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I wish I had the whole hour on this but you know what we don’t have enough to do the whole hour the thing is even if you went to Amazon right now this is the biggest configuration the best value anywhere in America because fire TV which has taken America by storm it is so much more than a media streamer basically it’s your own little red box it’s your own little movie theater it’s your own little digital personal assistant it means never having to say mom there’s nothing on TV ever again and it’s the biggest value anywhere because not only do we match Amazon’s price of $99.

95 we include for free and we can say this we have a legal verification it is 4k certified delivery the HDMI cable is free free free with your purchase which by the way even Amazon doesn’t do Amazon doesn’t do the free shipping with the $24 flexpay and by the way we include workout assistance we also include family movie programming a free digital personal assistant which by the way amazon and fire are the only ones in the world that have that kind of technology the disembodied voice voice that you hear is my dear friend Aaron Berger by the way if you shopping we want to hear from you I have been waiting and waiting and waiting for us to do something like this Aaron Berger can you believe it my TV is smarter than me whether you have a dumb TV whether you have a smart TV your TV’s gonna be smarter this is an extraordinary device so it’s a media streamer it allows you to watch movies allows you to watch television Oz to listen to music to play games but it’s so much more than that it is the first today’s special we’ve done where it’s a media streamer that streams in 4k that is the highest of high Ultra High Definition you might know it as or if you have a 1080p or 720p television it will stream as high as your television can read the signal and we’re including the HDMI cable with which to do it this also has Alexa technology and it has voice activation technology right what’s Alexa what’s voice activation it’s easier just to show you so take a look I’ve got the in my hand right now if you want to watch movies with a star maybe you say Bradley Cooper and we’re off and running okay there we go Bradley Cooper I’m gonna turn the volume up a little and here’s a bunch of movies that Bradley Cooper is in yeah in fact this movie right here I mean it with him I have a scene with him and it’s on it’s writing it yeah true we filmed it about a dozen years ago I did a little scene at a bar with Bradley it was his first starring role in a drama so anyway check that out sometime I mean how about this maybe you want to watch a certain style of movie you can a romantic comedy and you notice how fast it says right do you know why this is so fast because this is quad core its 75% faster than any other fire media streamer that we’ve done so it’s immediate maybe you want to watch something in particular like tumble leaf tumble leaf is this really cool kid show and it also happens to be in 4k here it is you want to see how quickly we can stream 4k are you ready here we go we are streaming 4k faster it’s better okay you can buy media streamers every day of the week for $100 this is the only one in the world that it has its own talking to you personal digital assistant only one in the world it is the only one in the world that I have seen up especially in this price range that is 4k compatible what is the point of getting that 4k television if your media streamer is gonna dumb down the product upstairs who cares exactly I mean you have these wonderful television but what this does is it elevates the ability of your TV now I want to show you Shannon mentioned that built-in digital assistant that we also call Alexa I’m sure a lot of you are familiar with the Lex already so we’re watching a movie so this is what our little computer a little media streamer is doing already in any question that comes to your mind maybe maybe all of a sudden you need to know you know you’re gonna have to get ready in a few minutes you need to know what the weather’s like outside what’s the weather in Tampa clear skies or maybe you’re thinking about what you’re maybe you’re thinking about what you’re gonna do tonight how do you make a Manhattan that’s how you make a Manhattan whatever maybe the kids are doing a report for school what is the Pyramid of Giza and it’s not just like surface stuff so actually did the Pyramid of Giza I was like let’s see how good this thing is how big is the Pyramid of Giza because that’s a specific question right that’s not just like general it’s amazing it’s up now now here’s what I want to point out to you so I’m doing oh that’s where we’re you know getting into all of that sort of computer stuff questions that you can ask your because it has Alexa technology but at the same time we’re immediately back into our movie as soon as we’re doing it as soon as we’re finished with that we are streaming 4k here’s a question we’ve got all day and I want to answer okay people want to know what do I need to have yeah the only thing you need to have in your house is an internet connection so you can watch if you have a a wireless router you will obviously this is wireless but actually if you want for any reason if you don’t have wireless or if your wireless isn’t strong– or whatever this also has an Ethernet port so you could plug your you know your wireless network or actually not your wild sound like your network right into this I should mention if you don’t have a great router we have the tp-link router available as well since you’re gonna be streaming 4k if you don’t have a great router already this is one I believe it’s a customer pick three antenna dual band it’s faster you can be further away from it’s an extraordinary router one other thing and then I promised Aaron’s gonna continue to give you details remember we want to hear from you we have a few and I do mean a few rollers gaming controller because this is for all ages it’s for moms it’s for dads it’s for your kids and for your grandkids everybody