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good minute you spend in front of the TV is going to be enjoyable is going to be exciting watching what you want I say it again and again and I know Aaron agrees in the butt Aaron there’s so many wonderful gadgets and gizmos in this day and age yeah the irony that this is only ninety nine dollars yes this is priceless the impact that $99 makes on the entertainment in your house and really the way that it increases like I said I know you spent a lot more than ninety nine dollars on your television the way that it increases the way that you’re able to use your television right now you guys can see I’m doing a little bit of gaming I’m gonna do one more here i’m just gonna clear this line and then i’m gonna hop out of here cuz i’ve got lots of things to show you so i’m using the remote to do gaming right now but like Adam set and we have a video that will show you on gaming as well it’s a really good video it shows some of the more advanced gaming things you’ll definitely want the game controller to do that the cool thing is the game controller also controls your normal screen yes also has the voice activation built-in and can i tell you a look I mean these are we’re talking about 4k graphics oh yeah please remember we’re talking about 4k here there’s one other other there’s so many things I mean I could spend an hour on this but another sort of thing that I just haven’t mentioned at all yet that I think is the coolest of the cool and that is that your phone doesn’t matter if you have an iPhone or if you have an Android phone or whatever you can download an app and you see what I’m doing right now I’m using my phone to control the television so your phone can be your remote as what if you lose your remote or if you just want to have more than one or if you always fight over it because everybody wants to ask question whatever it is so there’s there’s just so many ways to use this all here the key all of them very simple take a look if you will I’m gonna that’s nice and steady or try to how simple this remote is compare this to your cable remote your cable remote you know probably gives you adjectives just looking at it right there’s probably 70 buttons on it I bet you use for but you can’t find them all that’s my case this has the voice search right there okay that’s easy so um like what that’s a question is Santa Claus real I don’t know him personally but I’ve heard a lot of good things about Santa if I ever meet him I’ll tell you ok cool so that means yes actually meet you there in short yes that’s what you use the voice of for to ask any sort of question or to ask to see television shows that kind of thing this is just sort of let you navigate up down left and right this was this button takes you home there’s a back button and menu button and then just play pause fast forward I mean very very simple again this is the button that is most key because everything is voice activated so I can say Mozart in the jungle and then we have motor in the jungle right there and then would all yo you know what let’s watch a little Mozart in the jungle that I hit play and again because this is one thing that I’ve barely mentioned this is a quad-core yeah well it is a quad core media streamer it’s like having a quad-core computer in many many ways it is seventy-five percent faster than previous versions of the Amazon fire and quite frankly the emblem fire was already a really really quick media streamer with the fastest that I had ever used it’s now 75 percent faster and when you have that very special two very special hdmi cable that we’re sending it’s a 4k certified hdmi cable what it means is the signal that comes through there is even a cleaner signal and of course you can stream in 4k that highest of high Ultra High Definition now if you have a 1080p television you’ll streaming 1080p 720p you’ll stream and 720p but it goes as high as your TV can take on shows of course that are filmed in and released in 4k treat yourself to this and maybe you just got home maybe you just channel surfing treat yourself to this for a flex pay $25 it’s um it’s going to open up so many wonderful opportunities just think about it for a second all of the TV shows that you love the right there no more having to go outside of the house to rent movies or DVDs or blu-rays they’re all right right on your TV any TV that you’ve got in your house right now any TV you’re going to plug this in and you’re going to have everything that Aaron just showed you you’re going to have access to everything that Aaron just went through all your favorite actors you want to watch a thriller tonight you search thriller all the thrills you want a comedy you on a scary movie they’re all going to come up for ninety nine dollars i will say in erin’s certainly seen every single media streamer I’ve never made a secret or held back when it comes to media streamers I’m a big big big big fan of them fire TV has a now outclassed them all because you saw how fast it is how easy it is but I think any one of us this may be what a kindle product or one of the kindle fire tablets we know the level of expectation from amazon products is always very highs as high as it gets and with this they’ve just gone above and beyond future-proof because it’s up to 4k quality quad-core processor so that’s why he’s lightning through it so fast with this voice search with this alexis built in your digital assistant so you could talk to where she’s going to answer all the questions you were gonna have so much fun with this one and for the final time because i know our clock is ticking away and so is that quantity i just want to stress because we overlooked a couple things the everybody wants a good value everybody wants the best value and we are going to deliver that best value i want you to feel good that you can’t go somewhere else even amazon.

