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hey guys it’s Justine and welcome back to my kitchen I know a lot of you guys have missed my baking videos so today I thought that I would try to recreate an old classic I once tried to make a pumpkin pie and so many things went wrong that I watched this video I studied it and I figured out all the things that I did wrong I made myself a mental list and now we’re gonna remake this pumpkin pie today I’m using the amazon firetv cube in my kitchen so right now I can see the television right here so I can have side by side what I’m doing and re watching the old video that I made before so I won’t make the same mistakes first things first Alexa turn on my TV this is great hands-free I basically have Alexa at my fingertips Alexa what’s the weather today right now in Santa Monica it’s 72 degrees Fahrenheit with cloudy skies today’s forecast has intermittent clouds with a high of 72 it doesn’t even matter because I’m inside baking a freaking pumpkin pie so let’s get started thanks to Amazon fire TV for sponsoring this video the Amazon fire TV Cube has Alexa built in so you can control smart home devices watch all of your favorite streaming apps movies TV shows and have the convenience of controlling your TV hands-free you can launch and control content from streaming as well as live cable or satellite channels with just your voice check out the link in the description for more info my favorite thing though is you can have her control your lights I actually have these lights set up in my house they are controlled by hue and that’s also connected to my Alexa app so all I have to say is Alexa turn off all my lights but since I’m shooting a video I kind of want those on so Alexa turn on my lights alright time to bake a pumpkin pie so first of all I need to figure out what ingredients I need so I’m gonna get all of those I’m gonna lay them out and I’m gonna start playing the old video up on the television so that I can see what the first mistake was 3/4 cup granulated sugar 1 tisp of salt 1 tisp of ground cinnamon one tisp of ground ginger one tisp of ground cloves we need two eggs and I just realized I think my ages are expired I need an emergency extraction eggs I don’t have a pun for that so I’m just gonna call Jonah I need help hey convergence see it is an egg oh my gosh this is Harley you’re brilliant okay I’m having an egg mergency can you please bring me two large eggs my gosh thank you so much they’re also eggs I don’t eat this yet I can’t believe that I didn’t know it we’re supposed to put crust on top of pumpkin pie you’re not a true pumpkin pie again call me when it’s done okay Alexa play iJustine pumpkin pie mistakes on YouTube getting that from YouTube okay okay we’ve got all of our ingredients over here I’ve got my pan same pan eggs [Music] everything looks the same Alexa play I have all those things this time it is go time time mr.

belt was now will say the far field and communication on this thing is pretty incredible because like I’m not close but I’m definitely kind of far away and I’m not even talking that loud first step we’re gonna put all of the things that the thing makes salt sugar cinnamon ginger and cloves in a small bowl beat the eggs in a large bowl stir in pumpkin and sugar spice mixtures for graduate butcher okay I think I’ve already started making mistakes by not following the directions I mean honestly you just put everything in like you just put it all in you mix it all together oh shoot I need it okay I remember I had this problem last year can opener I didn’t have one so I had two ends on it what a blow hole you cut it just make a punch hole and then you blow in the hole and it all comes out in a perfect cylinder we’re gonna do that oh this is so fun okay so oh I think I’m doing something I think I think I broke though it’s supposed to slid okay so wait Wow Alexa play me a song that you think I would like this is honestly what I needed to hear right now Taylor’s worth telling me to calm down my Savior okay I put all my stuff in except all the dry ingredients I’m just gonna put put them all in at the same time I think I have to preheat 425 for 15 minutes well I’m not ready there yet because it’s clearly taking way too long [Music] oh my god okay I’m gonna bring it the oven now because because I don’t know when the last one was I clean my oven I don’t think I ever have I’m gonna clean up my mess I’m gonna set my mixture aside prepare the crust poured this in things were happening guys things were happening I’m gonna play myself a little cleanup song Alexa play the cleanup song on YouTube to clean up song by the computers have you guys ever heard your songs we I need to be put away everything’s clean Alexa pause let’s go back to my video and make sure I don’t make a mistake here again one mistake that I definitely know that I made was the last time I put crust on top of the pumpkin pie who knew they were supposed to do that oh that’s right everybody knew except me Alexa fast forward one minute alexxa pause so at this point this is where we’d be playing Alexa play roll out getting that from you too Alexa pause okay so we’re putting our pie crust in I’m just kind of like molding it a little up here just to be you know like a little more pie like okay let’s pour in this mixture wow the smell is incredible this smells so good the consistency looks better yeah I mean before it was really soupy this looks a little less soupy let’s see here we are going to be baking this for 40 to 50 minutes or until knife inserted in your center comes out clean I have to cool it on a wire rack for two hours I forgot about that all right so I guess I’ll see you in like 50 minutes and then two hours after that it’s a big deal I didn’t want to eat this immediately or anything all right Alexa set a timer for 45 minutes Alexa can you add to my shopping list to get some eggs I added eggs to your shopping list Alexa can you order me a new hat on Amazon one moment based on your order history I found tattva LED light-up hat beanie mid-cap Amazon’s choices Louisiana’s women belt buckles the bow that size Carhartt Black Dog app oh and 17 more 17 Alexa ordered that one order placed your total is $16 in 41 cents including tax and your gift card was applied we’ll be delivered by October I chose the first time I ever did that this is incredible amazon knows me so well like i know liz is a sponsored video but if you guys know me like i don’t even go shopping anymore like i don’t leave the grocery store like I have Amazon Prime and delivered to me like I can order things within 15 minutes Oh like the how much time is left on my timer you have two timers a 15 minutes timers with about 12 minutes left and a 45 minutes timer with about 42 minutes left okay I guess now we just wait oh oh well oh boy oh my gosh but 15 minutes timer has finished my 15 mins 15 mins which means I need to check my pie okay it is it is definitely not ready to be had all taken out cuz it’s only been in the oven for 15 minutes so we’ll see you when the next timer happens Oh timers going off that means it’s ready oh man this looks like a freaking fantastic delight but now I’m gonna have to wait two hours because that’s what the directions say and I’m not gonna mess it up I see you soon hi it is time for pie so I’m calling you on my echo it’s still a little warm but it’s almost cooled off oh it looks yummy whipped cream No I didn’t know that whipped cream is something that you put on since a wait a minute oh my god she’s it what do you think so far it’s really good smells it’s still a little bit warm which is great because gonna be a couple of this everything looks perfect I love pumpkin pie I guess we cut it now oh oh it’s real warm maybe I needed to let it cool a little longer but I didn’t want to wait anymore I just feel like warm pumpkin pie there’s nothing better ready I feel accomplished by USA that louder because the microphone is here this is way better than what you’ve done you can’t you gotta let me hear that oh my gosh oh my gosh you’re right it does need whipped cream I forgot I can’t believe it well this next year you’ll finally this is so good I do like the crust as well like I want to stop eating it so I can let it cool but then I’m almost done good job Doug that was the name that I wanted to name my show good job just I do things and I do them hopefully right this is the first episode well guys thank you so much for watching and I’m so excited to have a new Amazon edition of to my kitchen the Amazon fire TV cube so I can do things like this Alexa play Janna is Eric videos on YouTube getting that from you too oh it is it’s awesome good job Wow well I first map are you guys in the next video let me know there’s anything else you’d like to see me make here on YouTube ladies comment below oh this is good I’m very fool no no no no no this is mine [Music].



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