in the family is gonna want to use your brand-new smart TV courtesy of the fire and courtesy of Alexa so we have a few and I do mean a few of an inch roller actually should say that that also comes with an eight gigabyte microSD card that’s important because another thing with the fire TV is it has an expandable memory card slot so when you’re downloading a ton of games because if you buy that control you’re gonna download a ton of games actually we have a little video a gaming video that will show for you guys right now I’m gonna play some simple games with the remote with the regular remote in a minute but you can do this kind of 4k gaming out-of-this-world gaming if you want to pick up that controller as well okay we also have a few of the smart plugs so can I show that guys and we’ll do our little 7030 so this is what this is the deal we’ve shown you you know that you can talk to your TV and that you can find certain actors and actresses you could ask it a question you could say who won the Best Actress Oscar in 1975 on Broadway a few years ago she’s amazing so we know all the TV type stuff that this does right did you know that this is also worked with home automation so you’re gonna see our living room right now you see you’re gonna see the light see the light that’s on in the living room on that that white sort of tripod white checkers up turn light off turn television off turn it back on turn light on there cuz turn television on so you might be wondering how in the world does alexa automate you do need one other thing in order to do that it’s called the TP smart link the smart outlet and there’s a to that number for the two packets at the bottom right we have a 2-pack and a one packet there are only 300 left that’s only 300 left I’ll tell you if you cost if you’ve done a cost comparison on those controllers for the house they start at thousands of there’s fortunes of dollars because I was gonna do it I’m like they’re poor I like a good used car controller for my home so it is genius here’s the thing guys we see you there and you know at the end of the day I don’t know about you but I work hard for my money my entertainment that is my sanctuary that you know I want my home to be my castle but to be honest with you with no disrespect to the ginger I look forward to seeing my TV Scottie oh I love my teammate I you know I’m kind of obsessed with TV you never get to watch it live I never get to watch it alive and here’s the other thing the money that this will save because I’m an Amazon Prime subscriber the money that this will save you literally from the first use I went to a movie last week okay the big you know superhero battle flash of the Titan thing between even with me for one person between the cost of the ticket you know in the RPX and the movie in the popcorn I spent like $50 okay for two people going to the movie once this has paid for itself that’s a good thing I didn’t you know I couldn’t take my bathroom break when I wanted I could you know the popcorn cost me a fortune I got indigestion afterwards this actually finds entertainment for me and the thing about this is because you know very soon I mean let’s be honest you know Spring Break was just here summer vacation is gonna be here if you want your home to be the you know the favorite hub in the neighborhood whether it’s the games whether you’re getting the controller this is going to be better than having your own red box it’s going to be better than movies on demand it’s going to be better you know then tried because I subscribe to every cable channel known to man it was funny because I called my cable company just like you subscribe to everything I can’t tell you it’s almost every night that I said at home I’m like there’s nothing there’s nothing how much was your cable bill and almost three times what you’re spending my cable bill is around $260 a month and I tell you I’m an extreme case cuz I’m TV obsessed but when I saw this earlier today I’m telling you if I cut my cable bill by a third I mean or if I just you know you know don’t go to a movie if I don’t go to a movie once a month this is paid for itself do you realize one trip to the movie theater this is paid for my purchase but bear in mind it’s a digital assistant it’s a whole home controller which controller if you get that smart plug technology it is literally not only turning your television into a smart TV this is the best value in America I’ll tell you right now even if you try to buy it through Amazon they don’t have flex pay they are not and I repeat this is a big thing including for free with your purchase the four okay certified you know the upgraded hdmi cable and not all hdmi cables are created alike it’s so funny because a lot of times when we talk about the what you get when we do a presentation people are like oh i don’t need all that stuff you need this because you can’t hook this and then we also send you a wealth of software included for free free free with your purchase whether it’s workout trainers or basically a whole family programming I mean that’s free free free big thing for me Aaron is this will pay for itself over and over again in fact we haven’t talked about the music on demand your own little private consulates look at some of those so the music on demand you would hear a song I do this a lot you know at night if I’m cooking dinner or more often than not eating something that I’ve picked up I can you do something like hmm play take me to the king it’s a beautiful song by a lot of times I’ll ask like play classical there’s all these great playlists now as this place for me I want to talk to you about what you can watch and where content comes from and those kind of things Shannon mints and Netflix if you’re a Netflix subscriber if you’re a Hulu subscriber we actually include the free month of Hulu with this yeah HBO Go Showtime all of those but I want to talk specifically about Amazon Prime for a minute if you belong to Amazon Prime which a lot of us a lot of us don’t know that that it is also a streaming service and it already comes along