive computer would multitask there’s something else called x-ray and amazon is one of the only place in fact the only place that offers x-ray x-ray means when you’re watching a show any of the actors that are in a scene that you’re watching it will show you any of those actors and if you want to know more about I guess this is the guy who voices the character of buckeye you can hit select it’ll give you their bio it’ll tell you what they do that happens to me all the time when I’m watching movies I’m like I know that actor or that actors I’ve seen that person before with x-ray it’ll show you everyone that’s in the scene and everything they’ve done in the past we are scratching the iceberg on this product it is one of the best of the best if you love to watch TV like I do if that’s the way that you get home and you chill out you’ve got to have a fire TV it really is so much fun and just opens up your world of entertainment okay I know this was quick guys but it is an iconic product it’s a best-seller it’s a customer pick and its twenty dollars a month and yes the kiddos can be watching what was it tumble something I got a little tumble leaf tumble leaf for my son right now it’s all about Daniel Tiger’s neighborhood it’ll be 20 listen you can I could get a lot of questions answered while I’m watching that episode for the 17 times so it’s great for me it’s going to be great for you we are going to move on because we are so limited in our time and we have so many phenomenal specials to offer to you during this hour but for twenty dollars see why this is the best selling media streamer out there and speaking of best-selling speaking of the most amazing deals don’t forget about our today’s special because for those of you that love the Amazon family for those of you that want not one but two of America’s Sweetheart tablets again for only twenty dollars a month it is our biggest best buy of the year and over 15, 000 of you have said yes so it will sell out early now one of the great things about tablets is that you can go on facebook you can share photos you can take photos you could be taking part in our 39 years of fun contest go to hsn.

com and check it out you can print out this little HSN beach ball on your computer and post a picture on Instagram on Facebook you might just win a prize with us all you do is use hashtag it’s fun here and post your pictures on social media take your pictures with your fire tablets they’ll be better looking pictures it really it’s all about celebrating you and celebrating 39 years of the most fun most captivating shopping ever and we’ve got a lot more coming out so stay right where you are please our fourth of July weekend is packed with great deals and exclusive offers four days of four or more flex pay on all items presale in all today’s specials free shipping on all electronics Plus limited time pricing on your favorite brands like Curtis Stone Carol’s Daughter and more and join us for a special edition of beauty report Sunday at 7pm with brand-new beauty items check out all the fun at hsn.

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