com right now and get this value that we are offering today while supplies last we’re offering the fire TV media stream of a 9995 which is the same price that amazon are offering it for they’ll of course send it to you free so will we will give you the bonus of flexpay which means that will hold the balance for you and all you pay today’s $25 but then we add in another real tangible substantial value if you were to buy this media streamer anywhere else including Amazon you have to buy a cable because you’ve got to plug this to your TV we’re going to send you the cable for no extra charge now this is actually a 4k quality hdmi cable they can range from ten twenty thirty dollars it’s included at no extra charge so you’re already you dollars ahead Aaron in terms of that we’ve not even talked about the one-year subscription that is included you absolutely are in fact what are the one-year subscription done I’m very glad you mentioned that is to something called feeling we’re going to go into what is feeling it’s a whole bun feel-good movies so you’ll see like the hallmark movies and there’s just all kinds of really cool fun movie so Hallmark Hall of Fame movies most popular featured TV and miniseries you can go into any of these this is included for you look there john-boy Walton right there actually I was talking about the Americans earlier he’s in the Americans as well was he really again yeah yeah he’s great such a great job I am I am NOT induced in any way to say that I’m just crazy about the show right there just there bridge brilliant so that’s feeling that’s something we include two more things I want to show you we’ve barely talked about music check out how easy this is play take me to the king take me to the king by 10 so you know all the time when I’m making dinner or as often as not eating takeout I’ll just have my television play a little bit of music for me there are over a million free songs and amazon prime or again you use that app and it’ll pull over everything that you have on your computer there’s just tons of music everywhere obviously and then another thing that i want to show you guys before i hop over and do my last demonstration in the in the living room one of the things Adam was talking about that the quality standards that Amazon just really holds themselves yes Franklin all of their products I’ve had the good fortune to sell I think every product they’ve had at HSN and they’re all great they also hold themselves to such extraordinary high standards on helping you use their products that they’re help videos built into their look at this is great what a district the first thing I did after I plugged this in you plug it in to the television then plug in the fire TV of the television I’m you plug it into the wall chuckling engine in the power that’s all you do I went into settings and I watch this video and it showed me how to do everything you tell me where the movies work showed me how to use voice search so these are great I don’t want anyone to be intimidated I know that we’re doing a lot of things showing off a lexan we’re turning on lights and we’re doing all of these great things it is shockingly simple to you simple simple simple um I’ll show you here but just before I walk over to the living room the back of it so this is your power cable so you just plug that into power Archie this is your power outlet we the cable comes with it this is your HDMI port and again it’s 1k it’s not it’s not a nest of wires it’s one hdmi cable from your fire TV into your television this is an Ethernet port in case you want to hardwire it you certainly can do so this is very important this is a memory card slot if you’re doing a lot of gaming and that sort of stuff you might want to expand your memory and you know what with the game controller that we have additionally available did you guys know well a card comes with that a microSD card comes along with that as well I think it’s a toshiba 8 gigabyte card i’ll double check so that instantly expand expand your memory and then here’s a USB and i won’t even get into this much of a USB port you can put all your photos on here as well you can stream them through the cloud or you can put them in with a USB stick and that’s a big point because here’s that controller just so you know we had a lot of questions about this will show you in full details so you can see specially economically designed as you’d expect when you play the games and for gamers out there for casual gamers for really really serious gamers you’re going to love the games that the fire TV provides and not again for the entire family which is what’s so exciting you’ll be in bed it’ll be a lazy Saturday morning you’ll have your game control you’ll be playing Crossy Road or any of the other great games you’d be with the kids you’ll be doing all of these things and remember even though Sting’s like Netflix you pay a premium every month you do realize there’s so much of what Aaron I showed you is free free free I mean the majority free no charge whatsoever I mean hundreds of thousands of TV shows hundreds of thousands of movies all the music all the games it’s all there ninety nine dollars for the most advanced media stream ever we’re approaching seventy percent sold out now it’s exciting to see Aaron is it not true customer appreciation month we love our customers we do the most exciting things and we are launching the brand new fire TV today to celebrate our customers and doing it with such great value I want to show you getting this sort of little home automation piece so you see the light behind me turn light off there it goes oh not here let me show that molten turn light off oh I think I turn I’ve actually turned it off already I didn’t see a go but like oh there’s the TV how about turn television off bye-bye everything’s turned off now I’m going to bed soon are you alright begin to the night you can do that and think about in the morning if you want to turn on your space heater in your bathroom turn light on it’s really like magic I mean it’s real to have your home automated like this what it does Adam it speaks to the intelligence inside this little bitty box all of the smarts that are in there and do you know that amazon has made a hundred million dollars available yeah to developers to develop new things more things for alexa to do so this is very much an electronic that i can say will update itself and will get better and better and better all the time it’s funny there’s a gentleman that works here called Russell he’s probably watching hello Russell he and seemingly everybody else has touched this product that has watched this product that is experienced the fire TV has fallen head over heels in love with it even if you don’t buy this from us today just remember one thing not all media streamers are built the same way not all media streamers work as efficiently as quickly as easily as this not all media streamers provides so much content that grows every day fire TV is the most advanced we’ve ever done at any price let alone under a hundred dollars it’s just very it’s very confidence building and a wonderful position to be in to be here with Aaron and to be able to tell you that we are the best value in the United States of America because that’s what we want to hear show me great things but show me the best price with the best price with the same price as amazon but we’re including the hdmi cable and feeling and feeling it’s a whole year and Yoga I’m the only pull year of exercise you got ya be too much good stuff mr.

Aaron Berger is gonna have a quick break a cup of coffee and we’ll see him in about 30 minutes I have iced tea cuz it’s a thousand degrees out here no coffee for me isn’t it like a sauna I’ll always I just have hot flashes my makeup story about it I don’t gotta go we gotta go folks stay with us vol wonderful things Oh on the way next lowest price.



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