with what you’re paying if you’re an Amazon Prime member a lot of us do it for the shipping right I have for years but it there’s a great movie benefit to it as well so there’s 250, 000 movies and television shows over a million songs this is all free with your Amazon Prime membership so if you’re a member of Amazon Prime I’ll give you one quick example the Americans so do you watch the I’m going to I’ve heard such good righteous so I just heard about I read about it in the paper the other day right so I went to Netflix to see if it was on Netflix and it’s not so I went over to iTunes I bought the first season and I spent $30 on the first season there’s four seasons more than a flex pay and then exactly and then somebody told me it’s on Amazon Prime which I had already kicked myself so I messed up there but I’ll watch the next three season instead of spending 90 bucks to buy those three seasons because it’s one of the things that it’s not on some of the other service but it’s on Amazon Prime and there’s a lot of great new original series on Amazon so two things are happening remember with every service representative taking phone calls we want to hear from you whether you are getting this for the first time or maybe you’ve had the opportunity to try it the thing is this is Aaron’s last show so this is your final presentation it is a one-shot deal anytime that we partner do things that even Amazon can’t do because with all the bonuses and extras even they are not able to duplicate what we’re doing this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and you see that flex pay of $24.

98 to get home I guarantee you you go to the movies once just for one person even if you just go into the movies by yourself you will spend more than that flex pay before you even hit the popcorn aisle I mean seriously even before you hit the concession stand you are spending more than a flex pay and once you get this at home it revolutionizes how you watch television and if you’re like me and my family television really brings together me and my parents and you know mom and the grandkids because you know my mom you know she’s had back surgeries in the whole nine yards she’s not as you know mobile as she might like well she watches you know plays video games with Hunter you know she watches what the grandkids are doing so this connects families together in a way that even your regular television cannot do this is like TV on steroids it’s like a Smart TV on steroids it’s so much more than just a Smart TV and it’s so much more than just a wireless media streamer you can buy media streamers every day of the week for a hundred bucks but there is not a single one that exists in the world at this price that can shut your lights off for you right that can help control your life help you know how to dress the kids by telling you what the weather is right that basically has a digital assistant in addition to a red box in an on-demand movie theater and access to channels and movies and TV programming and celebrities and stars that you might not even realize I mean my my dad is a huge western fan so you know you find John Wayne John Wayne we’re gonna do it just like that we’re in John Wayne 97 movies and television shows that John Wayne is an or that are about John Wayne so it’s it’s pretty extraordinary another thing I want to show you guys there’s time there’s a thousand thousands of free apps HSN has an app we have our shop by remote apps so I’m opening that up right now you’ll see it streams HSN live so there’s our show right now you can actually buy the item on air just by clicking super convenient right you can look at recently aired and today’s specials and all of that kind of stuff so that’s our HSN app I want to show you something else that you get exclusively here Amazon doesn’t give you this nobody else gives you this we include a full year subscription to a an app called feel’n and what is feeln it’s it’s basically tear jerker heart hugger loving kind of movie so like like the Hallmark Hall of Fame movies for example tons of them are there for you says latest home or Call of Fame so we can look at the latest movies from Hallmark Hall of Fame where we can lick some of the classic some true stories for example there’s tons of movies in here or we can go to most popular TVs in mini-series these are all this is all content that we’re including Wow I have to tell you something else I know this is a lot of information but there’s some important things so again you know I use a Netflix on this a lot I use my Amazon Prime account if you have a lot of movies and TV and music on your computer there’s also an app that you can buy it’s an inexpensive app here it is it’s called Plex and Plex will move all of the movies and TV and music and all that that’s on your computer it will move it over it will allow your basically allow your fire TV and your in your computer to talk so all of the things that are on your computer right now are also on your fire TV so when you just use this app okay couple of things and we have every service representative taking phone calls I remind you this is it guys no more no mas I mean I wanted to do a full hour on this I got vetoed because we don’t have enough it is a one-shot deal this is not coming back again this year for this price please bear in mind it is not $24 and change on flexpay at Amazon no one in the world at any price is doing the free free free my favorite four letter word in the English language the free for K upgrade compl a bowl HDMI cable that is free with your purchase and remember a wellness software that is literally almost double what you’re paying for the fire itself the other thing is anyone within the sound of our voice can get this for $24 which I guarantee you to spend more than that on one trip to the movie theater but if you have an HSN card and there’s even apply and buy it’s less than a $20 bill to get this at home and I guarantee you I mean one movie ticket especially if you’re going to something and you know I’m X or RPX or something like that there’s almost $20.

00 a second now so you’ll spend more on the popcorn then you will spend I mean to get this at home for a lifetime and remember all you need is Internet service in your house of course if you don’t have a great router we’ve got one for you and if you do want to use this as a home controller heads up those smart plugs I think Luciano you said fewer than 300 now so we have literally a couple hundred and then the game controller a couple hundred of those as well because I can promise you everybody in the family is going to use this we are off to the phones this time to Arizona Sally it’s aaron and shannon welcome Oh so Sally we’re curious what made you decide to get our today’s special compliment when she hears her name you’re right that’s what cues Alexa wonderful question there’s and I’ll answer it it’s gonna be a bit of an extended answer so we thank you Sally we’re gonna give you some some information about that right now it’s a little tight it’s expanded description so err don’t do that now great question cuz I was actually watching the fourth question Sally thank you so here’s the scoop oh okay got a smart TV if you have a smart TV already with this it makes your TV smarter because this allows you to stream 4k movies we’re talking about hundreds of thousands of them if you have Amazon Prime 4k from Netflix anything that was created in 4k you can now stream tons of television shows tons of music what else can this do you can’t ask your Smart TV what’s the weather in Tampa and have it answer you you know this is like having a computer inside this is a remember this is really a little quad-core computer run 75% faster because it’s quad-core has that Alexa technology here’s another thing you can’t ask your TV to do you know what let me just turn up the volume here so you guys can hear and we’re gonna get ready to show the living room in a minute something that other media streamers and your Smart TV doesn’t have now I think I heard you correctly that amazon has freed up a whole cache of money for developers to create programs that will be specifically for your fire I’m glad you heard me say that so specifically for Alexa technology which built into your they’ve in fact freed up a hundred million dollars so they’ve made a hundred amazon amid 100 million dollars available about to developers to develop various things that interact with Alexa like right now we have the last couple hundred of the TP smart outlet available like the TP smart outlet we just had a great question what can this do what can the fire TV do that my Smart TV can’t do well take a look at our living room for a minute and I’m going to show you with the Smart TV and the Alexa technology excuse me with the fire TV and the Alexa technology that’s built in you see that light over there I’m going to turn it off just by telling the fire TV turn light off buh-bye I’m gonna turn the TV off turn TV I’m sorry I just call it the television turn television off yeah there goes I’ll turn back just to show you again so so to answer your question I’m sure your Smart TV can’t control your home but your fire can turn light on turn television on so it’s pretty cool it’s brand that that is really just the beginning of the iceburg I don’t need to show you guys help settings I’m going to show you oh I want to show you x-ray technology your your Smart TV doesn’t have x-ray technology that’s something that’s exclusive to amazon prime as well okay so here’s the thing another 1000 of you have made your selection and here’s the problem this is your final airing this is your last shot it is not coming back again this year for this price so to answer our Sally’s question it makes your Smart TV better but there are things that the Amazon that the fire TV will do that no other media streamer and frankly no other Smart TV can do if you have a smart TV it just enhances it and makes it better in fact even on Amazon they are not including the 4k the upgraded the 4k compatible hdmi cable there is no other media streamer that I know of in this price range in particular that is 4k compatible you know you can buy media streamers every day of the week for $100 and there are none that function as a home controller ask about that smart plug if you want to do that guys and then of course will become your own personal digital assistant so if you are within the sound of our voice it’s $24 and change we’re paying to send it to you if you have an HSN card you’re looking at only a $20 bill to get this at home and listen I realized different strokes for different folks but anyone who’s watching this this this show you know whether you’re like my dad my dad just had knee surgery so he’s not moving around as briskly as he used to so dads in front of the TV a lot more than he might like right now I don’t care if you know maybe you’re homebound or you just you know aren’t as mobile as you used to be for me television is just kind of really the hub of my life I’m TV obsessed and maybe you’re the same way we are a TV nation where a TV generation and this connects generations especially if you’re doing that game controller because then you’re looking at video games for the whole family as well but if you only got it for the movies if you only got it to have your own little private video box your own little private red box if you just skip going to the movies one weekend or one you know night of the month you will pay for your purchase and that’s just for a party of two if you’re taking a family of four I mean forget about it you’re spending easily a couple of hundred dollars and parents you know that by the time you get through the concession stand and the admission and you know then god forbid if you don’t like the movie so we pay to send it to you it is the last chance for the year definitely don’t let this be a coulda woulda shoulda don’t let it slip through your fingers I could have easily spent the entire hour on this but patty in Florida we wants it for the movies patty it’s aired and Shannon and welcome to HSN hi guys evening have you here so have you heard of Alexa before or what made you decide to grab our today’s special because the gentleman explains it’s so clear I didn’t want to go to a big box store or something and try to get something and be over sold so I saw it and I thought it would be what I needed since I don’t have a smart TV oh so Erin that’s a good question for everybody so if I don’t have a smart TV this turns a television into it you really patty I think you won’t even believe if your TV isn’t a smart television already the upgrade that this brings to a TV that isn’t a smart TV it’s almost mind blowing you know how much it does it and thank you we try to explain it clearly there’s so much information to get across but what you’ll find is this incredibly simple to use patty do you um do you watch Netflix no cuz I’m not that Hecky that’s why I’m hoping this will bring me it will hey patty let me ask you this do you have a favorite celebrity or favorite type of movie that you like to watch of course chick flicks oh yeah there we go yes you can and you certainly you don’t have to be a Netflix subscriber at all I only ask that because a lot of people subscribe to MLM prime and netflix innate feel go in all of those but you can watch any of these you can rent them you can buy them you you name it it’s patty it’s just so easy I do have one question though if I may sure you can do I have to disconnect my home cable again that’s another great question all you do is in fact let me show you okay you plug this little guy like there’s gonna be two cables that come along with this this is your power cable so you’re gonna plug that into the wall okay this is a port for your HDMI cable you remember the days where it took three or four or five or six cables like to take your VCR to York it was the mom in my house actually my father couldn’t figure anything out but my mom good anyway the HDMI cable one cable and we’re sending you in a 4k certified hdmi cable that goes from the fire TV into your television set that’s all right so you don’t have to disconnect are you I’m so pleased you guys great thank you very much we love you patty we couldn’t do it without patty one more thing patty what you’ll do on your TV there’s something called an input there’s an input button on your remote and the input is is what you’re watching so you’ll just change the input from cable to fire TV that’s all you here’s the thing we have less than 10 minutes in this presentation this is it guys it’s your final chance for the year at this price so after this show we are not moving forward with a $99 price we are not moving forward with the free 4k compatible hdmi cable Patty great question doesn’t mean that you want to abandon anything because you know there are certain things on my cable that I certainly want to watch but there are also certain things on my cable and my cable will not do what fire is gonna do I mean let’s start there I mean my cable is not gonna shut off my flight’s my cable is not gonna turn on the television my cables and you know gonna tell me basically you know where to find chick flicks it’s not gonna talk back to me I mean is a personal digital assistant which incidentally no smart TV in the world is going to do so if you already have a smart TV it just makes it better if you couldn’t afford the upgrade to a smart TV as an example the TV that I have in my living room right now I’ll be honest with you because you know we’re all on a budget I couldn’t afford the Smart TV but I needed a TV right now so to upgrade from what I have right now and it’s not even a 4k television it would have been anywhere from another two to five hundred dollars to upgrade to 4k and to upgrade to a smart TV so I just you know I went with a base model now certainly that 4k is if you’ve got a 4k television then it’s going to you know allow you to broadcast or pick up movies in 4k but even amazon is not including the 4k compatible hdmi cable we do that for free we do software that’s almost double your purchase we pay to send it to you there’s a 30-day unconditional money-back guarantee so with that 30-day unconditional money-back guarantee and no disrespect because I love my cable just tell you that right now but you know there’s not like a 30-day money-back guarantee you can check this out you can try it for yourself if you decide it’s not your cup of tea you can send it back and don’t forget because because Alexa and the fire is so small free shipping send this to mom for Mother’s Day send it to dad for Father’s Day send it off to the kids for college I mean I’m serious you can turn their you know whatever TV they’re watching in the dormitory you know or their first apartment you can turn it into a smart TV it is a genius purchase I was actually a film major in college so you can it’ll only tell you how obsessed I am with TVs and film it’s just really kind of ridiculous but I can tell you for a fact the first time if you just skip going to the movie theater once this month you paid for your purchase you have as a party of one just going to movies last week I spent $50 50 bucks by the time it was all said and done between the concession you know and the movie ticket you know on the soda at the home you know shebang go to people you’ve paid for your purchase and you know what that movie theater didn’t give me didn’t tell me how to dress for the weather because I’m rained on my way to the movies I got wet so it’s just it’s a genius opportunity and no one does what fire is doing and remember like Aaron said they’re freeing up over a hundred million dollars with which broadcasters and programmers are going to be creating product there’s already I mean literally a bajillion millions and millions and millions and millions of choices but they’re going to be more things in the future that you don’t have to upgrade to you because it’s already upgraded for you so as soon as they happen you get it before anybody else and by the way you get it and nobody else does over-the-air updates coming to this I mean seriously so melody right here in Florida is getting at melody it’s aaron and shannon welcome to HSN hello hi yeah I already have the fire stick that’s awesome and it’s wonderful and it has the voice command but I kind of a package that you’re offering now with the streaming media the the 4k the feeling the fire stick it has changed my viewing habits and I am seeing so much more things and I love it me and my daughter are watching documentary yeah every day and I love that I’m gonna have a lecture now because a lot of a lot of them are in metric system yes you’re right and you know what else for a lot of our viewers who don’t know the fire stick was kind of the precursor TV and fire stick is great I’ve sold I love it this is also another thing melody this is 75% faster because it’s quad-core it’s not believe this thing is way that you talk about unlike I saw this earlier and I’m like no I can’t I can’t like how can I not it is fabulous it’s so true and melody before we let you go first of all thank you for your call but you know for somebody who hasn’t tried it isn’t it a great investment I mean you’re watching it with your daughter I mean if it pays off for yourself right a great investment I used to hate like like watching TV I have to be home at a certain time I had to be their job well I have to pay more money to get a DVR no I don’t have to do that I can watch one ones there’s so much stuff to watch and i can watch and on my time then i can pause it and tuck the kids into bed properly and not just watch them two beds between the commercials it has better parents and we’re learning so much and you know what I go play trivia on Tuesday nights and I can’t tell you how many things I’ve been able to answer we love you best to you in the whole family see it raises your IQ what a great great melody your secret is safe with us she said I’m a smarter parent and that’s why I asked her I mean so listen I realized you know we all have our budgets whatever our budgets might be but I’m telling you you will never ever regret you know something that brings your family together it’s entertainment on demand and what it’s more than just entertainment like melody said first of all it’s a saver in our ton of money because she didn’t have to do those DVR one of those recordable boxes she didn’t have to worry about being home at a certain time to watch your favorite shows it’s made her a smarter parent because you know you can’t stump Alexa so I mean even whether it’s you know metric conversion or you know what the weather’s gonna be like your personal digital assistant is going to answer that and if you get that little plug the 200 that we have left she’ll even you know I come from the days where I actually sold The Clapper so it likes us a lot smarter than The Clapper that I sold she will shut off your light shall turn on your TV do you need that guy little plug which I know you seen that I’d have never rotated but like Melanie said melody said to her kids are learning so don’t underestimate just the educational values of this alone documentaries and learning and programming and digital assistant and home controlling you will never ever ever regret doing entertainment on demand but you know what I almost pause when I say you know entertainment because it’s so much more than entertainment it’s really the way we want to live our lives and Alexa and Fire they’re connecting families we will more than double what they anticipated in this hour I’m telling you I wish I would have had the entire hour on this I was really kind of begging for them to do that but this is not coming back this year for this price so just be aware of that so we want to send it to you it’s the only place in America where you get into 4k compatible hdmi cable free free free free free free along with software that’s about double the price of admission and Aaron don’t you agree – it’s really the kind of thing you don’t get it until you get it I just sitting here thinking that I know that the thousands and thousands of people who get this at their house will be so much more pleased with it then you can possibly anticipate being it really it is one of those things that exceeds its it’s excited as we get about it exceeds itself in person it does indeed so we see you there we are taking every single phone call we’re processing your orders get it get it get it I know you’re gonna be so pleased and you don’t want 30 day unconditional money-back guarantee so if you decide it’s not your cup of tea said sure but I mean one trip to the movies you’ve paid for your purchase Aaron Berger what a fun day yeah see you guys at 2 o’clock tomorrow after.



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